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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Solicitors Covering Leeds

Personal injury lawyers Leeds

Personal injury lawyers Leeds

If you’re based in Leeds and have suffered an accident through the fault of somebody else, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to making a claim.

Will I have to pay costs upfront? Do I need to use a solicitor based in Leeds? I’ve been injured whilst on my bicycle, do I have the same rights as other road users? There is no need to worry, we will answer all of these questions for you. We will also cover several more related topics in this article.

Here at Public Interest Lawyers, we want to ensure you receive clear and accurate information when it comes to enquiring about a claim. You can find a breakdown of each specific section below if you’d prefer to jump directly to the segment that is most relevant to your situation.

If you’re the type of person who would prefer to speak to someone directly to get answers about your incident, our team is more than happy to help as well. You can call us on 0800 408 7825 for further information and we will be happy to assist you.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyer Who Cover Leeds

Throughout this article, we will look to provide you with impartial advice about personal injury claims. The advice we provide is free and we hope you find it useful. Here at Public Interest Lawyers, we believe that there shouldn’t be any barriers to justice, especially if the accident you were involved in was no fault of your own.

There’s a vast amount of things you can claim for when it comes to a personal injury claim. You may not see your specific set of circumstances in this guide, however, this doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible. You can contact our claims team if you find yourself in this position, and we can help you immediately with your enquiry.

You will receive a consultation about your claim free of charge, and a specialist personal injury lawyer from our panel can be instructed to open a case for you.

When it comes to claiming for personal injury, it is not an open-ended window. For example, if your claim was over 3 years ago it is unlikely we can help you. Typically this is the time window in which a claim can be lodged—3 years from the date of the accident.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if a child is involved in an  accident they have 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday to make a claim themselves unless you wish to make a claim on their behalf beforehand

There are other special circumstances where the time limit may not apply. Our claims team will be able to tell you whether or not your claim falls under this category.

Accidents At Work In Leeds

Whether you work in a supermarket, an office or a warehouse, each work environment presents unique dangers and your employer has a duty of care to make sure these dangers are minimised.

Accidents at work are also referred to as ‘reportable incidents’ – a full definition of what is considered a ‘reportable incident’ can be found here. Generally speaking, it includes things such as:

  • An injury that requires an ambulance or hospitalisation.
  • Eyesight/hearing loss.
  • Slipping on an unmarked wet floor.
  • An accident in a work vehicle.

The Health And Safety At Work etc Act 1974 is the legislation that protects you in the workplace and despite the best efforts of a lot of employers, workplace accidents are still fairly common.

As well as the obvious examples of neglect, your employer may have breached their duty of care. For example, your employer might not have kept up to date with health and safety regulations and this has led to you sustaining an injury.

Statistics provided by the government show that over half a million people suffered workplace injuries in the UK in 2018/19 – and in many of these cases, it was through no fault of the injured party.

Our panel of lawyers will be able to ascertain whether or not it was the fault of your employer, so you can access the justice and compensation you deserve.

Lawyers Handling Road Traffic Accident Claims In Leeds

Adhering to road safety regulations ensures that we are minimising the risk we are exposing ourselves and other road users too. We want to avoid harm, but we also do not want to put other innocent road users in danger.

Unfortunately, there are many road users who do not have this mindset. Whether somebody is uninsured or simply a reckless driver, they heighten the chance of being injured in an accident and in turn could cause you harm. You may be a driver or a passenger, but you should not suffer as a result of somebody else’s carelessness on the road.

If you’re injured in a road traffic accident through the negligent actions of a third party, you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences alone and the person responsible should not be able to continue to drive freely without being held accountable.

Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds are here to help you.

Accidents And Injuries On Public Transport

Unbeknownst to some people, you can claim for an injury if you were a passenger on public transport. The term ‘public transport’ encompasses a wide range of vehicles and methods of travelling, such as:

  • Private hire taxis (e.g. Uber)
  • Coaches
  • Trains
  • Buses

Public transportation is considered one of the safest ways to travel. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a completely safe form of travel. Our guide on this specific matter delves into further detail, and if you have been a victim in this type of incident, our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds can look to assist you further.

Accidents And Injuries In Car Parks

A lesser-known type of injury claim comes from accidents that have taken place in car parks. Again, we have a comprehensive standalone guide that can give you detailed information on this type of claim.

To summarise, you could be injured by a faulty banner, a slippery surface that hasn’t been signposted, or somebody may have collided with you or your vehicle whilst you were entering or exiting the car park.

Irrespective of the level of injury you suffered, if the car park accident was not your fault, you could be eligible to claim compensation and our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds can investigate this further.

Lawyers Handling Cycling Accident Injury Claims

For many of us, cycling is a fun hobby or a cheap and effective way of travel that boosts our general health and wellbeing. Statistics highlight just how dangerous cycling on UK roads can be as nearly 100 cyclists were killed in accidents in 2018 and over 4,000 were seriously injured.

