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Our Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In Bury, Greater Manchester

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This is a guide for people who live and/or work in Bury, Greater Manchester, who have been injured in an accident that was not their fault. If you have been injured in a public place, or in an accident at work or road traffic accident in Bury, because another party acted negligently, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. Public Injury Lawyers can help you. We have created this guide about how to find personal injury lawyers covering Bury to handle your compensation claim. We also offer a free accident claims consultation to anyone looking to claim compensation for their injuries.

We can offer you free legal advice and if we believe that you would win a claim for compensation, we can provide you with a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Bury, Greater Manchester, to handle your accident claim.

To begin your public injury claim for an accident in Bury, call Public Injury Lawyers today on 0800 408 7825 to handle your claim. If our team believes that you are owed money by the party that was responsible for your injuries, a skilled lawyer from our panel will start working on your claim.

Alternatively, read on to find out more.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Bury

If you suffered an injury in the town of Bury, Greater Manchester because of an accident caused by another party, you may be eligible to sue the responsible party for compensation.

To build a strong case , we recommend that you appoint a skilled personal injury lawyer covering Bury. A solicitor will be able to value your claim correctly and negotiate with lawyers representing the defendant to make sure you receive the correct amount of compensation you are owed.

In this guide to making a compensation claim for an accident in Bury or an accident near Bury, we will look at reasons why people make personal injury claims, in detail. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about making a public injury claim for compensation.

To begin your compensation claim, call Public Injury Lawyers today.

Workplace Accidents In Bury, Greater Manchester

When you are at work your employer owes you and all their employees a duty of care, which means they are responsible for providing you with a safe and hygienic environment to work in.

For example if you are a bus driver, the bus company is responsible for maintaining the vehicle to safe and adequate standards. Because your employer owes you a duty of care, they can be held liable for injuries sustained in an accident at work if that duty of care is breached.

Examples of accidents at work can include:

  • Slips, trips and falls caused by wet floors or other floorings that could be hazardous.
  • Falls from a height, caused by a broken staircase.
  • An accident that happened because you or a colleague were given inadequate training.

Despite legislation that has been put in place such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, there are still many people who are injured at work due to inadequate health and safety standards.

For example in the financial year 2018/9 there were 581,000 non-fatal injuries in the workplace. What’s more, during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, essential workers became ill with the coronavirus because employers did not provide them with adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), or take the correct cleaning precautions.

If you suffered an injury at work in Bury because your employer acted negligently, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Call Public Injury Lawyers and an advisor will be happy to speak to you about your ordeal. If we can see that you are owed compensation, we will provide you with a No Win No Fee solicitor covering Bury to handle your claim.

Traffic, Vehicle And Car Accidents In Bury

If you have been injured in an accident on a Bury road, such as a car accident in Bury, or a motorbike accident in Bury, you may have grounds to claim road accident compensation. You can also claim compensation for an accident near Bury (for example an M66 accident near Bury, or an A58 accident near Bury) that was caused by another party acting negligently.

Who will your claim for road traffic accident compensation be made against? If the accident was caused by another driver, you will claim against their motor insurance.

We will now review some specific types of road traffic accidents and car accidents which could occur in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Claim If Injured On Public Transport

If you were injured whilst travelling on public transport in Bury, Greater Manchester in an accident that was caused by another party acting negligently you may be eligible to claim compensation. This applies whether you were injured travelling by bus, train or a private hire vehicle such as a coach or an Uber taxi.

If the driver of the vehicle in which you are travelling causes an accident, you could make a claim against their insurance policy. If a driver of another vehicle causes an accident, you can similarly claim against their insurance policy.

For any more advice on claims involving accidents and public transport, please contact our team.

Claim If Injured In A Car Park

Have you been injured in a car park accident in Bury? If you are injured in a car park in Bury because of another driver acting negligently, or because of poor health and safety standards of the car park, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Examples of injuries that can be caused by the negligent upkeep of a car park can include slips, trips and falls caused by the floors not being adequately maintained, or a faulty car park barrier.

To begin a claim for a road traffic accident in Bury, or on a road near Bury, call Public Injury Lawyers today to see if we can take care of your claim.

Cycling And Bike Rider Accidents

A cycling accident is an accident on the roads that may result in a cyclist becoming injured. This could be a cyclist being hit by a car and hitting their head on the road, causing a traumatic head injury.

As the road traffic accident charity Brake explains, there were 25,511 cyclist casualties in the United Kingdom in 2018, and 99 cyclist deaths on the road in the same year. The charity warns that cyclists make up a smaller number of deaths on the roads because they are far smaller in numbers compared to drivers.

