£74,500 Compensation Payout For A Car Accident Hip Injury – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement Compensation

A hip injury car accident settlement can range from a few thousand pounds to well over a hundred thousand pounds. The severity of the injury will be very significant when it comes to the actual hip injury payout. In this article, we aim to explain the process of launching a negligence claim against another driver.

Using a typical example case study, we look at how you could start a claim for a road traffic accident for an accident that wasn’t your fault, which resulted in severe injuries to your hip and upper leg. If you were involved in a car crash and you feel the accident could have been prevented, this article could help.

Car accident hip injury compensation

Car accident hip injury compensation

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  6. Get A Compensation Settlement Value From Solicitors
  7. Case Study: £74,500 Compensation For A Car Accident Hip Injury
  8. Hip Injury Compensation Calculation Estimates
  9. No Win No Fee Lawyers For A Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement
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How To Calculate Compensation For A Car Accident Hip Injury

Many people are reluctant to hire a solicitor and start a claim for compensation as they worry that it’s expensive and time-consuming. If you were injured in a car accident in which you were blameless, you have a legal right to launch a compensation claim, and we explain how. 

Although we are looking at road traffic accidents we shall touch upon three main areas:

  • Workplace accidents 
  • Accidents in public places
  • Road traffic accidents (RTS’s)

Some laws seek to protect our safety in these three main areas. In this guide, we examine how they could help you seek a hip injury car accident settlement. We also discuss the duty of care and how it could be breached. Furthermore, we examine what evidence you will need to prove your injuries, and what damages a No Win No Fee lawyer will value your claim at and could seek on your behalf.

We conclude the article by showing you where and how to get in touch with our advisors. 

Explanation Of Hip Injuries

The hip joint is made up of four bones. There are muscles and ligaments also that enable walking, sitting, and any other bodily movements. Any injury that affects the hip could damage the spine, femur, pelvis, and sacrum. Or all of them. Our example case study focuses on a serious car collision where the victim suffered a fracture injury to the top of the femur bone. This case also looks at the many financial issues a fracture like this can create.

Our safety is protected by law. In the workplace, The Health And Safety At Work etc. Act 1974 is designed to ensure that all employers provide a safe space for their employees. This can be achieved through training, information, and maintenance to make the workplace as safe as possible for everyone. If your accident happened at work, you could click on this link to check that you have reported it correctly. It could support your case.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 seeks similar coverage and protection in any area that is accessible to the general public. If your injuries were sustained when out shopping, in the street, in a park or simply tripping on broken pavement call our team to see if you are eligible to make a compensation claim. This law holds all private operators and local authorities to strict account.

Finally, our case study uses The Highway Code as its reference. The Code asks that all drivers show due diligence and care when driving, regardless of age or experience. Motorists should drive with the expectation that they may encounter reckless or careless drivers who could cause severe collision and injury. The duty of care on the roads is something every driver is personally responsible for.

Financial Struggles From Hip Injuries

Hip injury car accident settlement amounts can take into account all the costs you incurred due to your injuries. Your No Win No Fee lawyer could seek something called special damages on your behalf. This is a way to collect together evidence of any costs imposed upon you as a result of what happened and present them as evidence for your case.

Moreover, a skilled No Win No Fee solicitor can advise about how to record and track invoices and receipts for a wide array of different expenses.  Speak to our team today to see how we might be able to help you do this.

Types Of Common Car Accidents

Statistics show that the roads can be dangerous places with many fatalities and accidents recorded every year. Any of the following could have caused a large percentage of these accidents:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • During a crime
  • Looking at mobile phones while driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel

You also may have examples of car accidents you could add to this list. When the duty of care is missing or impaired, it can create hazards anywhere. But behind the wheel, it is incredibly crucial that motorists pay attention and drive responsibly. Undoubtedly, the consequences of careless driving can devastate lives.

Speak to our team if you suffered a leg or hip injury because of another driver. If they were driving badly, taking unnecessary risks, or were intoxicated, you could have grounds to start a liability claim and seek a hip injury car accident settlement.

Discuss Your Care Claims

Severe hip injury can have far-reaching and prolonged consequences. In particular, walking, sitting, and even laying down can be incredibly painful. The recovery could involve surgery, physiotherapy, social care, and also the use of a wheelchair or crutches for some time.

If you were impacted in a car collision and broke your hip, there’s a substantial likelihood you will need someone to help you cope with routine daily tasks. Where your family can help, you should retain the proof of the time they spent looking after you in the form of hourly-rate invoices. Your lawyer can request this money back as part of your damages.

Paid professional care is costly, and if you find yourself needing to rely on this to function, the costs can mount up very quickly. Using a No Win No Fee lawyer can help to record these costs and have them included in your hip injury car accident settlement.

