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Being involved in an accident can be a real pain and ruin your plans for the day, week or even months ahead. If the accident was somebody else’s fault who had a duty to your safety, you might be considering making a compensation claim against them for the injuries you’ve sustained, but where do you start? Well, this guide is a good place to start. We’re going to look at how a personal injury lawyer covering Redditch could help you. We’ll provide information on how a lawyer can make things easier when somebody else might be liable for your injuries, and what amount of compensation you might be entitled to.

Often, the hardest part of the claim is starting it, but we make it easy for you to do so. Our team offer a no-obligation telephone assessment of your claim. They’ll provide free advice on how to proceed and, if the claim has a reasonable chance of success, you’ll be referred to a personal injury solicitor.

To get the ball rolling, you can call 0800 408 7825 today to begin a claim. Alternatively, you can carry on reading for more information on when a No Win No Fee personal lawyer covering Redditch could support you through the claims process.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Redditch

The law is rather complex when it comes to personal injury claims. There are many things that need to be proven to make a successful claim including:

  • That the defendant owed you some form of duty of care towards your health and safety.
  • That they breached that duty of care through a negligent act which caused an accident to happen.
  • And that you suffered injuries as a result of the accident.

Proving each part of the case can be made a lot easier if you have a specialist personal injury lawyer on your side. They will understand what evidence is needed to substantiate your claim and they can explain any complex legal terms that crop up throughout the case.

As we progress through this article, we’ll look at some of the different types of accidents that can happen, when somebody else might be responsible and when you might be allowed to make a claim for your suffering.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is a 3-year personal injury claims time limit. Although 3-years is a long time, our advice to you is to start the claim while the event is still fresh in your mind. That’ll make it so much easier for you to work with your solicitor and provide them with a clear explanation of what happened.

When you’re ready to commence your claim, let us know by calling the number above. Our advisors will explain everything and make the process as easy as possible.

Redditch Workplace Accidents Compensation Claims

The first type of accident we’re going to look at is one that happens in the workplace. If you’re injured because of your employer’s negligence, you could be entitled to claim against them. That’s because they have a duty of care to try and keep you safe while working.

Therefore, it might be possible to claim for injuries caused by:

  • Unsuitable, damaged or poorly maintained equipment.
  • A lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Not enough rest breaks.
  • Poor safety training.

To discuss your workplace accident with an advisor, please contact us today.

Redditch Traffic And Road Accident Compensation Claims

Road Traffic Accident claims (RTAs) are possible when another road user causes you to become injured because of their negligence. That means you could claim for an accident on Redditch ringway, the A441, the A4023 and also the road outside your house if you suffer injuries due to third party negligence.

If an accident does occur, we’d advise you to:

  • Try and photograph the accident scene before vehicles are removed.
  • Swap details with the other driver.
  • Gather witness information and dashcam footage.
  • Visit A&E to have your injuries treated.

Then, give us a call and let us review your claim. We’ll explain whether it’s viable and if you could be eligible for compensation.

Accidents In Public Transport

While travelling as a passenger on a coach, bus, tram, train or in a taxi, you could be compensated if you’re injured due to an RTA. Also, if you sustain an injury due to damaged handrails, tables or seats you could also be entitled to claim.

Try to write down as many details as possible (and photograph damaged furniture when necessary) and then call our experts for free advice on starting a claim.

Accidents, Crashes And Trips In Car Parks

While using a public car park, there are a few ways in which you might sustain an injury. If you’re involved in a collision with another vehicle, then follow the advice above about in the RTAs section and swap details with the other driver.

You might need to claim directly against the car park operator for injuries caused by:

  • Damaged bollards or barriers which cause you to cut yourself.
  • Being struck by a faulty entrance barrier.
  • Slipping on ice because the car park wasn’t gritted in wintery conditions.
  • Defects to the footpaths which cause you to trip and fall.

The best advice here is to photograph the cause of your injuries, report the accident to the car park operator and then get in touch with our team for free claims advice.

Bike And Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

In the same way as other RTAs, a bike rider could claim compensation from another road user who’s caused you to come off your bike because they were negligent. For further information, please read our guide about cycling accidents.

Public Place Accident Compensation Claims

Now it’s time to look at claiming for accidents in public places. These could include but are not limited to, playgrounds, shopping centres, gyms, high streets and libraries. The first thing you’ll need to do is identify who’s responsible for the area. In some cases, it might be the business based in a property (the tenant), the owner of the building or, in some cases, Redditch Council.

Once you know who the operator is, then you must establish if through negligently breaching their duty of care they caused you harm. That’s where personal injury lawyers covering Redditch could help, so please get in touch and let us know why you think you are entitled to claim.

