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If you have recently suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault, and you are looking for how a personal injury lawyer covering Winchester could help you then the guide you are about to read could be very useful for you. Public Interest Lawyers could provide you not just with the information in this guide but also with a free consultation from our team of advisors. More importantly, we can put you in contact with a personal injury solicitor on our panel who could help you to make a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim is a type of legal action that you could be entitled to bring against an entity who had a duty of care over your health and safety and failed to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety causing you harm. This guide is going to explain some of the details of how such a claim works, what circumstances you could make them under and some of the things you need to know in order to be prepared to make one. Please get in touch with us after you have read this article if you wish to proceed with making a claim or if you want to know more.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Winchester

There will be two sets of information that this guide is going to touch on. One is the information about if personal injury claims can be made, what circumstances can be grounds for claiming. The second set of information is going to be about the process of making a personal injury claim itself. Namely, what are some of the things that a person should know about making an injury claim. These sections will talk about some of the factors you could remember when looking for solicitors to choose from and some things that you ought to know before the process of making a personal injury claim begins.

We have plenty of other pages on this website which describe other kinds of personal injury claims in more detail, we will link to these guides throughout this article. We have also included links to other websites where we think it would be helpful for you to read information from outside sources.  Remember that as comprehensive as this guide is its purpose is still only to serve as an introduction, if you want to try starting a claim, or if you want more detailed information about how making a personal injury claim works, you should contact us to speak to our team of advisors.

Employee Accidents At Work

If you work for an employer then that employer has a duty of care over your safety, this means that the employer is responsible for your safety while in working hours. This principle is laid out in the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, this law states that employers are obligated to take steps reasonably within their power to prevent people from being injured in workplace accidents. Therefore, if you have suffered an injury at work that could have been avoided by better safety standards you could have grounds to bring a personal injury claim against your employer to seek compensation from them. Please call us if you think that an injury or a work-related illness that you have suffered recently might meet this description.

Winchester Car Accidents

Have you recently been injured in a car accident in or near Winchester? If you have then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation if the accident was not your fault. You could either claim against another driver if another driver was the one responsible, or you could claim against the authorities which maintained the road if the accident was caused by the road poor conditions.

Accident claims could be made against drivers if their negligent or dangerous driving has caused the accident, if they were speeding, driving on worn-out tyres or driving while intoxicated for example. Claims could be made against the authorities who maintain the road if preventable hazards caused you to suffer the accident, indicating that they did not fulfil their obligation to keep the roads properly maintained. Large potholes or debris on the road surface could be examples of this. No matter where the accident occurred whether the M3 or A31, then as long as you can prove third party negligence you could make a claim against the responsible party for harm caused.

A Winchester Train Station, Bus And Taxi Accidents

If you have been injured while using public transport in Winchester you could be eligible to claim compensation from the operator of the public transport or a negligent third party depending on if the injury was caused through a breach in the duty of care. Public transport operators have a duty of care over people who ride on their vehicles and who use their stations. This duty of care requires them to make sure that their vehicles are driven safely, are kept in a safe condition and that their stations are in a good, safe condition also. You can find out more in this guide here.

Car Park Accidents

If you’ve been hurt in an accident that occurred in a Winchester car park you could bring a personal injury claim against the operator of the car park only if your injury was preventable caused through negligent actions of the operator. This is because the management of a car park has a responsibility to make sure that their car park is safe for people to use. If a lack of maintenance of the car park causes it to become unsafe and someone gets hurt, they could be liable. We have a more detailed guide to making claims for an injury caused in a car park for you to read here.


Bicycle And Bike Accidents

Just like other kinds of road traffic accidents, accidents while cycling or riding a motorbike can be caused by the negligent or reckless driving of another driver, or by the failure of the local council or national highway authorities to properly maintain the road surface. Drivers and road maintenance authorities have a duty of care to drive safely and ensure roads are in a safe condition. Cyclist and motorbike riders are more vulnerable on the roads. This is because bikes are smaller and less easy to spot than other vehicles and leave their riders more physically unprotected than other vehicle drivers. You can learn more about seeking compensation for a cycling injury in this guide here.

Public Space Accidents

Have you recently been injured in an accident while out in a public place? You may well be entitled to seek compensation if the accident was caused because those responsible for your health and safety failed to adhere to the laws governing public spaces. The claim could be brought against the operator of the property you were on, or against whatever authority was responsible for managing the public place. Any organisation which manages or owns a public place has an automatic duty of care over people who use the space. If you are unsure if you are eligible for a public injury claim call our advisors today for free legal advice.

Park And Open Space Accidents

The body that serves as the management of any public park, playing fields, gardens or playgrounds has a duty of care over those who use the space. This obligates them to ensure that the park is in a safe condition and to carry out maintenance to remove any preventable hazards, such as overgrowth, unstable trees, broken or uneven footpaths, sharp objects or faulty playground equipment. If you have suffered an accident in a public park because of something you believe was an avoidable hazard, you should read this guide and get in touch with us.