Without proof, these costs may not be able to be recuperated. Speak to us to see how we can help you possibly avoid this.

Get A Compensation Settlement Value From Solicitors

If you decide to appoint a solicitor one of the first steps they will take is organising for you to have a medical assessment. This is a perfect opportunity to show your injuries are due to the accident that day and not a long-standing condition. Even so, you can still claim for an injury that has been exacerbated by the accident also. 

This assessment can be used to value parts of your claim. Suggested by the Judicial College, general damages are a way to try to estimate the impact of pain and suffering. In our example case study, they recommended a payout of between £36,770 – £49,270  for a fracture that caused degenerative changes, leg instability, and an increased likelihood of hip replacement surgery.

In contrast, special damages are designed to recognise all the other tangible, actual costs that the injuries have created. Therefore, some typical examples of things that might be included in a hip injury car accident settlement case are:

  • Loss of earnings due to the injuries
  • Loss of any future earnings or missed work opportunities
  • Travel costs to hospital appointments
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Carer costs
  • Impact on bonuses or pension schemes
  • Lost deposits for planned events
  • Finally, damages to personal property during the accident

There may be other costs. Speak to our team if you have incurred an expense because of your hip injury and you’re not sure if it can be claimed for. 

Case Study: £74,500 Compensation For A Car Accident Hip Injury

In many ways, the accident that Mr Black suffered was very typical, but the effects on his life were devastating and traumatic. He simply pulled away from a set of lights as he was supposed to and an oncoming car that was speeding and trying to jump the junction slammed straight into the side of his car. 

After being taken to the hospital, Mr Black was diagnosed as having a neck of femur fracture. He had to have emergency surgery as he was losing feeling in his leg. Mr Black was looking at a lengthy recovery period, and from that moment, his life as he knew and enjoyed it before effectively changed. He was sent home with a wheelchair and several months of physiotherapy to walk correctly again.

As he recovered, he had time to think about the ‘accident’ and came to a conclusion, rightly, that had it not been for the negligence of the other driver, all this could have been avoided. Costs started to mount. He was unable to work, he needed constant attention and care for the first few months, and the rehabilitation was painful. 

Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement

He discussed all these concerns with a solicitor after the third party had admitted liability. The case was settled, and he was ultimately awarded £74,500. This figure was for both general and special damages. 

Our case study is purely an example, but it illustrates how a claim for compensation can be pursued. Although it is not a legal requirement to have a solicitor they can bring many advantages. They can ensure your claim is accurately calculated as well as many other things. 

Hip Injury Compensation Calculation Estimates

Compensation amounts are never guaranteed and can vary widely with back and hip injuries.  Solicitors can use a document called the Judicial College Guidelines. It has compensation brackets for all kinds of different injuries. Mr Black’s compensation break down would look like this:


General damages Special damages
Hip Fracture £37,000 His lost earnings totalled – £30,000
Carer costs while he needed them – £3,000
loss of attendance bonus at work – £1,000
Travel costs to hospital and rehabilitation – £500
Cleaner, Gardener, Cook £2500


If you have suffered a non-fault road traffic accident that has caused you a hip injury, get in touch today. We can offer all potential claimants a free consultation with no obligation to proceed with a claim. 

No Win No Fee Lawyers For A Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement

There are many additional benefits to using a No Win No Fee solicitor, such as:

  • No fees to pay your solicitors upfront 
  • Nothing to pay your solicitor while your case is ongoing, however long that may take
  • If your case fails, there’s nothing to pay your solicitors at all
  • When your case succeeds, there is a nominal amount to pay the solicitors capped by law to keep it low
  • You receive the bulk of compensation
  • The fee to your solicitors does not need to be paid until you receive the payout
  • You get expert legal advice and support throughout the case

The money spent trying to cope with injuries inflicted upon you by the carelessness of others could be reclaimed, helping you recover as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Find The Right Personal Injury Solicitors To Help With Your Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement

After you have decided who had the duty of care, how it was breached, and that you suffered an injury as a result, you can reach out to a No Win No Fee lawyer to see if your case can be taken up.

You could search the internet for a personal injury solicitor, but this may be overwhelming work and may not refine your choices. We can help. Our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors have decades of experience between then and offer a nationwide service, with the expertise to settle your case quickly, value it properly, and win the hip injury car accident settlement you deserve, speak to us today.

Chat With Us About A Hip Injury Car Accident Settlement

We hope this guide has helped in your decision to start a claim for your hip injury. If you’re ready to proceed the contact details are below, or if you just require more information, speak to our friendly team 24/7 to discuss your options.

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