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Personal injury lawyers Stockport

Personal injury lawyers Stockport

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you require the services of a personal injury solicitor covering Stockport, then you should read this guide. You may be entitled to claim and receive compensation if your injury occurred because someone else had a duty of care over you that was not met, or if harm came to you in some other unlawful fashion. We can offer you the support of our team of professional legal advisors as well as our panel of personal injury lawyers.

This guide is an introduction that seeks to explain the basics of how personal injury claims work. When you have finished reading, please get in touch to ask further questions, or to enquire about starting a claim with our panel of expert lawyers.

If while reading this article you have a question or you’d like to proceed with a claim, our team is available 24/7 to take your call on 0800 408 7825.

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  6. Trip And Fall Accidents And Injuries
  7. Claiming Against A Council Or Local Authority
  8. Claiming For Being The Victim Of A Criminal Injury
  9. How To Make Your Accident Or Injury Claim
  10. Checking Reviews To Find The Right Solicitor
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Stockport

This guide will go through a series of different circumstances in which you could be entitled to compensation, explaining how and why. If the circumstances of your accident are not described here, don’t worry, just get in touch with us and explain to our team what happened and we can advise you about what to do next.

Other sections of this page are about some of the details about how claims work, how working with a solicitor works, and what you should consider when looking for one. Again this is merely an introduction. If you have any further questions after you have finished reading, please direct them to our team of advisors, who will happily offer you free consultation and advice. They will also be happy to arrange for you to begin a claim with our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Stockport if you have grounds for making a claim.

Accidents In A Stockport Workplace

Employers have a duty of care to their employees. They are required to do more than simply run and oversee their workplace. The law requires them to do so in a way that ensures that all reasonably possible steps have been taken to make sure that the workplace is safe for employees. This is set out in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

If you suffer an injury in a workplace accident and you can prove a link between the accident and your employer’s failings you could be entitled to compensation.

Accidents at work are just one of the areas in which Public Interest Lawyers can help you with. We can offer free advice and our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Stockport could represent you in your fight for justice and compensation. To find out more about how we can do this, give us a phone call to receive a free consultation.

Road And Traffic Accidents In Stockport

If a driver causes a road traffic collision, or RTA, and you suffer an injury as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation. This is because drivers have a duty of care over other road users, whether they be other vehicle drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. 

If you are injured in a road traffic accident, or if your vehicle is damaged, such as in a rear-end shunt accident, you could be entitled to claim compensation. 

Get in touch with us and our team to find out more about claiming compensation. You can also click here to read our guide to making car accident claims, or you can use the contact details at the top or the bottom of this page to have a free consultation with one of our professional legal advisors about how a personal injury lawyer covering Stockport can assist you in making a compensation claim.

Injured On Public Transport

Operators of public transport have a duty of care over their passengers. They are responsible for their safety and must operate their vehicles and services accordingly. Failure to do so could lead to an injury and may see them liable for a personal injury claim. 

Bus services, train services, private hire taxis and coach firms could all have personal injury claims made against them if they allow their passengers to come to harm. For more information about this type of claim, please read our guide.

Injured In A Car Park

Accidents involving vehicles can also occur in car parks. If the person at fault was another road user, then the claim would be made against them, just as in any other road traffic accident claim. For example, if someone reversed from a parking bay without looking and crashed into your car, you could have a claim, regardless of the speed at which the collision happened. 

Other types of accidents can happen in a car park too. If there was provable blame on the part of the operator or owner of the car park, they could be the liable party. Accidents in car parks could be caused by:

  • Poor lighting
  • Poor signage
  • Faulty barriers
  • Ice on the road surface or pathways
  • Potholes in the road surface

To find out more about making a claim for an accident that occurred in a car park, or against a car park operator, call our team using the contact details provided or click here to read our dedicated article.

Bicycle And Cycling Accidents

All drivers are expected to drive carefully and in accordance with the law. Violating this duty of care could not only result in an accident, but it could also cause an accident in which someone gets badly hurt. This duty of care is especially important when it comes to cyclists. 

Cyclists are smaller targets than other vehicles and can be harder to spot if the driver is not paying careful attention. Cyclists are also more at risk of injury because they are less well protected than other vehicle users. Therefore, drivers should pay extra care and attention when sharing the road with cyclists. 

