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Personal injury lawyers Tamworth

Personal injury lawyers Tamworth

If you have been injured while driving, while at work, while out shopping or while out in public in Tamworth and you want to know about your options for claiming compensation, then this guide could be just what you need. Public Interest lawyers has a panel of personal injury lawyers covering Tamworth who can take on your case, as well as a team of professional legal experts who can act as advisors if you are considering making a claim.

We have put this guide together as an introduction to how claiming compensation works. We hope that it encourages and informs you toward making a compensation claim of your own.  To reach our advice team and find out more from them about whether you could work with our panel of lawyers, call 0800 408 7825

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  1. A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In Tamworth
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  3. Crashes And Car Accidents In Tamworth
  4. Bicycle And Motorcycle Accidents In Tamworth
  5. Public Injury Claims
  6. Slipping And Tripping Injury Claims
  7. Injury Claims Against Tamworth Council
  8. Violent And Victim Based Crime Damages Claims
  9. How You Could Claim Damages For Your Injury
  10. Why Reviews Could Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Case
  11. Calculating Typical Damages And Compensation
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In Tamworth
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In Tamworth

This guide contains a number of sections, some with sub-sections, that covers the details of how making a personal injury claim works. he sections in the first half of this guide will talk about how some of the more common circumstances for making a claim work in terms of when and why you could have grounds for making them. 

The second half of this guide will address the important things you’ll need to know about finding the right solicitor and how some aspects of making a claim will work once you get started. 

To find out more or to get further help with making your claim with a personal injury lawyer, you should get in touch using our phone number or via our live online chatbox.

Tamworth Injury At Work Claims

Well over half a million non-fatal workplace accidents were self-reported by workers to the Labour Force Survey in 2018/19. 111 workers died in workplace accidents in the following year. 

This is in addition to the thousands of deaths that are reported every year as a result of long term work-related illnesses such as mesothelioma which is caused by asbestos exposure. These bleak statistics show how far many workplaces in the UK still have to go in regards to ensuring workplace safety.

Employers have a duty of care over their employees, meaning that legally the responsibility for ensuring the workplace is safe falls upon the employer. 

If an employee suffers an injury in the workplace as a result of an accident, because of violence directed at them or if long term health problems emerge such as an occupational illness or work-related mental stress, then the employer could be held accountable by having a compensation claim made against them due to negligence.

If you’ve been harmed in an accident at work, please get in touch with our team. They can give you all the free legal help and support you need.

Crashes And Car Accidents In Tamworth

All drivers have a duty of care over other road users. It is a legal obligation of everyone who drives a vehicle to follow all the relevant road safety laws. This includes things like:

  • Ensuring their car is roadworthy, and not attempting to drive if mechanical faults render their vehicle potentially unsafe.
  • Obeying the speed limit
  • Never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always indicating before turning.
  • Being observant and aware of pedestrians and other road users.

Failing to abide by these rules could cause an accident. A negligent driver could be liable if their negligence has caused someone to be injured and their victim makes a compensation claim against them.

Alternatively, in other situations, no driver might be at fault for the accident because the accident was caused by hazards in the road, such as: 

  • Ice. 
  • Potholes.
  • Debris 
  • Lack of street lighting. 

In this situation a local authority, or a national authority if the road in question was a highway, could be liable. This is because any authority responsible for maintaining roads has a legal obligation to ensure that they do so, to the point in which all avoidable risks of accidents have been eliminated.

Accidents When Using Public Transport

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident while riding on public transport, or while in the station waiting for public transport you could be entitled to claim compensation from the company responsible for operating the service. 

This is because operators of buses, trains, trams, taxis and private hire coaches have a duty of care to their passengers. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the service was not operated in a safe manner, such as if a collision occurred because the vehicle was not operated safely or if you had a fall because of the unsafe condition of the station, then the public transport operator could be liable.

Click here for more details about how to make a public transport injury claim. You can also consult our team of advisors for more information.

Accidents When In A Car Park

A vehicle or traffic accident could occur in a car park. If such an accident occurs as a result of the condition of the car park, due to it being managed or operated in an unsafe manner by the third-party responsible for it, then the business responsible for the car park could be liable. 

Accidents caused by the following:

  • Potholes.
  • Tripping hazards in walkways or pavements. 
  • Faults with the lighting. 
  • Faults with the barriers of a car park.

Are all examples of accidents for which the owner of the car park could be potentially liable. To find out more, read our guide and contact our team of trusted advisors.

