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The aim of this guide is to provide helpful information about professional negligence solicitors for Sunderland and how they could help you seek compensation.

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Certain professionals such as solicitors, financial advisors, engineers and architects owe a duty of care to their clients to ensure the services they provide meet the correct standard. A failure to uphold this duty can mean that clients experience a loss. This could constitute professional negligence for which compensation can be sought.

In the following sections, we will look at the valid criteria that must be met to make a professional negligence claim and the way a skilled solicitor can help you navigate your claim.

Also, we provide some general examples of how a breach of duty by a professional can happen leading to loss. Furthermore, we discuss how professional negligence compensation settlements are calculated and how they aim to address the loss you have experienced.

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  4. How Much Compensation For Professional Negligence?
  5. Use Professional Negligence Solicitors For Sunderland On A No Win No Fee Basis
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Professional Negligence Solicitors For Sunderland – How Can They Help You Claim?

If you are thinking about using professional negligence solicitors for Sunderland to help you launch a claim, it’s useful to start your search with those who have experience in handling these types of claims. At Public Interest Lawyers, we can help. The solicitors on our panel have extensive experience with all aspects of the claims process such as:

  • Knowing how to fully value your claim.
  • Ensuring important correspondence is sent within the relevant time frame.
  • Helping you gather evidence that can support your case.
  • Negotiating the best settlement for you if the claim is a success.
  • Explaining any complex legal jargon.
  • Providing you with regular updates at every step of the claims process.

Our panel of professional negligence solicitors can provide these services across the whole country. This frees you from being restricted to working with a solicitor who is local and means you can select the most suitable legal representation for your professional negligence case.

Find out if you could be eligible to work with one of the solicitors from our panel to help you seek professional negligence compensation by calling the number above.

When Are You Eligible To Make A Professional Negligence Claim?

To have a valid claim for professional negligence, there are several criteria to satisfy:

  • Firstly, you need to show that the professional in question had a duty of care to you.
  • Secondly, you need to show they breached this duty of care.
  • Finally, you need to demonstrate that you suffered a loss as a direct consequence of the breach.

Additionally, you must ensure you start your professional negligence claim within the time limit set out in the Limitation Act 1980. This is generally 6 years.

To find out more about the eligibility criteria and time limits, please contact an advisor on the number above. If you are eligible, they may connect you with one of the professional negligence solicitors for Sunderland from our panel.

Examples Of Professionals You May Be Able To Claim Against For Professional Negligence

Solicitors, architects, engineers and financial advisors are just some of the professionals who have a duty of care to clients. Below are some examples of how that duty could be breached:

  • Surveyors are responsible for providing the client with an accurate idea of the condition of a building prior to purchase. Should they detect a structural issue like dampness or subsidence and fail to notify the client, this could cause the client to experience a financial loss after purchasing the building.
  • Accountants are reasonably obliged to provide accurate financial records and submit essential documents on time and in full. Failure to do so could mean that a fine is issued to their client.
  • Architects have a responsibility to ensure that projects they design and construct comply properly with planning permissions. A failure to do so could see the construction being halted or demolished causing the client a loss.

When Can You Claim Against A Solicitor For Professional Negligence?

A regulatory body of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales, called the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), describes a Code of Conduct that sets out the professional standards expected from solicitors. However, it’s important to note that not all failure to adhere to these standards is immediately professional negligence.

If a solicitor, such as those handling personal injury claims or medical negligence claims, breached their duty of care, it could cause the client a loss of chance. This refers to the loss of opportunity to pursue all or part of the claim.

Below are some instances of the ways a personal injury or medical negligence solicitor could fail to provide their services to the correct standard, causing a full or partial loss of chance for the client:

  • Under-settling a claim or valuing it incorrectly. For example, evidence of lost income may be provided to the solicitor but they fail to include this when calculating your settlement. As a result, you receive less compensation than you were entitled to.
  • Failing to initiate legal proceedings within the time limit. For medical negligence and personal injury claims, this is generally three years. If the limitation date is missed by a solicitor, the claim could become statute-barred meaning the claimant is no longer able to pursue it.
  • Failing to follow court deadlines and instructions. This could lead to the claim becoming fully or partially struck out. As such, the part of the claim that has been struck out will no longer be able to be pursued.

To discuss the specific circumstances surrounding your case and find out whether you’re eligible to make a professional negligence claim, call an advisor on the number above.

How Much Compensation For Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence compensation payouts try to restore you to the position you would have been in had the professional upheld their duty of care. In addition, 8% interest can be added to the overall settlement for each year since the initial incident of professional negligence.

Settlement amounts can vary according to whom the claim is made against. For example, a professional negligence claim made against an architect may be valued differently to one made against a personal injury solicitor.

The table below illustrates potential examples of professional negligence awards. Please bear in mind, that these amounts are merely guidelines, not guarantees.

Award Bracket Guidelines

Claim Type Potential Award
Solicitor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Accountant Negligence Up to £500,000+
Engineer Negligence Up to £500,000+
Financial Advisor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Surveyor Negligence Up to £500,000+

For a personalised estimate of how much you could receive following a successful claim against a negligent professional, please contact an advisor on the number above.

Use Professional Negligence Solicitors For Sunderland On A No Win No Fee Basis

If you have an eligible claim and wish to seek the services of professional negligence solicitors for Sunderland, we can help. Our advisors are able to offer a free, no-obligation case check on your claim. If you have valid grounds to proceed, they could connect you with a solicitor from our panel who offer their services under a type of No Win No Fee contract.

They may send you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which typically outlines terms that state no fees are required for the solicitor’s services:

  • At the start of the claim,
  • As it progresses forward,
  • Or if the claim fails.

The solicitor who has worked on your case will deduct a percentage of your compensation in the event of a successful outcome. However, this percentage is subject to a legal cap meaning you can keep the majority of your payout.

To learn more about how Sunderland professional negligence solicitors could assist you, please get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team are happy to answer any questions you may have about how these types of claims work. To reach them, you can:

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