£14,000 Compensation Payout For A Prolapsed Disc – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Prolapsed Disc Compensation

Prolapsed Disc (Back) compensation

Prolapsed Disc (Back) compensation

This guide explains an example £14,000 case study for someone making a prolapsed back disc claim. We’re covering key aspects of the claims process here should you suffer the same injury yourself. And we highlight how you could benefit from a No Win No Fee agreement if you do pursue your case. The headings below can direct you to the most relevant sections that you wish to know about. Before then, though, get in touch with us anytime by:

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  1. A Guide To Calculating Compensation For A Prolapsed Back Disc
  2. What Is A Prolapsed Disc?
  3. Types Of Financial Issues
  4. Accidents Frequently Causing Injuries
  5. Easy To Understand Care Claims
  6. Expert Estimate Of Your Settlement
  7. Case Study: £14,000 Prolapsed Disc Compensation
  8. Get Your Specialist Settlement
  9. Why Use No Win No Fee?
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A Guide To Calculating Compensation For A Prolapsed Back Disc

We’re going to discuss compensation calculators, the difference between general and special damages, and how to identify the right personal injury solicitor for your case. Indeed, we handle any potential areas of concern that could impact you making a prolapsed back disc claim.

On that note, we should clarify the personal injury claims time limit. If you’re unfamiliar with this rule, it means you have 3 years to make a claim. The start date would either be when you were injured, or when you gained knowledge. Speak to our friendly team for further information.

What Is A Prolapsed Disc?

A prolapsed disc is also referred to as a slipped disc or a herniated disc. It relates to the areas of soft tissue that lie between the bones in your spinal column. And so a prolapsed disc is when soft tissue pushes out of the spine. Unusually, a prolapsed disc doesn’t always provide clear physical symptoms. But when it does, the typical signs are pain in the lower back and neck. There could also be numbness or tingling within the shoulders, muscle weakness and difficulty bending or straightening the back. The pain could extend to the buttocks, hips or legs if the prolapsed disc sits on the sciatic nerve, potentially causing sciatica.

Simple rest and recuperation may help for mild pain, with painkillers being advisable. But if the pain becomes unbearable, an MRI could be necessary to determine the true extent of the problem. In a serious case, surgery might be required, along with physiotherapy to assist with your recuperation. Find out more by calling our team.

Types Of Financial Issues

A prolapsed disc could initially bring about some significant bills. After all, if you require painkillers or physiotherapy the amounts can soon add up. And depending on how severe the pain is, that could see you spend hundreds of pounds out of your own pocket. Also consider that you may find it uncomfortable to drive with a prolapsed disc, meaning further public transport usage.

And then we also have the possibility of you having to miss work for the duration of your recovery. So, if your sick pay is unpaid, that could mean many weeks of lost earnings that you wouldn’t recoup. Public Interest Lawyers could provide you with more guidance about financial struggles relating to this injury. Moreover, we could explain how these losses and expenses could form part of your prolapsed back disc claim. Please get in touch with us today.

Accidents Frequently Causing Injuries

If you’re claiming negligence, you must meet the following 3 requirements:

  • You were owed a duty of care by a third party;
  • Yet a breach occurred;
  • And this led to you suffering an injury such as a prolapsed disc.

Three areas represent the different accident scenarios that could lead to a claim. One is employer’s liability (EL). The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies a duty of care for employers to follow for the wellbeing of their employees. But a workplace accident might occur, such as bending over to lift heavy equipment without the necessary training and consequently suffering severe back pain. If you suffer multiple injuries via an accident at work, a multiple injury claim could be the outcome.

Another is public liability (PL). This concerns the occupier’s duty of care to prevent an accident in a public place under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. You could be injured in a public place due to a fall that could have been prevented had the right health and safety laws been adhered to that sees you hurt your back upon landing. Accidents in public places would be covering the likes of bars, restaurants, parks and beaches.

Finally, we come to road traffic accidents (RTAs). There is a duty of care for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to follow on the road via the Highway Code. Despite this, you could still suffer a prolapsed disc if another vehicle crashes into either side of your car. More information about accident scenarios resulting in prolapsed back disc claims can be found by using our 24/7 Live Chat.