Bicycle And Motorcycle Accidents In Tamworth

Drivers must fulfil their duty of care towards other drivers and road users when it comes to cyclists and motorbike users. Cyclists make up a disproportionate amount of people injured or killed in road traffic accidents. This is partially because cyclists and motorbikes users can be difficult to spot if a driver is not paying as much attention as they should to the road.

If you are injured in an accident while riding a bike or motorbike, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim against the driver who you believe is to blame. 

If you have reasonable grounds to think they were at fault, see the earlier section about car accidents for the kind of circumstances in which a driver could be liable for a road traffic accident.

As discussed in the earlier section, you could also be entitled to make a claim if you have suffered an injury in an accident caused by the unsafe condition of the road. See our page on cycling accident claims for more details

You can also speak to our advice team if you would like more information about whether our panel of personal injury lawyers could take on your case.

Public Injury Claims

One of the more common forms of a personal injury claim is a public liability claim. This is a claim where compensation is sought from the owner or operator of a public space for an accident that has occurred on their property. 

The reason this type of claim can be made is due to the fact that the owner or operator of a public space is responsible for making sure that there is nothing on their property that might cause an avoidable accident. his is what’s known as public liability. The following sections will explain some examples of public liability claims.

Park And Play Area Accidents

Parks and public play areas are the responsibility of the authority that owns or operates them. In most cases, this authority will be the local council. Being the operator of a public play area or park means that the party in question has a duty of care over people who use the park’s facilities. 

This means that the park must be maintained to a safe standard. Failure to do so could lead to an injury as a result of an accident, such as tripping and falling on park footpaths or being injured by faulty playground equipment. 

To learn more about how you could make a claim against the operator of a public park with the help of our panel of lawyers, click here, or give us a call today.

Supermarket And Shop Accidents

Businesses which operate shops and other retail spaces have a duty of care over their customers. They are legally required to ensure that their premises are as safe as possible. If you suffer an injury as a result of a matter that could and should have been addressed, no matter how small, you could be entitled to make a claim against the business. 

Some examples of this include:

  • lipping on a wet floor. 
  • Tripping on packaging
  • Being injured by an item falling off of a shelf. 

To find out more about whether or not you could be eligible to claim compensation with the help of our panel of personal injury lawyers, click here to read our guide or call our advice team.

Slipping And Tripping Injury Claims

Any business, public authority or another party which owns or operates a space open to the public has a legal responsibility to ensure that their property is safe from the risk of avoidable injuries. This includes making sure that their property does not have tripping or slipping hazards. 

The owner/operator of a property could be liable for a compensation claim on the grounds of failing to provide a safe environment for their customers and members of the public. Some of the problems that a property owner could be expected to have to deal with, and what they might be expected to do about them, are listed below:

  • Leaving rubbish, litter or refuse packaging (i.e. boxes and plastic straps) laying on the floor – The management should have an enforced policy of ensuring that corridors, shopping aisles and other areas are cleared of rubbish and other tripping hazards.
  • Leaving wires trailing across the floor – Wherever possible wires should be kept out of people’s way or covered up.
  • Allowing flooring or floor surfaces to fall into disrepair – Pavements or carpets should be kept well maintained.

If you want to learn more about how trip and fall accidents work, you can read our guide. If you’d like to talk to an advisor about making a claim, call us or send a message via our live chat feature.

Injury Claims Against Tamworth Council

Tamworth Borough Council operates many properties and services. This includes the town council chambers and offices as well as public amenities such as playing fields and public gardens. 

Being the operator of these properties and public spaces gives the council a duty of care over those who make use of such facilities. This means they have a legal obligation to ensure that they are run and maintained to a high standard of health and safety that will eliminate the risk of people being injured in avoidable accidents.

If you have been injured on council property, or while using facilities for which the local council is responsible, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim against the council provided you can clearly prove that they were at fault. Bear in mind that in some circumstances the local council is also responsible for the upkeep of pavements and road surfaces.

To learn more about making claims against the local council, click here to see our guide, or call the number on this page to reach our advice team.

Violent And Victim Based Crime Damages Claims

As well as accidents, you could also be entitled to claim compensation if you have been injured during a violent crime, such as suffering an injury as a result of an assault or suffering psychological trauma as a result of a crime. For example, having witnessed a violent crime or having been subjected to abuse as a child. If you have been injured as a result of having tried to intervene in a crime you may also be entitled to make a claim.

In criminal injury cases, the claims are made to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. The CICA is a national body funded and overseen by the government and is responsible for processing crime victim compensation claims and awarding compensation. 

