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Have you suffered an injury or illness through a breach in the duty of care owed to you? It can be a difficult and overwhelming scenario, especially if it’s the first time you have experienced such an event.

In this article, we will cover a host of various personal injury claims. This ranges from bicycle accidents to accidents at work. As well as incidents such as accidents in supermarkets and public areas such as playgrounds and parks. If you have suffered an injury, the effects can last for a serious length of time.

A personal injury lawyer covering Leicester could support you providing you with legal advice and checking if you are eligible for a personal injury compensation claim. Our team of advisors can offer their knowledge to you over the phone via a free consultation on 0800 408 7825.

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  6. Slip And Fall Accident Claim Lawyers
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  9. How Do Claims With Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Leicester Work?
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Leicester

A key piece of information to note when it comes to making a personal injury claim is that there is a specific time window in which you can claim before the window expires. Generally speaking, this is 3 years from the point of the accident or date of knowledge. There are circumstances where this may be extended. For example, if a child was involved in the accident they are eligible to claim 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday.

We will look to assist you with any questions you might have about the claims process. Our advice is free and impartial. One thing that is crucial to us here at Public Interest Lawyers is that you can seize the opportunity of gaining justice and compensation for your injuries. Our panel of solicitors covering Leicester will investigate your case on a No Win No Fee basis. We explain exactly what this is towards the end of the article but essentially it means you will pay nothing upfront to have your claim investigated.

It’s important to note that you may not see your specific set of circumstances in this guide. This doesn’t mean you can’t claim. We touch on the most common types of accidents, but there’s a wide variation on what exactly constitutes a personal injury claim. You can call our team directly if you do not see your circumstances listed and we can look to help you straight away.

Accidents At Work In Leicester

To suffer an injury in any scenario is problematic, depending on the severity of the injury it can have untold consequences for the rest of your life. If the accident is a result of our carelessness, it is easier to accept the ramifications. If an injury is not your fault but due to employer negligence you may be eligible to be compensated for your suffering.

Firstly, when it comes to your workplace, your employer has a legal duty of care to make sure the workplace is safe. If they are not carrying out risk assessments in line with legal regulation as well as regular health and safety checks they are putting you and your colleagues at risk. Generally speaking, reasons for an accident at work could potentially include:

  • Slipping on a wet or damaged surface that isn’t signposted.
  • Insufficient training on health and safety policy.
  • Protective equipment that isn’t regulation standard.
  • Sustaining an injury from poorly maintained equipment.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and if you would like to discuss your specific incident with somebody, feel free to contact our team directly.

Road Accident Lawyers Covering Leicester

Driving safely and following regulations ensures that we are upholding our duty of care to other road users.

Despite our best efforts, there is always a possibility we may encounter poor and reckless driving, and as a result of this, an accident and subsequent injury could occur. If you’re injured in a road traffic accident through the negligence of somebody else, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation for suffering caused. Personal injury lawyers covering Leicester can help you and guide you through the process.

Leicester Public Transport Accident Claims

Have you suffered an injury as a result of an accident on public transport? If you’ve been injured in a collision whilst travelling on a bus in Leicester, or a taxi or train, you may be able to claim compensation if the accident you were injured was through no fault of your own.

If you are injured on public transport due to faulty and defected furniture or equipment claims may be against public transport providers like a rail/bus company, or a private hire taxi company.

A personal injury lawyer covering Leicester could help you ascertain who could be held liable for your suffering and set the plans in motion to gain you the compensation you are entitled to.

Vehicle And Pedestrian Accidents In Car Parks

The operator in control of a car park must ensure that it is kept safe for those who use it. If you are unsure of who owns/operates the premises, a key thing to note is that these cases can be hard to navigate without the help of a specialist. You are under no obligation to instruct a personal injury lawyer, but it is advisable so that you can look to maximise your chances of receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

Much like many of the sections in this article, we have specific pages dedicated to the topics themselves where we explore the type of claim in far more detail. You can find the page for this section by clicking here.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Covering Leicester

Heading out on our bike and staying active is an integral part of many people’s daily routines. Unfortunately, cycling on the road comes with quite a credible risk, as bikes lack the protection other vehicles have.

Causes of cycling accidents injuries include:

  • Careless or reckless driving, or speeding.
  • A driver’s failure to judge a cyclist’s speed or path of travel.
  • A diver performing a manoeuvre and not being aware of a cyclist.

Our guide for this type of claim can be found here. If you want us to explore this type of claim for you, please call our personal injury advisors who can offer further information.

Accidents In Public Places

Working hard and enjoying our leisure time is something that can’t be taken for granted. The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 explains the onus of operators of public spaces in ensuring they are safe for public use. Several areas and buildings fall under this definition, including but not limited to:

  • Public parks
  • Leisure centres
  • Libraries
  • Car parks
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

This isn’t an exhaustive list, the sections below detail the types of situations that are defined as accidents in public spaces.

Accidents In Public Parks And Play Areas

Going out to the local park is something most of us enjoy. The operating person in control of a public park must ensure that the park is safe and fit for public use. Usually, this job falls to the local council. They have a duty of care to ensure pavements and cycle lanes situated inside the park are maintained properly and that they’re not left damaged and unrepaired so far as to cause a hazard. If the poor maintenance within the park has inflicted injury, personal injury solicitors may be able to help you make a claim.

Potential causes of injuries in a public park include things such as potholes or fallen trees on cycle lanes within the park. A full breakdown of how to go claim for this type of incident can be found here.