Easy To Understand Care Claims

We’re going to be covering general damages and special damages in our next section. As part of special damages, you could include the cost of any care you needed in a successful claim because of your injuries. This relates to any care you receive primarily because of your prolapsed back injury. Now, it could include assistance from family and friends and their time could be compensated for. But it would particularly be important to manage any expenses from hiring a nurse or a professional to look after home chores. Call us using the number above to discuss care claims.

Expert Estimate Of Your Settlement

So, alongside care costs, special damages could include loss of earnings, medical expenses, public transport usage and also physiotherapy. Receipts and invoices to prove each of these would be highly recommended. General damages can be claimed for in regards to the pain and suffering caused by your injury along with the direct impact of the prolapsed disc on your life.

These two areas form your compensation value for your prolapsed back disc claim. But the correct valuation would only come after you undergo an independent medical evaluation. The medical check is a crucial part of the claims process, as it fully diagnoses the extent of your injury. It also covers your expected recovery period and any other consequences of the injury. This strengthens the likelihood of you receiving a payout due to credible medical evidence supporting what you state in your claim. Complete our contact form for more details about the independent medical assessment.

Case Study: £14,000 Prolapsed Disc Compensation

One Monday evening, Mrs Simon and her fellow workers were eating out at a well-established restaurant. All was going well, and everybody had eaten their food. Just before leaving, Mrs Simon excused herself to use the restroom. But in doing so, she would end up being in an accident.

When Mrs Simon entered the corridor where the restrooms were situated, she hadn’t noticed that the floor was wet. This was due to the cleaner not leaving appropriate signage. An unaware Mrs Simon slipped on the wet floor and landed hard on her lower back. She made it to her feet with the assistance of another customer, but she was in tremendous pain.

Mrs Simon went to work as normal the next day, but the pain was overwhelming. After the school day had ended, she went to her local hospital. There, she was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in her lower back. Fortunately, it would not require surgery, though she would have to rest at home for several weeks doing gentle exercise when possible.

During this time, Mrs Simon’s husband had to continue working so that there would be some income for the family home. All the while, she remained in agony with her prolapsed disc, though the pain would begin to subside.

Mrs Simon was very upset at having to missed work. Mrs Simon believed the accident was totally avoidable with the presence of a simple warning sign. This was a clear lack of care and attention by the cleaners, and the consequences were her suffering a prolapsed back disc.

After seeking legal advice, Mrs Simon learned that she could file a prolapsed back disc claim.  So, Mrs Simon filed a public injury claim against the restaurant. She received £14,000 as an out-of-court compensation settlement. This included £10,730 in general damages and £3,270 in special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Costs of lost earnings during her 6-week recovery £2,625
Medical Costs Cost of painkillers & steroid injections £500
Other Costs Additional expenses due to her injury £145

The case of Mrs Simon is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Get Your Specialist Estimate

Rather than using an online personal injury claims calculator, we want to provide you with a compensation estimate that reflects your needs. This means using medical evidence from your assessment and also further information that we gather about your circumstances. By doing this, the specialist estimate is much closer to what you would be entitled to and also deserving of. Get more information by using the Live Chat at the bottom of this page.

Why Use No Win No Fee?

The reasons for using No Win No Fee agreements are simple. You don’t pay anything to your personal injury solicitor unless your case wins. Even then, your No Win No Fee solicitor takes a success fee which is capped by law. But let’s clarify that you wouldn’t pay any legal costs at the first point of contact or during a case. And crucially, you pay nothing to your personal injury solicitor if your case doesn’t succeed. Get in touch to learn more about No Win No Fee agreements.

Find Excellent Personal Injury Lawyers

So, how could you identify a high-quality personal injury solicitor to handle your prolapsed back disc claim? Well, a top-class personal injury lawyer should boast industry-standard credentials, many positive client reviews and a history of successful case victories. Ideally, they would also specialise in claims for back injuries, and particularly those pertaining to prolapsed discs. It also helps in having continuous communication and quick turnarounds.

Public Interest Lawyers can provide personal injury solicitors that have the knowledge needed to help build a strong and successful case. Speak to our helpful team for further details.

Discuss Today

With that all being said, we now want to hear from you. Our helpful team could discuss the initial circumstances behind your injury. They could then forward you onto the panel of personal injury solicitors. And they may then handle your prolapsed back disc claim for compensation. To get in touch with us today, call 0800 408 7825, use our Live Chat, or simply fill out the online form. Note that there’s no obligation to proceed with your claim even after you get in touch with us. Also, we’re accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your enquiry.

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