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Personal injury lawyers Swansea

Personal injury lawyers Swansea

By Mark Clause. Last Updated 4th August 2022. If you have suffered an injury, the effects can be long-lasting and devastating. If we find ourselves responsible for our injury through our carelessness, in time we can look to forgive ourselves and move forward with our lives. If however you are left in a position where you have suffered both physically and financially through the fault of somebody else, you should not have to endure the negative impact of someone else’s negligence.

Below, you’ll find advice on a range of personal injury topics, from accidents at work and road traffic accidents to accidents in supermarkets.

Firstly, it is important to note that each personal injury claim expires within a certain timeframe, generally, 3 years from the date of the accident or the date you obtained knowledge that you were suffering from an illness or injury that you believe was because of the negligence of a third party.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as if a child is involved in the accident. They are eligible to claim 3 years from the date they turn 18, or somebody can claim on their behalf before they turn 18. It’s also possible for somebody to claim on another person’s behalf if they lack the capacity to claim themselves.

The process of making a claim usually takes a few months, and in cases where liability is disputed, it can take a fair bit longer. You must look to get your claim underway as early as you can so that a personal injury lawyer covering Swansea can carry out investigations and obtain all necessary evidence.

Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea are on hand to assist you if you’re looking to take your enquiry further. If you want to get your claim underway straight away you can call us on 0800 408 7825 to discuss your case with our knowledgeable advisers. If you’re looking to simply browse through the information, for now, you can select a section below.

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  6. Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents
  7. Council Accident Claims
  8. Criminal Compensation Claims
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Swansea

Suffering from an injury through no fault of your own can be a bitter pill to swallow. Feeling angry and aggrieved by an incident where you have suffered is fully understandable.

If you are thinking of taking action against the party that caused you to suffer, starting your claim can be the trickiest stage. Especially if you don’t have any experience in dealing with this type of claim. Where do you begin? Who do you trust to handle the claim? How do I find a solicitor that works best for me?

These are all common questions that are asked when it comes to starting your claim. They’re all questions we will answer for you in this article today.

If you’re looking for information on how to claim for the likes of a road traffic accident or bicycle accident, we will be going over these topics in this article. If you have been injured in a public space, been physically or sexually assaulted or injured whilst at work, we will also provide more in-depth information relating to these topics.

Our personal injury lawyers covering Swansea have significant amounts of experience when it comes to handling a wide variety of personal injury cases, including the ones listed in this section. Obtaining justice and compensation for your suffering is our main aim. We will ensure that this is the case if you choose to instruct our specialists to move your claim forward.

Accident At Work Compensation Lawyers

A personal injury at work is a particularly cruel blow to suffer. It can have a serious effect on your physical and mental health. It can also cause you to miss out on pay or promotion that you were working hard towards, as well as having several other long-lasting and damaging effects. For example, if you suffer an accident in a work vehicle, this would fall into this category. Other examples of accidents at work include:

  • Tripping over a cable in a walkway that hadn’t been correctly fixed.
  • Being struck by something that hadn’t been secured properly, such as a display item like a mannequin.
  • Hurting yourself in machinery/equipment that is not working properly.
  • Chemical burns from spilt toxins that could have been avoided had you been supplied with PPE.

It would be ignorant of us to suggest that all accidents at work are the fault of somebody else. However, there are work premises in the UK that do not keep their health and safety guidelines in line with legal requirements, or they do not carry out regular risk assessments. Sometimes, your employer may fail to keep up to date with regulations, even if it is accidental. If it has led to injury, they could be held liable.

So if you have suffered an accident at work and believe it was through the fault of somebody else, personal injury lawyers covering Swansea will ascertain whether you have a case.

Road And Vehicle Accidents In Swansea

With over 30 million cars on the road in the UK, it is no surprise that road traffic accidents are the most common type of personal injury claim nationwide. Road safety is one of the most important things that many of us learn. Driving safely and in adherence to road safety regulations ensure that we are minimising the risk we are exposing to ourselves and other road users too.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of road users who do not have this mindset. They drive dangerously and carelessly and can cause serious injuries to people who are going about their day and sticking to the rules of the road.

If you’re injured in a road traffic accident through the negligence of somebody else, you shouldn’t have to suffer on your own, and the person responsible should not be allowed to get away without being held accountable. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea are here to help you and will fight your corner.

