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Personal injury lawyers Walton-on-Thames

Personal injury lawyers Walton-on-Thames

It’s never a nice thing to be injured in an accident but, if it’s nobody else’s fault, there’s not a lot you can do about it. However, if an accident is the result of somebody else’s negligence, and they owed you a duty of care, then you could make a personal injury claim for any injuries. In this guide, we’ll look at workplace accidents, slips, trips and falls, claims against Elmbridge Borough Council and road traffic accidents. More specifically, we’ll look at how a personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames could support your claim.

If you are considering claiming, we could make the whole process a lot easier for you. Our team of trained advisors will provide a no-obligation consultation about your claim over the phone and provide legal advice on your options. If they suspect your claim has merit, they’ll connect you to a specialist lawyer from our panel. For cases they agree to take on, the claim will be carried out on a No Win No Fee basis.

To discuss your claim with an advisor today, please call us on 0800 408 7825 now. Alternatively, find out more about how personal injury law firms covering Walton-on-Thames could help you by reading the rest of this guide.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Walton-on-Thames Cases

There are times in life where you have to accept that there’s little you can do about things that go wrong. However, if they go wrong because somebody else was negligent, and you are injured as a result, you could be well within your legal rights to seek compensation from them.

In this guide, we’ll review different types of accidents that could lead to a claim, who might be responsible for them and the amount of compensation that might be paid.

The process of making a claim can be tricky, especially if the defendant denies liability for the accident. That’s why we advise letting a personal injury lawyer represent you. Their training and experience could make the difference between winning or losing your claim. They could also influence the amount of compensation you receive in successful cases by ensuring the right amount of evidence is provided to back up your claim.

When an accident happens and you’re thinking of claiming, we’d advise starting while everything is still clear in your mind. By doing so, you’ll allow the solicitor plenty of time to complete their work and you’ll also be able to claim within the personal injury claims time limit. That’s usually a 3-year period from the date the accident occurred.

Once you’ve read this article about choosing a lawyer to work with you, why not call our friendly team and let them look at what happened. Regardless of whether you go on to make a claim, they’ll give you free legal advice and support.

Accidents Suffered In The Workplace

While there’s never going to be a completely safe workplace, your employer does need to carry out reasonable steps to ensure your safety, such as conducting risk assessments and removing as many dangers as they can. If they don’t, and you suffer an injury at work as a result, you could pursue compensation for your suffering.

There are many reasons why you might be able to submit a claim including if you were injured because of:

  • Inadequate safety equipment.
  • Broken or badly maintained machinery.
  • Insufficient safety or work-related training.
  • Tiredness due to a lack of breaks.

If you’re considering a claim against your employer, we could help you begin. The first step is to gather evidence such as photographs, medical records, accident reports and witness details. Then get in touch with us so we can review who’s liable for your injuries.

Vehicle Accidents In Walton-on-Thames

You’re probably aware that if another road user is responsible for a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) which you’re involved in, you could ask their insurer to pay for any damage to your vehicle. On top of that, you could make a claim for any injuries sustained in the accident. It doesn’t matter if the accident happened on the A244, the A3050, Molesey Road or on the road outside your home, you could claim if another road user was to blame.

As always, you should swap details with others involved in the accident but you could also photograph the accident scene, ask witnesses for their details and retain any medical notes or letters regarding your injuries so that you can provide your solicitor with evidence to support the claim.

Contact us today if you’d like us to look at what happened. We can also connect you with a personal injury lawyer from our panel to support your claim.

Accidents At Walton-on-Thames Station And Public Transport

If you are using public transport when an accident happens, you might be able to seek a compensation payment if you’re injured. Your claim will be made against the transport operator which could include buses, taxis, trains, coaches or trams. We’re able to support you through the claim, so please let us know what happened and how you’ve been affected.

It’s also possible for injury claims to be made if you’re injured while using public transport. For instance, if you cut yourself on a jagged edge on the underside of a table or chair on a train, a claim could be made. Call today for a free assessment of your claim.

