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If you have been the victim of an injury caused due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you by a third party you could be eligible for compensation. But how could you go about making this happen?

Well, this guide offers an analysis of personal injury claims for suffering caused due to no fault of your own. We’ll discuss how personal injury lawyers covering Kirkby could support you throughout the claim process and how to utilise a No Win No Fee service for your benefit. The guide will also be covering the compensation process itself, along with hypothetical accident scenarios. The section headings are listed below.

In the meantime, for further information, you can speak to our team. Call 0800 408 7825 or use our Live Chat service or complete our online form. Our advisors can also answer your questions 24/7 via our Live Chat.

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  1. A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Kirkby
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  3. Road Traffic Accidents In Kirkby
  4. Accidents When Cycling In Knowsley
  5. Public And Green Space Accidents
  6. Pavement And Public Space Falls And Trips
  7. Knowsley Council Responsibilities
  8. Kirkby Crime Affecting Victims
  9. How Could An Injury Claim Lawyer Help You?
  10. Ways To Compare Different Lawyers
  11. Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Kirkby
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Kirkby

You could potentially proceed with a compensation claim after an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. To do so, it is advisable to speak to a solicitor. In particular, a personal injury solicitor could guide you through the obstacles that may arise from taking legal action. Personal injury lawyers covering Kirkby could handle any compensation claims. 

To make a successful negligence claim, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • But a breach of that duty of care led to an accident
  • And that accident caused you to suffer an injury.

This guide outlines potential scenarios where an injury could occur in Kirkby, including:

  • Injuries at work
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Public transport incidents
  • Accidents in a public place
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Criminal assault

For any accident claims, there is a personal injury claims time limit. You have 3 years to claim from the date when the accident occurred. Alternatively, you have 3 years to claim from the date of knowledge. 

As for a child or someone who lacks the mental capacity to claim, a close relative or another appointed representative could act as their litigation friend. The litigation friend may then process the claim on their behalf.

However, if no claim is made on behalf of the child before their 18th birthday, they will then have 3 years to make a claim from the moment they turn 18.

Employee Injury Compensation

According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, all employers should go as far as reasonably possible to look after their employees’:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Wellbeing

Accidents in the workplace could take the following forms;

  • Suffering an injury due to a hazard
  • Getting hurt after a colleague was unable to maintain control of a vehicle
  • Slipping on a spillage
  • Trapping fingers in a machine due to insufficient health and safety training
  • Being burned by a boiling liquid due to minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Worryingly, the HSE recorded over 65,000 non-fatal injuries to employees in 2019/20 recorded using RIDDOR, 693,000 non-fatal worker injuries in 2019/20.

If you suffer an injury at work due to employer negligence, seeking legal advice can allow you to see if you could be eligible to claim for the harm you have suffered. A personal injury solicitor could handle your case so that you receive adequate compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact our expert team to learn more.

Road Traffic Accidents In Kirkby

A road traffic accident is any incident that takes place on a road involving a road user. Sadly, fatalities on the road remain all too regular, with 1,784 reported fatalities on the road in 2018 alone. A collision could happen on basic roads, or there could be a road accident on the A65 in Kirkby, either way, a road accident could happen for all sorts of reasons. If you are involved in a car crash in Kirkby or Merseyside, on the A65 or the M57, call our team if you suffered an injury to see if you could claim for damages. Common reasons for road traffic accidents include:

  • Not following speed limits
  • Heading through red lights
  • Being distracted while driving
  • Ignoring any road signs
  • Driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol

Road conditions could also contribute. Potholes or faulty traffic lights may cause a motorist to lose control, resulting in an accident. If you’re in a non-fault car accident in Kirkby and suffer an injury, you could be compensated

This becomes more crucial if the incident precludes you from driving again, either due to the physical injuries or the mental anguish. Our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors can cover the Kirkby area and start your claim for compensation today. Simply call us using the number at the top of this page.

Kirkby Station, Train Or Bus Accidents

If you have been injured at a Kirkby bus station, or even on a Kirkby train station it is important that you log the incident in the accident book. Trains, buses and private hire taxis companies have a duty of care to look after passengers so far as reasonably possible. If you are injured due to negligence on the part of a public transport operator you may have the basis for a claim for compensation.