Accidents In Public Parks

You may visit Batchley recreational area or Mayfield park for a nice walk, to walk the dog or even exercise. Operators of parks must ensure they are safe as much as possible for the public to use.

If you’re injured while visiting a public park you might be able to claim compensation if the accident was caused by negligence on behalf of its operator. For instance, you might be able to claim for injuries that resulted from:

  • Missing safety tiles.
  • Broken or damaged gates, furniture or fencing.
  • Unmaintained outdoor gym equipment.
  • Damaged playground equipment.

We could help with the process of claiming or helping you claim on behalf of a child injured in a playground accident so please let us know what happened to start your claim.

Accidents In Shopping Centres And Retail Parks

If you’re out and about looking for bargains at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, you may expect reasonable standards of health and safety. In accordance with the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, retailers and operators of shopping centres have a duty of care to keep you safe while shopping.

If you sustain an injury while shopping firstly report the accident it should be logged in an accident book. Remember to photograph the cause of the accident, gather witness details, and seek medical attention for your injuries. Then give us a call and let us review what happened to see if you’re eligible to claim.

Fall And Trip Accident Compensation Claims

Some accidents caused by a slip, trip or fall could lead to very minor injuries while some accidents that look like nothing at all can cause such serious injuries, the victim might never fully recover. If the accident happened because somebody else was negligent in looking after your safety, it might be possible to be compensated. For instance, injuries caused by the following could mean a claim is possible:

  • Extension cables or electrical wiring laid across your walkway.
  • Trip hazards that weren’t easy to see due to poor lighting.
  • Slippery floors where warning signs aren’t in place.
  • Handrails which are broken or have missing sections.

We could help you make a claim for a slip, trip or fall so please write down what you remember happening and then speak to one our experts about your case.

Council Accidents Compensation Claims

There are times when the organisation you’ll need to make your claim against could be your local council. That could be the case if you’re injured in a public park, a gym, a council operated car park or even while walking along the street but only if it can be proven that your injury could have been avoided.

Redditch Council may be responsible for public highways, roads and footpaths in their area. They may have a good system of assessing the roads regularly and then a programme of work to repair dangerous defects.

Avoidable injuries may result from the following preventable hazards:

  • Broken paving slabs.
  • Damaged tarmac caused by tree roots.
  • Sinkholes and potholes.
  • Missing or damaged kerbstones.

We advise you to take a photograph of the defect that caused your injuries. To help prove how severe the defect was, you should photograph it along with a ruler or tape measure. Then, when you’re ready to begin a claim, please speak to our team for further advice.

Criminal Injury And Assault Compensation Claims

There are times when it’s not possible to get compensation from the person responsible for your injuries. That’s often the case if you’ve been the victim of a violent crime such as assault, historical abuse or sexually related crimes.

If that’s the case, there is a chance you could make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme (CICA). The compensation you’ll receive comes from the government rather than the criminal involved so will not be the same level as other types of claim.

It’s possible to claim even if the criminal hasn’t been caught or prosecuted, so long as you reported the crime to the police. Also, it’s worth noting that unless you have exceptional circumstances relating to your crime, you must make the claim within the CICA 2-year time limit.

For further advice on making a CICA claim, please contact our team today.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In Worcestershire

To view statistics relating to crime in Worcestershire, please review this data from the Government for the period ending March 2020.

Most Reported Crimes Number of Reports
Violence against the person 5,140
Shoplifting / Retail theft 3,945
Other types of theft 3,785
Vehicle-related offences 3,077
Residential Burglary 2,341
Sexual offences against the person 1,515

How Do I Make A Compensation Claim For My Injuries?

In the coming few sections, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we receive. We’ll look at why medical assessments are needed, where a lawyer should be based and what tools are available to help you find the best personal injury lawyer covering Redditch for your case.

We could save you all of that hassle though as we have a panel of specialist personal injury solicitors ready to take on your claim. All you have to do is contact one of our advisors for a no-obligation telephone consultation. When that’s finished, if there’s a chance of success with your claim, you’ll be referred to a No Win No Fee solicitor to begin the claims process.

Why Does My Claim Need Medical Evidence?

It’s important that any personal injury claim is supported by medical evidence. If you don’t supply any, or the evidence isn’t strong enough, you might miss out on the compensation you deserve. A solicitor will always make an appointment for a local medical assessment during your claim.

At the meeting, your injuries will be assessed and your medical records reviewed. The medical specialist will also discuss how you’ve been affected day to day by your injuries. Following that, they’ll write a report containing all of the relevant information and send it you your lawyer.

Do Claims Need Local Lawyers Or Solicitors?