Accidents When Using Public Transport

Fatal and non-fatal injuries can occur in any type of collision. Quite often, it is passengers who can come off worse, depending on the type of accident. If your vehicle is hit on the left-hand side or a rear-end shunt, for example, it can be the passenger who tends to come away with the most serious injuries.

The same applies to public transport vehicles, including vehicles such as taxis, buses and trains. If you are travelling via any of these methods of transport and you are injured as a result of an accident, you are eligible to make a claim either against the driver of the vehicle you were in or against the driver of the other vehicle responsible for the accident.

Public And Supermarket Car Park Crashes

Accidents in car parks are not as common as road traffic accidents. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher who is responsible for a car park accident and what you’re meant to do if you find yourself the unfortunate victim of one.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 clearly states that the owner of a public car park must ensure the site is safe for the public to use. If they have not kept on top of health and safety regulations and it causes you injury, they could be liable to a claim.

This includes examples such as a broken barrier causing injury or a wet/icy floor not being dealt with correctly. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea will be happy to investigate the matter further for you. Our guide on this subject provides a more detailed description of what constitutes a car park accident claim.

It may not necessarily be the owner of the car park who is responsible for what has happened, though. Sometimes it is other vehicle users who are responsible for the incident. Drivers also owe other drivers and pedestrians a duty of care, even when in a car park. Other drivers should pay attention and follow the instructions and rules laid out within the car park. If they fail to do so and it leads to you sustaining an injury, this is the sort of thing we would be more than happy to investigate for you.

Cycling Accident And Bike Slip Accident Claims

Cycling is a fun hobby for a lot of us. It also allows us to travel to our destination whilst improving our health and leaving the car at home. However, cycling on the roads in the UK can also be quite a daunting prospect. In particular, a lot of large built-up city areas do not have adequate road safety measures in place for cyclists.

Not only is this a major factor when it comes to accidents involving cyclists, but there is also the added problem of cars, vans and buses simply being much larger and quicker than a bike. For this reason alone, they tend to cause a lot more damage on impact when they’re involved in a collision with a cyclist.

Irrespective of the different factors at play, the one constant that remains the most crucial is that if you’re cycling on the road and somebody causes damage to you or your bicycle due to lack of care, they are liable. We explore this topic in a dedicated article which you can find here, but as a general overview, cycling accidents incorporate matters such as:

  • Potholes in the road causing damage to your bike or your person.
  • Drivers not paying due care and attention on the roads.
  • Drivers carrying out incompetent and dangerous manoeuvres.
  • A failure by a driver to judge a cyclist’s speed.

The vast majority of cyclists and road users adhere to safety precautions and avoid accidents. The last thing we should expect is that we are injured or knocked off our vehicle by a negligent road user. Rest assured, if you are, our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea are in a position to help you gain access to the compensation you deserve for an accident that was not your fault.

Accidents In A Public Place

Public spaces include a wide range of buildings and premises. The list includes but is not limited to schools, hospitals, libraries, public parks and public car parks. The person or company who owns the property has a duty of care to ensure it is safe for any type of public use.

Accidents In Parks And Public Play Area

Going to the local park for a walk or general exercise is something a lot of us enjoy. It is nice to get into nature, away from the busy roads and the constant buzz of everyday life. The owner of a public park, often the local council,  must ensure that the park is fit for use. It has a duty of care to ensure the likes of walkways and cycle paths within the park are fully maintained and are not left in a position that could inflict injury on people who are using the space to enjoy the surroundings.

Potential causes of injuries in a public park include things such as potholes in pavements or cycle lanes within the park, as well as rubbish that has not been cleared, such as broken glass. There is also the risk of sustaining injuries from broken benches or broken playground equipment. A full breakdown of how to go about claiming for this type of incident can be found here.

Supermarket And Shop Injuries

If you have suffered an injury in a local shop or supermarket, this claim would be made under public liability too. A common type of supermarket injury is slipping on a liquid that hasn’t been signposted or spotted and cleaned up by staff. We expand on exactly what is considered a supermarket or shop injury in our dedicated piece here. Additional sources of accidents in supermarkets include:

  • Faulty machinery, such as lifts and escalators.
  • Slipping on a wet floor that hasn’t been signposted.
  • Items becoming dislodged on shelves and causing injury.
  • A supermarket employee rolling over your foot with a full cage of stock.