There are many ways you can suffer injury as a cyclist, as your collision will likely be with a vehicle which is usually much larger and travelling at a higher speed. You may have been overtaken dangerously or carelessly knocked off your bike at a junction.

Our guide details exactly what you can do if you’re looking to claim for this type of incident. If you don’t know who was liable for your accident, why not call us and we can assess quickly if you’re eligible to claim.

Lawyers Handling Public Place Injury Claims

Whether you are walking through a shopping centre, taking the dog out for a walk, or just going for a jog through the park, the one thing that should remain constant is that the premises and grounds that you use are safe for public usage.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 details the legal implications for companies and councils that do not adhere to keeping the areas they control as safe as possible. Several areas and buildings fall under this definition, including:

  • Public parks
  • Centres/facilities – e.g. leisure centres and libraries
  • Car parks
  • Pathways

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Please see the following subsections  for more specific guidance for this type of accident claim.

Accidents In Public Parks And Playgrounds

If your child has suffered an injury due to an inadequately maintained play area in a park, our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds can assist you if you’re looking to claim on their behalf. Or perhaps you’re the one who has suffered an injury directly  due to slipping on an icy pathway in a local park or cutting yourself on broken glass that hasn’t been cleaned up.

Local authorities have a responsibility to the public to make public areas such as this safe, and if they have failed to do so, you could make a claim against them for injuries suffered as a result.

This type of claim would be made under public liability. You can find more information on this type of claim in our guide here.

Accidents In Supermarkets And Shopping Centres

Most of us will conduct multiple supermarket trips in any given month, and you expect the company that controls the property to carry out the necessary health and safety checks to ensure you are not injured whilst doing so. .

Common types of supermarket injuries include slipping on a liquid that hasn’t been signposted or items falling from a height. Additional supermarket accidents include:

  • A supermarket employee rolling over your foot with a full cage of stock.
  • Faulty machinery, such as lifts and escalators.

Here at Public Interest Lawyers, we want to provide you with well-written guides so that you can start your claim from an informed position. Therefore, much like many sections in this article, you can find more detailed information on this type of incident here.

Ultimately, if you feel you are in a position where you have suffered an injury through the negligence of a supermarket or shop employee, our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds can delve into the matter in more detail.

For a supermarket or shopping centre to fully ensure they have the funds to cover this type of claim, they should take out a public liability insurance policy. This makes it easier for them to compensate you for your injuries. It’s worth keeping in mind that not all businesses have this cover, as it is not a legal obligation.

If the company doesn’t have insurance it can certainly complicate matters. However, we will still be able to help you and your cause.

Lawyers Handling Slip, Trip And Fall Injury Claims

You may think you have no grounds for a claim if you have tripped over a broken pavement which was damaged and left unrepaired. In addition to this example, you may have slipped, tripped or fallen in an unsafe workplace or on a wet floor that wasn’t cleaned up.

In these instances, somebody has failed to adequately  maintain the area and you shouldn’t have to suffer because they’ve failed to adhere to their duty of care.

Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds can establish quickly whether or not you have a potential case. Call us to find out more, or read our guide to find out whether your injury falls into this claim category.

Lawyers Handling Claims Against Leeds City Council

Claiming against a large local authority can be a daunting prospect. If you have suffered an injury in Leeds, the council may very well be responsible for hazards and other areas of neglect in any public space that falls under their control.

The legislation which holds councils’ liability extends over a variety of spaces, including roads, parks and footpaths. Claiming against a local council is also something a personal injury lawyer covering Leeds could help you with. For example, you may have:

  • Been injured in a council building, such as a library
  • Suffered injuries while in a public park/pathway
  • Suffered an accident in poorly kept local authority housing

Regardless of the type of injury you have sustained, if you suffered due to the neglect of Leeds Council and can prove their failings, we can look to move a claim forwards for you and look to obtain justice and compensation for your injuries.

Lawyers Handling Leeds Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

Suffering the implications of a violent crime can be incredibly challenging. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds will help you gain access to the justice you deserve.

The government operates the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which allows victims of violent crime to receive compensation for their suffering. Even if the criminal who caused your injuries wasn’t prosecuted, you can still claim through the CICA.

This includes crimes such as:

  • Sexual assault/abuse (including historic abuse)
  • Common assault
  • Shootings/stabbings

The expiration date for a claim via the CICA is shorter than any other type of personal injury claim. You are eligible to claim up to 2 years from the date of the crime. In exceptional circumstances, the time limit might be extended by the CICA. One essential factor is that the police must have been notified – as a Crime Reference Number is required.

Leeds City Centre Violent Criminal Statistics

Information provided by the government in the table below breaks down  criminal offences in Leeds during  the previous year.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 9,555
Theft 9,106
Vehicle offences 7,799

We cannot even begin to imagine the level of suffering you have been subjected to if you’re looking to claim for a violent criminal act. We hope you take some comfort in the fact that gaining justice for these horrific and damaging crimes is what drives us. We want to give you a voice so you can find some closure and can move forward with your life.

