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In our daily life, we are likely to visit a number of public spaces. In a single day, we may use an A-road, motorway, car park and supermarket. But did you know you can claim compensation if you suffer an injury in any of these areas if it was caused due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you?

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  1. A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering St Albans
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  4. St Albans Motorcycle And Bicycle Accident Claims
  5. Injuries And Accidents In Public
  6. Fall And Trip Injuries Or Accidents
  7. Injury Or Accident Claims Against The Council 
  8. Assaults And Criminal Injuries
  9. How To Claim Compensation For An Injury Or Illness
  10. How To Choose A Lawyer By Checking Reviews
  11. Calculating Typical Amounts Of Compensation Paid Out
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering St Albans
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering St Albans

Throughout this page, you will find information about a range of personal injury claims, including:

  • St Albans road accidents
  • Claims against the council.
  • Injuries in Parks.
  • St Albans motorcycle accidents.
  • Accidents in a public place.

As every case is entirely unique, you may find your circumstances are different from those in this guide. But this doesn’t mean your claim is invalid. If you need to voice your concerns about an accident in a public place, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Limitation Periods

Before you begin your claim, you must determine whether it falls within the relevant limitation period. However, each personal injury claims time limit will differ depending on the circumstances.

The typical time limit for claims involving adults is 3-years. For most cases, this will begin from the date of the accident. But sometimes, this can begin from the date you obtained knowledge the defendant was at least partially the fault for your injuries.

Whereas claims for child victims differ slightly. As minors cannot represent themselves, a parent/guardian may do so on their behalf. Or a now-adult can represent themselves after their 18th birthday within a period of 3 years.

If the victim no longer possesses the mental capacity to claim, the limitation period will start when a recovery is made. If this isn’t possible, a ‘litigation friend’ can act on their behalf under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Please contact our advisers for more information about limitation periods. A specialist will also discuss what extenuating circumstances may exempt you from this time limit.

Workplace Injury And Illness Compensation Claims

An employer has a legal duty to uphold for all staff members, no matter how big or small the company is. At the very least, the law expects reasonable safety standards for every staff member.

It’s vitally important all risks associated with workplace accidents are kept to a minimum. A primary piece of legislation which emphasises this is the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Under the Act, there are a few examples of employer responsibilities. These include:

  • Supervision of dangerous tasks.
  • Supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Regular risk assessments.
  • Inspections, maintenance checks and repairs.
  • Displaying flyers, posters and other HSE-approved material in the workplace.

You should note these accidents take place far more often than you may expect. For example, in 2018/19, there were 581,000 records of workplace injuries. According to the same Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report, 111 workers lost their lives in fatal workplace accidents in 2019/20.

Get in touch with our advisers for free advice and support.

Motorway And Road Vehicle Accidents

A collision involving any form of vehicle, pedestrian or other road user is seen as a road traffic accident (RTA). Whether in a public place or on a road in public circulation, you could claim compensation for a St Albans traffic accident if you are injured due to the negligent actions of another road user.

An RTA can result from:

  • Distractions.
  • Tailgating.
  • Panic stops.
  • Drink driving.
  • Speeding.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Weather hazards (e.g. ice, floods, rain, fallen trees/pylons).
  • Road conditions (e.g. uneven surfaces, potholes, cracks).

You could claim compensation for your injuries wherever the incident took place. For example, a read-end bump accident on A414 St Albans is equally as valid as an M25 St Albans accident involving multiple cars. A sizable settlement amount could be waiting for you, please contact our team for more information.

St Albans Station And Public Transport Accidents

Even if someone else was operating the vehicle in question, you could still claim compensation. Whether you take a train from St Albans City station or St Albans Abbey station, an accident on these public transportations could be substantial

But public injury claims are not solely limited to St Albans train accidents. You can claim compensation for an accident on:

  • Trams.
  • Buses.
  • Coaches.
  • Private hire taxis

Generally speaking, public transport is one of the safest modes of transport. However, in 2019 there were 3,090 bus and coach casualties on Great British roads, according to a Government report.

If you require specialist guidance for a public injury claim, please call our team.

Private And Council Car Park Accidents

You could also claim for injuries following a St Albans car park accident. As with any other public space, car parks are bound by legislation to retain reasonable levels of safety.