Accidents In Local Car Parks

Car park accident claims are another type that a personal injury lawyer could help you with. In cases of a car park collision, your claim will usually be handled in the same way as an RTA (see above). However, there are times where an accident in a public car park, such as the Heart Car Park, could result in a claim against the operator.

For instance, you might want to consider a claim for accidents caused by:

  • A faulty car park barrier which has struck you or your vehicle.
  • Damaged bollards or barriers with sharp edges.
  • Slippery path surfaces during winter conditions.
  • Defects in the pathways or roads.

Please try to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim then speak with an advisor for a free consultation.

Injuries When Riding A Bicycle

Our panel of solicitors could also help if you’re involved in a cycling accident. In the same way as other RTAs, you could claim if another road user causes an accident in which you suffer an injury. 

Cyclists are more vulnerable to serious injury than other road users because of their lack of physical protection. As such, other road users should take greater care when sharing the road with cyclists. Accidents often arise when drivers fail to look properly, drive recklessly, or make incompetent manoeuvres.

Speak to a member of our team if you’re considering claiming.

Injuries In Public Spaces

During the next couple of sections, we’ll consider claims for accidents in a public place. For instance, you might be injured in a park, shopping centre or even while walking on a public footpath.

Accidents In Local Parks, Riversides And The Thames River

Should you or your child be injured while visiting a local park such as Fishmore Park, Riverside Park or Elm Grove Recreation Ground, a claim against the operator might be possible if your injuries were caused by their negligence.

That could mean making a claim for injuries caused by:

  • Broken fences or gates.
  • Missing safety mats or tiles.
  • Poorly maintained play apparatus.
  • Damaged gym equipment.

We could help you claim or guide you through claiming on behalf of your child for park-related accidents, so please contact us when you’re ready to begin.

Accidents In Shopping Areas And Supermarkets

When an accident in a shopping centre (like the Heart Shopping Centre) or supermarket occurs, it might be possible to ask for compensation if a retailer or the management of the centre were negligent in some way. Sometimes, though, if there was nothing they could do to prevent the accident, you wouldn’t be able to claim.

Here are some examples of when you could be compensated:

  • Falling down an escalator that stopped unexpectedly.
  • Slipping on a floor that had been cleaned recently but where warning signs weren’t used.
  • Tripping on items of stock that have been dropped on the shop floor.

If these examples sound familiar, why not get in touch to let us assess how your accident happened so we can advise you if you have a valid claim.

Slip Over On The Pavement Or In A Public Space

Although watching someone fall over might seem funny when it happens, the humour can soon disappear when you realise how serious the injuries are. In some cases, broken bones, concussion, back injuries and bruising can all be caused by a simple slip or fall accident.

If the accident was caused by negligence, you may pursue a claim for compensation. For instance, injuries caused in the following scenarios could lead to a claim:

  • Tripping because cables have been laid across your pathway.
  • Workmen digging in the street without warning barriers.
  • Falling down because a handrail wasn’t secured properly.
  • Tripping on a hazard that was difficult to see because of poor lighting.

If you’d like to claim this basis, please provide us with as much information about the accident as possible and we’ll consider your next steps.

Injury Claims Against Elmbridge Borough Council

When you walk down many roads in Walton-on-Thames, there’s a good chance it will be maintained by Elmbridge Borough Council. For most people, there’s never the need to know that information, but if you’re injured in an accident on a public road then you might need to claim against the local authority.

They have a legal duty to visit roads regularly and assess them for defects. That duty means they need to have a good system for repairing faults that they identify.

If you’re injured because of a pothole, sinkhole, raised paving slab or missing kerbstone, please try to take photographs that contain a ruler to display the height of the defect as it can be important when making such a claim. Generally, defects like this have to be greater than an inch in height or depth.

Contact us today if you’d like to claim for injuries caused by Elmbridge Borough Council.

