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Personal injury lawyers Oxford

Personal injury lawyers Oxford

Did you suffer an injury on the roads? Is your employer neglecting their duty to prevent trip and fall accidents at work? Maybe you’re unsure of what public liability insurance is? You can find answers for all these questions in this guide.

If someone else’s negligence was the cause of your injuries, you could claim compensation from the responsible party. As this page will explain in further detail, there are countless types of personal injury claims.

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  6. Trip And Fall Public Place Accidents
  7. Local And City Council Accident Compensation Claims
  8. Victim Based Crime Compensation Claims
  9. How Lawyers Could Help You Claim For Accidents In Oxford
  10. Find Lawyers Handling Accident And Injury Claims By Checking Reviews
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  12. Personal Injury Lawyers Handling No Win No Fee Claims 
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Oxford

A personal injury solicitor can represent victims in a number of different cases, including:

  • Public injury claims.
  • Bike accident claims.
  • Traffic accidents in Oxford.
  • Trip, slip and fall accidents.
  • Council accidents.

But the list doesn’t stop here. Almost any accident which results from another person’s negligence could form the basis of a personal injury claim. As long at the accident wasn’t your fault and lead to an injury, through a breach in the duty of care you were owed you may be able to claim compensation.

Limitation Periods

For accidents involving adults, the typical limitation period is 3-years from the accident date or knowledge of the injury. If your case involves a child, on the other hand, then a parent/guardian can claim on their behalf until they turn 18. From their 18th birthday, the child has 3-years to claim on their own accord.

If you require any assistance with the information in this guide, please contact our claims team. Our specialists will provide you with more information and impartial advice about your options.

Work Accident, Sickness And Illness Claims

All workspaces, whether outdoors or indoors, big or small, must be held to strict health and safety legislation at all times. This means employers must assess the workplace on a regular basis and remove any hazards if possible they identify.

If your employer fails to uphold this legal duty, you could hold them accountable for any injuries you suffer as a result. A risk could take any number of forms, such as:

  • Defective equipment.
  • Insufficient training.
  • Lack of advice on safety procedures.
  • Neglect to issue the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Any of the above risks could arise at any given moment. According to recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), approximately 111 deaths resulting from workplace accidents were recorded in 2019/20. In addition to this, 28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related illnesses and injuries.

To make a claim for a workplace accident in Oxford, contact our team today.

Traffic And Motorcycle Accident Claims

Whether you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Oxford or a head-on collision, you should question the circumstances of the incident:

  • Did the other road user owe a duty of care?
  • Was there a breach in this duty? (i.e. driving without due care or attention)
  • Were your injuries the result of this breach?

If your answer is “yes” then you could pursue a personal injury claim for compensation.

Public Transport Accident Claims

You could also claim compensation for injuries in accidents on public transport. This includes trains, buses, coaches and private hire vehicles and taxi companies.

Accidents And Collisions In Car Parks

Moreover, if your injuries were the result of a collision in a car park, then you could also be eligible to claim compensation. But another road user doesn’t have to be the reason for your accident. These incidents could result from fault car park barriers, road defects or other extenuating factors.

However, unlike road traffic accidents, you may direct your claim against the car park owner rather than another driver. Call our team today for more information about personal injury claims for accidents in car parks.

Oxford Bike Accident Claims

An Oxford bike accident could cause severe injuries for the cyclist, due to the lack of protection these road users have. Similarly, the same could be said for motorcyclists too. You could secure a settlement agreement with the help of a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Oxford for a number of accidents and bike accidents are no exception.

If you’d like more information about compensation claims for motorcycle accidents in Oxford, please contact our advisers.

Examples Of Accidents In Public Places

If your injuries stem from accidents in public places, you may not know where you stand legally. In short, as various different pieces of legislation apply to these cases, it can mean anyone is responsible. From landowners and business owners to local authorities and tenants. Therefore, legal support from a specialist could play an important role in your claim.

There are numerous examples of accidents in public places, some of which you may not be aware of. But you can find some of the most common below.

Playground, Park And Public Area Accidents

If you or your child suffers an injury from a park or playground, you could seek legal justice against the relevant authorities for negligence. In these cases, the cause may be broken play equipment or defective pathways (i.e. potholes).

For claims involving children, your lawyer will require you to become a ‘litigation friend’. This is because children are restricted from representing themselves in legal matters. You’ll act on your child’s behalf during the claim and liaise with solicitors or courts. Once an agreement is reached, a court will manage the damages via a trust fund until the child turns 18-years-old.

Oxford Store Accidents & Shop Injuries

In cases where shops are the liable party, the cause will usually be a breach in the duty of care shop owners owe their staff and customers. Any form of business, whether this is retailers or supermarkets, must uphold reasonable standards at all times.

Above all, they should produce relevant safety procedures and train staff accordingly, as this will help retain their legal duty. This is especially important for retailers providing food.

You could pursue public accident claims for injuries relating to:

  • Cuts and/or lacerations from damaged shop fittings.
  • Trips/falls from stock on the shop floor.
  • Elevator malfunctions (e.g. being trapped).
  • Food poisoning from cross-contamination.
  • Allergic reactions by inadequate food labelling.

If you are unsure about whether your case is eligible for compensation, call our claims team today.

Trip And Fall Public Place Accidents

A slip, trip or fall accident could result in a number of injuries; some of which are incredibly severe. These include:

  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Cuts and bruises.
  • Fractures.
  • Back injuries.
  • Head injuries.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are multiple causes for slips, trips and falls. Although many of these are easily preventable given the right procedures are put in place.

