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If you’ve landed on this page through a search for a personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh, it may be because you’ve suffered an accident in a public place, a workplace injury, a slip, trip or fall, or another type of personal injury caused by the negligence or irresponsible behaviour of someone else. Whether you’ve suffered whiplash in an accident on Romsey road, or you’ve been injured in the Swan Shopping Centre due to a dangerous floor, this guide could help you see whether you could be eligible to claim compensation, and how to find a personal injury lawyer that is appropriate for your needs. While you could claim without the help from a lawyer, many claimants much prefer having all the legal legwork taken care of, along with the knowledge that their representation could fight to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation possible for their case.

The sections below cover many different types of injury claim that could be made for accidents that occur in the Eastleigh area. If you don’t see the type of accident you’ve been injured in below, or would like us to help you find a personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh claims, you can reach our expert team on 0800 408 7825.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Eastleigh

Are you considering making a claim for compensation because someone else has caused you to suffer an injury or illness of some type? There are many different reasons you may wish to make a personal injury claim, and usually, in order for you to be able to claim compensation, there are certain criteria that your case needs to meet. These criteria include:

  1. Being able to prove someone had a duty of care towards you
  2. Being able to prove that the duty of care was breached
  3. Being able to prove that the breach of duty caused you harm
  4. Taking action before the personal injury claims time limit was up

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault in Eastleigh, you may be wondering whether it is worth looking for a personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh to assist you. While it could be possible for you to go it alone with a claim, many claimants prefer to have someone on their side when making such a claim, not only because they could take on the sometimes-difficult task of gathering evidence but also so that they could ensure that all the criteria are met for there to be a successful outcome and that they do not miss out on any of the compensation they are entitled to.

This guide explains the types of accidents that could lead to a personal injury claim in Eastleigh, along with providing information on how to find a lawyer that fits your needs, and how much compensation certain injuries could attract. We also provide some further resources that may be of interest to you at the bottom of this guide.

Workplace Accidents And Injuries In Eastleigh

Whether you’ve been injured while working for some of the top employers in Eastleigh, or you’re working for a smaller business, the employer you’re working for should take care to protect your safety while at work. In fact, they have a legal obligation to do so, under the Health and Safety At Work etc Act 1974.

The steps your employer should take would largely depend on the workplace you are based in and the job you do. Examples could include:

  • Ensuring risk assessments are conducted and action is taken on the findings to reduce risks
  • Providing safety training
  • Ensuring the workplace is free of removable hazards, or that they are signposted
  • Ensuring PPE is provided and it is fit for use

If your employer fails in their duty to protect your health and safety at work, and you fall ill or are injured due to their negligence, you may be able to claim compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

We understand that you might feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of claiming compensation from your employer, particularly if you are still working for them. However, legislation is in place to protect you from being wrongly treated because of your claim, and your employer should have insurance in place that should cover the cost of your claim.

Eastleigh Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Unfortunately, accidents on UK roads can and do happen. According to Hampshire County Council, there were a total of 2,894 casualties that were injured in accidents on Hampshire roads in 2017. Whether you were injured at one of the roundabouts on Chestnut Avenue, due to someone using the roundabout incorrectly, or you suffered a whiplash injury at a junction on Leigh Road, a road traffic accident in Eastleigh could lead to a claim if someone else was at fault for it. Even if you were partly to blame, a personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh could help you. We should mention, however, that if you were partly at fault, the amount of compensation you receive could be less than if you were totally innocent.

You could even claim compensation for injuries sustained in an Eastleigh car accident if the person that caused the accident fled the scene or was uninsured. In these cases, a personal injury solicitor could help you make a claim through the MIB, an organisation set up to compensate victims of road accidents with uninsured or untraceable drivers, where other routes to compensation were not open to them.

Public Transport And Eastleigh Station Accidents

Have you been injured at Eastleigh station due to ice on the platform, or suffered injuries on a bus because the driver failed to stop at traffic lights? Were you aware that you could make public injury claims for accidents on public transport if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence? A personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh could help support claims against:

  • Other road users
  • Bus companies
  • Train operators
  • The local council (for council-run transport)
  • Taxi companies

While it may not initially be clear as to who could be held liable for your claim, we could help to clarify this for you. One call to our friendly team could give you all the information you’re looking for in order to start a claim.