You might think that hiring a personal injury lawyer in Easemore Road, Church Green or Alchester Street in Redditch would be the easiest thing to do as they’re all local. However, our advice is to widen your search area and consider using a nationwide service provider. That’s because, claims are generally directed over email, online, the telephone and in writing – so where an office is located really doesn’t matter.

By broadening your search you could find one who has more experience or has recently taken on a claim just like yours.

How To Use Reviews To Check Services Provided By Lawyers

Whenever you fire up a web browser to shop online, you’ll usually end up reading some sort of online review. With regards to finding a personal injury lawyer covering Redditch, they can provide some very useful information from previous clients.

To make a more informed choice about the law firm you’ll use, we also suggest you speak with them directly after reading reviews. In that way, you can ask them why they’re the best personal injury lawyer to handle your case, how they plan to tackle it and what level of compensation they hope to achieve.

Typical Personal Injury Compensation Payouts

You’re probably wondering what amount of compensation a personal injury solicitor covering Redditch can achieve for your injuries. Well, as you can probably imagine, every claim is different. Some people sustain a single injury while others suffer multiple injuries. Also, some claimants have already recovered fully while another might have a long-term disability as a result of their accident. That’s why we can’t offer a personal injury claims calculator. Instead, we’ve added the table below that provides some example figures for different injuries. The figures quoted are taken from a guide used by solicitors – Judicial College.

Body Part Injured How Severely? Compensation Further comments
Jaw Serious £16,860 to £28,610 Serious jaw fractures that have permanent consequences. For instance, the claimant suffer paraesthesia or have trouble opening the mouth properly.
Nose / Nasal Complex Fracture £3,710 to £4,790 This bracket covers a displaced fracture of the nose where recovery is complete following surgery.
Neck Minor £2,300 to £4,080 This category is for injuries such as whiplash where any soft tissue damage recovers fully, without surgery within 3-months to a year.
Shoulder Moderate £7,410 to £11,980 Injuries such as frozen shoulder which causes limited movement and discomfort for a period of around 2-years.
Arms Serious £36,770 to £56,180 This category is for serious fractures of either both or a single forearm which leads to a functional or cosmetic permanent disability.
Wrist Minor £3,310 to £4,450 Fractures of the wrist that are minimally displaced (or very minor undisplaced fractures) which require a bandage or plaster to be used for a few weeks.
Achilles Tendon Serious In the region of £36,060 Injuries which lead to the cessation of active sports such as the tendon and peroneus longus muscle severing and causing swelling, cramp and restricted ankle movement.

The amounts shown aim to compensate you for any pain, suffering or loss of amenity. On top of that, you could be eligible to claim for special damages. That’s the term used to cover expenses you’ve had to incur because of your injuries. They also vary from case to case but could include replacement property costs, lost earnings, travel expenses, care costs or medical expenses.

To help your personal injury solicitor claim for special damages, our advice is to hold on to benefits statements, wage slips, bank statements or similar items that could help substantiate your claim.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Redditch

To ease the financial burden of claiming and to reduce stress levels, use a solicitor that offers a No Win No Fee solution.

The process begins with the solicitor reviewing your claim to check it has a chance of a successful outcome for you. If they’re happy that it is, and you wish to continue, you’ll get a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) to review and sign.

The CFA is used to fund your case and means that:

  • You don’t need to send any payment for the case to begin.
  • There won’t be the need to pay solicitor’s fees while the case is ongoing.
  • In the unfortunate event that the claim fails, you’ll not need to pay the solicitor’s fees at all.

The CFA will also provide details of the success fee payable if your claim is won and compensation is paid. This is a percentage of your compensation used to cover the work the solicitor has carried out. As the fee is listed in your CFA, you’ll know what it will be from the start of your claim. Also, to ease any worries you might have, we should explain that success fees are capped by law.

If you would like our experts to assess your claim and see if using a No Win No Fee agreement is possible, please reach out to us today.

Consult A Lawyer

Here are the best methods of contacting our advisors:

  • Call us free on 0800 408 7825 to discuss what’s happened and to receive free advice.
  • Explain your claim to a friendly member of our online team via the live chat option.
  • Let us know what happened by completing this online form and we’ll arrange to call you back at a suitable time.

As discussed earlier, any claim our panel of solicitors agree to work on will be conducted using a No Win No Fee service.

Supporting Resources

To assist your research into finding a personal injury lawyer covering Redditch, we’ve added some additional extra content which you may find useful below. We hope that our article has helped you but if there is anything else you’d like to know, please ask an advisor today.

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Alba Sanchez Mascunano Edward Street,
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Masroor Ahmed Broad Oaks,
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Redditch Magistrates’ Court

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