A large proportion of car parks will be owned by different parties. For example, some may be the responsibility of local councils, whereas others are owned by supermarkets. In such cases, it’s important the correct operator is found and held liable. As without this knowledge, proceedings can become increasingly difficult.

An accident in a car park could take a variety of forms. For example, you are hit in the head due to a faulty barrier.

If you would like to make a public accident claim for a car park incident, please contact our team.

St Albans Motorcycle And Bicycle Accident Claims

A road accident can be frightening at the best of times, even with the latest safety devices that cars offer. However, protection for motorcyclists typically consists of helmet, gloves, boots and leathers at the very minimum.

According to statistics from Brake, a road safety charity, motorcyclists are 63 times more likely to suffer serious injuries or fatalities than car drivers. An M1 St Albans accident may result from any of the following causations:

  • Failure to notice oncoming road users.
  • Lack of judgement in another driver’s speed/path.
  • Carelessness, recklessness or rushing.
  • Poor turnings/manoeuvres.

Whether you suffer physical or psychological damage following a St Albans motorbike accident, you could claim compensation for harm. Call our claims team today for more information.

Injuries And Accidents In Public

For most of the spaces you visit on a daily basis, a legal requirement must be met. As the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 emphasises, the need for safety measures in such areas is crucial for public safety. If this is in breach, the operator of such a space could be held liable.

There are a number of spaces which fall under the Act, including:

  • Facilities/centres (e.g. public swimming pools).
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Shops.

For help and guidance with accidents in public places, please consider the following sections.

Park Accidents And Injuries

For many, our local parks are a source of enjoyment. Whether you use the park for your daily exercise or socialising, you want the reassurance that you’ll be kept safe from harm at all times.

In particular, all local authorities should maintain said areas and implement the relevant procedures to do so. However, over recent years numerous Council park departments have seen significant cuts. As a result, our favourite parks could see a lack of due care.

Furthermore, if your child suffers at Verulamium Park, a ‘litigation friend’ may act on their behalf. In such cases, it’s possible for a parent/guarding to take on this role. Once an agreement is made, the courts will manage the amount via a trust fund until the child turns 18.

Shopping Centre, Supermarket And Retail Park Accidents

At peak times, our local shopping centres, supermarkets and retail parks can become increasingly busy; especially during the Christmas period. But no matter how frantic these areas may seem, we should expect reasonable levels of safety at all times.

With this in mind, all operators of these spaces must uphold their legal duty of care. For example, train employees to spot hazards at the earliest opportunity.

If your visit to The Maltings or Christopher Place shopping centre came to an unfortunate end, you could claim compensation for harm if it was caused by a breach in health and safety legislation. But why rely on St Albans personal injury lawyers if they’re unsuitable for your case?

Call our claims team today for more information about how personal injury law firms covering St Albans can help you.

Fall And Trip Injuries Or Accidents

A substantial threat to employee safety is slips and trips. Not only are these accidents one of the most common causes of workplace injuries, they can also lead to further incidents (i.e. falls from height).

Within your employer’s duty of care, one vital aspect is to keep these threats to a minimum. As the HSE suggests, the following practices may help with this:

  • Housekeeping: clearing of rubbish, trailing wires, uneven carpets and other such obstructions from public walkways and communal areas.
  • Design/maintenance: ensuring all public areas are safe for use (i.e. wide walkways, consistent stair heights, level footpaths, etc.).

A 2018/19 Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report states 95% of victims in such major accidents had broken bones as a result.

If you would like to read more about slip, trip and fall accidents, click here.

Injury Or Accident Claims Against The Council

An accident in a public place will be valid grounds to seek financial compensation upon as long as another party is at fault. In essence, if you suspect St Albans City and District Council at least partially to blame for your injuries, you could seek legal advice.

An injury claim against the council can be made for neglect of the following areas:

  • Footpaths.
  • Highways.
  • Roads.
  • Playgrounds/parks.

Call us today to find out how you can claim against the council. You can also find more information in our online guide, click here.

Assaults And Criminal Injuries

As a victim of violent crime, if you have no other avenue for compensation, you could claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), which offers help for victims of crime—even if the criminal is never caught.

Through a CICA claim, a 2-years limitation period begins from the incident date. However, this can vary slightly. A wide range of crimes can be eligible for such action, including:

  • Assault.
  • Robbery, mugging or attempted robbery.
  • Rape/sexual assault.
  • Sex crimes.