Car Park Crashes And Pedestrian Accidents

Public accident claims caused in car parks could be complex. Whether you’ve been injured as a pedestrian crossing a car park or in a barrier accident, or even while turning into a car park, it would depend on what type of accident you were injured in and who was responsible as to who could be held liable for your injuries.

For example, if the car park surface was unsafe and caused an accident, you may be able to hold the car park owner/operator responsible. This could be:

  • A shop whose car park you were using
  • A car park operator
  • The local authority

However, there may be incidents where you are injured in an Eastleigh car park accident where another driver was at fault, so you may be able to make a claim against their insurance.

Whatever type of car park accident you’ve been injured in, why not call us to check your eligibility to claim for free, and receive guidance and support you could rely on.

Bicycle Rider Accident And Injury Claims

Rospa has suggested that some of the most vulnerable road users in the UK are those riding motorcycles or pushbikes due to the fact that they are:

  • More difficult to spot
  • More badly affected when there are side winds
  • More likely to suffer injuries if someone were to pull out on them
  • Slower to pull away than might be expected (cyclists)
  • Quicker to move than road users might expect (motorcyclists)

If you’ve suffered injuries in a bike accident in Eastleigh that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to take action against the party that caused your accident, with the help of a personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh claims. Your lawyer, if you chose to work with one, could do all of the hard work of proving your claim while you could then concentrate fully on recovering from your injuries.

Public Accident And Injury Claims

Accidents in a public place could lead to personal injury claims being made against a variety of parties. Depending on how and where you were injured, liable parties for accidents in public places could range from private shops, restaurants, offices and other businesses to local authorities.

Injuries And Accidents In Parks

If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident at Lakeside Country Park, you might be under the assumption that no one could be held liable for your injuries. However, this may not be the case. Depending on the park you’ve been injured in, you may be able to hold the local council responsible (for public park accidents in Eastleigh) or private businesses if they have been negligent in keeping the park safe for people to use, and you’ve been injured because of their negligence.

Injuries And Accidents In Shops And Shopping Centres

You may already be aware that shop owners are responsible for the safety of those using their premises, but did you know that there could be someone held liable for injuries in open-air shopping areas or enclosed shopping centres too? If you are injured in an accident that was not your fault and that could have been prevented if a liable party had acted responsibly towards public health and safety, you may be able to hold that party responsible for your injuries and they could be made to pay you compensation.

Trip And Fall Accident Claims

You might assume that slips and falls are just accidents, as well as tripping accidents, but it is when you look at the reason for your slip, trip or fall that you may find that it is actually someone else’s fault that the accident occurred. Depending on where you were when you slipped, tripped or fell, any number of parties could be held liable for your injuries, if they had a duty of care towards you, and their failure to look after your safety led to a trip, slip or fall you may be eligible to claim against them.

Liable parties could include:

  • Your employer, if a slip, trip or fall happened due to unsafe flooring or a trip hazard at work, for example
  • A business that failed to make sure that their premises were safe for people to use
  • The local council, if you were injured in a slip trip or fall in a place they were responsible for, due to their negligence

These are just a few examples of the types of slip, trip and fall accident which could lead to a claim. If you’d like us to offer you a free, no-obligation assessment of a slip, trip or fall in Eastleigh accident to see if you could have a claim, we’d be glad to help. All you need to do is call our team.

Accident Claims Against The Council

Council accident claims could be made by a number of different people who were injured due to the local authority’s negligence in keeping them safe. For example,

  • Accidents in council housing due to disrepair
  • Accidents in council buildings (libraries, job centres, etc)
  • Accidents on public footpaths
  • Accidents in public parks

A personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh could help support your claim for compensation if you have been injured due to the council’s negligence. If you’d like our help with getting started with a claim, we’d be glad to help you.

Assault And Criminal Injury Claims

Crime across the UK does occur, and if you have been a victim of crime in Eastleigh and have suffered an injury because of it, you may be able to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. You may have suffered an injury because someone has:

  • Assaulted you
  • Abused you
  • Historically abused you
  • Sexually assaulted you
  • Raped you
  • Injured you while you tried to stop them committing a crime
  • Psychologically injured you, because you witnessed a violent crime

Whatever the reason you’ve suffered an injury as an innocent victim of crime, we could help you to begin a claim for compensation, via the CICA. A personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh could help you find the best route to compensation in this regard.

