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You may be wondering whether or not you could be entitled to claim compensation for an injury you have recently suffered in Swadlincote. The answer is that if the accident was not your fault, but due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you by those who have a legal responsibility for your safety then it could be possible. The key to making a successful compensation claim is proving that another party was responsible for causing or allowing you to get hurt through being negligent, or because they failed to meet a responsibility to look out for your health.

The page you are about to read will go into some more detail about how and when you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation when you have been hurt, and some of the details about how the process of working with a solicitor to claim compensation works.

If you would like to know more, then call our claim team today for your free consultation and to see how personal injury lawyers covering Swadlincote can help support you through the claims process.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Swadlincote

This guide is an introduction to the topic of making personal injury claims, some parts of it will focus on different kinds of personal injury claims you can make and how you can make them, other parts will focus on the process of making a personal injury claim itself and how a lawyers job works in such a case. There are plenty of other pages on this site which we encourage you to read for further details and well as the website of other bodies which can provide you with valuable information. You should call us if you are tempted to try to start a claim or if you want more information.

Injuries Affecting Employees In The Workplace

Workplaces are regulated by a large number of health and safety laws, and under the law, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that any and all necessary steps are taken to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment where people are safe from injury or the risk of developing work-related illnesses. If you suffer an injury in a workplace accident or develop a health issue caused by a hazard in your workplace, and there are reasonable grounds to point out certain measures that your employer should have had in place but didn’t, you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation from your employer.

Some examples of causes of workplace injuries or causes of work-related health problems can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Allowing exposure to hazardous materials
  • Failing to provide PPE
  • Failing to provide proper training or qualifications for performing certain tasks or operations
  • Not having safety measures where necessary, for example, guards or emergency stop switches on equipment with moving parts.

Please get in touch with us if you believe that an injury or a health problem you have experienced or are suffering from might meet these criteria.

Traffic Accidents In Swadlincote

There are two main ways in which a person could experience a road traffic accident without having caused it themselves; a road traffic accident could be either caused by a collision with another vehicle due to the driver of the other vehicle being negligent and careless, or an accident could be caused by the road conditions.

If an accident is caused by the negligent or unlawful driving of another road user, for example, if the other driver was driving over the speed limit, or if they were driving carelessly, then the compensation claim could be made against the driver, with settlement expected to come out of their motor insurance. If the driver cannot be identified or if compensation cannot be procured from them because they lack driving insurance then the claim can be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau.

If the accident has been caused by unsafe driving conditions, such as potholes or large patches of ice or debris on the road such as fallen tree branches or wreckage from previous collisions, then the accident claim could be made against the authority responsible for the repair and maintenance of the road where the accident took place.

Train, Bus And Station Accidents

If you ride on a bus, or a train, or a taxi or any other mode of public transport and you suffer an injury in an accident caused by the negligence of the operator, you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation from the said operator. The same could also be true if you have suffered an injury while in a station for public transport. Public transport operators have a duty of care over their passengers and it is not acceptable to allow them to be put at risk by unsafe practices. Some examples of how public transport operators health and safety failings could justify a personal injury claim could include:

  • Unsafe driving of a vehicle causing a collision
  • Faults and disrepair inside a vehicle, for example, faulty seats or unstable boarding steps.
  • Slipping and/or tripping hazards in a station.

If you would like to know more about making a claim against a public transport operator, please read this article or contact our advisors.

Car Park Accidents

Car park owners have a duty of care over the customers on their property and therefore must meet certain standards of safety. If you have suffered an injury that could have been prevented by better management or maintenance of a car park, consider getting in touch with us to find out more about making compensation claims.

Bicycle And Bike Accidents In Swadlincote

The same principles that apply to other road traffic accident-related injury claims apply to injury claims relating to bicycle and bike claims. You could make a claim for compensation against a driver if they were responsible for the accident, or you could potentially make a claim against the local council or national highways authority if the state of the road caused the accident. The only real difference is the fact that cyclists are in more danger than other road users, at least according to cycling advocates. The fact that bikes are smaller, less easy to spot in traffic and leave their riders directly exposed to an impact means that it is much easier for a cyclist to be injured in an accident than other road users. Read more about claiming compensation for injuries sustained in a cycling accident here, or call our team.

Public Place Personal Injuries

Claiming compensation for an accident you have suffered in a public place is a matter of proving that you were in an area where someone owed you a duty of care, meaning that you were on a property or using a service which was operated by someone who was legally responsible for making sure that it was as safe as reasonably possible. If you suffer an accident while out in public because the space or the premises you were in was not kept safe by its owners, then you could have grounds to claim compensation. This article will explain this type of claim in more detail, but in the meantime here are two examples which can explain this point.

Public Park Accidents

Public parks need to be kept in as safe a condition as reasonably possible. Failures by operators to keep the park in good condition can lead to accidents such as falling off of faulty playground equipment, tripping and injuring oneself on an unsafe footpath or hurting oneself on a dangerous gate. If there is a reasonable basis to say that the park management could or should have dealt with the issue that caused your injury, then you could have grounds to claim.

Shopping Centre And Supermarket Accidents

Shop owners are responsible for their customer’s safety while the customers are on their property. That means they need to keep their property in a safe condition and ensure that their business is managed in such a way as to reduce the risk of people getting hurt. If they fail to do so and someone is injured as a result, then that person could have grounds for seeking compensation from the business. You can see this guide for more details.

