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Personal injury lawyers Ramsgate

Personal injury lawyers Ramsgate

You may be seeking legal advice after suffering an injury due to an accident in Ramsgate which wasn’t your fault. But what is involved in the claims process? Allow us to explain.

This guide provides a breakdown of personal injury claims for injuries that could be suffered in Ramsgate. It’ll be covering No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Ramsgate that could support your compensation claim. And it also covers accident scenarios, the legal process itself and typical compensation payouts for potential injuries. You can click any of the headings below to visit the section of your choice.

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  6. Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents In Ramsgate
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Ramsgate

If you wish to make a compensation claim for an injury in Ramsgate, we recommend talking to a personal injury solicitor. Personal injury lawyers covering Ramsgate could handle your claim, however, you must meet the following 3 criteria to make a successful personal injury claim:

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • But that was breached,
  • And that resulted in you suffering injuries.

This guide aims to cover as much information with regards to personal injury claims, including:

  • Accidents at work
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Public transport accidents
  • Incidents in a public place
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • And criminal injuries

Now, for any personal injury claims, there is a personal injury claims time limit. This means you have 3 years to claim from the date the accident occurred. Alternatively, you have 3 years to claim from the day you obatin knowledge. 

Also, a close relative or another appointed representative could act as a litigation friend for a child or someone who lacks the mental capacity to claim by processing the claim on their behalf. If the child turns 18 and no claim is made they will then have 3 years to claim themselves if the person recovers their mental capacity their 3 years will start from the date of recovery. 

Accidents At Work In Ramsgate

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 notes that employers should so far as reasonably possible keep employees safe looking after their:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Wellbeing

Accidents in the workplace that lead to injuries could include:

  • Being injured by a hazard
  • Breaking bones after dropping heavy equipment
  • Slipping on a spilt liquid that hadn’t been sign-posted
  • Being hurt from a machine due to lack of sufficient training
  • Receiving burns from a boiling liquid due to minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The HSE states that there were more than 693,000 employee injuries during 2019/20,. And these were only the reported incidents

If you suffer an injury at work, due to your employer being negligent you could seek legal advice on making a personal injury claim to receive compensation. A personal injury lawyer covering Ramsgate could handle your case from there. Discover more by talking to our friendly team.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers Covering Ramsgate

The M2 and A2 are major roads connecting Ramsgate with other areas.Traffic accidents occur on major roads around the country, cosequently resulting in various levels of severity. It was reported that there were 1,784 fatalities on the road in 2018 alone. Not every road traffic accident will result in such tragedy, but the causes of road traffic accidents are generally similar. They could include:

  • Not adhering to the road’s speed limits
  • Ignoring red traffic lights
  • Being distracted while behind the wheel
  • By-passing road signs
  • Driving recklessly or while under the influence of alcohol

Road conditions could also cause an accident such as a road with a deep pothole or malfunctioning traffic lights. That could lead to an accident and serious injuries being suffered. If you are in a car accident in Ramsgate yourself which causes you an injury due to the negligence of another road user, you could make a compensation claim

Please call us today to discuss your car accident by using the number at the top of this page.

Public Transport Accident Claims

All drivers of public transport should demonstrate a duty of care towards their passengers and other road users. If a driver is driving negligently and causes a collision then the duty of care has been breached,

Public transport operators, train companies, bus companies and taxi companies all have a duty of care to their passengers. If an accident is caused causing passengers an injury because the operator of the public transport failed to adhere to the rules of the road then they could be liable for any injuries suffered. You can learn about how to claim after a public transport injury in Ramsgate by using our Live Chat.

Car Park Accidents

Then we come to car parks. Even at minimal speeds, low-velocity collisions in car parks may cause damage to you or your property. Whether it’s another driver reversing into you while bay parking or not giving way, injuries could occur.

If another motorist does injure you, you could make a compensation claim. And we could assist you with that process. Therefore, you could find out about car park injuries by clicking here, or you could contact us for further details.

Cycling Accident Injury Lawyers

Brake says that those on 2 wheels are 63 times more likely to suffer an injury or die from crashes than car drivers. That underlines the vulnerability of cyclists on the road due to them having minimal protection. 