In some circumstances, it may be possible to claim beyond the above time limit. For example, in cases involving historical sexual abuse. Call us today for more information.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In The St Albans Area

You can find crime and disorder statistics for the St Albans area in the table below.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Vehicle offences 1,049
Shoplifting 1,000
Thefts 964
Violence against the person 813
Burglary 467
Sexual offences 259

Source: Gov

How To Claim Compensation For An Injury Or Illness

While you search for the top personal injury lawyers in or outside St Albans, there are a few simple steps you can take towards gathering vital evidence for your case.

For example, please consider the following:

  • Take Photographs:
    You could photograph the cause, scene and anything else of importance before it’s too late.
  • Seek Medical Attention:
    You should seek treatment for any injuries you suffer from A&E or local GP. The relevant department will record your visit and this will form important evidence in your claim.
  • Gather Witness Details:
    You can gather contact details from anyone who saw the event. Your solicitor will then contact these witnesses at a later date.
  • Photograph Injuries
    Even in the recovery period, you should photograph the progress of your condition. Again, your legal representative will use this as evidence.

Does My Case Need Medical Evidence?

A crucial stage in the claims process is your medical assessment. An independent specialist will ask a series of questions about your injuries. From here, the practitioner will compile a report on the basis of your suffering and future prognosis. This report will be a crucial determiner in the outcome of your case.

Does My Lawyer Need To Be Based Close To Me?

You may be searching for law firms on St Peters Street. But did you know you can use a law firm from anywhere in the country?

In most modern claims, you can opt for regular updates via letter, email or telephone. What’s more, when you need to attend a medical appointment, it can take place as close to your home as possible.

Whether an accident in or near St Albans leads to your injuries, you could use any expert from anywhere in the country. Call us today to find out how personal injury law firms covering St Albans can help you.

How To Choose A Lawyer By Checking Reviews

In finding the best personal injury lawyers in or outside of St Albans, you could spend hours searching online. Most of the time, you will be met with an overwhelming amount of options.

As the limitation period for some claims can be slim, you may need to act fast for your claim to be valid. But how can you sift through your options quickly and effectively?

One simple way to do so is by reading online reviews. Often, these will provide important information about the quality of your potential solicitor. You can compare them against one another for a more accurate representation of each lawyer.

In addition to this, you should also discuss your case with an expert over the phone. A short telephone conversation will allow you to gain a better understanding of what plans your personal injury solicitor may have.

Calculating Typical Amounts Of Compensation Paid Out

Whether you are claiming for whiplash or an amputation, you may be curious about how much the final settlement agreement could be. But we discourage the use of personal injury claims calculators. As each claim is entirely unique, it can be difficult to place the same amount on a similar group of claims. As a result, you could be misled by a false figure.

With this in mind, we can provide rough estimates of amounts taken from Judicial College’s guidelines.

There are two forms of loss: General Damages and Special Damages. You will find examples of general damages in the table.

Injury: Notes: Amount:
Foot Injuries Very Severe to Amputation of Both Feet £78,800 to £189,110
Ankle Injuries Moderate to Severe £12,900 to £65,420
Injuries To Pelvis And Hip Moderate to Very Severe £11,820 to £122,860
Hand Injuries Serious Hand Injuries £27,220 to £58,100
Other Arm Injuries Less Severe to Severe £18,020 to £122,860
Shoulder Injuries Moderate to Severe £7,410 to £45,070
Brain Damage Less Severe to Moderately Severe £14,380 to £264,650

If you would like a more accurate estimation of your potential damages, please call our advisers for a free, no-obligation consultation of your unique circumstances.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering St Albans

You could benefit from a range of key benefits when using No Win No Fee agreements, such as:

  • No hidden/start-up costs.
  • You won’t be held liable for your solicitor’s fees if your claim fails.
  • A small, legally capped “success fee” taken from the final amount to cover your fees if the claim is successful.

Often referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (or CFA), this agreement is known for significantly reducing some of the financial risks associated with compensation claims. To find out more, please contact our team.

How Do I Talk To A Lawyer

Your compensation claim is only a few steps away. If you would like to speak with an adviser, there are three easy contact methods you can use.

  • Telephone: Dial 0800 408 7825
    to speak with an adviser.
  • Live-Chat: Use our instant messaging function in the bottom right corner of this page to connect with an online specialist.
  • Contact Form: Click here to receive a callback.

Contact our team today for more information about how No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering St Albans can help you.


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