If you’ve been knocked off your bike by a driver who you believe wasn’t paying due care and attention, who may have been speeding, driving recklessly or carried out an incompetent manoeuvre, you could make a claim. 

Personal injury claims can also be made against local councils or other bodies responsible for the maintenance of roads and pavements if the disrepair of the road or paving surface has caused you to have an accident and an injury. 

You can find out more about making personal injury claims for accidents while riding a bike on our cycling accidents page,

Public Accidents And Injuries

A business, a public authority or any other institution which is responsible and has control over a public space has a duty of care over the members of the public making use of that space. To that end, any such institution should have public liability insurance, so that they may be able to pay out compensation to someone in the event that someone gets hurt on their property and makes a personal injury claim. However, it isn’t compulsory by law, and claims can become difficult if the third party lacks insurance. That’s something we can help you with, though.

The following sections detail some examples of where, when and how an accident in a public place could entitle you to make a personal injury claim. In the meantime, why not read through our guide to public liability claims.

Park And Play Area Injuries

Whoever is responsible for maintaining and operating the park is responsible for making sure that it is a safe place for people to go. If someone does get hurt in a public park or play area and there is a reasonable belief that it occurred because the operators did not do enough to ensure that the space was safe, there could be grounds for making a claim against the operators of the park. 

The following are some examples of the situations in which an injury in a park could be used to justify making a compensation claim against the operators.

  • Tripping on an overgrown tree root
  • Tripping on a broken pavement
  • Injuring yourself on broken glass
  • Being injured by faulty playground equipment

Sadly, accidents and injuries due to the disrepair of public parks are likely to become more common. The vast majority of public parks administrations in the UK have reportedly had to make significant budget cuts in the past few years, leaving them with reduced resources for carrying out maintenance and enforcement of policy. For more information about making a claim for an accident in a park, click here or call our advice team.

Shopping And Retail Accidents

If shops are not maintained and operated properly, they could potentially become an environment in which there are safety hazards. Shops have a duty of care towards their customers and could be held liable for paying them compensation if any customer gets hurt in an avoidable accident that occurred due to the business’s negligence. 

Examples of accidents that could occur in a shop for which the shop could be liable include:

  • Items falling off shelves and inflicting injuries on shoppers
  • Shelves and display stands falling apart due to poor assembly
  • Slips caused by unmarked wet patches of floor or spillages
  • Trips caused by hazards in the aisles, such as packaging that hadn’t been cleared away
  • Trips caused by tripping hazards in the car park or on the pavement on the shop’s property
  • Being injured in an accident involving a cart or trolley caused by the cart or trolley being in a state of disrepair or because the cart was being moved negligently by a member of staff.

For more information about personal injury claims against shops read our website’s guide here, or contact our advice team for more information.

Trip And Fall Accidents And Injuries

Part of the duty of care an operator of a public space has is making sure that there are no avoidable slipping or tripping hazards that could cause a customer or a member of the public to get hurt. Meeting this duty of care can include taking steps like:

  • Marking out steps with warning signs
  • Marking out wet patches of floor with warning signs
  • Ensuring that all public areas are kept free of rubbish or items that can act as a tripping hazard.
  • Maintaining and repairing flooring or ground surfaces that fall into disrepair.

If you suffer an injury from falling over because these tasks were not met, then you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim.

Claiming Against A Council Or Local Authority

Local councils, such as Stockport Council, have a wide range of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is a duty of care for those making use of council operated facilities. This duty of care requires them to make sure that all services managed or maintained by them are operated in a way that is safe and minimises the risk of someone being injured. If someone is injured on council property due to this duty of care being violated then the council could be liable for a compensation claim.

Examples of areas in which the local council has a duty of care and could be made to pay compensation if they breach that duty includes:

  • Gyms, public swimming baths, libraries operated by the council
  • Public buildings owned or operated by the council, i.e. the council chambers
  • Pavements and roads maintained by the council.

To find out more about how you could be entitled to claim compensation for being injured on Stockport Council property, call our team of experts or read our guide.

Claiming For Being The Victim Of A Criminal Injury

You can seek compensation for being injured or psychologically affected by witnessing or being the victim of a violent crime. Unlike other types of personal injury claims, the compensation is not sought from the person responsible for your injury (an impractical option in most circumstances) instead the compensation will be sought from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

The CICA is a body funded by the Ministry of Justice which processes and awards compensation claims for victims of violent crimes. Crime compensation can be claimed by those who:

  • Have suffered an injury or psychological trauma due to an assault or an attempt on your life
  • Have suffered an injury or psychological trauma due to being involved in a crime not directed at you.
  • Have suffered injuries from attempting to intervene in a crime
  • Have suffered psychological issues from having been a witness to a violent crime.
  • Have been the victim of childhood abuse or sexual assault.