Victim Related Crime In Walton-on-Thames

Being the victim of a violent crime is never going to be a nice experience. It can be made a lot worse if you’re left with physical or psychological injuries. In other claims we’ve considered, you’d normally be able to make a personal injury claim for injuries caused by somebody else, but that might not be possible if the criminal doesn’t have the ability to compensate you.

However, rather than missing out on a settlement which could help your recovery, you might be able to claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). They allow claims for injuries sustained in crimes such as GBH, ABH or sexual assault.

The time limit for a CICA claim is only 2 years (except in extreme circumstances) and the crime must have been reported to the police.

If you’d like us to help you claim through the CICA, please let us know today.

Walton-on-Thames Crime Statistics

To show the extent of crime in the Walton-on-Thames area, we’ve included the table below. It contains data from the Local Government association pertaining to the year ending March 2020.

Most Frequent Crimes Total Number
Other types of theft 866
Vehicle offences 745
Burglary (business and residential) 691
Violence against the person 688
Shoplifting / Retail Crime 358
Sexual offences 215

What Is The Process Of Making A Personal Injury Claim?

Now we’re going to look at the role a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames plays in your claim and how you can choose one. We’ll also look at the important role medical reports play.

Rather than spending time searching for a solicitor yourself, you could simply give us a call, explain what happened and we can check whether one of our panel of specialist lawyers could take your claim on. If they do, the process will be handled on a No Win No Fee basis, so you don’t need to stress too much about the money involved. Save time on your search by calling us for a free assessment of your claim today.

Will My Case Be Handled By A Lawyer Near Me?

When you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames, you don’t have to only search for those based in High Street, Colby Road or Manor Road. You’re perfectly entitled to spread your search out of the area, and you could even include nationwide service providers. By doing so, your search might result in a law firm with more expertise or recent experience of handling a claim like yours.

The main reason you won’t have to limit your search to local solicitors is that claims are generally handled over email, telephone, online and in writing. That makes the idea of a city-centre office somewhat redundant in some cases.

How Will A Medical Report Be Used?

A key role played by a solicitor is proving the extent of your injuries to try and make sure the correct level of compensation is awarded. As solicitors aren’t medical specialists, they’ll put you in contact with one locally to perform a medical assessment as part of the claim. During your appointment, the specialist will review your medical records, check your injuries and ask questions about your experience following the accident.

Then they’ll prepare a document that provides a list of injuries, what impact they’ve caused you and if any of the injuries are likely to cause you long-term suffering. The report will then be submitted along with your claim.

How Looking At Reviews Of Lawyers May Be Helpful

There’s a growing trend for online shoppers to review products and services they’ve purchased in the past. When looking for a personal injury solicitor covering Walton-on-Thames, this can be really helpful. By using reviews, you could get an indication of what clients thought about the service they received, the speed of their claim, and the amount of compensation paid out.

On top of the reviews, we’d recommend contacting any potential lawyer you’re considering. When you do, you can ask them more personal questions that a review can’t answer. For example, you could ask them if they’ve handled claims like yours recently and how much compensation they hope to claim for you.

How Will Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement Be Calculated?

It’s highly likely at this point that you’ve wondered how much compensation you’ll be paid. Well, in truth, it’s difficult to say exactly. That’s because we know from experience that every claim is different. What we can do is provide some example compensation amounts in the table below for different types of injury. They are provided by the Judicial College who maintains a list of compensation amounts that courts, insurers and lawyers use to help determine settlement amounts. When you’ve had your claim assessed properly, a more accurate assessment can be provided.