However, the number of deaths and casualties suffered by cyclists on Britain’s roads is disproportionately higher, because cyclists are more exposed than other road users and therefore more vulnerable to injury.

If you were injured because of a cycling accident in Bury or the surrounding area that was not your fault, call us today to see if you could be eligible to claim compensation. If we believe that you are owed compensation, a personal injury lawyer covering Bury will be appointed from our panel to handle your compensation claim.

Public Space Injuries And Accidents

There is a common misconception that if an accident occurs it has to be on the grounds of a private business for a compensation claim to be made. In fact, many public spaces in Bury are managed by Bury Council.

A claim for a public injury compensation payout will normally be made against the council or a landowner’s public liability insurance. Therefore if you are injured in a public place in Bury that was caused by another party’s negligence, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Claim If Injured In A Park Or Play Area

Local councils are responsible for managing and maintaining public parks. So if a Bury park accident occurs that was caused by substandard facilities, Bury Council may be liable for your injuries.

Examples of accidents in parks which can be caused by the council can include accidents in skate parks, or a child being injured in a playground due to faulty or poorly maintained equipment.

If you have suffered an injury during an accident at Bury park, that was caused by negligence on the part of the council or another party, you may be eligible to claim compensation. You can also claim compensation on behalf of your child if they are under 18 years of age.

Claim If Injured In A Shop Or Supermarket

Accidents in shops and supermarkets can include slipping on a wet floor that hadn’t been cleaned or up marked with a warning sign, being injured by a poorly maintained lift or escalator, or being injured by a piece of loose shelving.

Whether you are a customer, an employee or a contractor who has been injured in a shop, you may be eligible to claim compensation against the business. If you were injured at Mill Gate Shopping Centre or Bury Market, or another public shopping area, your claim will be against the business that manages this space. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help.

Trip And Slip Injuries And Accidents

If you suffered an injury due to a slipping or tripping accident, you may have eligibility to claim compensation.

What can cause slip, trip or fall accidents?

  • A floor that is hazardous, such as loose carpeting or a cracked floor tile.
  • A leak causing a wet floor, which is a slipping hazard.
  • A floor that has been recently mopped and is wet, which has not been signposted.
  • Pavements not being gritted during icy weather.
  • A tree root poking through a paving slab.

If you have suffered a significant injury because of a fall, slip or trip accident in Bury, you could have eligibility to claim compensation from the party responsible.

Call Public Injury Lawyers today and if we believe that you have grounds for compensation, a No Win No Fee lawyer covering Bury will handle your claim.

Injury And Accident Claims Against Bury Council

Public injury claims are not just made against privately owned businesses. If you are injured on a piece of land such as a public highway which Bury Council is responsible for maintaining, you may be eligible to claim compensation from them if you can prove that they have breached their duty of care.

Claims against Bury Council can be made for road traffic accidents caused by poorly maintained roads or pavements in Bury. If you were injured in a building that is managed by Bury Council, such as a public library, a leisure centre or in council-run housing because Bury Council acted negligently, you may be eligible to claim compensation provided you can show how the council was at fault.

To find a personal injury lawyer in Bury offering a No Win No Fee claims option, call Public Injury Lawyers today to speak to an advisor.

Criminal Injury And Other Assaults

Being the victim of a violent crime is one of the most traumatic things a person can experience. Although money cannot reverse the trauma, claiming compensation for a criminal injury or assault can help you move on with your life and cover the costs of any counselling you may need as a result of the incident.

The government allows people who have experienced violent crimes to claim compensation for any psychological or physical injuries they have incurred by claiming through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA.

If you have experienced a mugging, sexual assault or rape, physical assault or any other type of crime, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries, even if the perpetrator was never identified or prosecuted.

What are the requirements for making a criminal injury compensation claim from the CICA? The assault or criminal injuries must have been reported to the police. There is normally a time limit of 2 years from the date of the incident to begin your Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim. In some instances, such as a highly sensitive crime like sexual assault or rape, the time limit may be increased.

A top personal injury lawyer handling cases in Bury can work on your claim for criminal injury compensation. Your solicitor can gather evidence to support your case and negotiate with the CICA.

Call Public Injury Lawyers today for help claiming compensation for your injuries.

Rates Of Victim Based Or Violent Crimes In Bury

Crime and disorder in Bury, ending Q1 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Other thefts 400
Vehicle offences 330
Shoplifting 283
Residential burglary 204

Statistics may be found here.

