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Personal injury lawyers Gillingham

Personal injury lawyers Gillingham

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham, you may be doing so because you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, in a car, at work, or in a public place, for example. 

You might be a victim of crime who is looking into whether you could claim compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained, or you could be looking for a lawyer to help you with a claim for an accident that has occurred in local authority housing. 

Whatever your situation, this guide offers insight into making personal injury claims with the help of a personal injury solicitor. We have included examples of situations that could lead to a claim, as well as explaining who could be held liable for injuries and illness sustained as the result of someone else’s dangerous or negligent behaviour. 

We hope you find the information contained in the below sections useful. If you would like to obtain a free, no-obligation eligibility assessment to see if you could make a claim, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be glad to provide this for you. We could even connect you with a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham to begin your claim for you with no funds required upfront.

Call 0800 408 7825 for free advice and support if you’re thinking of starting a claim.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Gillingham

If you’ve suffered illness or injury caused by someone’s negligent or dangerous behaviour, you may be wondering whether you’d be able to make a personal injury claim against the liable party. 

To make a claim, you would need to provide evidence that the liable party owed you some type of duty of care, that they breached their duty of care, and you were harmed because of this. A personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you do this. 

Making a claim without legal support is possible, but many claimants prefer to use a solicitor to help them, as this could not only remove some of the stress of making a claim, but it could also help them maximise the amount of compensation they could receive.

In the sections below, we explore the types of claims that personal injury law firms covering Gillingham could help you with, including:

  • Public accident claims
  • Slip trip or fall claims
  • Claims for a road accident in Gillingham, Kent
  • Public transport accident claims
  • Violent crime injury claims
  • Gillingham workplace accident claims

Whatever type of accident or injury you’ve suffered, if it wasn’t your fault, we could offer a free case assessment to see if you could make a claim for compensation.

Also included in the sections below is an insight into the amount of compensation you could receive, as well as useful guidance on choosing a personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim, as well as explaining how No Win No Fee claims could allow you to retain the services of a lawyer without having to pay them anything until your claim is successfully concluded.

Injuries Caused By Accidents At Work

The Health And Safety At Work etc. Act 1974 enshrines in law an employer’s responsibility to take care of the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. Depending on your workplace and your job itself, your employer could take steps to protect you, such as:

  • Ensuring the workplace is safe to work in
  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Conducting risk assessments and acting on their findings to reduce known risks
  • Ensuring you are trained in how to do your job safely

These are just a few examples. If your employer has not taken reasonable steps to protect you from suffering injury or illness at work, and you suffer harm because of their negligence, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against them. A personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you do so. 

Making a claim against an employer is something that you might be worried about, especially if you are still in their employ, but there are laws in place to protect you from being treated any differently because of your claim, and your employer should also have insurance in place to pay for your claim should it be successful.

Gillingham Traffic And Road Accident

A Gillingham road accident could happen for any number of reasons. According to a government report, the top reasons for road traffic accidents across the UK were:

  • Failure to look properly
  • Failure to judge another road user’s speed or path
  • Being careless, reckless or in a rush
  • Poor manoeuvres or turns
  • Loss of control

Whatever the reason you’ve suffered injuries in a lorry, bike or car accident in Gillingham, if someone else was at fault, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries and any financial harm they’ve caused you. A personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you claim even if you are partially at fault for the accident. However, your compensation would likely be reduced to reflect your involvement.

Accidents When Using Public Transport

It isn’t just a Gillingham car accident you could make a claim for. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault while travelling on a bus or in a taxi, you could also make a claim for compensation. Whether you’ve suffered injuries in a Gillingham train accident because the doors closed on you, or you’ve been injured in a taxi due to another road user crashing into you, we could help you ascertain who could be held liable for your injuries if you call us for a free case check.