Body Part Injury Severity Compensation Additional Notes
Face Fractures £13,970 to £22,470 This bracket covers multiple fractures of facial bones which result in some deformity of a permanent nature.
Teeth Loss £8,200 to £10,710 This bracket compensates for the loss or damage to several of the front teeth.
Back Moderate £11,730 to £26,050 Soft tissue injuries which result in exacerbation of an existing back condition or prolapsed discs which require laminectomy.
Hips Moderate £11,820 to £24,950 Injuries which may lead to hip replacement or where it might be required in the future as a result of the injury.
Arm Severe £102,890 to £122,860 An above the elbow amputation of one arm which might make prostheses difficult to use.
Wrist Minor £3,310 to £4,450 Minimally displaced or minor displaced fracture which require a bandage or plaster cast for a matter of weeks.
Toes Moderate Up to £9,010 Fairly straightforward fractures of the toe are included in this bracket.

The amounts provided in the table show how much compensation can be awarded for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. On top of this, you’re also able to seek reimbursement for any costs you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries. This is called a special damages claim which can include lost wages, replacement property costs, medical expenses, care costs and travel-related costs.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Walton-on-Thames Cases

Something that a lot of us worry about when looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames is how much the whole thing will cost. Well, to alleviate some of the stress and financial risks involved, our panel of lawyers provide a No Win No Fee solution for any claim they take on.

To reduce their own risk, the solicitor will first of all need to check that there is a chance of making a successful claim. When they’re ready, and you’re happy to proceed, you’ll be provided with a No Win No Fee agreement to review. This is called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which will fund the personal injury claim.

You’ll benefit from using a CFA because:

  • You won’t have to pay any upfront charges which means your claim can commence almost immediately.
  • While the claim progresses, you won’t be asked to pay any solicitor’s fees.
  • If the claim is lost, you’ll not have to pay any of the solicitor’s fees at all.

You’ll only have to cover the solicitor’s costs and time if they win the claim for you. Rather than having to send a payment to them though, your solicitor will keep a small percentage of the compensation awarded. This is a success fee which is explained in your CFA so there aren’t any surprises when the claim is finalised. Also, by law, success fees are capped.

One of our specialists will be able to confirm if you could be able to use a No Win No Fee service once they’ve reviewed your claim.

How To Consult With A Lawyer

As you’ve arrived at the end of this article about looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames, we thought it’d be a good idea to provide our contact details. If you’ve decided that you’d like to make a claim, you can:

  • Call our freephone telephone number, 0800 408 7825, to speak directly to a specialist.
  • Fill out this enquiry form to let us know why you want to make a claim.
  • Make use of our free online chat facility where you’ll be connected to a trained advisor.

Our service begins when you make contact with an advisor. They’ll run through what happened, who was to blame and how you’ve suffered as a result of the accident. If they believe you could be entitled to compensation, you’ll be put through to a personal injury lawyer from our panel. Should they also believe your claim could succeed, they’ll work for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

Further Useful References And Information

This is our final section about choosing a personal injury lawyer covering Walton-on-Thames. Hopefully, everything you’ve needed has been contained within the guide but to provide additional support, here are some extra guides, links and resources you may find helpful.

Injured In A Pub Or Bar – This guide looks at your right to claim compensation after an accident in a bar.

Train Accident Claims – Advice on claiming for injuries sustained while you were a passenger on a train.

Footpath Injury Claims – A guide providing information on claims for injuries caused by footpath defects.

Road Accident Statistics – Statistics provided by the government regarding RTAs in 2019.

The Health And Safety At Work Act 1974 – The detailed legislation used to protect employees while in the workplace.

Victim Support – A charity who are able to support those affected by traumatic events.

Where You May Have Your Injuries Assessed

Medical Specialist Based At
Hussein Alikhan Walton Community Centre,
Manor Road,
Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2PB
Vince Grippaudo Station Approach,
Hinchley Wood, KT10 0SP.
Jeremy Harris The Groves Medical Centre,
171 Clarence Avenue,
New Malden, KT3 3TX

Kingston Upon Thames Crown Court

Kingston upon Thames Crown Court
6-8 Penrhyn Road,
Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 2BB.

Elmbridge Borough Council – Providing Services In Walton-on-Thames

Elmbridge Borough Council
Civic Centre,
High Street,
Surrey, KT10 9SD



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