For further details about passenger accidents in Kirkby, use our Live Chat, which is accessible 24/7.

Car Parking Accidents

Collisions in a car park have the potential to cause damage. It could be that another driver reverses into your vehicle while attempting to park, or perhaps another motorist knocks over a pedestrian as they cross at the crossing sections. 

If you suffer an injury at a car park because of a negligent driver, maybe you suffer whiplash or a back injury you could have reason to make a claim against the third party insurance. 

Find out more about car park accidents by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us today for further details.

Accidents When Cycling In Knowsley

According to Brake, those on two wheels are 63 times more likely to suffer an injury or even die than vehicle drivers. That underlines how vulnerable cyclists are on the road. This is due to a lack of protection and also a lack of visibility compared to other vehicles. Cycling collisions often occur because another driver doesn’t check their blind spot. The impact of this could be very severe, with the cyclist potentially suffering broken bones, ruptured tendons or worse.

Call us using the number above to chat about a cycling accident in Kirkby that you have been the victim of.

Public And Green Space Accidents

Kirkby has some very unique public attractions. There is the Kirkby War Memorial, Viking Ship Gate and the eye-catching Selfie Chair Throne! 

Those who operate public spaces have a duty of care applied to them under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. Public spaces must be kept as safe as reasonably possible so those using them are not avoidably injured. Anytime you are injured in a public space due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you, it is really important you report the injury and how it happened, seek medical attention and take images of the cause of your suffering. 

Accidents In Parks And Green Spaces

Mill Dam Park and Millennium Park are fine green spaces within Kirkby. Open spaces and parks are a great way for people to spend some time having fun, meeting friends and doing their daily exercise. 

Open spaces must be kept in a condition that does not pose hazards or risks to the general public. People of all ages use parks and playgrounds so keeping them well maintained and repairing defects is vitally important. Public park accidents could take many forms, from defected play equipment, significant pothole or even damaged benches.

Playground incidents are sadly frequent, with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) estimating around 40,000 hospital visits of children each year due to park/playground injuries.  

To avoid any confusion, speak to us and we could answer any questions you may have. 

Knowsley Shopping Area Accidents And Injuries

Prescot Shopping Centre and Kirkby Shopping Centre are both closely situated within the Knowsley area. They offer plenty of stores, and a great chance for locals to get out and about. You may be a frequent visitors to these each week.

Businesses that provide a service to the public such as a supermarket or a retail outlet must endure that their premises are safe for people to use. If shops are not maintained correctly and managed properly visitors and customers could be injured in preventable accidents. Possibly causes of preventable accidents include;

  • Irregular housekeeping
  • Poor aisle maintenance
  • Minimal health and safety training for staff

Should such an accident take place, retail outlet and store managers could be the defendant for a compensation claim. That also applies if shop assistants bear the wounds of an unsafe retail environment. Talk to our team today, to see how personal injury lawyers covering Kirkby could offer you their support.

Pavement And Public Space Falls And Trips

The HSE states that 95% of major slips, trips and falls at work result in broken bones. Indeed, slips, trips and falls could cause major damage, which could shorten careers, reduce mobility and drastically change lives. Potential scenarios include:

  • Broken bones from tripping over a raised paving stone
  • Deep cuts after falling over damaged equipment
  • Slipping on a patch of ice where there is no grit

Speak with us for advice on how to pursue a compensation claim.

Knowsley Council Responsibilities

Council’s have many responsibilities for a variety of different areas and services in the region we live in. They may manage the local parks, libraries, leisure centres as well as council buildings, social housing and social care. They also maintain the pavements roads that we frequent every day. It is important to have a system in place when managing such a wide amount of different services. The system could check routinely if repairs need making and whether the maintenance has been carried out.

Public liability claims are usually made against an organisation’s public liability insurance. Such claims can be tricky so it is always advisable to have a legal representative on your side that has knowledge and experience in pursuing a similar type of cases. For more information please visit this page on our site.

