£45,000 Compensation Payout For Crushed Fingers – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Crushed Fingers Compensation

Crushed fingers compensation

Crushed fingers compensation.

In this article, we shall discuss in detail the process of making a personal injury claim, for crushed finger injuries. If you damaged your hand in an accident at work,  a public setting, or on the roads and it wasn’t your fault, our advisors can tell you in a free consultation whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

We will discuss how you establish who had a duty of care for your safety if anyone, how they may have breached it, and how the law defines their responsibility. We explain the evidence you will need to support your claim and how a No Win No Fee solicitor can help you maximise your damages payout by valuing it correctly and including all the financial repercussions of your accident.

Throughout the article, we provide links to relevant websites and statistics that we hope can help in your decision to claim and show just how exactly a No Win No Fee lawyer could benefit you and your situation. We conclude by showing you how to go about finding the best-suited personal injury lawyers to handle your case.

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  5. Do Care Claims Apply To Crushed Fingers?
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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For Crushed Fingers (Dominant Hand)

Making a decision to sue your employer, a private operator, the council or another road user is not a decision people take lightly. If you suffered an injury or illness that you think could have been avoided were if not for the negligence of someone else, you may have the basis for a compensation claim. We concentrate on three main areas of liability:

  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Accidents in public places
  • Road traffic accidents (RTA’s)

We explain which laws outline the duty of care in these areas and how they may have been negligently breached. If you suffered an injury due to negligence of a third party that had a legal duty towards your health and well being you may be eligible to claim compensation. We explain the two types of broken finger settlement amounts your personal injury lawyer would seek for you. Using a typical example case study we show how someone could be awarded £45,000 for crushed finger injuries compensation settlement, we explain the process of launching a personal injury claim from start to finish.

Please feel free to contact us at any point throughout this article if you’re ready to proceed with a claim or would just like more information about the topics discussed. You can call us on 0800 408 7825 or drop us a line at Public Interest Lawyers.

Crushed Fingers Dominant Vs. Non-Dominant Hand

The three main requirements for making out a negligence case are:

  • Who had the duty of care in that environment?
  • How was it breached?
  • Did you suffer injuries because of that?

Our dominant hand undertakes the majority of daily tasks without us thinking about it and until it is seriously injured, we do not tend to worry about adapting dexterity to the other hand. This can be a huge challenge for some people whilst others are naturally ambidextrous. Our example case study examines someone who found it very difficult to adapt after their accident and sought a hand settlement amount to cope with the injury.

Their accident happened at work where our safety is protected as much as is possible under The Health And Safety At Work etc Act 1974. This act seeks to apply a duty of care on employers for their employees, to make the work environment as safe as possible. This link can advise you about how to properly report an accident at work.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 seeks to do likewise in any place that is accessible to the public. All local authorities and private operators have a duty of care to keep their premises as safe as possible.

The Highway code is a set of guidelines that asks road users to demonstrate a duty of care to each other. Whatever the age or experience of the driver, it requests that a standard of care and diligence is shown at all times and that drivers should even be mindful that some road users will not show that requisite care.

Can Victims Suffer Financially?

A sudden, serious injury to your dominant hand could have a significant impact on your ability to work or function as normal. The knock-on financial effects may start to become an additional worry and hinder your efforts to heal and recover from the ordeal.

A No Win No Fee lawyer will explain special damages to you which are a way to have all the tangible costs of your injuries included in your crushed fingers settlement amount. We discuss them in more detail further down, but special damages basically seek to recuperate back all costs and losses you have incurred due to your injury.

How Can Accidents Cause Crushed Fingers?

Numerous scenarios could result in your fingers being injured. The HSE reported that 693,000 injuries in the workplace occurred during 2019/20. It does not state what injuries were caused exactly but it is possible employees suffered injuries to their hands. Road traffic accidents are also worryingly common, with cyclists uniquely vulnerable to multiple injuries that could result in damage to their hands. Other possible accident hot spots for crushed fingers could be:

  • Trapping fingers between doors or windows
  • A heavy object crushing them
  • As part of public transport injuries
  • A sharp edge lacerating the digits
  • Any contact with caustic or hazardous chemicals
  • Encountering hazardous furniture in public places

Any area of daily life where a proper duty of care is diminished or missing could create a hazard. We rely on operators to provide safety and it’s not unreasonable to expect that you can avoid bodily harm when at work, shopping, in the park, or driving your car due to the negligence of others. If your injuries were the result of negligence, speak to our team today to see how we could help you with your crushed fingers settlement amount.

Do Care Claims Apply To Crushed Fingers?