Tripped On A Broken Or Damaged Flooring

If you fall and injure yourself on a pavement, either by tripping or by slipping on ice, you may wonder if your injury entitles you to compensation. Public pavements are generally the responsibility of the local council. The local authority has a duty of care over people who use them. Broken or uneven paving slaps with pieces of the paving jutting out, presenting a tripping hazard or patches of ice and frost that have had no salt grit spread on them are examples of hazards on pavements that could cause accidents and injuries.

If you trip on broken pavement and suffer an injury it is vital that you have supporting evidence such as photographs of the cause of the accident along with defect measurements, seek medical attention and legal advice if you are considering making a claim.

To find out more you can read this page, or you could call our advice team for a free consultation.

South Derbyshire Council Accidents

South Derbyshire council has a number of responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities involve operating certain properties or public utilities which may include libraries, sports centres, public playing fields, councils services such as advice centres or day-cares. The council’s office buildings and chambers are also included in this.

The local council has a legal obligation to make sure that any services or properties that it owns or runs are in a reasonably good condition. Pursuing public liability claims can be tricky so it is always advisable to have a legal representative on your side as they will have the knowledge and experience to know how to pursue the claim correctly. Please call our advice team if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to attempt to make a personal injury claim against a council.

Swadlincote Victim Based Crimes

Everyone who has been the victim of a crime, be it assault, sexual assault, robbery or any other kind of wrongdoing that causes physical and mental harm may be able to make a claim for compensation. Victims of crime can make claims for compensation from the person responsible for the crime, though in many cases this may not be possible due to the offender not being apprehended or not having the means to pay compensation.

If this is the case, claims can be made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, a national body responsible for criminal injury compensation cases and settlements. Please consider looking through the CICA website where you can find more information. If there is anything else you want to know about this, any questions you want to ask or if you want to speak to us about claiming for a criminal injury, please get in touch with us.

Rates Of Crime Affecting People In South Derbyshire

This table contains the numbers of victim-based crimes committed in South Derbyshire according to official national reports.

Reported crime Frequency
Violence against the person 691
Theft 36
Vehicle offences 484
Residential burglary 247
Sexual offences 203
Public order offences 468

Things You Need To Know About Making A Claim

The next series of sections are going to deal with the knowledge you should have about making a personal injury compensation claim. It will especially deal with important information about finding and choosing solicitors and the financial aspects of seeking compensation.

Areas Of Swadlincote Where You May Find Solicitors And Lawyers

There are solicitors on High Street in the middle of town. A few others can be found in neighbouring Burton-On-Trent. Don’t worry if the selection feels limited, or if none of the lawyers in your area seems appropriate for your case, we will explain in a later section how you can work with lawyers from other parts of the country.

Would You Need An Assessment Of Your Injury?

If you are going to make a claim to seek compensation, then you may need to see a doctor to have your injury assessed. A medical report from an assessment by a doctor provides proof that you have suffered an injury to back up your claim for compensation. It is also a way to get an assessment of the severity and prognosis of your injuries accurate enough to calculate the amount you are entitled to claim in compensation. We can help to arrange for you to see a doctor for your assessment even if you have already been seen by a doctor and received some form of treatment.

Would You Need A Lawyer From This Area?

Making a personal injury claim in Swadlincote does not automatically mean that you have to work with a lawyer in Swadlincote, you can use a personal injury solicitor covering Swadlincote. A solicitor will give you the option at least of talking to them about the arrangements for your claim over the phone, over emails or in video calls. All of the personal injury solicitors covering Swadlincote on our panel can work with clients remotely,

How Do I Check A Lawyer’s Reputation?

If you see a lawyer that you like the look of but want to get a first-hand idea of how good they are, then it would be a good idea for you to read through their reviews. In most cases, there will be reviews that you can find of the internet of lawyers posted by people who have worked with them previously.

These reviews can tell you a lot that other resources might not be able to. Like what a lawyer is really like in person, are they attentive to the needs and feelings of their clients? Do they always communicate well with their clients and keep them regularly updated as to the development of their case? These are important factors and in some cases, reviews might be the only way to find out.

How Much Compensation Could You Be Awarded?

The amount of compensation you could be awarded for making a successful compensation claim depends on how badly injured you have been. The compensation settlement takes into account the impact that the injury has had on the claimants long term health and psychological well-being.

We have provided the settlement calculator table below to help you get at least an idea of how much compensation you could be entitled to claim for some various examples of the injuries that can ensue from an accident. These figures are from the Judicial College.

Injury Compensation
Loss of sight in one eye £46,240-£51,460
Mesothelioma £65,710 to £118,150
Asthma £40,410 to £61,710
Serious Vibration White Finger £29,690 to £36,060

In addition, claimants who are able to prove that they have lost money due to an injury, for example through medical expenses or through losing the ability to work because of sick leave, could be entitled to claim additional compensation as special damages.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Swadlincote

Solicitors on our panel always offer No Win No Fee agreements. This is a legal agreement in which the solicitor only gets paid on the condition that, if the case is successful and a compensation settlement is awarded. A small portion of that settlement will be used to pay the solicitor’s fees. If this interests you, or if you would like to know more, please contact us.

Contacts And Helpful Information

Our phone number is 0800 408 7825 call this number to reach our team. You can also message us on the chatbox that pops up at the bottom of the screen.

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