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Our Guide To Using Personal Injury Solicitors Covering Preston

Personal injury lawyers Preston

Personal injury lawyers Preston

When you suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, you should consider whether or not the accident occurred under the watch of someone with a duty of care over you. 

If the accident you suffered could have been prevented by someone else fulfilling their responsibilities it could be that the law and your rights have been violated and you may be owed compensation.

This guide has been put together to help you if you have suffered an injury that was not your fault and you are looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Preston to help you bring about a compensation claim, or if you are still only looking for advice about doing so.

We are Public Interest Lawyers and we take pride in helping to make the process of seeking compensation easier for our clients. We hope that this guide serves as a useful introduction and that when you have finished reading it you will feel confident enough to consider getting in touch to ask about starting a claim with us. 

You can also get in touch and talk to us if you have any questions about how making a claim works. Call us today on 800 408 7825, or send us a message via our live chat feature located on our website.

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  5. Public Space Accidents
  6. Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents
  7. Preston Council Accident Claims
  8. Criminal Injury Compensation
  9. How To Make A Compensation Claim For An Accident In Preston
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Preston

This guide comprises two sets of sections. One is a list of the more common situations accidents could arise in which you could be owed compensation and outlines briefly how such claims would be made. 

Don’t worry if the kind of accident or injury you have suffered isn’t listed here, these are just a few examples and you are free to get in touch to discuss making a claim about other more specific circumstances.

The other set of sections will go into some detail about how various aspects of making a claim works, such as tips for finding the right solicitor, how to work with a lawyer outside of Preston and how No Win No Fee claims work. 

Throughout this guide, we will also include other handy resources, such as links to other pages on our website and pages from various online resources. Always remember that this guide is only an introduction, and reading this is only the first step towards making a compensation claim. 

If there is anything you find confusing or wish to know more about, please call us or send us a message to arrange a free consultation.

Accidents In The Workplace In Preston

Though there can never be total certainty of no accidents happening in a workplace, the law does require that employers assume responsibility for the safety of their employees. 

The employer in any workplace has a legal obligation to take all reasonable steps within their control to reduce the risk of avoidable accidents and injuries in the workplace. If an injury occurs during an accident in the workplace that is linked to any failure on the part of the employer, then a compensation claim could be made against them.

Public Interest Lawyers could help you to seek compensation from an employer if they have allowed you to be injured as a result of unsafe working conditions. 

If you want to learn more about how we can do so, please call us and receive a free advice session using the contact details at the end of this page. 

To read through some key important workplace safety legislation, you can visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

Road Traffic Accidents In Preston

If you have an accident on the road that is not your fault, you could be entitled to claim compensation from the road user responsible. Road users could be held as being responsible for causing an accident if or when they are found to have breached their duty of care to other road users. 

Road users have a duty of care to drive safely, in accordance with the law and with other road users safety in mind. Drink driving, failing to indicate and breaking the speed limit are all examples of the kind of driving conduct that could make a driver potentially liable in the event of an accident.

If you have been in a road traffic accident and you want to know more about making a compensation claim, please get in touch. The sub-sections below outline in some detail other more specific types of road traffic accidents for which you could be entitled to make a claim.

Injuries Caused By Using Public Transport

You could suffer an injury while using public transport, either due to a collision because of unsafe operation/driving of the vehicle or because of an accident you suffer while onboard the vehicle (i.e tripping and falling due to poor floor conditions.) If this occurred because of the negligence of the company operating the public transport, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

This is because public transport operators have a duty of care over those who use their services. They are responsible for passenger safety and could be liable for failing to meet these obligations if it causes someone to get hurt. 

To find out more about making a compensation claim against a public transport operator, please get in touch with our team or read our guide.

Car Parking Area Accidents

If an accident in a car park is caused by the car park being in a state of disrepair then you may be able to seek compensation from its operators. This is because the owners and operators of car parks have a duty of care over those using their premises. 

It is their responsibility to ensure that the buildings, surfaces, pavements, barriers, signage and lighting are maintained to a standard that is safe and does not cause avoidable risk of harm. 

To learn more about making compensation claims against car park operators, click here.

