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If you have been hurt in an accident in Crewe, while out shopping, driving, walking, while at work or while using public transport, or if you have been injured by someone committing a crime, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. This article is a guide, one that explains what the basic circumstances are in which a person could be entitled to make a claim to receive compensation and how working with a good solicitor for personal injury claims could increase the chances of it being successful.

Read this guide, and afterwards, call us on 0800 408 7825 if you want to ask more questions or if you want to try to go ahead and proceed with making a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers covering Crewe may be able to help and support you through the claims process.

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  4. Bicycle Accident And Injury Claims
  5. Public Liability Accident Claims
  6. Tripping Or Falling Over Accidents
  7. Accident Claims Against A Local Authority
  8. Assaults And Violence Against the Person
  9. How Do You Seek Damages For Being Injured In Crewe?
  10. Will Checking Different Reviews Help Me Choose Between Solicitors?
  11. What Is A Typical Compensation Payout?
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Crewe
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A Guide To Claiming With Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Crewe

This guide consists of a number of sections and sub-sections, broadly covering two different areas. The first will detail some of the reasons why you might find yourself with a reason and grounds to make a personal injury claim, the other will explain some of the important things you need to know about finding a solicitor, about how to make a claim and how the process of making a personal injury claim works. We have included plenty of links to other guides that our website has on making different types of claims as well as links to resources on other websites that might come in handy.

Workplace Accidents In The Crewe Area

Thousands of people are injured in workplace accidents every year in the UK. The Health and Safety at Work act 1974 makes the employer responsible for the safety of their employees. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that any and all possible measures for preventing accidents and injuries are in place and enforced in their workplace. If an employee suffers an injury in a workplace accident and there is reason to believe that the accident could or should have been prevented by better workplace health and safety the employer could be liable. If this applies to you, our panel of personal injury solicitors may be able to help you with your case.

Road Traffic Accident Solicitors Covering The Crewe Area

There are two most common causes of road traffic accidents besides the victim’s own negligence, the negligence of other drivers, and the negligence of the authorities responsible for the maintenance of the roads.

Accident claims could be made against other drivers if they have caused an accident through their negligence or unlawful actions. This could include, driving over the speed limit, driving under the influence or driving a vehicle with mechanical faults such as non-functioning brakes. Other examples could include turning without using signals or other forms of unsafe driving. If a valid claim is made against a driver, they would be expected to provide payment through their insurance.

Accident claims could also be made against the authorities responsible for maintaining the road if the accident occurred as a result of the poor or unmaintained condition of the road. For example, if you lost control of your car due to hitting a significant pothole, a patch of ice or debris on a main road. Poor street lighting could also be a cause of an accident. Claims could be made in this case because allowing the condition of the road to get so bad that it causes a road traffic accident could be considered a breach of the relevant authority’s duty of care. The claim could be made either against a council or another authority responsible for the road depending on whether or not the accident occurred on an ordinary road or a highway. To learn more, either read this article or contact our team.

Accidents When Using Public Transport

Accident claims could be made against a public transport operator if you have suffered an injury while on public transport or while in a station if the accident was linked to the negligence of the operator because they breached their duty of care. In other words, if the unsafe operation of a vehicle or the unsafe condition of the station has caused you an injury depending on if negligence is proven you could have valid grounds for a claim. To learn more about how personal injury solicitors could help you claim for an accident involving a bus, a train, a taxi or a coach, click here. Or you could receive a free consultation from our team of advisors.

Accidents When In A Car Park

You may be able to make a compensation claim against the operator of a public car park if the state of the car park is what lead you to suffer an injury. The operator or owner of a public car park has a duty of care to make sure that the road surfaces, walkways, lighting, barriers and other features are all in a state that makes accidents as unlikely as possible. If this duty of care can be proven to have not been met, then a claim could be made against the operator. To learn more about this type of claim, click here.

Bicycle Accident And Injury Claims

Much of the same rules apply towards motorbike and cycling accident claims as they do towards road traffic accident claims as we described in the previous section. Cyclists can easily be missed by drivers if they are not paying sufficient attention to the roads, and in the event of a collision, cyclists are disproportionately likely to suffer an injury due to the lack of physical protection they have from their vehicle compared to other drivers. For more information about cycling claims, click here, or alternatively, you can call our advice team for a free consultation.

Public Liability Accident Claims

If an accident occurs in a public place due to negligence, then whatever business, local authority or other body which is responsible for the space where the accident took place could be liable. This is because anyone who operates a space open to the public has a duty of care over any member of the public which uses that space and could be liable for paying compensation if they fail in that duty of care and an individual is harmed as a consequence. The next two sections will discuss examples of how certain accidents in public spaces could be the basis for making a personal injury claim.

Park And Public Open Space Accident Claims

Public parks have to be maintained if they aren’t then they could become unsafe places for the public to go. Faulty playground equipment, vandalism, dangerous refuse like broken glass or needles, overgrowth or damaged footpaths could all cause people to injure themselves in accidents in public parks and play areas. It is vital that the local authority or private landowner responsible for maintaining parks fulfil its duty of care over those visiting the park and using its facilities. If you are unsure if your accident which caused your injury in the local park entitles you to compensation please call our team for your free consultation.