From obstructions in pathways to broken handrails, the responsible party must conduct regular checks to minimise these hazards as much as possible. Therefore, a breach in this duty could be reasonable grounds for a personal injury claim.

Local And City Council Accident Compensation Claims

Your local authority could be held accountable if your injury results from a public place. They must carry out regular checks for public highways such as roads and footpaths. If a pothole, kerbstone or tree root is out of place and you suffer an injury, you could claim damages.

A claim will look at how this failure by the council took place. This can be a particularly tricky task. For more information about local authority compensation claims, please click here to read our online guide.

Victim Based Crime Compensation Claims

The Government operates a legal organisation known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). A victim can use the CICA to seek compensation for injuries which result from violent crime.

An injury could result from a number of incidents, including:

  • Assault.
  • Robbery, mugging or attempted robbery.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Rape.

However, unlike personal injury claims, a case made through CICA has slightly different criteria. All claims must be reported to the police. In addition to this, victims are given a 2-year limitation period; though the CICA may extend this in exceptional circumstances.

Even if your attacker is not caught, you could still claim compensation. Please contact our advisers for more information on the CICA scheme.

Statistics For Rates Of Violent Crimes In Oxford

The following table demonstrates crime figures for the Oxford area. Remember, if you were a victim of violent crime, you could secure a settlement amount for your physical or psychological injuries.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 1,303
Vehicle offences 1,390
Other forms of theft 1,939
Shoplifting 1,765
Burglary 556
Sexual offences 596

How Lawyers Could Help You Claim For Accidents In Oxford

Without professional guidance, you could be left with an overwhelming amount of factors to take into account. Who was to blame? What evidence will you require? How will you build a strong enough case?

A personal injury lawyer will know how to do all this and more. What may be tricky for some is of second nature to a legal specialist. While your solicitor does all the hard work, you can relax and focus on your recovery.

However, there are some important steps you could take following an accident which will help provide sufficient evidence for your claim:

  • Take Photographs:
    After an accident, take special care to capture the scene, cause and other contributing factors to your injury.
  • Visit A Doctor
    You should visit A&E, a GP or other relevant medical practices if you suffer an injury. Not only will this provide treatment, but you could request these medical records as supporting evidence later down the line.
  • Gather Witness Details
    Your solicitor will contact any witnesses at a later date for their account of the events.
  • Report The Accident
    If the accident took place at work, you should report the accident. It is vital this is in an official report book with a managerial signature.
  • Photograph Injuries
    As your injuries heal, you should take photographs throughout the recovery process. Again, this will be useful evidence for your claim.

What Happens During Medical Check-Ups?

A significant piece of evidence your solicitor will require is a medical report. The examination itself will provide a professional, in-depth assessment of your injuries. An independent medical professional will ask you a series of questions relating to your injuries. In turn, the evidence that results will help quantify your total damages.

Will My Case Be Handled By A Local Lawyer?

Instead of searching for solicitors near me, you should broaden your options to law firms across the country.

For the majority of your claim, you can receive regular updates of any progress from the comfort of your home via letter, phone, email or post. When you require a medical appointment, it can be arranged as close to your home as possible. This is to minimise any unnecessary travel on your part.

Find Lawyers Handling Accident And Injury Claims By Checking Reviews

After an accident, your mind may be flooded with worries and concerns. The last thing you need on top of this is added pressure to find the best solicitor. But sometimes it can feel like there’s too many to choose from. How do you know what qualities are most important? What happens if you make a mistake?

Simply read reviews left by previous claimants. Not only will you discover how reliable, successful or experienced a solicitor is, but you can compare these against other solicitors to find the most suitable representative.

Calculating Typical Personal Injury Compensation Payouts

At some point in your claim, you may be curious about how much compensation you could receive. In hopes of satisfying your natural curiosity, you may be tempted by online personal injury claims calculators.

Each claim is unique, these tools can only provide rough estimates of your potential payout. What we can provide you with, however, is a bracket that your claim may fall into.

The table below demonstrates some examples of these brackets in accordance with various injury types. The amounts shown are taken from a document known as Judicial College Guidelines. Once your claim receives a professional assessment, a personal injury solicitor will provide you with a more exact figure central to your claim.

Injury/Illness: Notes: Amount:
Foot Injuries Moderate to Very Severe £12,900 to £102,890
Achilles Tendon Minor to Most Serious £6,820 to (the region of) £36,060
Knee Injuries Moderate to Severe £13,920 to £90,290
Leg Injuries Moderate to Very Serious £26,050 to £51,460
Back Injuries Minor to Severe £7,410 to £151,070
Neck Injuries Moderate to Severe £23,460 to (the region of) £139,210
Brain Damage Less Severe to Moderate £14,380 to £205,580

Call our advisers today for more information about settlement agreements.

Personal Injury Lawyers Handling No Win No Fee Claims

Many experts recognise this agreement to significantly reduce the financial burdens of compensation claims.

By using legal services on a No Win No Fee basis, you will have access to key benefits, such as:

  • No hidden fees or start-up costs.
  • You won’t be held accountable for your solicitor’s fees if unsuccessful in securing a settlement amount.
  • A small, legally capped “success fee” taken from the final amount to cover your legal costs.

If your solicitor agrees to take on your personal injury claim, the agreement type they may offer you is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (or CFA). When you call our claims team, an adviser will explain the details of these agreements in further detail.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Case

Thank you for taking the time to read our online guide. If you have any questions or you’re ready to begin your claim, please contact our advisers using one of the following methods.

  • Call our claims team on 0800 408 7825.
  • Speak with an online adviser using our live chat function.


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