£12,000 Compensation Claim For A Fractured Cheek – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Fractured Cheek Compensation

£12,000 Compensation For A Fractured Cheekbone

If you’re interested in making a claim for fractured cheek, we’ve created this guide to personal injury claims to help.

For information including ways of proving third-party liability and how much compensation could be awarded, please continue reading. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. You can:

claim for a fractured cheek

Claim for a fractured cheek

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  7. Case Study: £12,000 Claim For A Fractured Cheek
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A Claims Guide To Calculating Fractured Cheek Compensation

To begin, this article covers information you may require prior to making a personal injury claim, including how to identify a fractured cheekbone injury and how to establish third-party liability for it.

We’ll then discuss some impacts this type of injury could have on you, from physical to financial. Following this, we’ll then outline the different types of fractured cheekbone compensation you could receive in general and special damages.

To help illustrate how the claims process could progress, we’ve featured a case study of ‘Mr Jennings’, created using our experience handling personal injury claims. This also provides an explanation of his payout, listing the various expenses it accounted for.

To finish, we’ve left you with our tips on finding the best personal injury lawyer to represent you—including using our service—as well as some additional resources that may be of help.

For more information, please contact us today to receive a free consultation on your unique situation, including an estimated settlement figure for your case.

What Is An Eye Socket Fracture?

The cheekbone is part of the eye socket that protects and supports the eyeball. A fracture can involve anything from a cracked to a broken bone, with symptoms including pain, flatness of the cheek and impaired vision.

Often, cheekbone fractures heal on their own. However, severe cases, resulting in dislocation, for example, surgery may be required where metal plates or screws are inserted to restructure the cheekbone.

Cheekbone Fracture How Much Can I Lose?

In addition to suffering both physically and psychologically as a result of a fractured cheekbone, you could suffer financially. From paying for injury-related expenses like medical bills to experiencing a lost earnings due to unpaid sick leave or missed opportunities, did you know you could recover these costs in your personal injury claim?

In claiming special damages, you could be compensated for any expense incurred or losses experienced as a result of your injury. To learn more about special damages, get in touch with our expert team.

Most Common Eye Socket Fractures

If you’ve sustained an injury that someone else was responsible for, you could be entitled to make a claim for a fractured cheek. For liability to be established, your situation must be able to meet the following criteria:

  1. Did the third-party owe you a duty of care?
  2. Did the third-party breach this duty?
  3. Did this breach result in your fractured cheek injury?

If you’re unsure whether a duty of care was owed to you, here are some common bodies owing a duty of care and examples of how they could breach them:

  • Employers
    • Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, all employers owe their employees a duty of care to ensure their safety at work.
      • As slips, trips and falls account for a third of all major workplace injuries, you could suffer a trip if your employer left loose wires obstructing your path.
  • Those in control of public places
    • Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, bodies controlling public places (such as parks and shops) owe their visitors a duty of care to ensure their safety on-site.
      • You could suffer a slip on a wet shop floor if the retailer failed to display an appropriate hazard sign.
  • Road users
    • Under the Highway Code, all road users owe each other a duty of care to ensure safety on the roads.
      • As over 157,530 individuals suffered an injury on roads in 2019, you could be injured if a driver demonstrated carelessness that resulted in a collision.

Get Your Care Claim Today

Do you usually care for a vulnerable relative but your injury prevented you from doing so? Have you received care from relatives or friends, known as gracious care, or hired professional help after your accident?

If you’ve received care as a result of your injury or have been unable to provide any usual care to someone else, you could be entitled to compensation.

To calculate compensation for professional care you’ve received, any expense incurred will be reimbursed according to invoices raised by the provider. Gracious care is valued in a more complex way. Typically, the average time spent caring for you is used in conjunction with the hourly rate of a local professional. This value is reduced to take account of the fact that the service wasn’t commercial.

If you have a question about care claims, get in touch. Our panel of personal injury lawyers could help you with your claim for a fractured cheek and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Fractured Cheekbone Compensation Estimates

To value your claim for a fractured cheek, your lawyer will send you for an assessment with an independent medical specialist. Your appointment will entail a physical assessment and a discussion on the impact of your injury.

The resulting report can support your claim if the practitioner believes your injuries were sustained in the manner that you describe. Therefore, we advise you to attend so you don’t risk losing the compensation you deserve.

Using our network of medical professionals, we can arrange your assessment for you and ensure it’s as close to your home as possible. To see how we could help you claim, please speak to one of our specialist advisors today.

General Damages

In personal injury claims, the two different areas of damage that can be compensated are referred to as general and special damages. General damages account for physical and/or psychological harm associated with your fractured cheekbone injury.

Special Damages

In addition to general damages, special damages can be claimed to recover any expense incurred as a result of your fractured cheekbone injury. As an accident that wasn’t your fault should never cause you financial shortfall, special damages aim to restore any losses suffered as a result, as well as accounting for future losses too, such as:

  • Care costs
  • Medical bills
  • Loss / future loss of income
  • Repair or replacement of damaged property

Case Study: £12,000 Claim For A Fractured Cheek

Mr Jennings was riding his bike along the cycle lane of a public highway. However, as he rode, he was unable to identify a deep pothole, which was filled with water.