Kirkby Crime Affecting Injuries

Now we’re discussing instances where you’re the victim of a criminal act in Kirkby. In such situations, you could speak to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). They are responsible for assessing criminal injuries and awarding compensation when there is no other route.

To make a claim through the CICA, you would have to report it to the police first and foremost. The time limitation for CICA claims is shorter at 2 years. The limitation period is extended for cases such as historic sex crimes. 

In the meantime, we could advise you on any criminal injury claims. You can contact us via telephone, our online form or our Live Chat. 

Knowsley (Including Kirkby) Crime Statistics

This table shows the crime statistics for the top six reported crimes in Knowsley, which would also be covering Kirkby.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 1,400
Vehicle offences 823
Thefts 727
Burglaries 689
Shoplifting offences 376
Sexual offences 290

Speak to us today if you have been the victim of any crime.

How Could An Injury Claim Lawyer Help You?

If you decided to use a solicitor to represent your case they would determine how viable your claim is and if legal action is advisable. Assuming that your claim is strong enough, they would begin your case if you were happy to do so. 

They would use their evidence as well as any supporting evidence that you may have. Keeping in regular contact with you, using whatever communication method is most suitable for your circumstances. After this has been done the defendant will either admit liability or deny it. In the case of denial, it may have to go to court for a judge to decide the outcome. 

Areas In Kirkby Where Lawyers Could Be Found

You may find legal firms on Newtown Gardens or Formosa Drive. But you are not restricted to using local solicitors. You can choose a solicitor no matter where they are based in the country. 

What Takes Place During A Medical Assessment?

An independent medical assessment is a crucial part of any claims process. It provides a complete diagnosis of your injuries, as well as the long-term impact and the recovery period. 

What’s more, it could confirm the connection between your original accident and your present-day condition. All of this would strengthen your case, and thus increase the odds that you receive sufficient compensation.

Ways To Compare Different Lawyers

To compare different lawyers, you should consider numerous key factors. They include a successful track record, positive reviews and their credentials. Also, if they have specialities relating to your specific injuries, that would be particularly helpful. 

Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts

There is no set figure for each injury. That’s because of the severity of the injury and the impact on the victim’s life are contributory factors. Therefore, it’s best not to rely on an online personal injury claims calculator, as this only provides general figures. 

We prefer to get to know you and your case before providing a more accurate estimate. In the meantime, the table below shows ballpark figures for various injuries, courtesy of the Judicial College.

Type Severity Compensation Additional Comments
Psychiatric Damage Severe £51,460 to £108,620 A mental state of continued and severe anxiety brought about by a traumatic accident or crime.
Digestive System Damage Severe £40,370 to £58,100 Severe damage caused to the functionality of the digestive system brought about by the consequences of a serious accident.
Back Injury Moderate £26,050 to £36,390 A back injury with significant pain and the high probability of spinal fusion surgery.
Tibia Or Fibula Fracture Mild Up to £11,110 A simple fracture of either the tibia or fibula bone with a full projected recovery.
Lost Teeth Mild £1,020 to £1,600 A loss of or damage to any teeth at the back of the mouth.

For further details on compensation calculations, talk to us today. Remember that our Live Chat is accessible 24/7 for you to have your say. 

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Kirkby

Using a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor covering Kirkby means that:

  • There is no requirement for legal fees up-front
  • Nor is there any requirement for legal fees before or during litigation
  • Your No Win No Fee solicitor only takes a nominal amount (called a success fee and capped by law) if you receive compensation

In other words, if your case is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay a penny to your solicitor. All of the personal injury solicitors that we can connect you with work to a No Win No Fee structure for any claim they take on. If your claim is successful, however, your solicitor will receive a ‘success fee’ which is taken from your payout and is legally capped. 

You can contact us 24/7 for an extensive breakdown of No Win No Fee.

Getting Help From A Lawyer & Contact

Our friendly team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our panel of personal injury solicitors covering Kirkby are available to handle any claim. So get in touch today by using one of the following methods:

For any readers who live in Kirkby, we’re ready to help you, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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