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Personal injury lawyers Cambridge

Personal injury lawyers Cambridge

If you are harmed in an accident that is not your fault what are your options? You could potentially use the help of personal injury lawyers covering Cambridge to pursue a compensation claim for the harm you suffered through no fault of your own. Therefore, this guide covers many of the ways that an injury or illness claim can come about. It also looks at why you could be in a position to have a personal injury solicitor process a claim for you.

As each claim is based on unique circumstances leading up to it, we can’t expect to answer every possible question in a single guide. Because of this, we recommend that you reach out to our claims team on 0800 408 7825 if you have any unanswered questions. An advisor will answer them. Also providing you with any other information you need about the legal process of making a compensation claim.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Cambridge

The guide to making accident, injury and illness claims will aim to teach you about some of the more common reasons people make a claim, and how you can go about finding the right personal injury lawyers covering Cambridge support your case. We start this guide off with a basic overview of what personal injury claims are. Why you could be eligible to make one, and why a third party might be liable.

The middle part of this guide goes over some of the more common scenarios that lead to people making a compensation claim, which may apply to your situation. This includes road traffic accident claims, claiming an accident in a public place, slip and fall claims, making a claim against the local authority, and criminal injury claims.

The last few sections of this guide, switch over to discussing certain aspects of making a claim. We have provided a basic introduction to finding and engaging the right legal team to help you. You will also see that we have included a table that will help you get a rough idea of the level of damages you may claim. 

We explain the ins and outs of a No Win No Fee claim and try to show why in some cases, this kind of legal service can be the perfect way for you to get the legal help you may need. 

You will need to be within the personal injury claims time limit to make a claim. And our team can tell you what this time limit is and provide you with any other information you need if to contact them on the telephone number down near the bottom of the page.

Claiming Injury And Illness Compensation

No matter the reason you are using a personal injury lawyer to prove a compensation claim for you, several facts have to be true about your situation, for a claim to be potentially valid. These include:

  • A third-party had a duty to ensure that you were not harmed.
  • This duty was not met, and this directly or indirectly leads to the harm you suffered.
  • The harm you suffered would not have occurred if the duty of care had been in place.

If you decide that you want the help of a personal injury solicitor when pursuing your case they may ask these questions. By answering yes to these questions it shows you have a solid foundation to claim compensation. 

If you would like to find out whether you might have a valid claim or not, you can call and talk to one of our team members to help with this.

Cambridge Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) are one of the most common types of accident in the country and are very frequently the basis of a personal injury claim.

It isn’t just the driver of a vehicle that could be in a position to make a claim; all road users could be able to, for example:

  • Car, van, or lorry drivers, as well as their passengers.
  • Passengers on public transport such as a bus, coach or minibus.
  • Taxi and minicab passengers.
  • Pedestrians on a public road.
  • Cyclists or motorcyclists and their passengers.
  • Horse riders.

We will look at some of these types of claimants in the next section. If you have been injured on a public road, by the actions of another road user, we could be able to help you claim.

Injuries Caused By Public Transport And Bus Accidents

Public transport can consist of taxis cabs, buses, trains, coaches, ferries and many more. Drivers and public transport operators owe passengers a duty of care. This is to protect their safety while at a station or when public transport. If they breach such obligations, public transport providers can be liable for any suffering that happens as a consequence. 

Injuries Caused By Accidents In Car Parks

There are two types of different accidents that could happen in a car park. Firstly we have road traffic accidents that are usually caused by a driver. If you have an accident in a car park due to the fault of another driver you would claim against his/her insurance for any damages caused.

However, what happens if your accident in the car park was not your own fault or the fault of another driver? If you are injured due to poor maintenance or health and safety issues within a car park, who is responsible? According to the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 those who occupy spaces open to the public have a duty of care to keep them as safe as reasonably possible.

If you have suffered an injury in a car park due to no fault of your own, however, you are unsure who may be liable call our team today.

Claiming Bicycle Accident And Injury Compensation

It is possible to claim for the harm you suffer in a road traffic accident while riding a bicycle. However, a third party who has a responsibility for your safety must be at fault in order to do so. Cyclists are considered vulnerable road users. This is for a few different reasons. Firstly, they do not have an outer protective shell that could cushion the blow of a road traffic accident. Secondly, they have no safety feature such as seatbelts and thirdly they are less visible on the road. 

To have your case assessed for free with one of our advisors’ please call our claims team today. They can answer any questions you have and provide free claims advice.

Public Place Accident Compensation Claims

To be able to claim for an accident in a public place you must first identify if anyone was responsible for the accident. Could the injury have been avoided? Who you make a claim against will depend on which legal entity is responsible for maintaining the area you were injured. Some examples of public places where accidents might occur are:

  • A local children’s playground.
  • Your local library.
  • The council offices.
  • A shopping mall.
  • The car park at a garden centre.
  • Your local hospital.

Take images of the cause of the incident. Report it and have it recorded in an accident book. Have any injuries looked over by a medical professional? These will all help if you decide to make a claim. 

Injuries In A Park Or Public Playground

There are many ways that you or your family could be injured in a public place, such as a public park or playground. For example:

  • Faulty play equipment.
  • Poorly maintained pathways.
  • Illness due to dog excrement not being cleaned up.
  • Falling branches.

If you can prove that the local authority or park owner failed to keep the park safe, then we might be able to help you claim.

Injuries In The Shops And Other Areas

You could become the victim of accidents in a public place while you are using a shopping mall, and visiting retail stores. For example:

  • Accidents caused by a fault escalator or elevator.
  • Items falling from poorly stacked shelves.
  • Being rammed by a shopping trolley.