I Suffered an Accident Or Injury, How Do I Claim Damages?

If you are injured in Bury due to an accident in a public place that was not your fault, how do you claim compensation? First, we recommend that you gather evidence to help support your claim.

This could include the following:

  • Take photographs of the dangerous hazard that caused your accident and your injuries.
  • Record the contact details of eyewitnesses.
  • Report the accident to the management of the building you were in, making sure the information was recorded accurately.

After seeking the appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, contact Public Injury Lawyers. If we believe you have grounds to claim personal injury compensation, we can provide you with a knowledgeable solicitor to handle your compensation claim.

Areas In Bury, Greater Manchester Where Lawyers May Be Found

Are you looking to claim compensation in Bury, Greater Manchester? You may look for solicitors on John Street, solicitors on Haymarket Street, or solicitors on Silver Street, to handle your claim.

Alternatively, you can call Public Injury Lawyers and we can provide you with top personal injury lawyers covering Bury, to handle your claim.

Why Medical Assessments Are Important

Your medical assessment is incredibly important. As part of the claims process, your solicitor will arrange for you to be examined by a medical expert. They will, in turn, produce a report which will be used by your solicitor to determine how much compensation you are entitled to. If you decide to claim by using our service, we will arrange for you to visit a local physician so your injuries can be properly assessed.

Why You Do Not Have To Use A Solicitor From Your Area

Many people believe that if you live in Bury, you have to use a personal injury law firm in Bury to handle your compensation claim. However, the location of a lawyer won’t make a difference to the success of your claim. Much of the communication will be handled remotely, and your solicitor will update you on important developments in your case.

Do Reviews Of Different Lawyers Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Case?

If you wish to claim compensation, you may wish to read online solicitors reviews to help you determine which solicitors firm is the right one to work with.

The best thing to do is to check out reviews from past clients. They can reveal how well a solicitor performed, whether they communicated in a satisfactory manner and how long it took for the case to resolve. This can help you narrow down your options.

Calculating Typical Payouts In Injury Claims

If you’re looking to gain an idea of how much your case could be worth, you may use a tool like a personal injury compensation calculator. However, we’d caution you when using such tools. They can provide misleading results which can cause disappointment down the line.

Instead, we’ve produced a table detailing the values of some potential injuries. . The compensation amounts in this table are based on guidelines set out by the Judicial College.

Injury Suffered Notes On This Injury Possible Damages Which May Be Claimed
Moderate Ankle Injury Moderate ankle injuries could present as a fracture or as a torn ligament. This may cause the person to have some degree of ddisability and issue with being able to walk or to stand for long periods of time. £12,900 – £24,950
Moderate Shoulder Injury A moderate injury could include a frozen shoulder in which the joint’s range of motion may be limited or where there is discomfort. This level of injury could also soft tissue injuries lasting for up to 2 years. £7,410 – £11,980
Clavicle Fracture How much compensation is awarded is dependent on how serious the fracture is and the damage and effects of this fracture are. £4,830 – £11,490
Less Severe Arm Injury The claimant could have experienced a significant disability, but will have substantially recovered at this point or will be expected to do so. £18,020 – £36,770
Less Severe Elbow Injury These injuries could reduce the usefulness and function of the joint. It will not require surgery or cause disability. £14,690 – £30,050
Moderate Foot Injury May include fractures of the metatarsal bones and could result in deformity of the foot as well as symptoms which persist over the longer-term. £12,900 – £23,460

If your claim is successful, it could also be possible to recover special damages. The purpose of this is to restore you to the financial position you were in before the claim by allowing you to recover any costs incurred because of the injury. This could include travel and medication costs, and loss of earnings too.

No Win No Fee Lawyers Covering Bury, Greater Manchester

We believe in access to justice, and because of that, our expert panel of personal injury lawyers can offer to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. There are many financial benefits to making such a claim, with the most notable being that if your claim fails, you will not have to pay any of your solicitor’s fees.

If your claim does succeed, your solicitor will deduct a small percentage of your compensation to cover their costs. This percentage is capped by law.

To find out more about No Win No Fee claims, please get in touch.

How To Consult A Solicitor

If you’re looking to make a claim with our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Bury, call Public Injury Lawyers on 0800 408 7825. A claims expert will be happy to speak to you about the circumstances of your accident and the injuries you sustained.

If we believe that you have legitimate grounds to claim compensation, we’ll look to connect you to a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer from our panel to handle your claim.

Call the team at Public Injury Lawyers to speak about your prospects for claiming today.

Supporting Information

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