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Did you suffer an accident in Lincoln, UK, today or in the last 3-years? Was the cause of this accident third-party negligence? If so, you could hold a valid injury claim.

In this online guide, you will find free, impartial advice about how a personal injury lawyer covering Lincoln could help you start a claim for compensation. In addition to this, we will also look at why No Win No agreements significantly reduce the financial risk of pursuing a claim.

What’s more, we will cover as many common accident types as possible. But as the list is seemingly endless, it would be near enough impossible to include every single scenario.

With this in mind, if you cannot find your circumstances on this page, please don’t worry. A friendly adviser from our team will evaluate your unique case through a free, no-obligation consultation.

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  3. Lincoln Traffic Crash Injury Compensation
  4. Cyclist Injury Compensation
  5. Public Space Injury Compensation
  6. Slipping And Tripping Injury Compensation
  7. Council And Local Authority Injury Compensation
  8. Criminal Injuries Victim Compensation
  9. How To Claim Damages
  10. How Reviews Could Help You Choose The Right Lawyer
  11. Calculating Typical Damages Awarded For Personal Injury Claims
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Lincoln
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Lincoln

Whether you suffer from an accident at work or a road traffic accident in Lincoln, UK, you could seek legal advice if you were owed a duty of care which was breached and caused your suffering. Claims include:

  • Public injury claims.
  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Criminal injuries.

If you are unsure about the validity of your claim, please do not hesitate to contact our claims team. An expert can help to understand the unique circumstances of your case and advise your next steps with your best interests in mind.

Please continue reading this guide for more information about how No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Lincoln can help you.

Is There A Time Limit?

We must determine whether your case falls within the relevant personal injury claims time limit.

Typically speaking, any case involving an adult allows 3-years. It will begin from the date you obtained knowledge that your injuries were at least partially the fault of a third party.

Whereas for child victims, the process differs slightly as minors cannot represent themselves in court. Instead, a parent/guardian can assume the role of a ‘litigation friend’ to handle proceedings on their behalf. If no action is taken before the child’s 18th birthday, they’ll have 3-years from this date to pursue their own claim.

In cases where the claimant no longer possesses the mental capacity to claim, the limitation period begins once the victim recovers. Again, if no claim is made, a ‘litigation friend’ can bring the claim forward on their behalf under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

There are some extenuating circumstances which may waiver these time limits. Please call our advisers to discuss your options.

Workplace And Work-Related Injury Compensation

As an employer, there’s a legal duty to uphold for all staff members. The law expects reasonable safety standards at the very least for the duration of everyone’s employment.

It’s vitally important to minimise all risks associated with workplace accidents to the best of their ability. A primary piece of legislation which emphasises this is the Health and Safety at  Work etc. Act 1974.

Under this Act are the general duties of an employer. A few examples of these responsibilities include:

  • Regular risk assessments.
  • Inspections, maintenance checks and repairs.
  • Displaying flyers, posters and other HSE-approved material in the workplace.
  • Supervision of dangerous tasks,
  • Supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In a report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there were 581,000 records of workplace injuries in 2018/19. According to the same report, 111 workers lost their lives in fatal workplace accidents in 2019/20.

If you suffer an injury following an accident at work, then get in touch with our advisers for free advice and support.

Lincoln Traffic Crash Injury Compensation

Any collision involving a vehicle, or other road user is seen by the law as a road traffic accident (RTA). Whether on the road or on public transport, if you suffer an accident in Lincoln, UK, you could claim compensation for harm.

For a valid claim, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Did the other road user owe you a duty of care?
  2. Was this in breach?
  3. Were your injuries the result of this?

If the likely answer is “yes” to all of the above, a personal injury solicitor could manage your claim on your behalf.

An RTA can result from a number of causations, such as:

  • Distractions.
  • Tailgating.
  • Panic stops.
  • Drink driving.
  • Speeding.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Weather hazards (e.g. ice, floods, rain, fallen trees/pylons).
  • Road conditions (e.g. uneven surfaces, potholes).

From minor bumps to head-on collisions, you could claim compensation for an injury you suffer as the result of a negligent road user.