How You Could Claim With Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Leeds

An essential part of a successful claim is the evidence that is available to  your solicitor, so that they may  put across the strongest possible case for you.

The reason we require this evidence is to strengthen the chances of your claim being a success as well as maximising your compensation payout. However, we understand completely that gathering evidence isn’t the first thing on your mind when you have been injured during an accident

If you can photograph the injury as well as the site of the accident, these would be key pieces of evidence that would support  your version of events.

Another key piece of evidence is a witness statement. If an independent witness can corroborate your story and clearly state that you suffered through somebody else’s negligence, this would further strengthen your case. This is why it’s important to try and gather the contact details of any potential witnesses with regards to the incident in question.

What Happens At A Medical Exam And Will I Need One?

A thorough medical exam from a professional will also help to back up your claim and detail your injuries. As part of the claims process, you will be asked to see an independent practitioner who will ask you a series of questions about your current injuries as well as any long-term suffering, such as mental and emotional trauma. This report will then be collated and added to your case.

Do Claims Need To Be Handled By Local Lawyers?

The short answer to this question is no. You are free to choose a solicitor that is based anywhere in the UK. You are under no obligation to choose a personal injury lawyer in Leeds. This means you have the freedom to select the best solicitors for the job from the comfort of your own home.

You can choose a specialist based on their expertise and their track record. Our personal injury lawyers covering Leeds have vast amounts of experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with personal injury claims. They are ready and waiting to extend that same service to you today.

How You Can Find A Lawyer For Your Case By Looking At Reviews

If you’re searching for ‘the best personal injury lawyers covering Leeds’ the likelihood is you’ll be hit with pages of results from solicitors claiming to offer you the best service. But how do you know they are truly offering a premium service?

One way to find out whether you’re likely to get high-quality service is by reading the reviews that other users have posted. You will be able to obtain a valuable insight into what kind of service other claimants have obtained, as well as  gauging things such as how effectively they communicate with their clients and how successful their claim rate is. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Leeds deal with matters like this every single day, and we can be trusted to use the full extent of our expertise, in order to ensure you receive the highest-quality service possible.

Typical Examples Of Personal Injury Claim Settlements

Payouts for a personal injury claim are not set in stone, as there are many different variables to consider. For this reason, we have not included a personal injury claims calculator in this guide. Usually, claims calculators  only provide a rough estimate based on previous payouts and may not be suitable for your case or your injuries, therefore, we would not want to mislead you with this information.

Specific insight on the value of injuries can be provided over the phone. What we have provided  however are  some figures from the Judicial College Guidelines which  detail how much compensation could be suitable for specific levels of injuries, both moderate and severe. Please see below: .

Bodily Injury Amount of compensation Definition
Very Severe Ankle Injury Between £46,980 and £65,420 Serious fracture with significant soft tissue damage. Could be resulting deformities or below-knee amputation.
Moderate Neck Injury Between £7,410 and £12,900 Moderate soft tissue injuries with a protracted recovery period. May also be future vulnerabilities, plus exacerbations of pre-existing conditions.
Modest Foot Injury Up to £12,900 Ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds or fractured metatarsal. Symptoms that persist for longer will yield a higher compensation award.
Moderate Back Injury Between £26,050 to £36,390 Constant pain and discomfort caused by a compression/crush fracture constant pain and discomfort in the back area. Including injuries such as a slipped disk or nerve damage to the spine.
Severe Knee Injury Between £65,440 to £90,290 Where disruption of the joint has taken place. Including the development of osteoarthritis, major ligament damage, lengthy treatment, considerable pain and loss of function and an operation has taken place to repair the injury.
Significant Scarring Between £8,550 to £28,240 Skin lacerations or burns that require plastic surgery, leaving some cosmetic disability and a psychological injury is prevelant.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Handle Claims In Leeds

Access to justice is something we believe should be available to everybody, not just for people who have the money to afford it. For this reason, we offer all of our clients the opportunity to seek justice and compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

We do this through a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is a type of No Win No Fee agreement that a solicitor would ask you to enter into if you’re pursuing a claim for personal injury.

By signing this agreement, you do not pay any of your solicitor’s fees unless the claim is a success. You won’t have to pay any fees upfront or during the claim either.

If the claim is successful, your solicitor will deduct a small percentage called a success fee. There’s no need to worry, however, as this fee is legally capped and will not be a large chunk of your payout.

Contact A Lawyer Today

If you now want to take the next step and contact a personal injury lawyer covering Leeds, there are several ways you can do this:

Supporting Resources

Thank you for reading our guide on how personal injury lawyers covering Leeds  can help you with a claim. Below, we’ve included some more guides, as well as addresses you may find useful.

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