How To Claim Council Compensation Payouts

In this guide, we will provide information on council compensation payouts that you could receive following a successful claim. There are various instances where you may be eligible to make a claim against the council. For instance, you may have sustained harm as a result of your local council failing to uphold the duty of care they owe you.

council compensation payouts

A guide to council compensation payouts

This guide will provide examples of accidents caused by the council’s negligence to help you understand whether you’re eligible to seek compensation. In addition, we have aimed to help you understand what the compensation package you receive may cover following a successful claim.

Furthermore, we will explore the different steps you could take to support your case, including gathering evidence that’s relevant. 

Although we have aimed to cover the information you need, please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions after reading. Our team of advisers are available 24/7 to discuss your case in more detail. You can reach them by: 

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  5. How To Claim A Council Compensation Payout
  6. Calculating Council Compensation Payouts
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An Overview Of Council Compensation Payouts

There are various types of public accidents that could be caused by a council’s negligence, such as:

Generally, your local council has a responsibility under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 to do everything they reasonably can to prevent members of the public from sustaining harm in places they are in control of.

This could include carrying out regular risk assessments to highlight and address any hazards that may pose a risk to members of the public.

If they fail to do so and you are caused physical harm or psychological damage, you may be eligible to seek council compensation payouts.

For more information on eligibility to put forward a claim, please get in touch with our team of advisors on the number above.

What Services Do Councils Provide?

There are different types of councils, including county, district, borough and city councils. Each has a responsibility for different services, such as:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Social care
  • Rubbish collection
  • Housing

Additionally, under the Highways Act 1980, the council has a responsibility to ensure certain roads and pavements under their jurisdiction are kept reasonably safe from hazards. This might include taking reasonable steps such as:

  • Ensuring pavement slabs aren’t at risk of causing a slip, trip or fall
  • Fixing potholes in the roads to prevent road traffic accidents from occurring

If the council fails to uphold these responsibilities and you suffer an injury as a result, you may be entitled to council compensation payouts. Our team of advisers are available to offer free legal advice so please don’t hesitate to call on the number at the top of the page.

Accidents You Could Claim Council Compensation Payouts For 

Below, we have included examples of accidents that could result from the council’s negligence:

  • Council slip and trip accidents– You may have tripped over a broken pavement slab causing you to sustain a broken ankle. In this instance, you could seek compensation for the effects of your injuries if the council failed to take reasonable action to fix the pavement slab.
  • Pothole accidents – A pothole could cause serious accidents on the road that could result in significant injuries, such as a serious brain injury. If you experience an accident caused by a pothole that the council failed to fix in a reasonable amount of time, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you’ve sustained an injury following an accident in a public place due to the council’s negligence, our team of advisers would be happy to talk with you. They can connect you to an experienced personal injury solicitor from our panel to help you claim if you’re entitled to council compensation payouts.

Council Employee Injury Claims

If you’re an employee of a council and have suffered an injury due to your employer’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 states that all employers have a responsibility to safeguard and protect their employees by taking all reasonable and practical steps. 

However, in some cases, your employer may fail to do so causing you to suffer an injury. For example, they may fail to put measures in place to keep the office space you work in free from excessive clutter. As a result, you may trip over a stack of files causing you to sustain a broken wrist.

Our team of advisers can talk with you about making a claim for an accident at work against the council. If you have a valid claim, they can discuss the potential council compensation payouts you may receive if your claim is successful. 

How To Claim A Council Compensation Payout

The first step it’s recommended you take after suffering an injury is seeking medical care. This ensures you receive a diagnosis as soon as possible and can begin treatment. Furthermore, you could use your medical records to provide details on the nature of your injuries.

You may also be asked to attend an independent medical appointment as part of the claims process. This will produce a current report with more details on the state of your injuries.

Next, you could gather as much evidence to support your claim as possible. Some examples of evidence you could gather might include witness contact details, CCTV footage, photos of your injury and the cause of the accident. 

Finally, you’re welcome to get in touch with our team of advisers to discuss the potential of having your claim passed to a No Win No Fee solicitor from our panel. As part of their services, they could help you obtain evidence and arrange for you to attend a medical appointment in your local area.

For more information on steps you can take to receive council compensation payouts, please get in touch on the number at the top of the page.

Calculating Council Compensation Payouts

Council compensation payouts may comprise general and special damages. General damages seek to provide compensation for the impact your injuries have had on your quality of life.

Often, solicitors may refer to the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) when valuing injuries. This is a publication that lists different injuries with corresponding bracket compensation awards and is often used alongside medical reports to calculate how much your injuries are worth.

We’ve included a compensation table to show the compensation brackets for different injuries as per the JCG.

Jaw Fracture (e) (iii)A simple fracture with a full recovery.£6,060 to £8,200
Teeth Damage (f) (i)Where several front teeth have been lost or seriously damaged.£8,200 to £10,710
Ankle Injuries (a)Very severe ankle injuries such as a transmalleolar fracture that causes extensive soft-tissue damage.£46,980 to £65,420
Ankle Injuries (d)Modest ankle injuries including ligamentous damage, fractures and sprains.Up to £12,900
Wrist Injuries (a)Such injuries will cause a complete loss of function.£44,690 to £56,180
Hand Injuries (c)This bracket might include injuries such as the complete loss of one hand.£90,250 to £102,890
Hand Injuries (f)Severely fractured fingers that result in reduced function and impaired grip.Up to £34,480
Leg Injuries (c) (ii)Injuries might include a simple femur fracture that doesn't cause any articular surface damage.£8,550 to £13,210
Foot Injuries (f)Moderate foot injuries such as a displaced fracture that causes permanent deformity.£12,900 to £23,460
Skeletal Injuries (b)Where multiple facial bones have been fractured causing a permanent deformity.£13,970 to £22,470

Each claim is assessed based on its individual circumstances, such as how severe the injury is and how long it takes to heal. For that reason, you should only use the figures in the table as a guide because your actual settlement will vary.

Special damages compensate for the financial impact the injury had on you. An example of this could be suffering a loss of earnings due to taking some time off work with your injuries. In this instance, you could seek reimbursement provided you have evidence to support these losses, such as payslips.

Contact A No Win No Fee Accident Lawyer

A No Win No Fee agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, is a contractual agreement between you and your solicitor. As per the agreement, you won’t pay any costs during the course of your claim. Also, you won’t pay an upfront fee for your solicitor’s services.

If your claim loses, you won’t have to pay a success fee to your solicitor. If your claim wins, your solicitor will take the success fee out of your compensation. 

As you can see, there are several benefits to hiring legal representation this way. However, if you would like more information, please get in touch.

An advisor will be happy to offer you legal advice for free and discuss whether a solicitor from our panel could take your case on this basis. They could also provide further guidance on council compensation payouts.

For more information regarding your claim:

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Council Accident Claim Resources

In the sections below, we have provided some additional resources that you may find beneficial.

We hope this guide on how to receive council compensation payouts has helped. However, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the number above.