£28,000 Compensation Payout For An Injury To The Bowels With Eventual Return To Normality

In this article, we explain the process of starting a bowel injury claim against your employer, a road user, or a public operator. Perhaps you were injured in an accident at work that could have been prevented, or were the victim of a road traffic accident caused by third-party negligent driving? 

bowel injury claim

Bowel injury compensation

We examine duty of care, how that duty can be breached, and how that may have resulted in the accident that caused you injuries. We provide relevant links throughout the article to inform your decision on whether to make a claim. Then we conclude by showing how to find appropriate No Win No Fee lawyers to support your case. Our panel of personal injury solicitors helps people across the country start successful compensation claims and they could do the same for you.

This article includes an example case study of someone who suffered severe injuries in a road traffic accident and began a bowel injury claim that successfully recovered £27,000 in compensation.

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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For An Injury To The Bowels

If you’ve never used a No Win Fee No Fee lawyer to launch a claim for injury compensation, it can seem confusing, but in this guide, we hope to answer any questions you may have about this. In this article, we demonstrate step by step the process of making a personal injury claim. Also, we convey how, armed with the correct evidence and high-quality legal advice, your valid bowel injury claim could be successful.

Throughout the article, we also try to answer the following: 

  • How will my claim be valued? 
  • How much could I get? 
  • Would making a claim be a financial risk? 
  • How can I prove my injuries and financial loss? 

If you’d prefer to have these questions directly resolved, our team of advisors could help. They offer free legal advice over the phone, through our contact form and via our live chat. With advisors on-hand 24/7, we’re ready to talk whenever you are. There is no obligation for you to proceed with the services of our panel of personal injury lawyers, but an advisor can put you in touch if you think it could help you make a bowel injury claim.

What Is A Bowel Injury?

Bowel injuries can be severe. If not adequately attended to, they can lead to septicemia and long-term problems resulting in unpleasant, life-changing difficulties. The NHS gives advice about not being able to pass stools after a bowel injury and possible medical treatments such as a colostomy. The injuries in our case study, shown later in the article, involve someone who recovered fully. However, if there had been permanent damage, the settlement amount could have been much more to reflect the severity of the injuries.

If you were avoidably injured in any of the following situations, someone might have owed you a duty of care:

  • Accident in the workplace.
  • Accidents in public places.
  • Road traffic accidents (RTAs).

If you sustained injuries in any of the above areas and are considering starting a bowel injury claim, it can be useful to ask yourself three critical questions:

  • Who had a duty of care to protect my health and safety in that environment?
  • Did they breach that duty?
  • Did I sustain injuries as a direct result?

If you find that your injuries were the result of a liable party’s neglect, you may have grounds to launch a personal injury claim. There are strict laws and rules that regulate safety, and they aim to prevent injury as much as possible.

Duty of Care and Your Bowel Injury Claim

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires all employers to make sure employees are as safe as reasonably possible. This may involve providing adequate training, appropriate warnings of hazards and regularly maintaining equipment or machinery.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 is a law that holds controllers of land, premises and property, such as private operators and local councils, to safety standards. Controllers should protect the health and wellbeing of visitors as much as reasonably practicable. If you were injured in the street or at a shopping arcade and the controller was liable, this law seeks to entitle you to pursue a claim for compensation. It’s worth reading to clarify who could have been responsible for the accident that caused your injuries.

The Highway Code obliges all road users to demonstrate a duty of care to each other, including pedestrians and cyclists. It acknowledges that some road users may not show the requisite level of care and diligence and that road users should be mindful of that possibility. Irrespective of age or experience, the rules apply to all drivers equally.

Financial Issues From Bowel Injuries

After a severe and potentially life-threatening trauma like intestinal injury from a car collision, you could need a substantial period to recover. During this period, you may be unable to work at your regular job and may begin to feel the injury’s negative financial impact. What are your options?

You could seek special damages as part of your bowel injury claim. These are a form of compensation designed to prevent you from significantly suffering financially due to your injuries.

Special damages seek to recover the financial loss you may have endured due to your suffering. Claiming special damages could prevent you from losing savings or sliding into debt whilst coping with the fall-out of an accident and injuries that weren’t your fault. 

You could claim to recover costs such as those for prescriptions, adaptations you’ve had to make to your home or travel costs, providing they’re a consequence of your injuries. You would also need to provide proof through bills, invoices or receipts. 

To discuss what you could claim as special damages, give our advisors a call on our freephone number at the top of this page.

Common Bowel Injury Accidents

Accidents that can lead to bowel injuries, such as a perforated bowel, could include:

  • Slipping and wounding yourself on something sharp.
  • Falling from a height and landing badly.
  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Food poisoning

Anywhere that duty of care lapses could be a hazardous environment. Government statistics show how common accidents in the workplace can be. Road traffic incidents involving intestinal injuries can occur in various ways. Cyclists can be uniquely vulnerable to accidents involving internal organ injury, unprotected by any metal bodywork, like other road users.

If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault which resulted in a severe internal injury, contact our friendly team today. They can discuss your options for starting a bowel injury claim. You could seek compensation if you were harmed in an accident that could have been prevented had a third party adhered to their duty of care.