If you feel you are in a position where you have suffered an injury through the negligence of a supermarket or shop employee, personal injury lawyers covering Swansea will be happy to investigate the matter for you in finer detail.

Ideally, a business should take out a public liability insurance policy. This means that if you have an accident on their site they are in a position to adequately compensate you for your injuries. However, it isn’t compulsory.

If the responsible party doesn’t have insurance in place, things can be a little more difficult. However, we can still support you with making a claim. Get in touch to find out more.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

Slip, trip and fall claims are amongst the most common types of injury claims, and the injuries they can inflict are significant. Over 95% of major slips and falls result in broken bones.

You might be eligible to seek compensation if you’re injured in a fall caused by:

  • Damaged flooring or pathways.
  • Wet floors where there were no warning signs.
  • Broken handrails on stairs.

Essentially, whoever oversees the maintenance of the area where your incident occurred has a duty of care to ensure it is as safe as possible. This includes surfaces such as marble or concrete that can cause damage on impact when they are icy or wet.

If you’ve suffered injuries following a slip, trip and fall and believe it was the fault of somebody else, get in touch for free legal advice.

Click here if you would like more further detailed information about this type of incident and how to make a claim for it.

Council Accident Claims

The local authority in Swansea is responsible for the vast majority of public highways, including footpaths and roads, that are within the town’s boundaries. It is their responsibility to ensure that these surfaces and thoroughfares are consistently and properly maintained so that any risk to the public suffering injury is negated.

If you’re injured by a pothole that hasn’t been repaired, the local authority or council could very well be liable for your suffering. If you’re looking to make this type of claim, our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea are more than happy to assist you.

As you can imagine, local councils and authorities have several claims made against them every year. Proving that they are liable and securing a compensation award from them can be difficult, but this is something we do daily, and we will extend the same service to you.

Criminal Compensation Claims

Feeling like you have nowhere to turn to if you are a victim of a violent crime is a natural reaction. It is easy to presume you will not be entitled to claim for this type of injury as it is not clear exactly where the compensation will be recovered from.

The government operates the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which allows victims of violent crime to receive compensation for the injuries they have suffered. Even if the criminal who caused your injuries wasn’t prosecuted you can still claim through CICA.

Examples of violent crime include:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Assault (things such as GBH and acid attacks)
  • A mugging or an attempted mugging.
  • Stabbing or shooting.

The expiration date for a claim via the CICA is shorter than any other type of personal injury claim. In any event, the police must have been notified (a Crime Reference Number is required) and the time limit for claiming is 2 years from the date of the criminal offence. In exceptional circumstances, the time limit might be extended by the CICA.

To find out more about how we can help you with a CICA claim, please get in touch.

Swansea Victim Based Crime Statistics

Information provided by the government in the table below provides a breakdown of criminal offences in Swansea in Q1 of 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 2,173
Shoplifting 2,043
Other types of theft 1,820
Vehicle offences 1,712
Burglaries 841
Sexual offences 603

We cannot even begin to imagine the level of suffering you have been subjected to if you’re looking to claim for a violent criminal act. We hope you take some comfort in the fact that gaining compensation and justice for these types of heinous crimes is what drives us. We want to give you a voice so you can find some closure and look to move forwards.

How To Claim With A Lawyer Handling Cases In Swansea

An essential part of a successful claim is the evidence that is available to your solicitor. We understand that gathering evidence isn’t the first thing on your mind when you have been a victim of this type of trauma. The reason we require this evidence is to strengthen your claim and maximise the likelihood of a compensation payout.

If you can photograph the injury as well as the site of the accident, this will strengthen the likelihood of your claim being successful. Another key piece of evidence is witness statements. Anyone who witnessed the accident may be called to give evidence as part of the strategy to ensure your claim is a success.

What Happens At A Medical?

We will arrange an appointment with a local medical expert to go through a set of questions and examine your injury. The medical expert we instruct will then compile a report which details your injuries, which in turn will be used as evidence to prove your injuries and value your claim. This is a standard part of any claim and the assessment gives credibility to your position when we look to settle your claim for the amount you are entitled to.

Do You Always Need ‘Lawyers Near Me’?