Injuries On A Train, Taxi Or Bus

You could still take legal action even if someone else was operating the vehicle in question. As a passenger on public transport, you could claim compensation for accidents involving:

  • Trains.
  • Coaches.
  • Buses.
  • Private hire taxis

As a rule of thumb, most forms of public transport are significantly less hazardous than cars, motorcycles or other vehicles. However, they aren’t entirely risk-free. In a 2019 Government report, 3,090 bus and coach casualties were recorded on Great British roads.

Injuries At A Public Car Park

The operator of car parks should retain reasonable safety standards for all those who visit.

If the party in question is in breach of this legal duty, the victim could seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. Consequently, these proceedings can become difficult if the suspected party disputes the boundaries of these spaces.

Please contact our claims team for more information.

Cyclist Injury Compensation

Unlike larger vehicles (e.g. cars, vans, lorries), cyclists lack both visibility and protection on the roads. As a result, they may be more susceptible to injuries following road traffic accidents.

In a recent Cycling UK report, there were 3,707 serious injuries and 99 pedal cyclist fatalities on Great British roads in 2018.

A similar report, again by Cycling UK, found the main causes of these incidents as:

  • Not looking properly.
  • Failure in judging another person’s speed/path.
  • Careless, reckless or rushed driving.
  • Poor manoeuvres/turns.

Call our claims team today for advice following a bike accident in Lincolnshire.

Public Space Injury Compensation

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, the requirement for public spaces to be kept safe is upheld. If the operator breaches this requirement (i.e. by neglecting safety measures) then they could be held liable.

A public place may include:

  • Roads.
  • Car parks.
  • Facilities/centres (e.g. public swimming pools).
  • Pathways.
  • Public squares.
  • Parks/playgrounds.

If you are in search of a personal injury lawyer covering Lincoln, please contact our advisers’.

Injuries At The Playground Or Park

Our favourite parks are a source of enjoyment for many. Whether the park is a stage for your daily run or an ideal choice for playdates with the kids, you should be kept safe from harm.

In upholding safety standards, all local authorities should implement relevant policies and procedures as frequent as necessary. However, over recent years multiple park departments have seen significant cuts in budgets. As a result, the council may spend less time tending to these areas.

A public injury claim involving an adult will allow 3-years for a claim to be made. On the other hand, those involving children will require a ‘litigation friend’ to act on their behalf. In such circumstances, the litigation friend will communicate with the relevant legal bodies. Once an agreement is made, the funds will remain in a trust fund until the minor turns 18.

Injuries At The Shop Or Supermarket

Whether you visit these sites as a customer or a contractor, every business, retailer and shop must uphold their duty of care.

Most importantly, an appropriate level of safety must be met. From appropriate staff training to the upkeep of cleaning standards, an operator can help minimise the risk of accidents taking place.

If you suffer an accident in Lincoln, UK, that was not your fault you will likely claim against the operator’s public liability insurance.

Slipping And Tripping Injury Compensation

A slip, trip or fall is an accident known as one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Subsequently, these incidents could result from a number of different hazards. Therefore, your employer must implement the necessary procedures to prevent such risks.

As the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests, these include:

  • Regular housekeeping.
  • Design/maintenance checks.
  • Walkways.

If your employer fails in upholding their legal duty, you could claim compensation for harm. Across the workplace alone, 95% of major slip and fall accidents led to broken bones in 2018/19.

Click here to read our online guide on slips, trips and falls.

Council And Local Authority Injury Compensation

Along with the above areas, all spaces under council responsibility should exhibit reasonable expectations of safety standards at the very least. But if a member of the public suffers following a preventable accident in a public place, they could claim compensation for their injuries.

The council can be held responsible for a number of areas, including:

  • Footpaths.
  • Roads.
  • Public highways.

Call our claims team today for more information about how personal injury lawyers covering Lincoln can help you.

Criminal Injuries Victim Compensation

Even if the perpetrator isn’t caught or convicted, you can claim through a criminal injuries compensation scheme — known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). When there is no other avenue, this executive agency of the UK Government provides criminal injuries compensation and victim support.