Rates Of Crimes Against Victims In Eastleigh

LG Inform provides details of the frequency of crimes in certain areas of the UK. Here are the statistics relating to the frequency of the top reported crimes in Eastleigh in the year ending April 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 1,074
Vehicle offences 717
Other thefts 702
Shoplifting 652
Burglary 480
Sexual offences 354

I Was Injured In An Accident, How Do I Make A Compensation Claim?

Making a compensation claim may feel daunting but you could be helped by personal injury solicitors in Eastleigh on a No Win No Fee basis, or you could seek the assistance of a personal injury solicitor covering Eastleigh claims who are based outside of the area. Such solicitors could help take on the leg work of proving your claim.

Areas In Eastleigh Where Lawyers May Be Located

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Eastleigh for a personal injury claim, you might find some around the North Stoneham area, but rather than doing so, you could opt to call our team, as we could connect you with a highly capable solicitor that could take on your case and fight for compensation on your behalf and could arrange for all the necessary evidence to be gathered.

Why Is Medical Evidence Necessary?

As part of your claim, you would need to go and see an independent medical professional. This is so that medical evidence could be collected and a report could be issued, evidencing your condition and prognosis. This independent medical evidence could be used to verify your injuries and could help to calculate an appropriate compensation settlement.

Why The Location Of A Lawyer Does Not Matter?

This is because many claims could be handled by phone, email and letter. This means that you could use one of the top personal injury lawyers handling Eastleigh claims, and you would not be restricted to those who were based nearby.

How Reviews Of A Lawyer Could Help You Find Someone For Your Case

Reading about the experiences that people have had with their lawyers could go some way towards helping you choose the right personal injury lawyer covering Eastleigh. While anyone could claim to provide the best personal injury lawyers covering Eastleigh, their clients may not have been impressed with the levels of service they offer. By reading reviews you can get some idea of:

  • How successful the personal injury solicitor has been with previous claims
  • How well (or not) they’ve communicated with their clients
  • The claims they’ve worked on before

This could help you decide on whether the solicitor you’re considering could offer the level of service you’re looking for.

How Typical Personal Injury Claims Are Calculated

Personal injury claim payouts would largely depend on the specific facts surrounding your case. Each case is different and is assessed on its own merits so it would not be possible for a tool such as a personal injury claims calculator to give you an accurate figure for your claim. We know this could be disappointing to read so we have chosen to give you some insight into payout amounts for certain injuries in the table below. The figures in the table are from the Judicial College Guidelines, which is a publication that is updated every year to give guidance as to appropriate compensation brackets for certain injuries.

Injury site JCG Bracket Severity
Brain £14,380 – £40,410 Less severe
Arm £18,020 – £36,770 Less severe
Neck £12,900 – £36,120 Moderate
Back £11,730 – £36,390 Moderate
Shoulder £11,980 – £18,020 Serious

As well as the amounts above, which could be appropriate for the loss of amenity, pain and suffering of specific injuries, your claim may also include special damages, to compensate for any loss of earnings, medical and travel costs as well as other costs incurred due to your injures.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Eastleigh

Making a claim on a No Win No Fee basis may be something you’ve heard of, but you might not know whether you’d be eligible to make a claim under these terms, or you might be unsure of how such claims work.

When you choose No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors, you would be asked to sign a document called a Conditional Fee Agreement, which essentially acts as a promise that you’ll pay your solicitor a small fee if they get you a compensation payout. The amount you’d have to pay, often referred to as the ‘success fee’, is always legally capped, and is only payable if you get compensation. If the personal injury solicitor you chose to work on your case isn’t successful in getting you a payout, you would not pay the fee or cover any of their costs incurred while building your case.

Speaking To A Lawyer

If we think your case could lead to compensation, we could connect you with a solicitor that could take your case on under No Win No Fee terms. To benefit from expert advice and support, you can:

Call the helpline: 0800 408 7825

Fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you

Click on the Live Chat window and chat to our team through messaging.

Whatever help you need, we’re here to advise you.

Further Information And Resources

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