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Criminal injury compensation claim

Criminal injury compensation claim guide

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a UK government executive agency. You may be eligible to claim compensation from the CICA if you have been injured because of a violent crime. Including mental and psychological injuries, such as PTSD. Furthermore, you can also claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority if a close relative such as a spouse or child died because of a violent crime.

Experiencing a violent crime can be a highly distressing experience. Indeed, a victim of a crime may take years to come to terms with the experience. Although claiming criminal injury compensation can’t make up for the injustice you experienced, claiming compensation can help you take control of your life. What’s more, you may receive additional funds to help you pay for counselling to help you move forward with your life.

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What Are Criminal Injury Compensation Claims?

There are different ways that you can claim criminal injury compensation. The two most obvious ways are: claiming against the defendant or perpetrator or making a request to the CICA. The CICA ask you to only claim through them when there is no other option for criminal injury compensation.

You may be eligible to make a criminal injury compensation claim if you were physically or mentally injured because of a violent crime. On the other hand, you can make a fatal criminal injury claim if a close relative died because of a violent crime. Very often claims are normally made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority because their criteria mean that the perpetrator does not have to be identified or apprehended.

We can provide you with a knowledgeable lawyer to help you make a claim through the CICA so that you can ensure your claim is filed in full.

Types Of Criminal Injury

No one should have to experience a violent crime in an ideal world. Unfortunately, over 1.9 million violent crimes occurred in England and Wales between July 2020 and June 2021. Moreover, there were 627 homicides during the same period.

Here are some examples of criminal injury claims:

  • Child abuse claims: You can claim historic sexual abuse.
  • Fatal criminal injury claims: You can claim compensation if a loved one was the victim of a homicide. Homicide can include murder and manslaughter.
  • Hit and run claims: Claims for deliberate hit and run injuries may be handled by the CICA.
  • Pub, club and bar assaults: the injured victim could claim through the CICA.
  • Racial assaults: A racial assault can include a hate crime where an individual is attacked. Or an individual can experience verbal abuse, which can be traumatic.
  • Sexual and physical abuse claims: You can claim compensation for abuse you have suffered recently or historic abuse that happened during your childhood.
  • Rape and sexual assault: Being sexually assaulted can cause physical, mental and psychological injuries.

What Are No Win No Fee Agreements?

No Win No Fee is an umbrella term for different types of agreements that can be used to fund the work of your solicitor. One of the main types of No Win No Fee agreements is called a Conditional Fee Agreement CFA. This technically means on what conditions will the solicitor receive payment.

Very often under a Conditional Fee Agreement, the claimant does not have to pay an upfront fee to their lawyer. Instead, the claimant will pay a success fee only when the case has been successful. Signing a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) formalises this process.

To find out if you can use a No Win No Fee agreement to fund the way you pay for your solicitor call our advisors today. They will check to see if there is enough evidence to support your claim. If they can see that you have a good chance of being awarded compensation they can offer to connect you to a solicitor who can support your case. All cases taken on by our panel of criminal injury solicitors will be pursued on a No Win No Fee basis.

Please read our guide to making a No Win No Fee claim to learn more.

How Do You Make A Criminal Injury Compensation Claim?

As we have previously said there are different ways you can make a criminal injury claim. For the purpose of this guide, we are talking about making a request for criminal injury compensation through the CICA. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government agency. The CICA was set up to compensate people who have been harmed because of a violent crime. Each year the organisation handles 35,000 claims and pays out more than £130M in compensation. What is a criminal injury scheme? Successful claimants are paid through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Claimants must have reported the incident to the police to be able to claim through the CICA. What’s more, there is a two-year time limit to claim. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Firstly, if the claimant’s physical or mental health prevented them from claiming at the time, secondly, claims can be made for historic child abuse, which may have taken place years or decades beforehand.

Do You Need A No Win, No Fee Solicitor To Make A Claim?

You do not need a solicitor to handle a criminal injury compensation claim through the CICA. However, if you appoint a solicitor to handle your compensation claim, they can ensure that the claim is filed correctly and in full. You cannot go back and make the same claim twice if you have forgotten to include something. The solicitor can make sure you receive the right amount of compensation. What’s more, your criminal injury lawyer can gather the evidence you need to ensure the claim is filed correctly.

Please feel free to call Public Interest Lawyers to learn more about claiming compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. If you call our claims helpline, one of our advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have about making a compensation claim. What’s more, we understand that you may wish to discuss a subject you find distressing, such as being assaulted or abused, so we will handle your call sensitively.

Calculate Your Criminal Injury Compensation Claim Payout

Depending on how you are making your claim will have a bearing on the amount of damages you will be awarded in a successful claim. Making a claim against the defendant will mean figures from the Judicial College guidelines will be looked at to come to a value.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has its own tariffs and is lower amounts than if you were claiming against the defendant. The table is based on tariffs set by the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme 2012. When making a claim through the CICA the awards and payout are different than making a claim against the defendant. Of course, the amount of compensation you receive may vary depending on the specific nature of your injuries. So please feel free to contact Public Interest Lawyers for further advice.

Injury Level Of Compensation Injury Tariff Notes
Serious Abuse Of A Child B3 £2,000 Intermittent assaults causing wound, scalds or burns which have healed. No disfigurement.
Severe Abuse Of A Child B6 £5,500 A persistent violent pattern. This has caused multiple moderate injuries or some minor disfigurement.
Sexual Assault B8 £8,200 A pattern of severe, frequent and repetitive abuse over more than three years.
Fractures Shin Bone (one leg) A6 £4,600 Where there is continuing disability in the affected leg.
Fracture – One Knee A5 £3,500 Where there is continuing and significant disability in the knee.
Hip Fracture or Dislocation – One Hip A8 £11,000 Where the person is left with significant and continuing disability.
Collar Bone Fracture A4 £2,400 One clavicle bone is fractured and the person is left with significant disability.
Fracture Of More Than One Vertebra A7 £6,200 The person is left with significant disability in the affected area.
Scarring A5 £3,500 The person is left with serious disfigurement.
Frozen Shoulder (one side) A7 £6,200 The person is left significantly disabled in this shoulder.

In addition, you may be eligible to claim special expenses but only if you have been out of work for more than 28 weeks. Special expenses can only be claimed when there is no other way to acquire these apparatus. For example, you cannot get what you need from the NHS or another public-funded agency.

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