£30,000 Compensation Payout For A Nose Injury – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Nose Fracture Compensation

Nose fracture compensation

Nose fracture compensation

By Danielle Newton. Last Updated 17th February 2023. If you have been the victim of an accident due to negligence, which has caused you an injury you may have the grounds to pursue a compensation claim. Our panel of personal injury solicitors who provide a nationwide service is expertly skilled in helping people win damages for their fractured nose injury, whether it happened in the workplace, in public, or in a road traffic accident. For any no-fault accident involving a  broken nose, claim compensation today with the help of our advisors.

We demonstrate how you could do this by using an example case study of Mr Black. We describe a typical claim from start to finish and look at how to establish who breached the legal duty of care to you, which caused your injury. We’ll look at the best ways to value your claim and how the highest possible compensation is calculated for you. We conclude by showing you how to find the best suited No Win No Fee lawyers for your case for a broken nose.

If you feel an avoidable accident resulted in your broken nose, claim compensation with the help of a No Win No Fee lawyer. If at any point throughout this article you have a question, please don’t hesitate to give our advisors a call on 0800 408 7825 or drop us a line at  publicinterestlawyers.co.uk

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How Injury Claims Work

If you had an accident that was not your fault, you will need to establish liability to have a valid personal injury claim. This guide may help you understand how injury claims work.

The first part of any personal injury claim is establishing whether you were owed a duty of care. There are several situations where a duty of care is owed under legislation. We go into more detail about the legislation and what area of life it governs in the next section.

If you are owed a duty of care, and you suffer a nose injury because a liable party did not adhere to the legislation, you might be able to recover compensation. However, you will need evidence to support your broken nose claim. For example, you could submit your medical records. These will prove that you suffered an injury and the date you sought treatment. However, you will also need evidence that proves another party was liable. For example, you could request CCTV footage of the accident that caused your injuries.

In addition, your personal injury claim needs to be started within the limitation period. This is usually three years as set by the Limitation Act 1980. However, there might be circumstances where the injured party cannot start their own claim. These suspend the time limit.

If you have any questions while reading this guide, please get in touch with our advisors using the details at the top of the screen. The legal advice they give is free. In addition, if your claim seems eligible, they could help you get started right away.

What Is A Nose Injury?

This NHS website gives some useful information on how to identify and diagnose a broken nose, but it’s likely the condition will make itself known quite clearly. A significant amount of pain, blood, distorted vision and usually a cracking noise all indicate that something has damaged the delicate bone of your nose.

Three main points to clarify if you have the basis for a compensation claim;

  • Who had a duty of care in that location?
  • Was that duty breached by negligence on their part?
  • Did I suffer injuries because of that?

The duty of care owed to you is as follows:

  • The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 states that employers have a specific duty of care to create a safe and fit for purpose working environment for you as is practicably possible. It’s a detailed law and covers many typical scenarios. You can also refer to this website to see how to accurately report your workplace accident.
  • Those local authorities or private companies that operate public spaces also have a duty to do the same under The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. This includes parks and outside places.
  • The Highway Code obliges everyone on the roads, whatever their age or level of experience to show a duty of care to all other road users. This includes cyclists and pedestrians. The code goes further and asks that drivers should anticipate that other road users may not show the requisite standard of care and diligence whilst driving, and you should be prepared for that.

Can Nose Injuries Cause Financial Issues?

Although most people recover well from a broken nose injury, there can be long-term effects on the shape of the nose and potential breathing issues. Hopefully, your recovery will be complete but during the immediate aftermath of the injury, you may find it difficult to focus on work or other tasks. Headaches are also a big part of broken nose injuries and any painkillers you need may make concentration difficult.

All of these circumstances can impact your financial position. Missed work, career opportunities, and bonuses could all be negatively impacted by needing to rest after the accident. Anything that impairs your usual standard of ability can create subsequent money problems and an experienced No Win No Fee lawyer will be able to help you identify and record these as part of your damages.

What Commonly Causes Nose Injuries?

Government statistics paint an alarming rate of injury in the workplace, but slipping and tripping accidents that could result in a broken nose can happen anywhere. Any scenario that includes an impact with the front of the face puts the nose at singular risk and you can read this guide here on how to avoid trip and slip hazards in the future.

Common causes for a broken nose can also include physical assault. If you have been a victim of this, your No Win No Fee lawyer can help you make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) a body that may be able to award you damages as a victim of crime. Also, a broken nose could result from an accident on public transport or if you were involved in a road traffic accident.  Accountability is the same in all these areas.

How To Receive Care Claims

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may need someone to help you with basic tasks for a while. The NHS states that paid carer costs can be very high, as much as £1,600 a week and a serious broken nose can take 4 – 6 weeks to heal. Or longer.

