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By Daniel Janeway. Last Updated 2nd September 2022. We have put this guide together to teach you the basics of how personal injury claims work. Personal injury claims are a type of legal action that you could take if you have suffered an injury that was not your fault, that occurred because someone else who had some kind of responsibility for your safety did not take the measures legally required of them.

Personal injury lawyers covering Ewell could help you through the claim process if you suffered harm due to a negligent third party. Please read through this guide, and if there is anything in it which you would like to learn more about, or if you feel that you have a basis for making a claim, please call us on 0800 408 7825.

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  6. Tripping And Falling Accidents
  7. Local Council – Injuries And Accidents
  8. Epsom And Ewell Area Criminal Injuries
  9. How Do Claims For Injuries Or Illness Work?
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Ewell

Within the sections, we will explain some of the different circumstances in which you might get injured and have a reason to seek compensation. We will explain some of the things that you need to know about finding a solicitor and about how making personal injury claims work. This guide will link you to other pages on our website that contain more specific information about different types of compensation claims, we will also link you to other websites that have useful resources.

Work Injury Compensation

There are many examples of health and safety legislation in the UK which specifically outline what is appropriate working practice and what is not. Many of these are specific to certain workplaces, for example, there is legislation outlining the correct, safe and lawful methods of handling certain chemicals. However there is one overarching piece of legislation which lays out health and safety law within the workplace, that is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. What this law does is specify that the responsibility for the safety of those in a workplace rests on the employer, that it is an employer’s legal duty of care to ensure that all the steps necessary and reasonably possible are taken to avert potential accidents and injuries.

If an injury occurs in a workplace and there is an indication that the accident occurred because legal obligations were not met, then the employer could be held liable for a compensation claim. This is just one of the many different types of compensation claims that we can advise you on. If you would like to know more, please contact us to speak with our advice team.

Accidents On Ewell Bypass And Other Roads

If you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident while driving on the Ewell bypass or any of the other roads in Ewell you may be entitled to claim compensation if there is reason to believe that someone else was at fault for the accident through negligent or unlawful behaviour. In some cases this person might be another driver, in others, the party responsible may be either the local authority or other road maintenance organisations.

Cases against drivers will rest upon whether or not there is proof that the driver was responsible for the accident through their negligent or unlawful driving. This could consist of violating laws around speed limits or driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs. It could also consist of being found to have been insufficiently observant of oncoming traffic or of turning or merging without indicating.

Cases against local authorities or national road authorities could be made if you have had an accident that was caused by the poor or unmaintained condition of the road. If the road is in a state of disrepair bad enough to cause an accident, such as with large potholes, ice or debris on the road surface, and you are injured due to this lack of maintenance you could potentially have a valid claim for compensation.

Ewell Stations And Public Transport Accidents

If you have had an accident while travelling, but it was while you were riding on public transport or while at a station, you could be entitled to bring a compensation claim against the operator of the public transport if they negligently breached their duty of care causing you harm. This might be the unsafe driving of the vehicle in question or the unsafe condition of the station. Unsafe conditions in a public transport station could include wet floors with no warning signs, broken steps causing you to fall down the stairs or bad lighting making you miss a trip hazard. If you want to learn more about making a personal injury claim for an accident while using public transport, call our advisors today.

Car Parking Accidents

If you have a car accident while in a car park that was caused by the condition of the car park then you may have grounds to make a personal injury claim against the operator of the car park. Car parks will usually be operated by the business they are attached to. Those responsible for the car park have a duty of care over those who use the car park, this obligates them to ensure that the car park is run and maintained in a safe manner. If this obligation is not met then this business could be liable for a personal injury claim.

Bicycle Accidents In Ewell

Cycling or motorbike accident and injury claims work in much the same way as other forms of road accidents or vehicle accident claims work. You could claim against another driver if another driver was the party responsible for causing the accident. Due to the smaller physical profile of cyclists and motorbikes they can be sometimes harder to spot than other vehicles. Motorists are often reminded to be careful to look twice for oncoming cyclists and they can be liable for a compensation claim if they cause a road traffic accident due to negligence.

The duty of care owed by road maintenance authorities to keep the roads safe means they have an obligation to ensure they are safe for cyclists, cyclists can be more at risk of suffering road accidents as a result of bad road conditions. To learn more about claiming compensation if or when you have suffered an injury in a cycling accident, read this guide.

Accidents In Public Places

Public places of all kinds will have someone or some organisation which is responsible for running them and maintaining them. If you are in a public place or in a private place of business open to the public, even if you are just walking along a pavement you will likely be under a duty of care owed to you by the authority or business which owns or is responsible for the premises you are on or the facilities or infrastructure you are using.

Injuries that take place in public settings that are the responsibility of the operators could be the basis of a public liability claim. The following few sections will outline a few examples to demonstrate how this type of claim works.

Park And Playground Accidents

Public parks and playgrounds are a place where people will spend time walking, jogging, playing sports or using playground equipment. The operator responsible for the park has a duty of care over people using the park’s facilities and therefore a legal responsibility to make sure that the park is maintained to a standard of safety. There are a number of ways someone could potentially hurt themselves in a park that has not been maintained properly.

  • Falling off of faulty playground equipment
  • Tripping and falling over on broken footpaths.
  • Tripping and falling over on overgrown plant life
  • Injuring oneself on broken glass

You can read this guide if you want to find out more information about making compensation claims against the operator of a public park.