How To Understand Care Claims

While recuperating from your injuries, it might be essential for someone to look after you. Family and friends can often take on this responsibility. It is possible to have your family or friends’ time included in your claim for compensation if you keep a record of it.

If you cannot rely on family to help you cook, clean, shop for food and attend personal care, it might be necessary to pay for a professional to come to your home and help. Paid care can be costly, and the NHS estimates it could cost between £650 and £1,600 per week depending on the level of care required.

It’s essential to keep receipts and bills to prove these outgoings. With evidence, they can be included as part of your bowel injury claim. Without proof, it can be challenging to prove the financial impact, and you could lose out.

Experts Can Estimate Your Settlement

A medical assessment is an essential part of a personal injury claim. The medical professional creates a detailed report that indicates whether your injuries were indeed a result of the accident or were, instead, a previous medical condition or long-standing illness. If the assessment concludes that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident, you wouldn’t be able to claim. However, if your pre-existing condition worsened, you could still claim. Your chances of compensation could hinge on this vital distinction.

If you choose to claim and use a No Win No Fee lawyer, as your case proceeds, they may seek two heads of compensation for you. The first would be general damages, which aim to compensate you for the pain and suffering you’ve endured due to your injuries. For a penetrating injury to the bowel with some damage but an eventual return to normal function, the Judicial College Guidelines estimate a potential award of between £11,820 and £22,970. The JCG is a publication that solicitors may use to help value your injury. 

The second head of damages are special damages and they seek to reimburse the out-of-pocket costs and financial loss resulting from your injuries. Financial losses that could be included are:

  • Loss of earnings.
  • Missed bonuses.
  • Travel costs to/from the hospital.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Modifications to home and lifestyle.

It’s important to keep evidence of your financial losses. To find out what special damages you could seek in a bowel injury claim, call our team of advisors today.

Case Study: £28,000 Bowel Injury Compensation

Always a careful driver, Mrs Taylor enjoyed her drive to work each day. That changed one evening due to another road user’s reckless driving when he collided with her at a busy junction.

The collision was quite serious and Mrs Taylor suffered a perforated bowel when a sharp piece of debris penetrated her stomach during the impact. After days in the hospital with some corrective surgery, she returned home to recover from her accident and consequently had to take time off of work.

Although Mrs Taylor’s injuries ultimately healed, it could have been very different. After reading about the potentially life-altering effects of a serious bowel injury, how a colostomy could have been required and how her normal body function could have been damaged for life, she felt angry about what had happened. She made a phone call to a No Win No Fee lawyer to see if she could make a bowel injury claim.

Her solicitor was able to advise her on collecting evidence of financial losses and arrange her independent medical assessment. The driver admitted liability. The case was settled in her favour, and she was awarded £28,000.

Mrs Taylor’s compensation break down was as follows:


General damages Special damages
The JCG quote potential awards of between
£11,820 – £22,970 for bowel perforation
injuries. Mrs Taylor eventually gained natural function and control of her bowels.
Loss of earnings from work: £3,000
Loss of attendance bonus: £1,500
Carer cost for three days: £500
Travel costs to and from hospital: £30


This case study is based on our experiences with past cases, not on one actual case. It serves to examine how a personal injury case would proceed. 

Our Free Bowel Injury Claim Payout Estimate Policy

Compensation amounts fluctuate between claimants because every case is different. If you feel that the accident which caused your injury would not have happened were it not for the negligence of your employer, a private operator, the local council, or another road user, contact us today. We’ll be happy to chat over the details of any claim you may have.

Our advisors can confidentially discuss the nuances of your situation and give you an estimation of what you could receive in compensation if your case is successful. Their free legal advice doesn’t require you to proceed with our services. However, if you’d like to be put in touch with our panel of personal injury solicitors, they could do that for you.

Who Can Use No Win No Fee?

What is a No Win No Fee agreement, and how could it help you? Also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), they can be used as a means to hire a legal professional to represent your case on your behalf. The benefits are numerous:

  • There are no fees to pay your solicitor upfront.
  • There are no costs to pay your solicitor while your case is ongoing.
  • There’s nothing to pay your solicitor in terms of fees if your case does not win.
  • If your case wins, there is only a nominal amount to pay your solicitor. This is known as a success fee and it’s lawfully capped.

You could also receive solid legal advice throughout your case. No Win No Fee essentially attempts to reduce the financial risk of hiring a solicitor. It’s something that our panel of solicitors can offer.

Find Top Bowel Injury Claim Personal Injury Lawyers Today

So, where can you find a suitable No Win No Fee lawyer to handle your case? Internet searches produce a deluge of options that may leave you feeling confused. There are numerous tools you could use to find the right solicitor. Reviews are a really good window into law firms. Recommendations from family and friends could help. Also calling individual law firms and getting a feel for how they would handle your claim. 

We can also help. Our panel of personal injury solicitors handles cases no matter where you are in the country.  Call our friendly team today to discuss your case. See if you’d like to be put in touch with a solicitor suited to you. 

Talk With Us About Your Bowel Injury Claim

We hope that this guide has helped your decision to launch a personal injury claim. If you’d like further information on any of the topics we’ve discussed, you can get in touch in the following ways:

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Find out if the area you suffered your injury in was a public accident hot spot.

You can also look into NHS services.

The NHS provides advice on peritonitis—an infection that can affect the bowel after surgery. 

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