You may be able to rely on family and friends to help with cooking, washing, shopping and personal care. This is referred to as ‘gracious care’. If this is not an option for you and you do need the services of a paid carer, your personal injury lawyer will stress to you the importance of retaining all bills and receipts as evidence of the cost to you.

Without them, it can be very difficult to force the defendant to pay them.

Nose Injury Compensation Estimates

In order to properly support a claim for broken nose damages, it’s important to have a medical assessment. This can be your best opportunity for a doctor or specialist to confirm that your injuries were the result of the accident and not part of a long-standing or previous medical condition. This can also be a chance to discuss the impact of the accident to a sympathetic listener and to discuss your prognosis or any future health concerns that may arise from the accident.

These issues may impact you financially and a good No Win No Fee lawyer will recognise this and include these expenses in your settlement claim. Your personal injury solicitor will seek two heads of claim on your behalf called ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’.

General damages are estimated by the Judicial College Guidelines, a body that sets parameters of payout amounts for a wide variety of personal injuries. The higher awards tend to be for the most severe types of nose damage and can include pain and suffering amounts. For seriously fractured noses requiring surgery and resulting in deformity, the guidelines give estimates of between £9,990 – £21,700.

Special damages consider all the miscellaneous financial impacts of the injury, which can include:

  • any loss of earnings from being unable to work
  • loss of potential future earnings
  • Support during your recovery from paid carers
  • Travel expenses to hospital or doctor’s appointments
  • Any reconstructive procedures needed

There is a three-year time limit for setting out personal injury claims, so act today. If negligence caused your broken nose, claim compensation by consulting with a No Win No Fee lawyer who can guide you through this process. When a breach of care has resulted in your injury and you feel you would like to proceed with a claim, please don’t hesitate to speak to our team today on 0800 408 7825.

Case Study: £30,000 Compensation For A Nose Injury

Mr Black was out shopping one day with his wife in the local precinct. As he left one store, he slipped badly on the wet floor that had just been mopped. There were no warning signs or members of the cleaning staff around. As he fell, Mr Black hit his nose, breaking it in two places.

The precinct operators apologised profusely and attended to him until the ambulance arrived where he was taken to hospital for surgery and treatment for a serious nose fracture. The whole experience was very distressing for both him and his wife.

After he had been sent home, Mr Black had time to consider exactly what happened that day and angrily concluded that the accident could have been entirely preventable if the proper signs had marked the area off. He felt that the pain and suffering and the disruption to his life with hospital visits and time off work was deeply unfair. His injury was also sufficient to leave permanent deformity to his nose, requiring cosmetic surgery. He decided to speak to a No Win No Fee solicitor about his chances of a compensation claim.

After a brief discussion with a friendly team of legal advisors, it became clear that Mr Black had excellent grounds to pursue a personal injury claim. He had retained all the receipts for medications and travel costs.

The case was found in his favour and Mr Black was awarded a broken nose claim compensation amount of £30,000 which included general and as well as special damages.

Whilst this is merely an example of the kind of cases our panel of solicitors regularly handle, it shows how general and special damages can greatly maximise your potential payout for an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you would like us to calculate the potential compensation for your broken nose injury, call our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Get A Free Compensation Calculation Estimate

A typical breakdown of damages for an accident like Mr Black’s would look similar to this:

General damages Special damages
Nose Injury £21,500 Mr Black was off work for 2 months
while he recuperated with a loss of earnings of £4,000
Mr Black had to pay privately for reconstructive surgery – £4,000
Travel costs and medications and help around the home – £500

Whilst every case is different and each person’s circumstances vary, this case shows how it’s possible to really leverage the value of an injury claim when following the advice of a No Win No Fee lawyer. Whatever the circumstances, the same may be possible for you.

Your No Win No Fee Agreement

No Win No Fee agreements; Firstly, if your case does not win, you won’t have to pay a penny to your solicitors, so really very much a case of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. But if your case does succeed, the solicitors only take a small percentage known as a ‘success fee’ which is capped by law to ensure that the bulk of the payout goes directly to you.

With no fees to pay upfront, nothing to pay while the claim is on-going, and the peace of mind of knowing that a skilled personal injury solicitor is working on your behalf, it really is worth calling to discuss your options.

Find High-Quality Personal Injury Lawyers Near You

Traditionally, people used the same firm of solicitors for everything but with the internet, a whole new world of possibilities is open to us. Google searches will generate thousands of results for No Win No Fee firms and whilst reading reviews online can be helpful, we recommend asking a few precise questions to clarify your search:

  • How much did other people win in their broken nose claim?
  • Were the cases settled by the solicitors in a timely way?
  • How clear was the client/lawyer communication?
  • Are they a reputable and long-standing company?
  • How much would they value your broken nose settlement to be worth?
  • Do you think a different company could get more for you?

These questions can be a really useful way of refining your search. Alternatively, you could let our friendly team handle everything by giving them a call today on the number above, or dropping them a line for a no-obligation chat.

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