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By Daniel Janeway. Last Updated 9th June 2022. Whether you are at work or driving to the shops, you have a right to be kept safe from harm wherever possible. But what happens when those who owe you a duty of care are in breach of their legal obligation?

As you will read in this guide, you can receive support and help from No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Shrewsbury when pursuing personal injury claims. We will cover as many topics relating to public liability and personal injury as possible. From public space accident claims to fatal car accidents in Shrewsbury, we’ll provide as much useful information as possible.

But if you can’t find your unique circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact our team of advisers on 0800 408 7825. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  5. Claims Against Public Liability Insurance For Accidents And Injuries
  6. Claims For Accidents Caused By Tripping And Falling Over
  7. Claims For Accidents Caused By Town And County Councils
  8. Claims For Victim Based Crimes And Violence Against The Person
  9. How A Lawyer Handling Injury And Accident Claims Could Help You
  10. How To Choose A Lawyer, The Role Of Reviews When Deciding Who To Handle Your Case
  11. Are There Typical Payouts Awarded For Personal Injury Claims?
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Shrewsbury Accident Claims
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Shrewsbury

Within this online guide, you will find impartial advice relating to personal injury claims. Over the course of this page, we shall cover various topics to answer common questions, including:

  • What is a No Win No Fee agreement?
  • Should I rely on personal injury claims calculators?
  • Can I claim against Shropshire Council?
  • Is there a specific personal injury time limit?

We hope this guide gives you a better understanding of the claims process. However, if you require additional advice about any of the issues we cover, please contact our team. An expert adviser will be more than happy to discuss your claim.

What Are Limitation Periods?

The validity of a claim will depend on whether it falls within the applicable personal injury claims time limit. However, as each individual’s circumstances are unique, this limitation period can differ slightly from case-to-case.

Generally speaking, the time limit for adults is 3-years. Usually, this starts from the accident date. Otherwise, it can begin from the date of knowledge that your injuries were at least partially the defendant’s fault.

Whereas cases involving child victims differ slightly. As minors cannot legally represent themselves, a parent/guardian must take action on their behalf. If no claim is made before the child turns 18, the victim can pursue a claim themselves within 3-years of their birthday.

If the accident causes loss of a claimant’s mental capacity, the limitation period can begin upon recovery. However, if this isn’t possible, a ‘litigation friend’ can handle proceedings instead. This extension falls under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

In some extenuating circumstances, it may be possible to claim beyond the above restrictions. Please contact our team for more information.

Claims For Accidents At Work In Shrewsbury

Whether your place of work is an office, factory, warehouse or building site, your employer has a duty of care. Under this legal obligation, all workspaces should be kept safe from preventable harm so far as reasonably possible. If they identify any dangers, your employer should remove them immediately or reduce the risk.

In line with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, an employer could enforce the following measures:

In 2018/19, 581,000 working people sustained an injury at work. But what happens when you suffer an injury due to your employer’s negligence?

If your employer is at fault for your injuries, you could have reasonable grounds for a personal injury claim. Call our team today to find out how personal injury lawyers covering Shrewsbury can support you.

Claims For A Shrewsbury Car Accident

If you’re a regular commuter, you’re probably conscious of the risks on our public roads. But are you fully aware of your legal rights after a Shrewsbury car accident?

In the unfortunate event that you experience a road traffic accident (or RTA), you could seek legal advice immediately. Although you can make a claim without any legal assistance a legal professional will have the experience needed.

Typically speaking, an RTA is a collision between one or more vehicles on roads in public circulation. An accident could take place in a number of ways, some of which are more obvious than others. For example, this may include:

  • Head-on collisions.
  • Rear-end bumps.
  • Side-impacts.
  • Vehicle rollover.

A combination of any of the following factors could result in an RTA:

  • Alcohol/drugs.
  • Tailgating.
  • Distractions.
  • Speeding.
  • Violation of rules.
  • Fatigue.
  • Panic stops.
  • Rash, careless or reckless driving.
  • Failure to read signs properly.
  • Weather hazards (e.g. rain, ice, floods).
  • Road conditions (e.g. uneven surfaces, potholes, debris).

Accidents During The Use Of Public Transport

As a passenger on public transport, the driver will owe all those on board a duty of care. Although public transportation is seen as one of the safest modes of commuting, this doesn’t mean it’s entirely risk-free.

If a bus driver was to drive without due care and attention and cause a collision with other road users, which results in you being injured you may have a case for personal injury compensation.

Click here to read our online guide on public transport accident claims.

Accidents In Car Parks

Similarly, car park operators also hold a duty of care over those who visit. As such, the operator of these spaces must minimise risks and hazards to the best of their ability.

For example, this includes:

  • Loose/defective barriers.
  • Uneven surfaces (i.e. potholes)
  • Faulty equipment.
  • Structural integrity.
  • Raised kerbstones.

Should an accident result from a breach in these obligations, the victim could hold reasonable grounds for a public injury claim. You can read more about car park accidents by clicking here.