An example of a cyclist accident could be a driver not checking their blind spot. The consequences of such a basic error could be severe. A cyclist could suffer broken bones, torn muscles, permanent mobility issues and mental anguish. All of which may prevent them from riding their bike again in the future. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you may wish to speak to us about making a compensation claim. Call us anytime using the number above to discuss a cycling accident in Ramsgate.

Public Place Accident Injury Lawyers

A day out to Ramsgate Tunnels or Viking Bay can be lots of fun. It is essential for those who manage public spaces to always have public safety at the forefront. 

Public spaces are usually places the public can go without prior permission or pay an entrance fee to enter. They can also include, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, leisure centres, cinemas and much more. Those who operate public spaces have a duty of care to members of the public that use their services, to provide a safe and hygienic place for people to visit. Injuries caused through negligence could mean the operator may be liable to pay compensation.

Public Park Accident And Injury Claims

King George VI Memorial Park or Ellington Park are places in Ramsgate the public may want to visit. Days out in parks and playgrounds can be much fun for all the family, they are often used for leisure, exercise or even walking the dog. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) estimates around 40,000 hospital visits from children every year after an accident in a park/playground. For more information about injuries suffered in parks, please call our advisors today. They can answer any questions you may have in a free no-obligation consultation and evaluate the merits of your case. 

Ramsgate Shopping Area Accidents And Injuries

There may be times when you suffer an injury at a shop or supermarket. Accidents involving falling items, hazardous signage or wet floors may cause injuries that could have been prevented. The following may be the causes of hazards which cause accidents leading to injuries;

  • Poor housekeeping
  • Bad aisle maintenance
  • Minimal staff health and safety training

If you are injured in a shop or supermarket because there was a breach in the duty of care that was owed to you, you could have the foundation to claim compensation from the responsible party. Our team is always available for you to discuss any shop-related accidents and injuries.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents In Ramsgate

The HSE states that 95% of major slips, trips and falls in work result in broken bones. It’s concerning, though not surprising, that these accidents could cause serious injuries. And we’re not just talking about short-term fractures either. Careers, mobility, even lives; they could all be severely impacted. Typical scenarios could include:

  • Slipping on spillages that have not been signposted. 
  • Tripping over trailing cables
  • Falling over stock left in shopping aisles. 

If you suffer an injury from a slip, trip or fall accident, you can get in touch with us today. And we could then advise you if you have a valid compensation claim.

Claims Against The Council

All councils have a duty of care for public areas they manage. The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 is there to place a duty of care on those who operate public spaces and services to ensure that they are safe for the public to use.

Councils manage and operate many of the public services in our local area. Generally, they are responsible for leisure centres, gyms, parks, playgrounds, public buildings and services as well as social housing and social care. Not to mention pavements and roads. All of which have to be maintained and repaired regularly to prevent anyone from being harmed unnecessarily.

Councils may have inspection systems in place so that each area they are responsible for is looked at and viewed to ensure there are no hazards that would cause preventable injuries. 

If you have suffered an injury in a public place managed by a council and you think it could have been avoided please call our team today for further advice.  

Criminal Injury Claims

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) can be claimed through when you have suffered an injury or mental illness due to a crime you are victim to if there is no other option. The CICA handles compensation claims for crimes causing physical or mental harm, thus also covering crimes in Ramsgate.

You should firstly report the crime to the police. You have 2 years to claim from the date that the crime occurred. This limitation period extends for the likes of historic sex crimes. You can speak with our knowledgeable team by telephone, or contact form or our Live Chat.

Criminal Injury Statistics

This table shows the crime statistics for Thanet.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 2,077
Thefts 1,400
Vehicle offences 1,208
Shoplifting offences 1,100
Bicycle thefts 153
Sexual offences 611

Talk to us anytime about a crime for which you have been the victim.

How To Claim With Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Ramsgate

Now, let’s talk about the claims process itself. To take the first step towards making an injury claim, it’s advisable to speak to our team. They could then put you in contact with our panel of personal injury solicitor covering Ramsgate. They would determine the likelihood of you winning your case, based on your particular situation. If the odds are high, then they could begin to build your case. This would be done using evidence that you have provided, along with further evidence that they gather.