Cyclist And Motorcycle Accidents

Being on a bicycle or a motorcycle makes you especially vulnerable to injury in a road traffic collision, as you are less visible to other drivers compared to other vehicles and have little to no physical protection from your vehicle in the event of a collision. 

This is borne out of the disproportionate amount of deaths and injuries suffered by cyclists in road traffic accidents. It is also why other drivers must meet their duty of care towards you.

If you have suffered an injury in a cycling accident and you believe that with the help of a personal injury lawyer covering Preston you may be able to prove the other driver involved was at fault, why not call our team for more advice and information? Why not also read our guide to making compensation claims when you have been the victim of a cycling accident here?

Public Space Accidents

Any space that is open to the public will have some authority or another which controls it and is responsible for its operation and upkeep. Any such authority has a duty of care over members of the public or customers who make use of their public space. 

This means that such a body could be liable for paying compensation if their failure to properly maintain and operate the space leads to someone being injured. For this reason, most operators of public space employ public liability insurance in the event that they are made to pay out compensation to a claimant.

Injuries In Parks And Open Spaces

Public parks are a fairly good example of a public place which is the responsibility of a third party to maintain (usually, though not always, the local council) and which could potentially become rife with injury hazards if this responsibility is not met. 

Public parks which have playing equipment for children or public gym equipment could potentially become dangerous if said equipment is not maintained or is left open for public use when damage has become apparent.

Failing to carry out maintenance of paths and plant life can also cause hazards. Footpath surfaces which are cracked or overgrown with grass or tree roots can pose tripping hazards. Failure to carry out rubbish collection and clearing of litter from the park can also cause liability in the event of someone getting injured, for example, if someone falls and is cut by glass from a broken bottle. 

If you are curious to know whether or not an injury you have recently suffered in a park could justify a compensation claim, we recommend calling our advice team.

Injuries In Shopping Areas

Shops are another good example of a public space where people could get hurt if the owners of the space do not fulfil their responsibility to keep it safe. 

Examples of how poor management could lead to accidents could include:

  • Allowing haphazardly stocked items to fall off shelves.
  • Poorly assembled displays and shelves posing the risk of collapsing.
  • Allowing non signposted wet patches of floor to pose a slipping hazard.
  • Allowing staff to move pallet carriers, trollies or carts without training or due care.

To know more about whether you are entitled to make a claim against a shop, call our team or read our guide.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

One of the most common ways people get hurt in accidents, and one of the most common ways companies or third parties can be liable, is through slips, trips and falls. 

Preventing slips, trips and falls is key to preventing fairly serious injuries and to meet any operator of public space or private businesses’ duty of care to their guests, customers or other members of the public. 

Various failures in management and maintenance could lead to this type of accident, such as:

  • Not repairing ripped or frayed carpets or other floor surfaces like linoleum.
  • Not clearing up puddles or mopping wet patches of floor.
  • Not putting salt down to prevent ice from posing a slipping hazard.
  • Not carrying out repairs on pavements or road surfaces.

To learn more about making a claim for an injury caused by slipping, tripping or falling over, contact our team today.

Preston Council Accident Claims

You may be entitled to claim compensation if you have suffered an injury during an accident while in a council controlled property. Local councils are most likely responsible for operating at least some of the local libraries, one-stop shops, swimming pools, public parks and youth centres in your area. 

Local councils are also often responsible for maintaining many of the roads, pavements and public footpaths in any given area. Local councils are therefore liable if their failure to ensure that proper maintenance is carried out leads to people being injured. 

If you feel that you have been injured due to a local council’s failure to carry out their responsibilities, get in touch to discuss making a claim.

Criminal Injury Compensation

Another kind of case in which you could be awarded compensation is a criminal injury case. In other words, when you have been injured or psychologically traumatised by the deliberate criminal actions of an offender. 

This kind of compensation can be awarded even if the person responsible has not been identified or convicted, or if they are no longer alive, such might be the case if you were to seek compensation for physical or sexual abuse you suffered as a child.

