How Much Could I Claim For Being Knocked Off My Bicycle?

By Lewis Houston. Last Updated 1st November 2023. In this guide, we will answer frequently asked questions relating to bicycle crash claims, such as ‘how much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle could I receive?’. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash due to negligent behaviour by another road user, you could potentially receive compensation in a personal injury claim.

On the roads, all road users have a duty of care. This means they have to adhere to the average motorist’s standards of care and skill. The duty of care extends to cyclists, pedestrians, and scooter riders, they must also adhere to the guidance in The Highway Code.

how much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle

A guide answering ‘how much compensation could I get for being knocked off my bicycle?’

When a road user breaches this duty of care, accidents could happen, and people could come to harm. In order to make a road traffic accident claim those who owed you a duty of care must be liable for the accident because they were negligent. If you are wholly responsible for your own accident then you would not be able to claim. If you’ve been knocked off your bike in an accident and harmed as a result, you could potentially claim compensation from the faulting party. 

Read on to find out more about how much compensation for being knocked off your bicycle you could claim. You could also contact our team of advisors about your claim directly. They can provide personalised and free of charge legal advice about your case. They may also pass you on to a solicitor from our panel, who could help you start your claim today. 

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What Is the Average Compensation For Being Knocked Off My Bike?

You may be wondering, “What is the average compensation for being knocked off my bike by a car?” Since compensation is awarded based on the unique circumstances of each case, we can’t offer any information on the average amount you could receive.

However, we can offer further information on bicycle accident settlement amounts by using the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). Solicitors often use this document to help value the general damages head of your claim, which is the head of claim that addresses the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. The JCG provides solicitors with guidelines for awards, some examples of which you can find below.

Injury Severity Notes Amount
Brain and Head Injury Less Severe A good recovery will have been made and a return to normal social and work life will have happened. Some functions may still be limited, leading to issues with concentration, memory or mood. £15,320 to £43,060
Neck Injury Moderate (i) Fractures or dislocations that cause immediate and severe symptoms that may necessitate spinal fusion. Could also cover chronic conditions or serious soft tissue injuries to the neck and back combined. There will be markedly impaired function and a limitation of activities. £24,990 to £38,490
Hand Injury Severe Fractures to Fingers Severe fractures of the fingers that may lead to partial amputation. The result will be some kind of deformity, impairment of grip and reduced function. Up to £36,740
Ankle Injury Moderate Ligamentous tears and fractures that may it difficult to stand/walk for a long time with potential awkwardness on stairs. £13,740 to £26,590
Wrist Injury (c) Injury will have resulted in some permanent disability, such as persisting pain and stiffness. £12,590 to £24,500
Shoulder Injury Serious A dislocated shoulder with damage to the brachial plexus which causes pain in the neck and shoulder. £12,770 to £19,200
Shoulder Injury Fracture of Clavicle Fracture will be judged upon the level of related disability, lasting symptoms and whether temporary or permanent. £5,150 to £12,240
Arm Injury (d) Simple fracture of the forearm. £6,610 to £19,200
Knee Injury Moderate (ii) Less serious dislocations or torn cartilage. Possible lacerations, twisting or bruising. There may be continuous aching, discomfort or pain. Up to £13,740
Back Injury Minor (i) A sprain, strain or soft tissue injury that fully recovers within 2-5 years without needing surgery. £7,890 to £12,510

Your cyclist accident compensation award may also include special damages. Under this heading, you can potentially claim back any financial losses that you suffer because of your injuries. For example, this could include lost earnings, as well as travel expenses to and from hospital appointments.

To learn more about the average compensation for being knocked off a bike, or to find out if you could be eligible to work with a solicitor from our panel, contact our advisors today.

What Else Can You Claim After A Bike Crash?

As mentioned above, some cycling accident claims may include special damages. This second head seeks to recover financial losses incurred due to your injuries. For example, if you were knocked off your bike by a car, you might be able to recover the cost of your bike. However, to include special damages as part of your claim for a cycle accident, you will need to present proof of your costs, such as receipts or wage slips.

As part of your bike crash claim, you might be able to recover expenses related to:

  • Loss of earnings for time off work; this may include pension contributions.
  • Medical expenses, such as prescription costs, physiotherapy or even therapy.
  • Travel costs.
  • Carer costs.
  • Home adaptions.

Call our team for free advice about what costs you could recover. In addition to advising on what you could claim under special damages, our advisors can provide a free estimate of your compensation.