CICA claims are somewhat different in a number of ways from ordinary compensation claims. The best way to learn more about how making a claim like this works would be to either call our team or to visit the .gov website.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In The Tamworth Area

The chart below shows the most recent victim based crime statistics (at the time of writing) for your area. These numbers come from official records. See here for more details.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Theft 595
Shoplifting 587
Vehicle offences 559
Bicycle theft 62

How You Could Claim Damages For Your Injury

There are some important things that you should know about finding a lawyer for your case, and about some of the things that will happen once your case starts. The following sections will address a variety of them.

Areas In Tamworth You Could Find Law Firms

There are multiple law firms with offices based in Tamworth. These offices can be found scattered across Tamworth town centre or in the area around Aldergate Street and Lichfield. However, limiting yourself to these firms may be doing yourself a disservice. They may lack the expertise needed for your case, and instead, you could find the best solicitor for you beyond Tamworth.  

How Medical Assessments Help Your Claim

Medical assessments enable you and your solicitor to provide proof in the form of a doctor’s report confirming that you have suffered injuries to support your case.

A medical assessment also enables you to have a clear idea of the extent and severity of your injury or health problems and prognosis of how long it will take to recover, or how severe any permanent effect may be. This is what will allow you and your solicitor to be able to calculate the value of the compensation you could be owed.

For these reasons our panel of lawyers will make arrangements for you to be seen by a trusted medical expert for an examination, even if you have already been seen by a doctor prior to approaching us.

How A Lawyers Location Does Not Affect A Claim

Try not to think about your search for a personal injury lawyer in terms of lawyers who are based in your town. Many personal injury lawyers, especially our panel of personal injury lawyers, can work on compensation claims anywhere in the country. 

Making a legal claim does not require you and your lawyer to meet in person. All of the discussions and arrangements can be made over the phone, through emails or in video calls. 

This means you can focus on the qualities of the lawyer and their experience with cases similar to yours without having to compromise based on where the lawyer is located.

Why Reviews Could Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Case

Reviews of personal injury lawyers written by their previous clients, which you can find quite easily online, can be very helpful in finding the personal injury lawyer who is best for your case. 

Reviews can tell you a lot about how specialised a lawyer is in dealing with situations like yours and how good their track record is of dealing with such claims successfully. Reviews can also give you a good impression of which solicitors are good to work with in terms of their attitude towards their clients and how well they communicate and make their clients feel they are committed to winning the case.

Calculating Typical Damages And Compensation

No two personal injury claim cases are entirely the same. In each case, the nature of the injury or health problem the victim has suffered from may be different as will the degree of suffering and long term health issues caused by it. 

For this reason, it will not be possible to give you an accurate or definitive appraisal of what amount of compensation you could be entitled to claim until you have been examined by a doctor and have had discussions with your lawyer.

Below is a table which could help you get an impression of how compensation is worked out according to the severity of your injuries and the amounts of money involved in putting together a compensation case. These figures are based on official statistics from the Judicial College. 

Note that these figures may not reflect the true amount of compensation that could be claimed as they do not include monies claimed in special damages, which is money claimed to cover financial losses and expenses incurred as a direct result of your injury. To know more about how your compensation is calculated, you would have to consult our advice team.

Injury Compensation
Very severe brain damage £264,650 to £379,100
Severe PTSD £56,180 to £94,470
Loss of an eye £51,460 to £61,690
Serious hand injury £27,220 to £58,100
Serious foot injury £23,460 to £36,790

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In Tamworth

There is one potential obstacle to making a personal injury claim, and that is the matter of legal fees. Many solicitors will charge their clients for their services. However, we at Public Interest Lawyers believe that no one should have to face barriers when seeking compensation. 

All of the personal injury lawyers on our panel make No Win No Fee claim agreements with their clients before making a claim.

No Win No Fee claims work quite simply; the solicitor will agree not to charge any upfront fees from their client before beginning the claim process, and they will not charge any payment of legal fees after the process has ended if the claim has failed and no compensation was awarded. 

In a No Win No Fee agreement, the solicitor’s payment comes directly from the compensation awarded to their client, therefore the lawyer’s payment is completely conditional on winning the case and the client cannot be charged legal fees for a failed case. 

The fee you pay is what’s known as a success fee. There’s no need to worry too much about this, however, because success fees are legally capped and set at a low level.

For more details about how these arrangements work, please call our team.

Start Your Claim

You can begin the process of making a claim today by calling our advice team on 0800 408 7825, or by sending a message to them using the live support messenger which you can find at the bottom of the page. 

You can also use the same method of contacting us if you want to ask any questions about how claims work before beginning your own claim.


Thank you for reading our guide to the services offered by our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Tamworth. Below, you can find some further guides you may find useful.

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