Accidents When In A Car Park

In addition to being able to claim for an accident on a Gillingham road, you could also claim if you were injured in a car park due to incidents involving:

  • Unsafe surfaces/potholes
  • Car accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Barrier accidents

Whatever type of no-fault accident you’ve had in a car park, if someone could be held liable, such as the car park owner/operator, the local authority or another car park user, a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Motorbike, Cycling And Cyclist Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident in Gillingham or been injured while cycling, or as a pedestrian injured by a cyclist, you may also be able to claim compensation for your injuries if the accident was not your fault and someone else could be held liable. 

Cyclists and motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable of road users, and according to ROSPA, in 2018, there were 99 cyclists killed and 4,106 cyclists seriously injured on Britain’s roads, with many more suffering more minor injuries. 

Whether you’ve been knocked off your motorbike or pushbike, or been forced off the road by another road user, if the accident was not your fault, you may be able to use the services of a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Public Space Accidents And Injuries

Accidents in a public place could lead to people being injured in a number of ways. Whether you have been injured in a shopping centre, public building, park or simply on the pavement, if your accident was due to negligent or dangerous behaviour by a liable party, you could make a claim against them for compensation.

Accidents In Parks

Whether you’ve been injured due to unsafe steps in your local park, or your child has been injured on unsafe park equipment, you may be able to claim compensation if the local council has failed to uphold its duty of care to ensure it is safe for use. 

With significant cuts to local council’s park department budgets, it’s more likely than ever that injury hazards and risks can develop as a result of vandalism, wear and tear, or poor maintenance. 

If you have been injured in a public park, why not get in touch for free legal advice and support?

Accidents When In Shops And Shopping Areas

Public injury claims could also be made by those injured in a public place such as a supermarket, shop or shopping centre. Depending on the type of accident and the party responsible for the place that caused your accident, your claim might be against a shopping centre operator, a private business or the local authority. 

These parties should all have public liability insurance for the spaces they are responsible for, and this insurance should payout if you have been injured due to the holders’ negligence to protect you while you are in a public place.

Fall, Slip Or Trip Accidents And Injuries

Slipping, falling or tripping over could happen in a number of different places and for a number of different reasons. If you have tripped over your own feet, this would not lead to you being able to claim compensation for your injuries, because the accident would have been your own fault. However, if you slipped on a spillage in a shop that hadn’t been signposted or cleared up, or tripped on loose wiring at your place of work, for example, a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you take action against a liable party for the injuries you’ve suffered in a trip, slip or fall accident.

Council And Local Authority Accidents And Injuries

There are a number of places for which the local authority, or council, are responsible for. These could include:

  • Libraries
  • Council offices
  • Jobcentres
  • Local authority housing
  • Other public buildings

The council has a responsibility to keep people who use their houses, buildings and public spaces safe. If you are injured due to the council’s lack of attention to maintaining safe spaces for the public to use, then you may be able to take action against the council by making a personal injury claim against them.

Violent Crime Victim Injury Claims

Unfortunately, crime happens in many places in the UK, and Gillingham is no exception. If you’ve suffered an injury as the victim of a physical attack while attempting to stop a crime taking place, or sustained a psychological injury as a witness of a violent crime, a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham could help you make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), or against the perpetrator themselves in some cases.

Our team can assist with both types of claims. Get in touch to find out more.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In Gillingham

Below, we have produced a table showing the most commonly reported crimes in Kent. The information in the table has been taken from LG Inform and covers the 12 month period ending April 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 15,834
Theft 13,235
Shoplifting 12,012
Sexual offences 5,348

How Personal Injury Lawyers Could Help You

We mentioned before that it isn’t a requirement by law to have a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham to help with making a claim, but many claimants prefer to have the experience and knowledge of a legal professional on their side. There are certain benefits to doing so, including:

  • Less to do – the lawyer could take on the complex and time-consuming tasks relating to your claim, such as building your case and collecting evidence, leaving you with less of the hard work to do.
  • Time to get better – if you’ve been injured or fallen ill, your health could be your primary concern. Using the services of a lawyer means you could have more time to concentrate on your recovery.
  • More compensation – a lawyer could help to ensure you do not miss out on anything you are eligible to claim for, and could, therefore, maximise your compensation.