When Could You Claim Compensation If You Were Knocked Off Your Bicycle? 

All road users are expected to navigate the roads in a way that prevents injury and damage to themselves and others. This is their duty of care. As part of this duty, they are expected to adhere to any relevant rules and regulations found in the Highway Code. Additionally, certain road users, such as drivers, need to adhere to the Road Traffic Act 1988. If you are a cyclist who was knocked off your bike and would like to claim, then you must satisfy the eligibility criteria.

This means that to be eligible to make a personal injury claim for knocked off bicycle compensation, you need to prove that:

  • You were owed a duty of care.
  • This duty was breached.
  • You suffered injuries because of this breach.

Get in touch with an advisor to discuss how to start a claim for injuries you suffered when you were knocked off your bike.

Falling Off A Bike – Injuries And Examples

There are many types of injuries which could occur if you are involved in a cycling accident. However, to be eligible to claim cycle accident compensation, you will need to prove that your injuries were caused by another road user breaching their duty of care.

Some examples of the injuries you could suffer in a cycling accident include:

  • Minor brain injuries or serious brain injuries – If you were to be hit by a speeding driver, you could potentially suffer from a brain or head injury.
  • Laceration injuries – If you were knocked off your bike and hit an obstacle during your fall, this could cause you to suffer a laceration injury or cut.
  • Serious back injuries – These could occur if a driver wasn’t paying attention to the road due to texting and driving. They could crash into the back of you on your bike, and you could suffer a back injury.
  • Bone fractures – For example, if a driver failed to check a junction was clear before pulling out, this could cause them to crash into you on your bike. You could suffer a broken foot and fractured neck.

If you have suffered any injuries from falling off a bike and are unsure whether you could make a personal injury claim, you can contact our advisors today. They could help answer your questions and offer free advice.

Bicycle Accident Claims – What Should I Do After A Cycling Accident?

If someone has knocked you off your bike and harmed you, we first recommend that you seek medical attention. This could be by ringing 111 or visiting your registered GP. For more serious injuries, you may need to call 999 or find your nearest emergency service

Once you have sought medical attention, you may consider gathering evidence. If you are not liable for the accident but a third party is who failed to uphold the duty of care they owed you then you could consider making a personal injury claim. You can do this independently, but we always recommend hiring a solicitor, as they will have the requisite experience to know what evidence types will make your case the strongest. This could include:

  • CCTV footage
  • Medical reports
  • Contact details of witnesses so that a statement can be taken at a later date
  • Accident reports, such as to the police
  • Photographs of your accident or injury

You can also hire a solicitor to help you with your claim. You should know that the solicitors on our panel are experienced in personal injury claims and will be able to support you at every step of the claims process. Get in touch with our team of advisors today to find out more. 

How Long Do I Have To Claim If Knocked Off My Bike By A Car?

If you have been knocked off a bike by a car, there is a time limit to begin your claim for cyclist accident compensation. We refer to this timeframe as the limitation period. The Limitation Act 1980 states that the limitation period is generally three years from the date of your accident or the date you became aware of your injuries.

The date of knowledge, which may be the date a medical professional diagnosed your injuries, could occur some time after your accident. This is because some injuries may not present symptoms immediately. For example, you may suffer a mental health injury such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but symptoms may not develop for months after your accident happened.

The time limit for cycling accident claims may also be suspended in some circumstances. For example, if a minor is involved in a cycling crash, the limitation period would begin the day of their 18th birthday. They would then have until they turn 21 to make a claim.

Additionally, if someone does not have the mental capacity to claim, the limitation period is suspended indefinitely. The three year time limit would only begin if they ever recovered.

However, litigation friends may begin a claim on behalf of minors or those who lack the mental capacity at any time.

Continue reading to find out what the average settlement for a bicycle accident is. Alternatively, get in touch with our advisors for more information.

Working With A No Win No Fee Bicycle Accident Solicitor

If you have been knocked off your bike, a compensation claim could be made if you meet the personal injury claims eligibility criteria. One of the No Win No Fee solicitors on our panel could offer to represent you in your cycling accident claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement.

Under this arrangement, your solicitor will not take a payment for their work upfront, while your claim is ongoing, or if it ends unsuccessfully. Alternatively, they will take a success fee from your compensation if your claim is successful. This success fee is a small, legally capped percentage.

If you have been injured when you were knocked off your bike by a car, and would like to see if you could be eligible to work with one of the solicitors on our panel, you can contact our advisors. They can be reached by:

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