Claims For A Shrewsbury Bike Accident

Unfortunately, Shrewsbury motorcycle accidents can and do occur on an annual basis. For instance, the figures show that 8.5% of vehicles involved in accidents within Shropshire are motorbikes.

As cyclists are inherently at risk on the roads, due to their lack of protection, an accident can result from any combination of factors. For instance, this includes:

  • Reckless, careless or rushed driving.
  • Poor manoeuvres/turnings.
  • Neglect while looking for oncoming traffic.
  • Failure to judge another person’s speed/path.

Call our team today for free, impartial advice about your potential case.

Otherwise, click here to read more in our online guide.

Claims Against Public Liability Insurance For Accidents And Injuries

The responsibility of public spaces often falls within the hands of different operators. From business owners to private landlords, these parties will likely dispute the boundaries between them if an accident takes place. Therefore, it’s important you consult a personal injury solicitor immediately.

After accidents in public places, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did someone owe you a duty of care?
  2. Was this obligation in breach?
  3. Were your injuries the result of this?

If the likely answer is yes, you may hold a valid public injury claim. In these cases, you will claim against the owner’s public liability insurance.

Over the following sections, you will find more information about accidents in a public place.

Accidents In Parks And Leisure Facilities

Often, parks and leisure facilities are built with the purpose of offering enjoyment for those who use them. The last thing you might expect is for you or your child to experience an injury due to poor maintenance.

If those responsible for public areas neglect their duty of care it may cause;

  • Defective equipment at The Quarry.
  • Unkempt benches in The Dingle.
  • Potholes and raised kerbstones on public paths.

Should your child suffer an injury, a parent/guardian may be asked to manage the claim on their behalf. Call us today for more information about public space accident claims.

Accidents In Retail Spaces

On a weekly basis, you may visit Pride Hill Shopping Centre or Market Hall for one reason or another. All business owners/operators are expected to enforce reasonable safety measures where possible. 

In many ways, some simple precautions can help prevent incidents. For example, through staff training, employees can effectively manage obstructions on shop floors (i.e. liquids, stock, rubbish).

If you have been injured in an accident that could have been prevented had the correct safety regulations been adhered to call for free advice and speak to our specialist team.

Claims For Accidents Caused By Tripping And Falling Over

Although most employers are well-equipped with preventative measures, slips and trips are one of the most common accidents in the workplace. Subsequently, these incidents can also develop into further incidents, such as falls from height.

As such, the threat of hazards should be kept as minimal as possible. To achieve this, the following should be taken into consideration;

  • Design of the workplace.
  • Appropriate flooring.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Effective training/supervision.
  • Maintenance of plant/work environment.
  • Management of spillages/cleaning regimes.
  • Effective matting systems.
  • Suitable footwear.
  • Prevention of contamination.

95% of all major slips result in broken bones, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Therefore, if you are searching for solicitors in the town centre for advice, why not broaden your options? Call us today for more information about No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors covering Shrewsbury.

Claims For Accidents Caused By Town And County Councils

Shropshire Borough Council and Shrewsbury Town Council may manage places within your local area.

Local authorities can adopt various measures which can be put into place to make areas safe for public use. For example, these include:

  • Risk assessments.
  • Routine inspections.
  • Slip, trip and fall prevention measures

All local authorities must keep any area of responsibility as safe as reasonably possible. Public spaces could include:

  • Library at the Lantern.
  • Leisure Centres.
  • Shrewsbury Library.
  • Skateboard/BMX parks.
  • Sports centres.
  • Playgrounds/parks.

If a council is at least partially at fault for your injuries, you could hold them liable. Contact our team for more information?

Claims For Victim Based Crimes And Violence Against The Person

Did you know you can claim compensation as a victim of violent crime? When there is no other avenue for compensation, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) can help you financially. Even if the criminal hasn’t been caught, you could still claim.

The eligibility criteria for CICA claims differs slightly:

  1. The crime must be reported to the police.
  2. You only have 2-years from the date of the incident to claim.

In some extreme circumstances, you might be able to claim beyond the limitation period. For example, in cases of historical offences.

Call our advisers today for free advice on whether you can claim through the CICA.

Victim Based Crime Statistics For Shropshire

To give you a better idea of crime rates in Shropshire, please consider the table below.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 2,380
Other types of thefts 1,785
Shoplifting 1,341
Vehicle offences 1,148
Residential burglary 936
Sexual offences 708

Source: Gov

How A Lawyer Handling Injury And Accident Claims Could Help You

Over the following sections, you will learn how to expand your options from personal injury law firms in Shrewsbury to those based across the country. You can utilise legal services from anywhere in the country.