The legal industry has developed in significant ways in the past two decades. Much like the world around us, society and businesses have adapted to use the internet as a focal point to obtain new clients. The internet has revolutionised the world of claims. You can now seek out a specialist anywhere in the UK from the comfort of your home. You are not limited to select a personal injury solicitor based on their locality.

Will A Review Help Me Find The Right Lawyer?

Reading reviews of other solicitors’ services is something we’d always advise. You want to make sure the solicitor dealing with your enquiry is fully equipped to handle your case. Within the field of personal injury law, there are lots of different variables to consider. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Swansea deal with matters like this every single day, and we will ensure we use the full scope of our expertise to deliver a high-quality service for you.

What Are Typical Payouts For Personal Injury Claims?

This is a common question, and it is an understandable question. A decent-sized compensation award can go some way to alleviating the stresses of day to day life and restoring the damage done by the accident.

Whilst each case has its flaws and merits, we can’t always give an accurate representation of how much it could be worth at this stage. What we do have, however, is a personal injury claims calculator which is based on a document called the Judicial College Guidelines. This is used by the courts, insurers and by solicitors to effectively calculate the amount of compensation you should receive for your case.

You can see below the average payout you can look to expect for your specific type of claim. For a more specific valuation, please get in touch with our team and explain your circumstances.

Bodily Injury Amount of compensation Definition
Modest Ankle Injury Up to £13,740 This includes a number of injuries, such as fractures, sprains and ligament-related damage to either ankle.
Very Severe Ankle Injury £50,060 to £69,700 Serious fracture with significant soft tissue damage. Could be resulting deformities or below-knee amputation.
Minor Neck Injury £4,350 to £7,890 Moderate soft tissue injuries with a protracted recovery period. May also be future vulnerabilities, plus exacerbation of pre-existing conditions.
Severe Neck Injury In the region of
Injuries causing fractures or dislocations or severe damage to soft tissues and/or ruptured tendons that lead to chronic conditions and significant disability of a permanent nature.
Moderate Foot Injury £13,740 to £24,990 Ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds or fractured metatarsal. Symptoms that persist for longer will yield a higher compensation award.
Severe Foot Injury £41,970 to £70,030 Fractures to both heels with restricted mobility and considerable pain. In particular if the damage is permanent or lasts for a number of years.
Moderate Back Injury £27,760 to £38,780 Constant pain and discomfort caused by a compression/crush fracture constant pain and discomfort in the back area. Including injuries such as a slipped disk or nerve damage to the spine.
Moderate Knee Injury £14,840 to £26,190 Injuries involving dislocation, torn cartilage which results in weakness or mild future disability. This bracket also includes injuries which accelerate symptoms from a pre-existing condition over a prolonged period of years.
Severe Knee Injury £69,730 to £96,210 Where disruption of the joint has taken place. Including the development of osteoarthritis, major ligament damage, lengthy treatment, considerable pain and loss of function and an operation has taken place to repair the injury.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Claims In Swansea

Our panel of personal injury solicitors for Swansea could offer you a No Win No Fee agreement. This offers specific terms for a personal injury claim that are designed to benefit the client. The primary goal is to reduce how much the claimant has to pay out in solicitor fees.

The key payment to any No Win No Fee solicitors in Swansea is a success fee. This is a one-off payment that is deducted from whatever your final compensation figure is. Note that this has a legal percentage cap to prevent you from paying an unnecessarily large proportion of your compensation award to your lawyer.

The success fee is only required if the case wins, though. If the case loses, then you don’t have to pay any solicitor fees. We should also mention that you don’t have to worry about any hidden or surprise charges. Additionally, solicitor fees only come at the end of a No Win No Fee claim rather than beforehand or within its duration.

Whether you’re using solicitors in Swansea or solicitors from elsewhere, they may offer you a No Win No Fee agreement. Our panel of personal injury solicitors could also offer you these terms no matter your location or injury. Contact us if you have any queries about No Win No Fee agreements.

Contact A Lawyer Who Covers Swansea

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read our article. If you now want to take the next step and instruct a personal injury lawyer covering Swansea, there are several ways you can do this:


Thank you for reading our guide on how personal injury lawyers covering Swansea can help you with a claim. Below, we’ve included some more guides, as well as addresses you may find useful.

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