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This article will give you information about how professional negligence solicitors for Bristol could help you seek compensation. Did you experience a loss because a professional failed to ensure their services met the right standards? If so, you might qualify to start a professional negligence claim against them.

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Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol

The sections below will explore the eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to start a claim for professional negligence. We also discuss the ways that a solicitor may be able to assist you with the process of making your claim and how they could offer expert advice at each stage.

Different professionals owe their clients a duty of care. We look at some ways that a breach of this could mean that their client suffers some form of loss.

Our article concludes with an explanation of how a solicitor offering a No Win No Fee agreement could help.

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  1. When Could Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol Support My Claim?
  2. Am I Eligible To Claim Against A Professional?
  3. What Professionals Could I Claim Against?
  4. Examples Of Professional Negligence Compensation Amounts
  5. Could I Make A Claim With No Win No Fee Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol?
  6. Resources When Working With Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol

When Could Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol Support My Claim?

It’s not a legal necessity to use the services of a professional negligence solicitor when launching a claim. But there are numerous advantages to working with them. For example, they may be able to:

  • Help you assemble relevant evidence and construct a strong case
  • Ensure important paperwork and other correspondence is sent on your behalf
  • Keep you up to date about how your claim is going
  • Accurately calculate how much your settlement is worth
  • Ensure that your case is presented in full
  • Work on your claim at times that you are unavailable to do so
  • Make sure that any actions are carried out within the limitation period

The professional negligence solicitors for Bristol on our panel have extensive experience with claims like this. They can also offer these services across the country. This means you are not limited to local solicitors and can select a solicitor based on other more important factors, such as the experience they have, and the services they can provide.

To learn more about how a solicitor might assist you in seeking compensation following professional negligence, reach out on the contact details above. An advisor may be able to connect you with a solicitor from our panel, provided you have a valid case that has a good chance of succeeding.

Am I Eligible To Claim Against A Professional?

Several types of professionals owe a duty of care to their clients, including personal injury and medical negligence solicitors, architects, accountants and surveyors. Therefore, you might be in a position to make a professional negligence claim if you can show:

  • The professional in question owed a duty of care to you.
  • They breached this duty.
  • As a result, you suffered a loss.

Additionally, you need to ensure legal proceedings are started within the limitation period for professional negligence claims. Generally, this is a period of six years.

If you would like further guidance on when you could be eligible to make a claim for professional negligence and how long you have to do so, please call our team. They may also be able to connect you with one of the professional negligence solicitors for Bristol from our panel, should you have an eligible claim and you choose to seek legal representation.

What Professionals Could I Claim Against?

There are different professionals who owe a duty of care, including surveyors, architects and accountants. Surveyor negligence or architect negligence could stem from a breach of duty causing loss.

Below, we have provided examples of how you could be caused loss as a result of different professionals failing to provide the correct standard of service.

  • Surveyors: After assessing a property you plan to buy, the surveyor could fail to inform you about damp or subsidence issues. You may then buy the property and face financial costs later on.
  • Accountants: Your accountant could make an error when submitting your tax statement. This could result in you receiving a penalty and fine, thereby suffering a monetary loss.
  • Financial advisors: Following poor advice, you could lose money on share options or investments.
  • Architects: Loss can be incurred for the client if the architect didn’t apply for the correct planning permission. This could lead to the construction project being halted or demolished halfway through.

When Can You Sue Solicitors For Professional Negligence?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), is the regulator of law firms and solicitors in England and Wales. They outline a Code of Conduct which explains the professional standards that is expected of solicitors registered with the SRA. If these standards aren’t adhered to, you could report this to the SRA. However, should a solicitor fail to adhere to these standards, professional negligence may not have necessarily occurred.

Examples of the way in which a personal injury and medical negligence solicitor could breach their duty of care include:

  • Valuing your claim too low: Despite providing evidence of your medical expenses to the solicitor, they might fail to include them when valuing your personal injury or medical negligence claim. As such, you might be awarded a lower settlement than you should have received.
  • Missing the period of limitation: There is a general three year time limit in place for starting legal proceedings on a personal injury claim. If a solicitor fails to meet the three-year limitation date for your claim because they forgot, your claim could become time-barred. This means you could lose the chance to pursue your claim.
  • Failure to correctly comply with court instructions: The court can set deadlines or lay down instructions for the solicitor to meet. Failure to follow these can mean that either all of the claim or part of the claim is struck out.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility to make a claim for the loss created by a negligent professional, call our advisors using the number above.

Examples Of Professional Negligence Compensation Amounts

The goal of compensation in professional negligence claims is to place the individual in the position they would have found themselves in had a professional upheld their duty of care. Also, 8% interest is added to the compensation for each year that has passed.

However, how the claim is calculated depends on various factors, one of which is regarding the professional the claim is made against. As such, the figures provided in the table below are not necessarily representative of what you could receive for a successful claim against a negligent professional.

Claim Type Potential Award
Solicitor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Accountant Negligence Up to £500,000+
Engineer Negligence Up to £500,000+
Financial Advisor Negligence Up to £500,000+
Surveyor Negligence Up to £500,000+

To obtain a more accurate estimate, personalised to your case, please consult with our team.

Could I Make A Claim With No Win No Fee Professional Negligence Solicitors For Bristol?

The professional negligence solicitors for Bristol from our panel can provide support with different aspects of the claims process, as mentioned earlier in our guide. Additionally, they can do so under a No Win No Fee contract. A version they may offer is called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which generally means that no fees are necessary for completed work on your case either upfront or as it proceeds. Furthermore, no fees are required for your solicitor’s work should the claim fail. 

If it transpires that the claim is successful, a success fee is deducted by the solicitor from your compensation. This is worked out as a percentage, which is subject to a legal cap. In addition to this, you can speak with your solicitor about the terms of this agreement at the start of the claim, before any work takes place.

If you have any questions about your potential claim, and how our panel of solicitors with experience handling professional negligence cases could help you seek compensation, speak with an advisor. They can look at your case and determine your eligibility to work with a solicitor from our panel. To get in touch:

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Thank you for taking the time to read our guide on the ways in which professional negligence solicitors for Bristol could assist you throughout the process of seeking compensation. Please feel free to get in touch with any other queries or questions by using the contact details above.

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