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By Danielle Newton. Last Updated 25th January 2023. If you’re thinking about making a personal injury claim, you might be wondering whether you could fund the solicitor’s service with a No Win No Fee agreement. Well, if you’ve been injured in an accident at work, a car accident, a slip trip or fall or any other type of accident due to the negligence of a third party that should have been protecting your safety, a No Win No Fee solicitor might help you to seek damages for your suffering.

Technically, you don’t have to pay to claim compensation. Although you may incur fees along the way such as medical reports, police reports and administration costs. However, if you want to be represented by a specialist personal injury lawyer, No Win No Fee services can make the claims process a lot less stressful. That’s because you’ll benefit from specialist legal representation but won’t need to pay for it unless you’re compensated.

No win no fee claim solicitors guide

No win no fee claim solicitors guide

If you do wish to start a claim, we are here to support you. Our specialist advisors can review your claim without obligation and provide free advice about your options. Where there are grounds to proceed, we could pass your claim to a personal injury solicitor from our panel who’ll provide a No Win No Fee claim service if your case is accepted.

To learn more about how solicitors provide No Win No Fee claim services, please read on. Alternatively, please call our team on 0800 408 7825 today if you’d like to discuss your claim straight away.

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What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

We know many people have questions about No Win No Fee solicitors. Therefore, in this article, we’ll try to answer some of the more common ones like:

  • What percentage does a No Win No Fee solicitor take?
  • What’s the catch with No Win No Fee?
  • Is it really No Win No Fee?
  • Is No Win No Fee a good idea?

No Win No Fee is an umbrella term for different types of agreements called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), Contingency Fee Agreement, or a Damages Based Agreement (DBA). Essentially all mean that unless the claim is won no payment is made to the solicitor.

The CFA funds the service of the solicitor. Importantly, it allows your solicitor to work for you without charging any fees upfront. So, if you are compensated for your injuries, you’ll pay your solicitor a success fee. Therefore, if your case doesn’t work out, you don’t need to pay the fee. Success fees are capped by law. Additionally, they are listed in the CFA as a percentage of your compensation that will be deducted by your solicitor to cover the cost of their work. We’ll explain what percentage solicitors take under No Win No Fee claim agreements later on.

Any solicitor offering No Win No Fee services will need to check that your claim has a reasonable chance of success before taking you on as a client. They’ll want to check whether:

  • You were owed a duty of care under the law to keep you as safe as is practically possible.
  • An accident occurred because this duty of care was breached; and
  • You were injured as a direct result of the accident; and
  • The accident happened within the last 3-years.

Some exceptions to the time limit apply like claims involving children or those where your injuries were not immediately obvious. Please call if you’d like to confirm how long you have left to make your claim.

Claim Solicitors – The Benefits Of No Win No Fee Arrangements

As we stated above, solicitors can support accident claims with a No Win No Fee on a No Win No Fee basis. You are not required to hire a solicitor, but we would always recommend it. That’s because when making a claim, solicitors with experience will be able to fully guide you through the process.

When making personal injury claims with No Win No Fee solicitors, claimants usually won’t be charged upfront for their solicitor’s services. Under the typical No Win No Fee arrangement, there usually won’t be any ongoing charges for your solicitor’s work either. As already stated, if your claim successfully recovers compensation, your solicitor will take a success fee from your award.

When a solicitor acting under No Win No Fee for accident claims representation fails to secure a payout, they usually will not charge for their services. So, you can have legal representation without facing a high financial risk should your claim not succeed.

Call our advisors for a free claim assessment without any obligation to go forward with our services. If they think you have a chance of recovering compensation, they could put you in touch with our panel of solicitors. The solicitors on our panel typically offer No Win No Fee arrangements.

What Accidents And Injuries Could I Claim For?

The personal injury solicitors from our panel can offer No Win No Fee claim services for any of the following:

Evidence To Support Your Claim

To improve your chances of being taken on by a solicitor offering a No Win No Fee claim service, you should try to collect evidence to prove who was at fault, how you were injured and how the accident occurred. The type of evidence you could use includes:

  • Medical records.
  • Details of any witnesses.
  • CCTV or dashcam footage.
  • Photographic evidence.
  • Accident reports.
  • Financial documents to show any losses you’ve sustained.

So long as you can show how your accident resulted from somebody else’s negligence, you might be eligible to use a No Win No Fee claim solicitor. Please call to verify your options today.

What Percentage Does A No Win No Fee Solicitor Take?

In 2012, the law changed how solicitors fees can be paid. Before, your solicitor’s success fee could be claimed from the defendant so you’d keep 100% of any compensation you received. That is no longer allowed so your solicitor can deduct up to 25% under a Conditional Fee Agreement of your compensation as a success fee.

While many solicitors do charge the full 25% success fee, those on our panel are able, in some cases, to reduce it to 15%. After your case has been reviewed properly, they’ll be able to advise whether this is possible in your case.

Do I Need To Use No Win No Fee Solicitors Near Me

It’s important to note that you do not need to limit your search for a solicitor or law firm based in your area. That’s because the solicitors on our panel process claims online, via email and on the telephone. This means you don’t have to spend time travelling to their offices for face to face meetings if you do not want to.

Importantly, all of the solicitors on our panel are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). That means that you can trust that they work within the SRA’s principles and code of conduct.

One quick call to our team could be all it takes to get your claim started. There’s nothing to risk by contacting us so why not call today?

Injury Claims Calculator

General and special damages make up the compensation awarded in successful claims. General damages look to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by the injury or illness. Whereas special damages will help to recuperate financial losses you have experienced because of your suffering.

Let’s now look at how much compensation might be paid for your injuries. To help with this, we’ve supplied a compensation table detailing figures from the Judicial College guidelines.

Affected Body Part Severity Level Settlement Bracket Notes
Leg Amputation (iv) £97,980 to £132,990 This bracket is for the below-knee amputation of a single leg.
Jaw Fracture (ii) £17,960 to £30,490 These injuries will involve serious fractures that result in permanent consequences. For example, the claimant will find it difficult to eat.
Face Disfigurement (c) £9,110 to £30,090 Cases where facial scarring has been reduced by plastic surgery and where psychological impact is not great.
Hand Less Serious (g) £14,450 to £29,000 Includes crush injuries that significantly reduce function.
Shoulder Serious (b) £12,770 to £19,200 Covers injuries like a dislocated shoulder with damage to the brachial plexus causing pain in the shoulder and neck.
Shoulder Minor (d) (ii) £2,450 to £4,350 Injuries to the soft tissue in the shoulder where surgery isn’t necessary and recovery takes less than a year.
Psychiatric Damage Moderate (c) £5,860 to £19,070 The claimant will suffer significantly but they will have started to recover and receive a good prognosis.
Knee Moderate (ii) Up to £13,740 Covers bruising, lacerations and twisting injuries which result in aching and pain.
Back Minor (i) £7,890 to £12,510 Soft tissue injures that don’t require surgery but take 2-5 years to resolve.

Importantly, to demonstrate the severity of your injuries, a medical assessment will be needed as part of the claims process. You don’t need to worry about this. It will require a meeting with an independent medical expert who’ll examine you, talk with you about the impact of your injuries and review your medical evidence. After they’ve finished, they’ll supply a report for everybody involved in the claim.

On top of claiming for your injuries, you could also include any costs, expenses or losses associated with your injuries. These are for special damages and might include any medical costs, care costs, lost wages or travel expenses.

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More Information On Making A Claim

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