£20,000 Compensation Payout For A Fractured Collarbone – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Fractured Collarbone Compensation

Fractured collarbone compensation

Fractured collarbone compensation

Have you suffered a broken collarbone in an accident which was no fault of your own? Was a third party directly responsible for your accident, and could you prove this with clear evidence? If so, you could make a broken collarbone injury claim, and personal injury lawyers could support you through the claiming process. We have illustrated an example case study for a £20,000 compensation payout for a fractured collarbone injury for you to read.

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  4. Common Collarbone Accidents
  5. Care Claims Process
  6. Compensation Estimates For Collarbone Injuries
  7. Case Study: £20,000 For A Broken Collarbone
  8. Calculating Collarbone Compensation Estimates
  9. No Win No Fee Agreements
  10. Quality Personal Injury Lawyers For Your Claim
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A Guide To Calculate A Broken Collarbone Injury Claim

This guide explores common collarbone accidents (such as an accident at work), compensation calculators and No Win No Fee agreements. And the example case study explains how an accident could potentially result in a £20,000 payout for a broken collarbone injury claim. Before that, though, keep in mind that you have 3 years to make a claim after suffering your broken collarbone due to the personal injury claims time limit. Our specialist team can provide you with additional details about what this entails.

What Is A Fractured Collarbone?

The clavicle is the long bone that sits between the breastbone and the shoulder. Consequently, a collarbone fracture is often the result of a fall onto the shoulder, hence the collarbone breaking. The usual symptoms to look out for are swelling or tenderness on the collarbone, bruising, possible bleeding and also numbness or tingling sensation. It’s also possible that you hear a snapping or grinding sound at the moment of impact.

Now, a collarbone often naturally heals through simple rest and recuperation. A sling helps this process by keeping the affected shoulder and arm in a regular position. Surgery would only be a requirement for any severe breaks, with a full recovery being around a month in those situations. Personal injury lawyers could advise on how to make a broken collarbone injury claim if your injury was caused through a breach in the duty of care owed to you.

Fractured Collarbone Financial Issues

So, what are the potential financial issues brought about by your broken collarbone? Well, to starters, there may be prescription costs for the likes of painkillers. Then we have unpaid sick leave, which could be significant depending on how long you have to stay off work. And consider the frequent public transport usage for hospital visits.

We expand upon this further into this guide. Just remember, though, that any financial hardships could be included in your broken collarbone injury claim. And our friendly team is always on hand for you to chat about any financial worries that you may have.

Common Collarbone Accidents

If you could prove that a third party’s negligence brought about your broken collarbone, you may receive compensation. To confirm negligence, you have to prove that a third party owed you a duty of care which was then negligently breached, directly resulting in your accident and your injury. And that opens the door to make a broken collarbone injury claim. The three key areas and legislation that enforce a duty of care are described below.

Care Claims Process

You may decide to file a care claim as part of your overall broken collarbone injury claim. Our expert team could advise you on the elements that could comprise a care claim, namely those brought about specifically by your incapacity. Such as:

  • Gracious care received by family and friends;
  • Professional nursing services;
  • And any commercial home care to handle cleaning, gardening etc.

Personal injury lawyers could not only determine what constitutes your care claim, but also the amount that values the likes of family assistance. Our Live Chat is open 24/7 for you to present any queries you may have about care claims.

Compensation Estimates For Collarbone Injuries

The claims process requires you to undergo a medical assessment. The independent medical evaluation provides a full injury diagnosis and determines the likely recovery time. Medical assessment could confirm the link between your accident and your injury. It could also take into account the impact of your collarbone break on your life.

General Damages

At that point, our legal experts could estimate your compensation in the form of general damages and special damages. Starting with general damages, they would account for any physical and mental trauma. Suffering, pain and loss of amenity make up general damages.

Special Damages

Special damages go a bit further by exploring the secondary fallout. They handle any expenses you’ve incurred due to your injury, with the intention of returning you to your pre-accident financial state. Special damages could include:

  • Lost earnings in the short-, medium- and long-term;
  • Property damages due to the accident;
  • Any medical expenditure;
  • Public transport costs when attending hospital check-ups;
  • And also professional physiotherapy or similar rehabilitation.
  • Care costs

We’re always available to talk about the general and special damages you could incorporate into your broken collarbone injury claim. Call us via the number at the top of the page today.