The CICA lends support for numerous crimes, including:

  • Robbery, mugging or attempted robbery.
  • Assault.
  • Rape/sexual assault.
  • Sex crimes.

Please note, the limitation and requirements for CICA claims are slightly different from personal injury claims:

  • There is only a 2-year time limit from the date of the crime;
  • And you must report the crime to the police.

In some cases, it may be possible to seek justice beyond this 2-year time limit. For example, in cases of historical sexual abuse.

Call our claims team today to find out how you can claim compensation as a victim of violent crime.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In Lincoln

In the table below, you will find crime and disorder statistics for Lincoln.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Shoplifting 1,776
Violence against the person 1,421
Other thefts 984
Vehicle offences 739
Burglary 582
Sexual offences 576

Source: Gov

How To Claim Damages

Generally speaking, the difference between a successful outcome or a missed opportunity for damages may depend on your choice in legal representation. Therefore, it’s important to dedicate some time researching your potential representative.

In the following sections, we will describe how you can do this effectively.

Why Medical Evidence Is Essential

As your medical assessment will provide crucial evidence in supporting your personal injury claim, it’s vital you attend.

During this assessment, an independent specialist will ask you questions about your injuries. From here, they will compile a report. Typically, this report will describe the effects, long term suffering and what the prognosis of your injuries is.

You Do Not Need A Local Lawyer

If the best personal injury lawyers aren’t in Lincoln, why waste your time?

A large proportion of law firms can handle cases across the country. If you do end up using legal services outside of Lincoln, you’ll likely receive regular updates via letter, email or phone.

Similarly, when you require a medical appointment, it will likely take place as close to your home as possible. Thus, minimising necessary travel on your part.

Find out how No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Lincoln can provide an expert service wherever their location. Call our claims team today.

How Reviews Could Help You Choose The Right Lawyer

Often, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of legal services online willing to take on your claim. But with so many options may come an overwhelming state of stress. Certainly, this is the last thing you need following an accident in Lincolnshire.

But there is a way to ease this process.

Simply read online reviews. By doing so, you can compare the experience of each lawyer against each other. What’s more, you may also discover how reliable and successful your choices are.

At the same time, you should also speak with a specialist over the phone. After a quick conversation, you’ll get a clearer idea of whether someone is trustworthy and right for the job.

Calculating Typical Damages Awarded For Personal Injury Claims

A natural curiosity many claimants arrive at is how much compensation a successful claim could award. Consequently, as every case is unique, it can be difficult to place the same amount on similar groups.

With this in mind, we discourage using personal injury claims calculators. As these tools only provide general estimates, you could end up with a false sum.

However, in the table below you will find settlement amounts. These figures are taken from the Judicial College’s Guidelines.

Injury: Notes: Amount:
Foot Injuries Moderate to Amputation of Both Feet £12,900 to £189,110
Ankle Injuries Moderate to Severe £12,900 to £46,980
Leg Injuries Moderate to Very Serious £26,050 to £85,600
Pelvis/Hip Injuries Moderate to Severe £11,820 to £122,860
Back Injuries Moderate to Severe £11,730 to £151,070
Neck Injuries Moderate to Severe £7,410 to (the region of) £139,210
Brain Damage Less Severe to Very Severe £14,380 to £379,100

If you would like a more accurate estimation of your potential damages, please contact our claims team today.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Lincoln

In a No Win No Fee agreement, you will find the terms and conditions of how your solicitor will receive payment for their services.

You as the claimant will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • No hidden costs.
  • No start-up fees.
  • If your solicitor fails, you won’t pay their fees.
  • Only a small “success fee” taken from the final amount when they do succeed (capped by legislation).

Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), experts widely recognise this as a way of reducing financial risks often found in personal injury claims.

Call our team of experts today to find out how No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Lincoln can help you.

How To Talk To A Lawyer

The next step towards a successful accident claim is using one of the contact methods below. Remember, a friendly adviser will assess the validity of your potential claim for free.

Contact our claims team via:

  • Phone: Dial 0800 408 7825 for your free telephone consultation.
  • Contact Form: Use this form to receive a call-back from an adviser.
  • Live Chat: You can also chat with an online adviser using our instant messaging function.


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