Claims for criminal injury compensation are managed and monies are awarded by the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA), a subsidiary organisation of the Ministry of Justice. You can learn a lot more about how criminal injury compensation works on the government’s CICA website

You can also learn a lot more about how we can help you by making a phone call to us today.

Rates Of Violent And Victim Based Crime In Preston

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 1,355
Theft 1,086
Shoplifting 898
Vehicle offences 697
Burglary 441
Sexual offences 399


How To Make A Compensation Claim For An Accident In Preston

Working with the right solicitor could mean the difference between success and failure in regards to your case. The lawyer’s role is so vital in making compensation claims because it will be mostly their job to gather evidence, represent your case and take on other important tasks during your claim.

Do Cases Always Need A Medical Report?

You must receive a medical exam when preparing to bring about a case. Arrangements can and will be made for you to receive a medical assessment, even though you will likely have already been seen by a doctor if you have suffered an injury.

It is important to receive this sort of exam because it allows you to have a medical report that confirms the existence of an injury but also confirms the extent of the injury, thus enabling you and your solicitor to calculate how much compensation you are entitled to.

Do Claims Need To Be Handled By A Lawyer Close To You?

Though you may be looking for a personal injury lawyer in Preston, you do not need to work with a lawyer who works in Preston. The actual location of your lawyer is not relevant to your case. All legal claims can be made online or over the phone, with you and your solicitor communicating and sharing any documents as necessary via phone calls, video calls and emails.

How Looking At Reviews Will Help You Find The Right Lawyer

You should spend some time looking through online reviews of lawyers to find the best one for your case.  Reviews can help you to identify not only which solicitors have a background in dealing with cases most similar to yours or which solicitors have the most successful record, but they can also help you to identify which solicitors work best with their clients by acting with professionalism and communicating well.

Typical Amounts Of Compensation Paid Out For Accident Claims

In each compensation case, the client will have different types of injuries with different amounts of long term effects. The extent to which the claimant has suffered from physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma and the extent to which their injuries will prevent their lives from returning to normal afterwards will all have an impact on the level of compensation they will be entitled to. 

Compensation can range from just a few hundred pounds, for example, in cases where the claimant has suffered relatively minor injuries that will heal within a few weeks. In more serious cases where the claimant will suffer lifelong health problems due to their injuries, the compensation awarded may come to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The table below shows some examples of the amounts of compensation that can be paid out for different types of injuries.

Injury Severity Compensation
Shoulder Severe £18,020 to £45,070
Injury to the hip Moderate £11,820 to £36,770
Arm Severe £90,250 to £122,860
elbow Severely disabling £36,770 to £51,460
Ankle Very severe £46,980 to £65,420

The figures in the above table come from the Judicial College Guidelines, a publication used by those in the legal industry to value claims.

It is also worth noting that the claimant’s financial losses can also be compensated in a payout. For example, if the claimant is unable to work or has taken on heavy medical costs as a result of their injury, this can be covered by the compensation. 

This form of compensation is known as special damages and is calculated separately to the compensation for the injuries themselves. Special damages are not included in the figures in the above table.

For more information on the types of expenses you could claim, get in touch with our team. If they think your case is viable, they can connect you with our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Preston the same day!

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Preston

For some claimants, the threat of having to pay the costs of making the claim without having won any compensation may be a deterrent to attempting to make a claim in the first place, even though they would have valid grounds for doing so. 

Public Interest lawyers do not want anyone who may be entitled to claim compensation to miss out on the opportunity to do so. We make sure that everyone who claims through our panel of personal injury lawyers can make a No Win No Fee claim. 

This is an agreement signed between the claimant and the solicitor stating that if the client receives compensation, a portion of it will go to the solicitor as payment for taking on the case. It also states that no form of legal fees will be expected from the claimant by the personal injury lawyer if the case is unsuccessful. 

To learn more about how No Win No Fee claims work, please feel free to contact our team for further advice.

Consult A Lawyer

You’ve reached the last section of our guide on the services offered by our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Preston. You can now reach our team to discuss making a claim or to ask questions about anything you have read on our website. You can reach them by:


Thank you for reading our guide on the services offered by our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Preston. Below, you can find some further guides you may find useful.

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