Areas Of Ramsgate Where You May Find Solicitors And Lawyers

You may feel you have to go to Queen Street or High Street for legal advice. But our panel of personal injury solicitors can cover cases across the UK, and that includes Ramsgate. Get in touch by giving us a call today.

What Is A Medical Examination And Do I Need One?

A medical examination is a full check that you would receive from a doctor, and when it comes to your case, it is vital that you recieve one. An independent medical examination is a crucial part of the claims process. After all, it provides a full diagnosis of your injuries. It would also determine your expected recovery period as well as assessing the potential long-term impact of the injury. 

Crucially, it may establish a clear link between the incident and your present-day condition; but for the accident, you’d be okay. All of this increases your chances of receiving adequate compensation. Want to know more? Chat with our friendly team anytime.

Do Reviews Of Solicitors Help Me Choose Who To Handle My Claim?

Positive reviews of solicitors would definitely influence which personal injury law firm you should pick. Conversely, negative reviews would also help you to steer clear of those who aren’t suitable to represent you. Other factors such as successful track records, suitable credentials and any specialities may also be factors in your decision. But make sure to not prioritise locality. Our panel of personal injury solicitors has the capabilities and knowledge to ensure you receive the right amount of compensation regardless of your location. 

If you wish to find out more, you can call us by using the number above.

Typical Payouts For Personal Injury Claims

You may be aware of online personal injury claims calculators. They exist to provide compensation estimates, but these figures could often prove to be somewhat misleading. Why? Well, because each injury varies in severity and the long-term impact on the victim. 

Also, the victim’s personal circumstances could play a hand in determining the payout figure. That’s why we would rather get to know you and your exact situation to provide a much more accurate estimate. Before then, though, there are numerous potential payout figures in the table below, which come courtesy of the Judicial College.

Type Severity Compensation Additional Comments
Back Injury Severe £85,470 to £151,070 A back injury with significant pain, incomplete paralysis and impairment to numerous functions within the body.
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Severe £49,270 to £78,840 Intense, burning pain which makes moving or even touching the affected limb intolerable.
Fractured Cheekbone Moderate £4,080 to £6,060 A simple cheekbone fracture with reconstructive surgery required but no lasting effects.
Fractured Jaw Moderate £6,060 to £8,200 A simple jaw fracture with immobilisation required but with a complete recovery.
Facial Disfigurement Mild £1,600 to £3,310 Small scarring to the face with minor visibility.

To learn more, you can use our 24/7 Live Chat.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Ramsgate

 The benefits of No Win No Fee solicitors could include:

  • No requirement for any legal fees up-front
  • Nor is there any requirement for legal fees before or during litigation
  • Whilst your No Win No Fee solicitor takes a nominal amount (called a success fee and capped by law), it’s only if you receive compensation

Basically, an unsuccessful case means you wouldn’t pay any legal fees to your personal injury solicitor. This greatly reduces financial headaches, which makes the legal process a lot easier. So get in touch with us today to discuss No Win No Fee.

Help & Contact

We’ve said all that we can say, so now we want to hear what you have to say! Don’t forget that our knowledgeable team is available to chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personal injury lawyers covering Ramsgate could support your compensation claim. Get in touch by using the following methods:

For anyone in Ramsgate, we could help you, and we look forward to talking to you about your case.

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Thank you very much for reading our guide on No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Ramsgate. We hope we have answered all of your questions about compensation claims. If not, the links below provide further guidance. Also, we’ve listed your nearest medical professionals that we work with, your nearest County Court, and your nearest council.

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Doctors Who Conduct Medical Assessments

Medical Expert Location
Soran Saeed Physiofit Kent, 7 Boughton Parade,
Loose Road, Maidstone ME15 9QD
Kashif Aziz Oakwood Park, Maidstone ME16 8AE
Tariq Ayyoub Regus Maidstone,
26 Kings Hill Avenue,
West Malling, Maidstone ME19 4UA

Contacting Thanet County Court

Thanet County Court
Cecil Square, Margate CT9 1RL

Contacting Ramsgate Town Council

Ramsgate Town Council
The Custom House, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8LP

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