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Our guide aims to provide you with information on how professional negligence solicitors for Wigan could help you start a claim. Certain professionals must meet a standard of service and if they fail, it can cause their clients to experience loss. If this happened to you, our article will explain how you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Our guide explains the duty of care owed to you as a client. We will explore the eligibility criteria for starting a claim and offer some general examples of professional negligence that could form the basis of a valid case. In addition to this, we look at the aim of professional negligence compensation.

In the following sections, we will discuss the advantages of working with a No Win No Fee professional negligence solicitor for Wigan to launch your claim. If you are eligible, we could connect you to a solicitor to help in just one phone call.


Professional Negligence Solicitors For Wigan

As you move through the article, please note that you are welcome to contact our advisors to discuss the points raised about the claims process. You can:

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Evidence is crucial when starting your claim, and a solicitor can also offer useful advice on what can be used to support your case. Professional negligence solicitors for Wigan on our panel have these essential skills. They will also only take up the claim if it has a reasonable chance of success, so there’s no time wasting.

We discuss the No Win No Fee agreement they offer in detail below, but if you have any questions at all so far, please speak to our friendly advisors at the contact details above.

What Are Professional Negligence Claims?

Professionals are educated and trained to specific standards and, as such, are often subject to a duty of care to properly deliver their services. This can apply to a wide range of professionals. We examine general examples of how this duty can be breached in a way that causes client losses in the next section.

Professional negligence can be defined as any action or action which falls short of the expected standards in that industry. Therefore, to qualify for a claim against a professional, you need to be in a position to demonstrate this criteria:

  • A professional had a duty of care to you.
  • A breach occurred.
  • And this meant you suffered losses.

Proving a breach of duty of care crucially underpins a claim for professional negligence. So please feel free to chat with our advisors for more information.

What Types Of Professionals Can You Claim Against?

There are many different types of professionals, below we take a look at a few:

  • Surveyors – Surveyors need to supply accurate assessments of the condition of a property. An example of failure could be when they do not detect subsidence or dampness in the building or do not alert the client to the issue. The purchaser could then go on to suffer unexpected financial harm trying to correct the problem.
  • Accountants – Accountants have to manage their client’s financial matters. If an accountant fails to submit tax returns on time or if they do not detect large-scale fraud inside a company, it could cause their client significant losses.
  • Financial advisors In a similar way, financial advisors are obliged to provide accurate and sound financial advice. Whilst there may always be an element of risk with investments and shares, negligent or incorrect advice could cause the client to experience avoidable financial damage.
  • ArchitectsArchitects create accurate construction plans as well as obtain the necessary planning permission to build them. If they adjusted plans in a way that was not permitted, the building might then require demolition or modification. This would incur costs for their client.

This is not a complete list of professionals who owe a duty of care or examples of how they may breach it. If you would like more guidance on the various professionals against whom you could potentially launch a claim against, please contact our advisors.

When Are You Able To Sue A Solicitor For Professional Negligence?

In this section, we explore the various ways that a personal injury or medical negligence claim could suffer damage because of professional negligence. Loss of chance to pursue all or part of the claim may occur because of a breached duty of care, such as:

  • Claim dismissed – Personal injury and medical negligence solicitors could dismiss your claim too close to the limitation date or time limit. This may mean you do not have enough time to seek alternative solicitors to start again.
  • Missing the limitation date completely – For personal injury and medical negligence claims, there is a three-year time limit set out in the Limitation Act 1980. Usually, legal proceedings must be initiated within this period (there might be eligible exceptions). If the solicitor overlooks this limitation date, the claim becomes statute-barred which means it cannot be pursued anymore.
  • The solicitor’s actions (or inactions) result in the case being struck out – This can occur if the solicitor failed to comply with dates applied by the courts. Or if your solicitor missed a court appearance causing the claim to be halted.

If you are interested in learning more about how professional negligence solicitors for Wigan could help your claim, please get in touch on the details above to speak to an advisor.

How Much Compensation Could You Get From A Professional Negligence Claim?

Importantly, compensation awarded in each claim would depend on individual circumstances. However, professional negligence compensation’s main aim is to put the claimant in a position they would be in had the negligence not occurred. Below is a table that looks illustratively at professional negligence compensation examples. The table is merely a guide.

Claim Type Potential Award
Solicitor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Accountant Negligence Up to £500,000+
Engineer Negligence Up to £500,000+
Financial Advisor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Surveyor Negligence Up to £500,000+

An additional 8% of interest can be added to the compensation for each year that has passed.

Can I Claim With Professional Negligence Solicitors For Wigan On A No Win No Fee Basis?

Perhaps you are thinking about how professional negligence solicitors for Wigan could help. The solicitors on our panel can represent eligible claimants on a type of No Win No Fee basis. They may offer a version called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

This type of contract means you are not obliged to pay upfront for the service the solicitor provides. Or as the claim is moving forward or should the claim not be a success. As well as this, claims that are successful mean only a small success fee needs to be paid to your solicitor.

This is outlined in The Conditional Fees Agreements Order 2013. Importantly, the fee is a percentage of your payout. However, it is subject to a cap which means you receive the bulk of the award. To access your free assessment of eligibility, you can:

  • Contact us online to discuss professional negligence solicitors for Wigan
  • Phone 0800 408 7825
  • Alternatively, why not connect with an advisor on the online chat feature?

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