Case Study: £20,000 For A Broken Collarbone

Mr Smith, 47, works as a hotel manager in London. He has a wife and two young twin daughters, and in his spare time, he enjoys watching films and socialising with friends.

One morning in early December, Mr Smith slipped at his place of work due to a freshly mopped floor with no warning or hazard signs in place. The result of this was that he slipped and fell onto the right side of his body. Upon impact, he landed hard on his shoulder, and he heard a snapping noise as he hit the ground.

Mr Smith managed to get up to his feet. However, his right arm had become extremely painful to the point of being unable to lift it. He went to the A&E department at his local hospital to get it checked out. After receiving a medical evaluation, Mr Smith was diagnosed with a serious fracture of the clavicle. Surgery could be avoided, but due to a pre-existing nerve condition in his right arm, his range of motion in that area would be somewhat limited even after recovery.

Meanwhile, Mr Smith was told that the broken bone should heal up in four weeks with appropriate rehabilitation. This included a physiotherapy programme, both during his recovery and in the aftermath to fully rebuild the strength in his arm. Meanwhile, the family were forced to hire a professional nurse to assist Mr Smith while his wife continued her own work duties. They also brought in a babysitter to help look after the twins, with him being temporarily incapacitated.

What’s more, as a hotel manager, the month off work would have a major impact on the family’s finances. And this was highlighted further by the additional care services that he required in the immediate aftermath. The timing of the accident also meant that he would not receive a Christmas bonus.

After seeking legal advice, Mr Smith was told that there had been a complete failure to comply with health and safety. This would give him suitable grounds to file an employers liability claim against his employer, which he did. Mr Smith received £20,000 as an out-of-court compensation payout. This included £11,500 in general damages and £8,500 in special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Costs of earnings lost as a result of the injury £4,500
Christmas Bonus A lost Christmas bonus based on meeting annual targets £750
Physiotherapy Professional rehabilitation costs to restrengthen the impacted area £1,000
Professional Home Care Added costs for professional babysitting services £750
Professional Nursing Care Professional nursing care costs £500
Medical Expenses Costs of all medical care relating to the accident £500
Public Transport Expenses from using public transport for hospital visits £300
Other Costs Added costs from the impact on the sufferer’s life £200

The case of Mr Smith is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Calculating Collarbone Compensation Estimates

“How much compensation would I receive for my broken clavicle?” That’s what we’re hearing you ask. Now, to answer that question, we would focus on one word: “my”. As in, your own specific collarbone break. Indeed, we prioritise your specific circumstances, because no two broken collarbone injury claims are the same. And that is because no two claimants are the same either.

So, we sidestep potentially inaccurate online personal injury claims calculators by basing our payout estimates on your own situation. As an extra courtesy, we offer this service for free, even if you decide that you’re not pursuing your claim. Our specialist team is ready to talk with you about what your own collarbone compensation estimate might be.

No Win No Fee Agreements

So, what is No Win No Fee exactly? Allow us to explain. No Win No Fee services reduce financial headaches and stress, offering reassurance as you enter the claims process. Simply put, using a No Win No Fee solicitor means that:

  • There is no requirement to pay legal fees from the beginning, or even during the case;
  • And if your broken collarbone injury claim fails, you won’t have to pay anything whatsoever to your No Win No Fee solicitor;
  • But if your claim is successful, only after you receive compensation would your solicitor take a nominal amount to cover their legal costs (this is known as a success fee, and it’s capped by law).

Our Live Chat service is always available if you want to ask us any questions about No Win No Fee.

Quality Personal Injury Lawyers For Your Claim

Thanks to modern technology the locality of a personal injury solicitor shouldn’t be a factor in your decision. Instead, look for positive reviews online, a successful track record, and also any specialities for collarbone injuries. After all, a law firm which could tick all these boxes gives you the best chance of achieving the strongest compensation amount for your broken collarbone injury claim.

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