Prior to this, there are a few simple steps you can take in gathering crucial evidence:

  • Take Photographs:
    You should photograph the cause, scene and anything else of importance.
  • Seek Medical Attention:
    No matter how minor your injuries seem, you should receive treatment—either from an A&E department or local GP. Your attendance records from this visit will form important evidence in your claim.
  • Gather Witness Details:
    You can take contact details of anyone who saw the event. A solicitor will contact these witnesses at a later date for their account of the incident.
  • Report The Incident.
    It’s important you report accidents in public places to the appropriate party. In most cases, the incident will be logged in a report book. Again, a solicitor will use this as supporting evidence.

Tips On Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer For Accidents In Shrewsbury

Just because you have been injured due to an accident in Shrewsbury does not mean that you need to hire a solicitor local to the area. You are under no legal obligation to enlist the services of law firms nearby. There are factors more important than geographical location when choosing the right solicitor for you. For instance, a law firm in Shrewsbury may not have experience in making claims for certain kinds of accidents.

Modern-day conveniences such as email and videocalls mean that all parts of the claims process can now be carried out remotely. Although, if you do wish to have a face-to-face meeting with a solicitor, this can still be arranged.

The lawyers on our panel have handled claims from all over the country, including Shrewsbury. This includes claims for:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Public place accidents

Get in touch today and we can give you more information regarding the potential eligibility of your claim. In addition, we may even be able to connect you to one of the expert No Win No Fee lawyers on our panel. Our advisors are available at all times to answer your questions and offer guidance free of charge.

Why Medical Assessments And Evidence Are Important

At the beginning of the claims process, you will require a medical appointment. An independent specialist will ask you a series of questions about your injuries. From here, a report will be written about:

  • What affects your injuries have had on you.
  • And your future prognosis.

Your solicitor will use this to determine how much compensation you may receive. Therefore, it’s vitally important you attend.

How To Choose A Lawyer, The Role Of Reviews When Deciding Who To Handle Your Case

While searching online for personal injury law firms covering Shrewsbury, you will likely find plenty of client reviews. We believe this is a great opportunity to gain a genuine perspective of your potential choices. Above all, you’ll likely discover how happy previous claimants were with their solicitor’s services.

We also recommend that you call any potential choice once reading their reviews. By undertaking a short telephone consultation, you will find out what experience your personal injury lawyer has had with similar cases.

Are There Typical Payouts Awarded For Personal Injury Claims?

When you bring a case forward, your settlement will include two heads of loss: general damages and special damages. The examples in the table below are taken from the Judicial College’s guidelines— the organisation responsible for training judges in County, Crown and higher courts in England and Wales.

Type of Injury Severity Compensation Bracket Detailed notes
Eye Injury Loss £49,270 to £54,830 A bracket which covers injuries resulting in the total loss of one eye.
Jaw Fracture £6,460 to £45,540 This bracket covers a simple fracture where immobilisation is required but full recovery occurs.
Neck Minor Up to £7,890 Whiplash type soft tissue injuries where full recovery (without the need for surgery) takes between 1 and 2 years.
Back Moderate £7,890 to £12,770 Injuries include ligament damage and muscle damage that cause backache as well as prolapsed discs which require laminectomy.
Shoulder Serious £12,770 to £19,200 This bracket covers a dislocated shoulder along with lower brachial plexus damage which leads to pain in and around the shoulder and neck.
Arms Fracture £6,610 to £19,200 This bracket is for simple fractures of the forearm.
Knee Severe £69,730 to £96,210 These serious knee injuries include those where the joint has been disrupted, osteoarthritis has developed and lengthy treatment was required.
Achilles Tendon Serious £24,990 to £30,090 The tendon will have been completely severed but there will have been successful treatment to repair it. Disabilities such as weakness, limited movement or residual pain will remain.

Further from this, you can also recover any expenses you incur as a result of your injuries. As such, special damages refer to:

  • Medication.
  • Travel fares.
  • Loss of earnings (linked to the injury).

Please note, as every case is entirely unique, it’s seemingly impossible to place the same amount on a similar group of claims. Therefore, we advise you to avoid online personal injury claims calculators.

If you would like a more accurate estimation of your potential settlement, please contact our team.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Shrewsbury Accident Claims

A personal injury solicitor covering Shrewsbury on a No Win No Fee basis could help you take legal action. Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, these contracts can significantly reduce some of the financial risks associated with public injury claims. You could benefit from a range of key benefits, such as:

  • No hidden/start-up costs.
  • You won’t be held liable for your solicitor’s fees if your claim fails.
  • A small, legally capped “success fee” taken from the final amount to cover your solicitor’s services.

Call our advisory team today to discuss your options.

Contact A Lawyer For Advice

For free, impartial advice about how No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors covering Shrewsbury can help you, contact our claims team today. You can reach us via:

  • Phone Call: Dial 0800 408 7825 to speak with an adviser.
  • Live Chat: Message an online adviser using our live function on this page.
  • Call-Back: Fill in our contact form and we’ll call at a time that suits you.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember, be sure to take action before the relevant personal injury claims time limit expires.


We thank you for your time spent reading this guide. For additional information regarding public injury claims, please consider the resources below.

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