Shopping Area Accidents

Shops, markets and retail parks have a duty of care over their patrons, that means that their premises must be free of possible accident hazards. If an injury occurs because of something that the management and staff of a shop should have been aware of and have dealt with then a compensation claim could be made against the business. Accidents in shops or retail spaces could potentially involve:

  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Faulty trolleys
  • Items falling off shelves
  • Displays falling over.

Read this article to find out more about making compensation claims against shops.

Tripping And Falling Accidents

It may sound like a trivial thing to bring a claim over, but injuring yourself by slipping or tripping and falling over could be grounds for making a personal injury claim. If you are in a public place, then that operator has a responsibility to make sure that their property does not present a tripping or slipping hazards. This could mean a shop or a workplace making sure that there aren’t slipping or tripping hazards in the area. Often public roads and paths are the responsibility of the local council and they will need to be maintained and repaired so that members of the public are not injured in a trip and fall accident. If there is more that you want to know, then you can ask our advice team by calling our number.

Local Council – Injuries And Accidents

Councils in any given area have a legal obligation to make sure that all the properties, public services and public infrastructure that it provides and operates is safe for the public. Personal injuries claims could potentially be made against councils if an injury because those services were or properties were not maintained or operated in accordance with legislation or their own criteria, on the basis that the local council did not fulfil their duty of care towards those using those services. Call our team for more advice and information about how personal injury lawyers could help you.

Epsom And Ewell Area Criminal Injuries

If you have been injured, or have suffered psychological trauma, as a result of being the victim of a crime, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Criminal injury claims can be made through the CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, a government body which handles and funds claims for criminal injury compensation.

Making a claim through the CICA  does not require a guilty conviction, just proof that you have suffered an injury as a result of a crime. If you have recently suffered an injury in a crime, or you have suffered abuse as a child, you can get in touch with us to discuss your options when it comes to making a criminal injury claim. You can also visit the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority’s website for more information about how claiming crime victim compensation works.

Epsom And Ewell Crime Statistics

This table shows the levels of recorded violent and victim based crime in your area according to Government figures for 2018/19.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Vehicle offences 616
Violence against the person 491
Other thefts 480
Burglary 315
Shoplifting 233
Sexual offences 109

How Do Claims For Injuries Or Illness Work?

The following sections will focus more on how finding a solicitor works and some of the qualities in a lawyer you should consider while looking for a lawyer. Finding the right lawyer and knowing what to expect when going through the process of making a claim can make a big difference.

Where You May Find Lawyers In This Area

Plenty of law firms can be found in the nearby towns of Sutton, Stoneleigh, East Ewell and Epsom.

What Are Assessments Of Your Injuries?

An assessment will determine the severity of your injury, this assessment will be in the form of a medical examination by a doctor. The doctor will perform an examination and determine the prognosis of your injuries. The assessment serves the purpose of proving that the injury does exist as well as detailing how badly the injury will impact the claimant’s health in the future. This is essential for calculating the amount of compensation the claimant is entitled to seek.

Ewell Accidents – Do I Have To Use A Local Lawyer?

If you are in Ewell, an accident can occur for a number of different reasons. For example, you could be injured in a road traffic accident on the Ewell bypass. An accident could also lead to injuries in other locations such as a supermarket, café and other such public spaces.

However, the fact that your injury was sustained in Ewell does not mean that you are required to hire a lawyer from the area. It is your right to hire a solicitor from anywhere in the country. There are far more important factors to consider than where a law firm is physically based.

The No Win No Fee lawyers on our panel have worked with clients all over the country. They can do so by making use of email and video calls, amongst other resources. If you’d like to meet with your lawyer in person, this is also something that we can arrange for you.

If you have any questions about Ewell accidents and whether or not you can make a claim for compensation, get in touch today.

How To Compare Different Lawyers Or Law Firms

There are many different lawyers or law firms that you could potentially work with for your claim. It can be quite the task to identify which one would be best for your case. One of the best things that you could do when looking for a lawyer would be to go online and read reviews of lawyers that have been posted by their previous clients. These reviews can tell you a lot about what kind of lawyer you are dealing with, from their track record down to whether or not their previous clients felt on a personal level that they were an easy or a difficult person to work with.

Typical Payouts For Personal Injury Claims

There can be a large amount of variation from case to case when it comes to the amount of compensation to which you are entitled to claim. Compensation is calculated based on how severe the claimant’s injuries are and how much their health is going to be affected by them in the long term. The degree of physical pain, emotional distress and long-lasting psychological trauma are also included in calculations of a claimants potential compensation. The table below shows how much a series of injuries are worth in terms of compensation.

Injury Compensation
Quadriplegia £324,600 to £403,990
Paraplegia £219,070 to £284,260
Severe psychiatric damage £54,830 to £115,730
Severe PTSD £59,860 to £100,670
Severe asthma £43,060 to £65,740

Not included in this table are special damages, the amount of compensation you could be additionally entitled to for financial losses and expenses you have experienced as a result of your injuries.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Ewell

Making a compensation claim should not have to be something you miss out on due to the financial expenses. If you make a claim through a No Win No Fee agreement instead of having to pay legal fees to your solicitor upfront, the only payment to which your solicitor can be entitled will be a portion of your compensation, meaning that your solicitor’s payment is entirely dependent on whether or not your case is successful.

Talk To A Member Of Our Team

If you aren’t sure about anything that you’ve read here, or want to ask questions and receive information about anything you have read here, then you can reach our team on 0800 408 7825 and they will be happy to provide you with a free consultation. This is also the same number you can ring if you would like to start a claim. The pop-up chat box that you can see at the bottom of this page can also be used as a messenger for this same purpose as well.

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