Accidents In Shops And Shopping Centres

If you have slipped on a liquid in a supermarket that wasn’t signposted this is a common type of claim that would fall into this category. If the supermarket’s negligence has caused you to suffer an injury, call us and we will be able to assist you further.

Claims for accidents in a public place such as a shop or shopping area could be made against the business itself, the maintenance company that has a responsibility to keep the area safe, or even the local authority if it is their responsibility to keep public shopping areas safe for the public to use.

Slip And Fall Accident Claim Lawyers

You might be eligible to seek compensation if you’re injured in a fall which has been caused by:

  • Wet floors with no warning signs.
  • Broken handrails on stairs.
  • Damaged/cracked pavement or pathways.

Slip, trip and fall claims can result in serious injuries. Whoever supervises the maintenance of the area where the accident happened has a duty of care to ensure it’s preserved adequately and that the risk of injury is minimised as much as possible. Health and safety regulations must be followed otherwise they may be liable for any injuries sustained, personal injury lawyers covering Leicester will look to recover any losses for you. This covers several different financial losses, such as loss of wages or modifications you have to make to your home due to your injuries.

Council Accident And Injury Lawyers Covering Leicester

The local authority can be held accountable for any injury that has been sustained in any public space that falls under their ownership if they have failed to properly maintain the area, this includes things such as damaged pavements or potholes that aren’t properly signposted.

Councils may be responsible for areas such as:

  • Public Highways
  • Footpaths
  • Roads

Our advisors can help you if you want more information about this type of claim. You can call us for more information or you can see our guide on the subject here.

Criminal Injury Lawyers Covering Leicester

Consequences of a violent crime can persist for months, sometimes years after the incident has taken place. Some victims of violent crime never recover from their trauma. It’s an incredibly difficult situation to come to terms with.

Our panel is experts at handling these types of sensitive cases and will look to help you gain an accurate amount of compensation. When there is no other way to gain compensation the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which allows victims of violent crime to receive compensation may compensate you for your suffering. You can still claim through CICA if the perpetrator was never convicted or caught. Examples of violent crime are things such as sexual assault, ABH/GBH and common assault.

The expiration date for CICA claims is shorter than any other type of personal injury claim. The police must have been notified of the incident and a Crime Reference Number is required for us to progress your case further. You are eligible to claim up to 2 years from the date of the crime. In exceptional circumstances, the time limit might be extended by the CICA, but this is generally the time window that is set for this type of claim.

Leicester City Centre Crime Statistics

Please see the table below which details violent crime statistics in Leicester in July 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence and sexual offences 34
Public order 18
Other theft 15
Anti-social behaviour 11

How Do Claims With Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Leicester Work?

We are now going to look at different areas of the personal injury claims process. If you would like any additional information please call our claims team, who through a free no-obligation consultation can answer any questions you may have.

What Happens During A Medical Assessment? 

Your solicitor will arrange an appointment with a local medical expert to examine your injuries and ask some questions about your injury. Once this information has been compiled, details of your injuries corroborated by the doctor will be used as evidence to strengthen your case. The solicitor will then use this report to add monetary value to your claim.

Does My Case Need A Local Lawyer?

Sometimes the top personal injury lawyers are not located in your area. You can now instruct a specialist without having to leave the house. You can receive regular updates via phone and email so you can look to go about your day to day life whilst they work tirelessly in the background. Call our claims team today to find out how personal injury lawyers covering Leicester can help you.

How Looking At Different Reviews Helps You Choose A Lawyer

By reading personal injury lawyers reviews online, you can get a genuine feel as to what previous clients think of their services. Comparing reviews between solicitors is usually a good way of measuring a solicitors’ performance. This method may prove useful when instructing a specialist, you want to ensure they have the expertise to maximise the chance of your case being a success.

Typical Settlements In Personal Injury Claims

No two cases are the same, and for this reason, we can’t give a precise valuation of your claim without weighing up all the facts. To get a general idea of how much you could look to receive for specific types of injury, we have compiled a personal injury claims table rather than a calculator. This is based on a document called the Judicial College Guidelines. This is used by both solicitors and insurers to ensure your compensation award is fair. You can see our table for general injuries below. For a more specific valuation, feel free to call our team.

Injury: Notes: Amount:
Brain Damage Less Severe to Very Severe £14,380 to £379,100
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Moderately Severe to Severe £21,730 to £94,470
Fractures of Jaws Simple Fractures to Very Serious Multiple Fractures (followed by multiple treatment/permanent consequences) £6,060 to £42,730
Other Arm Injuries Injuries Resulting in Permanent and Substantial Disablement to Severe Injuries £36,770 to £122,860
Wrist Injuries Less Severe to Complete Loss of Function £11,820 to £56,180
Leg Injuries Above-knee Amputation of One Leg to Loss of Both Legs £98,380 to £264,650
Achilles Tendon Minor to Serious £6,820 to £23,460

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover The Leicester Area

A personal injury solicitor covering Leicester may provide their services on a No Win No Fee basis. What this means is that you will not have to pay your solicitor’s fees if your case isn’t successful and you do not receive compensation. The only fee that is taken is a small success fee taken from the final amount. They are commonly referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (or CFAs). This percentage is legally capped and is designed to cover your solicitor’s costs.

Getting In Touch With A Lawyer

To speak to our knowledgeable advisors there are several ways you can do this:

Supporting Resources

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our guide. We hope you have found it useful. Please see some further related pages if you’d like further information.

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