Supermarket Accidents

A supermarket and any other types of shop have a duty of care over its customers, they have a legal obligation to make sure that the shop is managed in a way that removes avoidable hazards. That means things like slipping and tripping hazards, items potentially falling off of shelves, rickety or faulty shelves or trolleys. If you have had an injury in a shop because of any issue like this, or any cause which you think could have been prevented by more efficient safety-conscious management, please get in touch with us, but read this article first before doing so.

Slip And Trip Pavement Accident Claims

If you trip and fall on the pavement and suffer an injury, or if you slip on some ice while walking on the pavement, it may cause more severe injuries than you may think. Pavements can be the responsibility of the local council authority. Local authorities have a system in place them to make sure that any public services that they provide and manage are kept in good order and safe condition. To learn more about making claims for having tripped on a significant pothole, please read this guide and feel free to call our team.

Councils In Winchester Duty Of Care

In addition to managing many of the roads and pavements in Winchester, Councils in Winchester may also be responsible for many other public services. These services may include sports facilities and playing fields, local libraries, gyms and other local amenities. By being responsible for these utilities and amenities the council is also responsible for the safety of those who use them. If you suffer an injury on council property and you feel that the cause of your suffering could have been prevented had the right safety measures been correctly followed and you want advice on claiming please call our claims team today.

Claim For A Criminal Injury

Victims of crime can be entitled to claim compensation too. If you have suffered an injury, or have been left with psychological trauma, by a violent crime, then you may have grounds to seek compensation. Don’t worry if the suspect has not yet been arrested or found guilty, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority allow victims of crime to claim compensation for suffering when there is no other option even if the perpetrator is never caught. Criminal injury compensation does not require a conviction of the person responsible, it only requires that you are able to provide proof of having been injured as a result of a crime.

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority is a national body overseen by the Ministry of Justice. They process compensation claims and award compensation where appropriate. You should read through their website. If you would like a more personal approach to finding out what you need to know, you can talk to our team on our number.

Criminal Injury Rates In Winchester

Here are figures for the victim based crimes in Winchester.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 881
Theft 117
Vehicle offences 1’004
Burglary 481
Homicide 2
Public order offences 750

How Accident And Injury Claims May Work

These sections are about some of the things you should know about finding a lawyer, working with a lawyer and about the process of making a personal injury claim.

Places Where A Lawyer Could Be Found

It isn’t hard to find law firms in Winchester. You will find a number of them clustered around Jewry street, High street and the B3335 as it goes through the town centre.

Why Are You Being Asked To Visit A Doctor?

You will be asked to see a doctor when you begin making your claim, and your lawyer will help you to make arrangements to do so. This is because in order to make a valid claim for compensation there must be valid evidence of your injury, there also has to be an accurate assessment of the severity of the injury and a prognosis of its long term effects.

Do I Have To Choose A Lawyer In My Area?

Not at all, you are potentially free to work with any lawyer you see fit as most law firms will be happy to deal with you over the phone or through video calls, making the physical location of their law practice redundant. All of the personal injury solicitors on our panel will be happy to work like this.

How to Compare Services From Lawyers

Comparing lawyers to one another is an important step in choosing the right lawyer. You should seriously consider reading through online reviews of lawyers left by previous claimants. This can help you to see which lawyers have prior experience dealing with cases like yours, which ones had the most successful outcomes in their cases and which lawyers were most positively reviewed by their clients.

How Much Could Your Injury Be Worth In Damages

It can’t be accurately stated at this point how much your injury could be worth in financial compensation. That is because your compensation has to be calculated. Your injury will be calculated based on how serious it is, how much physical pain and emotional distress you have suffered because of it and how serious your chances are of suffering from some form of long term disability or health issue because of it. In addition, any financial losses you have made because of the injury, for example through medical or care expenses or through the loss of your ability to work, could also be calculated in special damages.

The figures in the table below show figures for the amount of compensation you could receive for various kinds of injuries, (special damages are not included here).

Injury Compensation
Quadriplegia £304,630 to £379,100
Paraplegia £205,580 to £266,740
Severe psychiatric damage £51,460 to £108,620
Severe PTSD £56,180 to £94,470
Severe asthma £40,410 to £61,710


No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Winchester Cases

When making a personal injury claim, you should always be on the lookout for whether or not the solicitor you are looking at does No Win No Fee personal injury claims. No Win No Fee personal injury claims can help you to save money and avoid financial losses. This is because in a No Win No Fee claim, the claimant is not required to pay upfront legal costs to their solicitor, nor do they pay legal costs if the claim fails. Only if the claim is successful does the solicitor get to receive any payment for their services, and this comes from the compensation sum awarded for the claim.

Help & Contact

You can get in contact with us right now if you are interested at all in the idea of making a claim, our team of advisors can clear anything up with a free consultation and can put you in touch with a solicitor on our panel. Just call 0800 408 7825

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