£8,000 Compensation Payout For A Fractured Nose – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Fractured Nose Compensation

Fractured nose compensation

Fractured nose compensation

Have you broken your nose in an accident that wasn’t your fault? If so, you may require legal advice on making a compensation claim for your fractured nose. This guide provides an example case study for an £8,000 compensation payout on a fractured nose injury. It also covers care claims, general and special damages, compensation calculators and No Win No Fee.

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  5. Add Care Claims To Your Lawsuit Settlements
  6. What Makes Up Compensation Claims Calculations?
  7. Case Study: £8,000 Compensation For A Fractured Nose
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A Guide To Calculate A Fractured Nose Compensation Claim

This guide details the requirements for making a compensation claim for your fractured nose, as well as covering:

  • What a nose fracture is
  • Potential financial losses
  • Care claims
  • General damages and special damages
  • An example case study of an £8,000 compensation payout
  • Compensation calculators
  • No Win No Fee

Bear in mind that there is a personal injury claims time limit if you’re planning to make a compensation claim for your fractured nose. So, you would usually have 3 years to make a claim from the date that the accident took place. With regards to a child (someone aged under 18) or someone who lacks the mental capacity to claim, a close relative or another appointed representative could be their litigation friend to process the claim on their behalf. But once the child turns 18 or if the victim recovers enough that they become capable of representing themselves, the 3-year clock starts for them. You can find out more about this by speaking with our specialist team.

What Is A Nose Fracture?

A nose fracture is when a bone breaks within the nasal region of the face. Typical symptoms would include pain, swelling, redness, breathing difficulties, an unusual shape and possibly an audible cracking noise. There may also be bruises and cuts to demonstrate damage. The general recovery time for a broken nose is two-to-four weeks depending on severity. However, the victim’s occupation could mean that the impact of a nose fracture is significant.

Now, you could claim negligence if you fracture your nose in an accident that wasn’t your fault. To have a valid claim for compensation, the following criteria must be met:

  • A third party owed you a duty of care
  • This duty of care was breached
  • And the result was you suffering an injury such as a fractured nose.

Key pieces of legislation to help prove a breach in the duty of care include; The first of these would-be employer’s liability (EL). According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employers should so far as reasonably possible uphold their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing. However, a dangerous machine or a slippery surface could result in an accident at work that causes a broken nose. That duty of care breach paves the way to file a fractured nose at work claim for a work injury payment.

The second of these is public liability (PL), and this handles accidents in a public place. The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 emphasises the duty of care that should prevent accidents in public places. But if you’re injured in a public place and you suffer a fractured nose, due to the fact that those responsible for your safety failed to uphold their duty of care you may have grounds for a compensation claim.

Now, the final scenario is self-explanatory, and that would be a road traffic accident (RTA). The Highway Code states that all road users should show a duty of care towards other people on the roads. If your broken nose is the result of a collision caused by a negligent road user then you could have a valid claim.

Could My Fractured Nose Cause Financial Problems?

There could be a financial fallout to you suffering a nose fracture. The likes of lost income, medication, public transport usage and rehabilitation would all comprise the potential expenses. The good news, though, is that all of these would form the foundation for your compensation claim for a broken nose. Why not call us today for more information.

Common Accidents Resulting In Nose Breaks

There are various scenarios where you could break your nose. It could be due to a fall at work, There were 581,000 workplace accidents in 2018/9. An accident in a public place such as a slip or a trip could also result in a fractured nose and, subsequently, a public accident claim could be pursued if the negligence of a third party caused your accident. And a nose fracture could happen behind the wheel in a road traffic accident. Talk with us anytime to discuss typical scenarios leading to a compensation claim for a fractured nose.

Add Care Claims To Your Lawsuit Settlements

Care claims would form part of the special damages claim, additional care brought about by your injury, such as:

  • Extra support from both family members and friends
  • Plus professional nursing costs
  • And professional cleaning, gardening and dog-walking services.

To chat about care claims, you can use our 24/7 Live Chat feature.

What Makes Up Compensation Claims Calculations?

General damages and special damages would make up your compensation claim calculation. A major contributing factor would be the outcome of your independent medical evaluation, a requirement of the claims process. This fully diagnoses your injury, predicts your recovery time and establishes the link between your accident and your condition. It states that, but for the accident, you wouldn’t have suffered a fractured nose. Hence why all of this shapes your general and special damages, which we’re now covering in more depth.

General Damages

General damages handle the pain, suffering and loss of amenity resulting from your injury. Indeed, they focus on the physical and mental impact of your nose fracture.

Special Damages

In contrast, special damages would be covering the longer-term financial fallout. That includes lost earnings, public transport expenses, medical costs and also physiotherapy. Call us via the number at the top of this page, and we can answer your questions about this topic.

Case Study: £8,000 Compensation For A Fractured Nose

Ms Lowton, 38, works as an IT manager in Lincolnshire. She lives with her partner Maurice, and they have two young children. Away from work, she often attends and contributes to fashion shows.

One Saturday morning, she went to her local supermarket. While shopping she slipped on a refrigerator that looked to be leaking very badly across the floor. The claimant fell face forward causing damage to her face. There were no warning signs in situ waring of the leak and wet floor.

Ms Lowton was soon taken to the A&E department at her local hospital. There, she was diagnosed with a badly broken nose, which would require an operation to fix. The surgery went well, though Ms Lowton was told to take four weeks off work while she made a full recovery.

The accident left Ms Lowton shaken up. The injury was very painful and also quite traumatic.

After seeking legal advice, Ms Lowton filed a compensation claim for her nose fracture against the supermarket. Ms Lowton received £8,000 as an out-of-court settlement. This included £4,500 in general damages and £3,500 in special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Current Loss Lost earnings from being unable to work £3,000
Medical Expenses Costs of medical care relating to the accident & her recovery £350
Transport Costs Costs of using public transport to & from the hospital £150

The case of Ms Lowton is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Your Free Estimate Is Here

You may be aware of online personal injury claims calculators, but we would rather avoid using these for your case. That’s because they tend to only provide general payout guesses that fail to consider a victim’s own circumstances. Instead, let us get to know as much as we can about you. That way, the estimate that we could provide for your compensation claim for your fractured nose is far more accurate. Oh, and the estimate is absolutely free, even if you choose not to go ahead with your claim. Please get in touch with us today to find out more information.

No Win No Fee Claims

No Win No Fee offers numerous benefits that could see you save a lot of money and stress. So, the advantages of using a No Win No Fee solicitor include:

  • Not having to pay any legal fees up-front
  • Also not having to pay any legal fees during the case
  • Though your personal injury solicitor would take a nominal amount (called a success fee and capped by law), that’s only if you receive compensation.

All of this means that you wouldn’t pay any legal costs to your solicitor if your personal injury claim was unsuccessful. If you want to learn more about No Win No Fee, feel free to use our Live Chat anytime.

Where Are High Quality Personal Injury Solicitors For My Case?

If you want high quality personal injury solicitors, you would likely hope for certain criteria to be met. They would include a strong track record, years of expertise, positive reviews aplenty, credible qualifications and possibly some specialities. Call us today to discuss your compensation claim for your fractured nose injury.

Chat With Our Team

Now it’s time for you to tell us all about your nose fracture injury. Our expert team could connect you to our panel of personal injury solicitors to handle your case on a No Win No Fee basis. The various ways that you could get in touch with our specialists include:

Remember that there’s no obligation to proceed with your compensation claim for your fractured nose. Also, our team is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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