These are all examples of how a third party could cause you harm in a retail zone. In cases such as this, we might be able to assist you in making a claim for compensation.

Accident Trip And Fall Compensation Claims

One of the most common types of claims that a personal injury solicitor will deal with, is claims for slip, trip or fall. These are the most common type of accidents in work in Britain. They can happen anywhere, at any time, such as:

  • Falling down a stairway that is poorly lit.
  • Slipping on floors that have been left wet after cleaning.
  • Tripping over boxes that have been left in an inappropriate place.

If you can show that a third party could have prevented the hazard that leads to your slip, trip or fall, we could be able to help you to claim for the harm you suffered.

Claiming Council Accident Compensation

Councils provide many services for the public. They also manage most areas within a city including parks, playgrounds, roads and public building such as libraries. They have to ensure that the spaces they manage are safe for the public to use so no one is harmed by hazards that were preventable. Councils may have systems in place so that can inspect, repair and maintain areas that fall under their responsibility. If you have been injured in a public setting but are unsure if the incident could have been prevented call our team today for some free claims advice.

Compensation Claims After An Assault

Personal injury lawyers covering Cambridge follow a slightly different process when handling criminal injury claims. In many cases, the claim will be made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a Government operated scheme that is in place to compensate victims of violent crimes that have no other route to claiming compensation.

The criteria for CICA claims are slightly different from general personal injury claims in as much as the time limit is shorter and the incident must have been reported. 

Cambridge Victim Based Crime Statistics

The table below shows data for crime in the Cambridge area. 

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Bicycle theft 2,405
Shoplifting 1,219
Other Theft 1,213
Vehicle Offences 943
Violence Against The Person 849
Residential Burglary 490
Sexual Offences 373

How Do I Use An Injury Claims Lawyer To Claim Damages?

Solicitors are not a necessity but if you decide to use one they can have great advantages. Firstly they can build and collect all the evidence you may need to have a successful claim. They can arrange a medical examination for you that is close to your home. The assessment will be the base for your compensation amount. Personal injury solicitors can take the stress out of claiming ensuring the case is filed correctly and within the correct personal injury claims time limit.

What Medical Checkup Might I Need?

Your solicitor will generally need you to go for a medical so that your injuries and the impact they have or will have on your life, is adequately evaluated. This is done so that the solicitor can value your claim accurately, and advise you on the kinds of damages to claim for, and for how much.

Do I Need To Find A Lawyer From My Area?

No, you can use any team of personal injury lawyers covering Cambridge, no matter where they are based. No laws are saying you have to use a local firm. Our panel on personal injury solicitors that work to a No Win No Fee service can process your claim remotely. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the right amount of compensation.

Check Your Solicitors Ratings And Reviews

If you are looking at a solicitor online, it could be worth checking any reviews that previous clients have posted. Try to judge whether the review is relevant to your circumstances, and whether or not it reflects positively on the legal firm. Try to be aware that not all reviews might be accurate or even honest, so use the reviews as an indicator only, you will need to speak to the solicitor to learn whether they would be suitable for handling your claim.

Examples Calculating Of Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts

You might be able to find an online personal injury claims calculator that will be able to work out a rough estimate of the level of compensation you could expect to receive if you were to win your claim. You can also try using the table below based on the guidelines used by the Judicial College. 

Injury: Notes: Amount:
Knee Injuries Moderate to Severe (up to) £12,900 to £90,290
Foot Injuries Serious to Severe £23,460 to £65,710
Damage to Teeth Damage/Loss of Back Teeth to Damage/Loss of Two Front Teeth £1,020 to £7,160
Facial Disfigurement Significant Scarring to Very Severe Scarring £8,550 to £91,350
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Moderate to Severe £7,680 to £94,470
Neck Injuries Moderate to Severe £12,900 to (the region of) £139,210
Shoulder Injuries Serious to Severe £11,980 to £45,070

Please note the table above only includes figures for the pain and suffering not for any losses and expenses you might have incurred, If you need to get a more accurate idea of how much you might be awarded, please call our team, and they can explain how a solicitor can help with this.

Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Cambridge No Win No Fee Claims

Do you truly understand what the phrase No Win No Fee means? Even though you have probably come across it many times before. It means exactly what it says. If you decide to use a No Win No Fee solicitor;

  • You are not charged when a solicitor first takes your claim on.
  • There are no payable solicitor fees during the lifecycle of the claim.
  • Claimants are not be asked to pay solicitors any fees if the claim is a failure.

If your case is successful and you are awarded compensation your solicitor will ask that you pay them a percentage. And it is possible for this to be collected from the compensation settlement the solicitor will have received for you, and then you will be given the remainder of the money. If you have questions about how this kind of claim works, please use the contact number in the section below to get in touch with one of our expert advisors.

Consulting Lawyers

Do you need the help of personal injury lawyers covering Cambridge to process an accident or injury claim for you? Or do you simply need a little free legal advice about how best to proceed with a claim? No matter what you need, our team will be able to help you. You can contact us on 0800 408 7825. Talk through your claim with one of our expert advisors, and get the answers to any questions you might have about the claims process.


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Doctors Who May Handle Your Assessment

If you need to have a medical examination to support your claim, you could use to following local doctors:

Doctor Location
Sajive Bansal The Coach House Clinic
Anstey Hall
Maris Lane
Asef Zafar Vision Park
Chivers Way,
CB24 9AD

Magistrates Courts In The City Of Cambridge

Below you will find the contact details for any local magistrates courts in the Cambridge area.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court
2 St Andrews Street

Cambridge City Council

Here are the contact details for the local authority in Cambridge.

Cambridge City Council
The Guildhall
Peas Hill

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