Two important criteria for making a CICA claim is that firstly, the crime must have been reported to the police, and secondly, the claim must be made within 2 years from the date of the incident, though exceptions to this do exist. 

You can find out more about making criminal injury compensation claims on the CICA webpage on the government website.

Rates Of Violent Crimes In Stockport

Below are the figures for crime in Stockport in 2019/20.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Vehicle offences 613
Other types of theft 580
Violence against the person 477
Residential burglary 446
Shoplifting 346
Sexual offences 167

How To Make Your Accident Or Injury Claim

The most important part of making a personal injury claim is finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case. This is because it will be the solicitor who does most of the work in handling and representing your case. They will gather the evidence, assess how much compensation you are entitled to claim and make the case for your right to receive compensation.

What Are Medical Assessments And When Do You Need Them?

Medical assessments are examinations of your injury carried out by an independent doctor. They seek to confirm the nature and cause of the injury and to assess how much of a long-term impact the injury will have on the victim’s health in the future. This is a crucial step and without it, your claim cannot go ahead.

The reason for a medical exam is to provide an official medical record of your injury and your prognosis and also to provide a basis for calculating the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim. All examinations will be conducted as local to you as possible.

Will I Need A Solicitor From My Area?

You do not need to use a personal injury lawyer in Stockport. A solicitor who is not based in your local area can also take on your case just as effectively. Making a claim with a solicitor can require you to spend a fair amount of time discussing the situation with the solicitor, making arrangements for the claim. You do not have to have these discussions in person. You can use conference calls, phone calls, letters and emails to discuss the issues and prepare your case. This leaves you with a much wider range of options to pick from when deciding on your lawyer, and can also be a lot more convenient.

Checking Reviews To Find The Right Solicitor

Picking a solicitor is a decision which it is critical to be informed about. To make sure you are making the right decision, take some time to read the reviews that are posted online about lawyers by their previous clients.

These reviews can be informative about how successful lawyers have been in handling their previous cases and how well they have worked with their clients. It is best to be picky when it comes to taking on a solicitor and to only consider as options the ones which appear to have the highest levels of experience, success, professionalism and communication abilities.

Calculating Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts

Whenever a person makes a claim for compensation the amount of compensation has to be accurately calculated. There is no fixed amount which can be awarded. Instead, compensation will be calculated based on the needs of the individual claimant and the extent of their physical and psychological suffering. 

That means that the severity of their injuries and the extent to which the claimant’s life, health and employment have been affected will all help determine the level of compensation awarded. In addition, it is also possible to claim special damages to cover financial losses and expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

In the table below is a list of figures for possible compensation payouts for various types of injuries. The figures have been taken from guidelines issued by the Judicial College, an organisation that reviews compensation awards made by the courts. 

Note that this table is intended to provide examples and is not intended to be an accurate assessment of the compensation you are personally entitled to claim. These figures also do not factor in the amounts of special damages compensation you could be entitled to claim. For a more precise estimate, we’d need to know more about your case. Why not give us a call to discuss it in more detail?

Injury Severity Compensation
Shoulder Severe £18,020 to £45,070
Achilles Tendon Serious £23,460 to £28,240
Foot Very Severe £78,800 to £102,890
Toe Moderate Up to £9,010
Ankle Very severe £46,980 to £65,420

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Stockport

One of the key benefits of making your claim through Public Interest Lawyers and our panel of No Win No Fee lawyers is that you can avoid the heavy costs of legal fees that making a compensation claim would otherwise entail. 

By making a No Win No Fee claim you would agree to pay your solicitor a small portion of your compensation if your case is a success. This contribution is capped by law, so you won’t lose much of your compensation at all. In return, you would not be required to pay legal fees upfront in order to begin a claim, nor will you have to pay any fees while the case is ongoing. You also would be avoiding the danger of being heavily indebted with your solicitor’s legal bills if your claim is not successful.

To ask any more questions about the terms and conditions of a No Win No Fee claim, please get in touch.

How To Consult A Lawyer

You can get in touch with us in a variety of ways:


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