Shopping Centre And Retail Park Accident Claims

Shops and retail parks could also become areas where members of the public or shoppers could get hurt in accidents if they are not maintained properly and the businesses running them do not operate them in a manner which actively tries to ensure the safety of the public. Wet floors, loose items on shelves and faulty carts could all potentially injure someone, the duty of care that a business has over its customers compels the owners of a shop or a retail park to prevent such safety hazards from occurring. Our panel of personal injury solicitors could help you to make this type of claim, you can find out more about it in this guide.

Tripping Or Falling Over Accidents

Simple trips, slips and falls account for a surprisingly large amount of injuries that occur in public places, certainly, in workplaces, they are the most common cause of accidents. Having a duty of care over other peoples’ safety extends as far as making sure that a property does not present a threat of suffering an injury through slipping, tripping or falling over. Neglecting the cleaning or the maintenance of a property to the extent that members of the public fall over and injure themselves could make a body liable for paying personal injury compensation. If a slip or trip results in an injury on a public road or pavement, then if evidence suggests a local council responsible they could potentially be the body liable for paying compensation.

Accident Claims Against A Local Authority

The council is responsible not just for its own buildings and offices but also for numerous other services around the area. Local libraries, swimming baths and recreation centres and playing fields are all examples of public services and utilities which the local council in any given area may be have responsibility for. In addition, the local council may be the authority responsible for roads and pavements (not including motorways or highways) within their constituency.

Local councils have a legal obligation to administrate these services and do so in a manner that ensures that they are safe. In other words, they may have failed in their duty of care towards the public if a person where to be injured in an accident that occurs as a result of a failure to adhere to health and safety. Making a claim against the council requires supporting evidence and requires you to meet their criteria. If you want to read about making claims against councils in more detail there is a guide that you can read here.

Assaults And Violence Against the Person

Injuries sustained as a result of being the victim of a crime could also entitle you to compensation. If you are subjected to an assault, robbery, sexual violence, or any other type of crime and you suffer an injury you could be entitled to make a criminal injury claim. If you have been psychologically harmed by having witnessed a crime you may also be classed as being entitled to receive criminal injury compensation.

Criminal injury claims made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority do not require a criminal prosecution, meaning that the person responsible for harming you does not actually have to be identified as the perpetrator in order for you to receive compensation, just so long as you have proof that your injuries occurred in the manner you describe. Visit the Government website on CICA to find out more about how a criminal injury claim works, or call our team of advisors.

Rates Of Victim Based Crimes In East Cheshire

This table shows the level of victim-based crime in East Cheshire, where Crewe is located.  Follow this link to learn more about them.

Top reported crimes Frequency
Violence against person 3274
Shoplifting 2338
Other thefts 2142
Vehicle offences 1414
Residential Burglary 1235
Sexual Offences 895

How Do You Seek Damages For Being Injured In Crewe?

The crucial part of making a claim for compensation is finding a good solicitor though legally you are not required to have one to make a claim. The next three sections will describe some of the important points about finding and working with a good personal injury lawyer.

Where May Local Solicitors Be Found?

There are a few law firms offices dotted around Crewe, you can find a number of them along Nantwich Road as well as others around or close to the tow centre.

Why Do You Not Need A Local Solicitor?

Working with a local solicitor is unnecessary because most solicitors, including all of those on our panel, can work with their clients remotely. Emails, video calls and phone conversations can all be used to have any of the discussions needed for making arrangements for putting your case together. It is important to remember this fact and to remember that you are not actually obligated to work with a solicitor based in your area.

Why Do You Need To Visit A Doctor?

This is in order to confirm that you have suffered an injury in the manner that your case alleges and to confirm the extent of said injuries and how badly affected your health will be in the future. By having an exact assessment of your injuries you and your lawyer will be able to calculate how much compensation you will be entitled to seek.

Will Checking Different Reviews Help Me Choose Between Solicitors?

Reading reviews of solicitors can be very helpful. If you search online you are bound to find reviews of solicitors that have been written by their previous clients. These are among the best sources for identifying which lawyers are good to work with and suitable for handling your case and which ones aren’t. You should use reviews to find solicitors who are good at communicating effectively with their clients as well as being good at winning cases.

What Is A Typical Compensation Payout?

It is difficult to say what the typical compensation payout because each compensation payout is calculated differently depending on the severity of the claimant’s injuries and how badly they are predicted to suffer in the future as a result of the injury. Also included in some compensation payouts are special damages, compensation which is calculated to cover any financial losses incurred as a result of the accident, for example, if the injury has left the claimant either temporarily or permanently unable to work.

For these reasons it will not be practicable to inform you here of how much compensation you might be entitled to. However, we can show you this chart, which shows a number of examples of injuries and how much money they might be worth. These figures are drawn from the Judicial College.

Injury Compensation
Moderate brain damage £40,410-£205,480
Less severe brain damage £14,380-£40,410
Loss of wrist function £44,690-£56,180
Loss of thumb £33,330-£51,460

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Crewe

One of the most important factors you should look for in a solicitor is whether or not they perform their services on a No Win No Fee basis. No Win No Fee agreements are an important thing for anyone who is looking to seek compensation to consider. No Win No fee agreements could help you to seek compensation without facing the financial risk of losing money through legal fees.

In a No Win No Fee agreement you will be expected to hand over some of your compensation to your solicitor as their payment. But on the other hand, you will not be expected to pay upfront legal costs, nor would you be expected to pay legal fees if your claim was not successful.

How To Consult A Lawyer

You can reach our team on 0800 408 7825 or send a message to our live support chat to speak to a member of our team.


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