Upon impact, Mr Jennings was thrown from his bike and sustained multiple injuries to his face as a result. After his accident and while fighting the pain, Mr Jennings asked a witness to photograph the pothole, using a 20p coin to demonstrate its size. They exchanged contact details and agreed to get back in touch in the case of legal proceedings.

At A&E, an x-ray identified Mr Jennings had a fractured cheekbone, which required reconstructive surgery. Mr Jennings had to stay in the hospital for a few days surrounding his operation, followed by a five-week recovery period before his injury healed. During this time, Mr Jennings had to avoid usual leisure activities to protect his cheekbone from further injury, as this would be severely damaging.

Mr Jennings also required a week off work to allow the bulk of his pain to subside, resulting in a loss of earnings. As Mr Jennings knew his injury was sustained through no fault of his own, he made the decision to bring a claim for broken cheekbone compensation during his recovery period.

However, Mr Jennings struggled to navigate the claims process. Making a public liability claim against your local council can be extremely complex to achieve. In order to establish liability, you must be able to prove that they breached their duty of care.

Mr Jennings instructed a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer to handle his case for him, ensuring he gave his claim the best chance of success. With photographs from the scene, statements from witnesses and an independent medical report to support his case, Mr Jennings had a strong set of evidence moving forward.

Initially, the council disputed liability, suggesting they had done as much as reasonably possible to identify and remedy any hazards on public highways. However, when Mr Jennings’ solicitor made a disclosure request for information regarding recent reports on surface defects, he was able to undermine the council’s argument.

As a report filed notifying the council of the pothole was made before their latest round of maintenance duties were carried out, they were forced to admit negligence and accept liability for Mr Jennings’ injury.

In broken cheekbone compensation, Mr Jennings received £6,050 for the pain, subsequent surgery, and trauma he endured as a result of his injury. In addition, he was awarded £4,950 for the facial scarring he was left with. Mr Jennings also recovered around £1,000 in special damages to restore the financial standing he had before his injury, bringing his payout to around £12,000. This covered any financial loss he experienced, with an explanation of Mr Jennings’ settlement presented in the table below:

Type of Special Damages: Includes: Value:
Travel To and from medical appointments Mr Jennings received £125 in travel expenses, as he was unable to drive in the wake of his surgery.
Medical Prescriptions, treatment, walking aids, etc. In prescription fees, Mr Jennings recovered £175 for pain killers over his recovery period.
Additional Care Professional care, gracious care, childcare, domiciliary care etc. For the care Mr Jennings received from family and friends, he was awarded £100.
Damage to Possessions Cost of repairs or replacement of property damaged in accident As Mr Jennings’ bike was damaged in the accident, he received £150 for repairs,
Future Loss Loss of earnings or potential future financial loss In loss of earnings Mr Jennings experienced during his recovery period, he was awarded £600.

Please note; we created the case of Mr Jennings as an example based on our experiences. It simply serves to demonstrate how accidents could occur and how compensation is typically calculated. 

Is My Compensation Calculation Estimate Free?

If you’re interested in finding out how much fractured cheek compensation you could receive, we advise you to avoid personal injury ‘compensation calculators’ for an estimate. As these online tools use generalisations rather than assessing the unique features of your case, the figures they provide you with can be inaccurate.

Alternatively, our panel of personal injury lawyers have decades of experience accurately valuing claims. For a free and expert consultation, please get in touch with us today.

No Win No Fee Agreements

If you’re looking to claim broken cheekbone compensation but you’re concerned if there could be financial risk associated with legal proceedings, our panel of personal injury lawyers could help.

As we always work on a No Win No Fee basis, you don’t have to pay our fees unless we win your case.

What’s more, we never include any hidden fees in our agreements, so you can rest assured that you’re not paying out of pocket.

If we win your case, we’ll deduct a small ‘success fee’ from your compensation to cover our legal costs. However, you don’t need to worry about this either, as it’s a nominal percentage of your payout that’s legally-capped.

To learn more about how we could help you on a No Win No Fee basis, please contact one of our advisors today.

High-Quality Personal Injury Lawyers Close To Home

Rather than heading to your local high street to find a solicitor, we recommend using online reviews to narrow down the best service for you. As law firms can connect with prospective clients virtually, you don’t need to worry about their locality.

Instead, you can gain insight into things like solicitors’ success rates and past experiences they’ve had with former clients, gaining an understanding of what they’d recommend. Our panel of personal injury lawyers can update you on your claim’s progress every step of the way, whether that’s through a call on the phone or a face-to-face meeting (if you’d prefer).

Please speak to one of our advisors today to learn more about how we could help you win the broken cheekbone compensation you deserve.

Speak With Advisors

If you’d like to make a claim for a fractured cheek, our No Win No Fee panel of personal injury lawyers has the knowledge and experience needed to win your case. To learn more, please speak to one of our specialist advisors today to receive a free consultation:

Further Discussions

To conclude our guide making a claim for a fractured cheek, we‘ve added some additional links below that might be of use in your pursuit of compensation. Thank you for reading.


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