After your accident, you may find it very difficult to adjust without help. A dominant hand injury can render every task awkward or painful and you may need family members to help you cook, clean, shop for food, and attend to personal care. These costs can be reimbursed as part of your crushed hand settlement amount if your case is successful and as long as you can provide hourly rate invoices to prove this.

If the ‘gracious care’ of your family as it is known is not available to you, it might be necessary to pay for the services of a professional carer to come into your home and help out. These costs can be prohibitively high. This additional financial crisis may be unsupportable for you. A No Win No Fee lawyer can help you prove these costs and win them back from the defendant in damages, in a successful case avoiding debt or lost savings.

Quality Settlement Calculations

Many online No Win No Fee firms offer ‘instant’ compensation calculator amounts that claim to provide settlement figures on the spot. Often, these calculators overlook the subtle details of your case and can disappoint you by undervaluing your claim. They also do not take into account the results of a medical assessment which is an integral and necessary part of your personal injury claim. Once a doctor has confirmed your injuries were a result of the accident, not a prior condition, you have a much stronger case.

Your lawyer will seek two heads of damages on your behalf. General damages are potential amounts estimated by the Judicial College Guidelines that aim to fix an award for your pain and suffering. They estimate Up to £34,480 for serious fractures to the fingers that have suffered a reduced mechanical function, disturbed senses, and deformity. If your injuries resulted in an amputation, the recommended amount can be as high as £102,890.

Special damages attempt to reclaim all the tangible, out-of-pocket costs that resulted from your injuries. Any loss of earnings, missed worked opportunities or attendance bonuses, care costs, medical modifications, and travel costs to hospital appointments can all be incorporated in your crushed fingers settlement amount.

When you discuss your case in-person with a skilled No Win No Fee lawyer, they have the expertise to recognise and include many outgoings that you may have thought were just an obligation of yours.

Case Study: £45,000 Crushed Fingers Compensation

Mr Douglas had worked in manufacturing all his life. He worked on the production line of a car manufacturer where he had worked for 40 years. Mr Douglas was now nearing the age of retirement just another 12 months to go.

Mr Douglas had been complaining for quite a while about the damage to the conveyor belt, he had asked his managers if it could be fixed as it was posing a danger. So far nothing had been done to correct the issue. It was nearing the end of the week and Mr Douglas was, as usual, completing his work on the manufacturing line. Assembling parts as they came along. As he went to grab a part his hand got stuck in the damaged conveyor belt. He began to scream for someone to press the emergency stop button. However, the damage had already been done to Mr Douglas’ dominant hand.

Mr Douglas suffered a severe crush injury to his right hand. Several bones had been broken causing multiple fractures to the fingers, the index finger and middle finger had to be reattached. His grip had been lost and also much of the function of his hand.

Mr Douglas sued his employer for negligence. He was furious that he complained of this hazard many times but nothing had ever been done to correct it. Mr Douglas filed a claim against his employer and received an out of court settlement of £45,000 for general and special damages.

This is merely a typical case study. Speak to our friendly team today to see how we could help you.

Your Free Expert Estimate

Below is a breakdown of Mr Douglas’ damages. There may be other expenses that could be included in your particular case if you’re not sure, speak to our team. All calls are confidential with no obligation to proceed.

General damages Special damages
Severe fractures to fingers £28,900 Lost earnings £15,000
Profession care
Physiotherapy for mobility/dexterity issues £500
Travel costs to appointments – £100

No Win No Fee Crushed Fingers Claims

You may be familiar with the expression No Win No Fee solicitors, but what does it mean and how could it help you? A No Win No Fee agreement, or CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) allows claimants to access the use of a Solicitor without paying upfront fees or without paying the solicitor if the case fails. Benefits include;

  • No fees to pay your solicitors upfront
  • Nothing to pay while the case is ongoing
  • Nothing to pay your solicitor if your case does not win
  • If your case wins, a small ‘success fee’ is payable to your solicitors
  • This fee is capped by law, ensuring that the bulk of the money goes to you
  • You only pay this fee after you’ve received your payout
  • You benefit from excellent legal advice and support throughout the case

Could You Use Quality Personal Injury Lawyers?

Thanks to the internet, the exact location of a personal injury solicitor no longer needs to be an essential part of your selection. Internet searches could inundate you with options, however, and whilst it can be a useful way to read reviews, it may not actually narrow your search. It’s important to ask how quickly a company can settle your claim, how experienced they are with cases like this, and what their level of client communication is like. All these questions can help your search.

Or you can speak to us. Our team can put you in contact with our knowledgeable and capable panel of solicitors who have presented many clients in such circumstances before receive the right amount of compensation.

Talk With Us

It’s easy to get in touch with us to discuss your case. We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful in your decision and if you’re ready to proceed with a claim or would just like more information on any of the topics we’ve discussed, please feel free to:

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