Will I Need To Visit A Doctor?

When you make a personal injury claim, you need to be able to evidence your injuries or illness and how they have affected you. Simply going to the GP or hospital at the time would not be sufficient for a personal injury claim. You would have to visit an independent expert to verify your injuries and write a medical report that could be used in evidence of your claim.

Will I Need A Lawyer From My Local Area?

There are many personal injury lawyers in Gillingham, and while some of these could have the appropriate experience and knowledge to deal with your claim, you need not restrict yourself to using local services. There are many great solicitors located across the UK who could fight for the maximum compensation possible for your claim. We could connect you to an experienced professional personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham that could take on your claim no matter where in the UK they’re based.

Choosing Between Lawyers By Using Reviews

A simple web search for ‘top personal injury lawyers for Gillingham claims’ would likely bring up quite a number of results. There are sure to be many websites promising to connect you with the best personal injury lawyers covering Gillingham, but how do you tell whether these claims are accurate or not? 

One way to do so could be to read reviews from previous claimants that have used the law firms you’re looking at using. You could gather quite a lot of information about personal injury law firms covering Gillingham from reading such reviews, such as:

  • Whether they have communicated well with their clients
  • Whether their service is efficient and professional
  • How successful they’ve been for past claims
  • What claims they’ve dealt with before

Calculating A Typical Personal Injury Claim Payout

When calculating compensation for a personal injury claim, the unique facts and circumstances, along with medical evidence must be assessed in order to arrive at a fair settlement value. Using a personal injury claims calculator, therefore, would not be able to provide you with an accurate figure as to how much compensation you could get. 

We know this might seem frustrating, so we have chosen to provide you with some figures taken from the Judicial College Guidelines for injuries that could be sustained by victims of negligence. These could give you some insight into how much certain injuries could be worth.

Injury type Compensation Bracket (approx.) Level of severity
Psychiatric harm £51,460 to £108,620 Severe
An eye injury £3,710 to £8,200 Minor
A neck injury £7,410 to £36,120 Moderate
A back injury £36,390 to £151,070 Severe
A hip or pelvis injury £36,770 to £122,860 Severe
A leg injury £36,790 – £127,530 Severe

In addition to the compensation you could receive for your injury and the suffering, pain and loss of amenity it has caused you, you could also recoup expenses incurred due to your injuries, such as lost earnings, care, medical and travel costs. It is crucial, however, that you keep documents relating to such costs so that you can claim for them. Without such evidence, you would not be able to include them in your claim.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Gillingham

If you were considering using the services of a personal injury lawyer to make your claim, you might be worried about paying them a retainer, but this would not be necessary if you chose to work with a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham, as you would not be asked to pay any fees until such time as your case was concluded and compensation had been paid out.

Before you start a No Win No Fee claim, your lawyer would ask you to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement. This is a document that would promise the solicitor a small, capped success fee should they be successful in getting you a compensation payout. If your claim did not result in compensation, you wouldn’t be asked to pay this fee, nor would you be required to cover the costs incurred by the solicitor while pursuing your claim.

We believe that No Win No Fee claims allow victims of personal injury the financial confidence to claim the compensation they deserve, regardless of their financial situation. If you’d like to learn more about making a claim under these terms or would like us to connect you with a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham for a No Win No Fee claim, we’d be happy to help.

Consulting With A Lawyer About Your Case

Are you now in a position to begin a claim? Or, perhaps you have some questions about the claims process or the compensation you could be entitled to claim. You may not even be sure you have a valid claim. 

Whatever you need in terms of support or advice pertaining to your case, we’re here to help. We could answer your questions or assess your case for free, and if we think it could benefit you, we could connect you with a personal injury lawyer covering Gillingham working on a No Win No Fee basis who could take your claim to a successful conclusion. Why not get in touch? You can reach us:

  • Via phone on 0800 408 7825
  • By completing our quick contact form and allowing us to call you back
  • Or, by using the online Live Chat service.


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