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If you have been injured because those responsible for your well being breached their legal duty of care and you are wondering what your legal options might be, this article may answer some of your questions. We are Public Interest Lawyers and we can offer you free legal advice, of no obligation. You can claim compensation through making a personal injury claims with the help of a personal injury lawyer covering Braintree. Please call us on 0800 408 7825 if you think there may be a reason to hold another party liable for your injuries.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Braintree

This is a guide to how you could seek compensation by working with a personal injury lawyer covering Braintree. We will discuss some of the different scenarios in which you could be entitled to make personal injury claims by describing some different situations. We will also aim to inform you about how some important aspects of making a personal injury claim with a solicitor works, such as how to fund your solicitor if you choose to use one, how your compensation is calculated and how to find the personal injury lawyer that’s best for your case. Don’t forget, this article is just an introduction, if it is not comprehensive enough for you then you can read other guides on this website, and at any time you can call our advice team on 0800 408 7825.

Claim For An Injury At Work In Braintree

Sometimes being injured at work is just an unavoidable risk that comes naturally with certain occupations. But as an employee, you are protected under the law from being put in unnecessary danger. Under the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 your employer is the one who ultimately has to take responsibility for making sure that the safety measures necessary for keeping workers safe from avoidable injuries or work-related illnesses are implemented. This means that your employer could be liable to a personal injury claim if you have suffered an injury that could have been prevented by having better Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), better training or tools and machinery that was not in a poor state of repair.

If you have been injured at work and you think you could identify some kind of health and safety measure that could have been in place but wasn’t, then you could be entitled to claim compensation from your employer. Please get in touch with us to find out more information.

Claim For A Braintree Car Accident

In cases of road accidents, there are different parties that the claim could be made against depending on the circumstances and how the accident took place. If the accident was caused by another driver, through their negligent or dangerous driving, who can be identified and has insurance with which to pay a compensation settlement, then the claim will be made against a driver.

If the driver cannot be identified, or if they lack insurance which could be used to pay compensation, then the claim can be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau, a national body that provides compensation to drivers affected by car accidents who cannot receive compensation in other manners.

If the accident was caused by road conditions, such as large potholes or a lack of street lighting, then the claim could potentially be made against either a council or against those responsible for maintaining roads.

Braintree Stations, Train Or Bus Accidents And Crashes

If you have been injured in an accident while riding public transport, or while in a station, like Braintree railways stations, it is important that you log the incident in the accident book if you are thinking of pursuing a claim. Public transport operators are responsible for the well-being and safety of their passengers. It is not acceptable for them to put people at risk through unsafe driving or operation of their vehicles or through poor maintenance of their stations.

Car Parking Accidents

If a car injury has occurred in a car park, then the car parks operators or owners could be liable. This would be the case if there was a connection between the state of the car park and the cause of the accident. For example, if the barriers at the entrance came down on your car or potholes on the road surface caused your car to crash. The operators of car parks have a duty of care to make sure that their facilities are safe for drivers to use.

Claim For A Bicycle Accident

Bike riders can be in more danger of injury in the event of a collision, they may also be at greater risk of being in an accident in the first place. Statistics show cyclists are overrepresented in figures for road accident injuries. They are less protected than drivers who sit inside their vehicles and are smaller than other vehicles and inattentive drivers could fail to spot them.

As a cyclist, you are just as entitled to the same level of safety as any other vehicle user. If you have been injured because of the condition of the road or other people’s created hazardous conditions for cyclists, you could be entitled to seek compensation from either the driver or from the local authorities. Read this page for more information about claiming for a cycling accident.

Claim For A Public Space Accident

When space is open to the public the owner or management of that space has a duty of care over those frequenting it. That means that, regardless of the nature of the space, even if it is the type of public space we might not associate with any kind of danger, they must operate it in such a manner as to eliminate any preventable risk of accidents. A risk assessment can be carried out in order to ensure that no potential hazards have been overlooked.

If someone does have an accident in a public space and has an injury due to the occupier’s negligence, the occupier could be liable for a personal injury claim on the basis that they did not do enough to keep the space safe if there is any provable link between flaws in their health and safety policies and the accident.

Braintree Parks And Open Space Accidents

Those responsible for the management of Braintree’s parks and open spaces are responsible for the safety of those using the space. They have a duty of care that obliges them to make sure that the park is not in any kind of condition to potentially harm someone due to health and safety hazards. Examples of what this entails might include:

  • Maintaining play area equipment to a safe standard
  • Maintaining footpaths to a safe standard.
  • Preventing dead or overgrown trees from posing a safety hazard by trimming or removing them where necessary.

Learn more about making a claim over an injury suffered in a park here or by talking to our advice team to see how personal injury lawyers covering Braintree can help you.

Shopping Area Accidents And Injuries

You may visit the Great Yard Shopping Centre on a weekly basis to do some of your shopping but did you know that this space is covered under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957?

Businesses have a duty of care over their customers and they are required by law to ensure that their premises are safe for the public. Operators of public spaces can ensure their premises are safe by carrying out risk assessments, maintenance, repairs and routine inspections. If these safety measures are not implemented hazards causing injuries may occur including;

  • Spillages without any warning signs
  • Packaging obstructing shopping aisle
  • Poor lighting not making obstructions clear
  • Broken stair bannisters

To learn more about this type of claim, go here.

Claim For A Slip And Fall Road And Pavement Accident

Pavements can be the responsibility of the local council or businesses to maintain and repair. Councils have a duty of care over local residents to ensure that the pavements are maintained to a standard that keeps them safe for the public to use. Failure to do so could lead to someone having an accident and injuring themselves. Pavement accidents could be caused by:

  • Ice
  • Unstable paving slabs
  • Cracks
  • Cobblestones poking above the surface

Often pavement accident claims can be challenging and tricky to prove so it is vital that you have solid supporting evidence for your claim. It is advisable that you always photograph the cause of your accident careful taking in its dimensions using a ruler, seek medical attention and use landmarks to illustrate exactly where the incident happened.  Please call us and read this article. 

Claim For A Council Accident

Local councils have many different responsibilities at a local level. Like most councils, Braintree District Council is an employer, a provider of social care, a provider of social housing and is responsible for numerous public services like public swimming baths, libraries and parks.

All councils have duties of care. They may implement systems so that all of the areas they have responsibility for are checked regularly, maintained and repaired when necessary and risks removed accordingly so that the public are provided with a safe environment and services.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors covering Braintree can offer a free consultation if you are unsure if your accident meets the requirement for a public liability claim. Call our advisors today and they will connect you if your claims are valid.

Claim For A Criminal Injury

If someone has deliberately harmed you through criminal behaviour you could also potentially be able to claim compensation from them. However there is no guarantee that the person who was responsible for the crime will have the means to provide compensation, there is also the possibility that the person responsible cannot be identified, apprehended or convicted.

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority exists, for this reason, to fulfil the needs of those who wish to seek compensation for a criminal injury where compensation from the offender is not available. CICA is a national body which processes criminal injury claims and awards compensation.

For a period of up to two years after you have been injured by a crime or diagnosed as suffering from mental trauma as a result of a crime, you could be entitled to make a claim. Exceptions to this time limit can also be made in cases of historical physical or sexual abuse. To find out more about making a criminal injury compensation claim with a personal injury solicitor covering Braintree, you can call us. To find out more about the CICA, you can visit their website.

Braintree Crime Statistics

The table below shows the reported levels of crime against the person in Braintree according to official figures,

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 945
Theft 50
Vehicle offences 824
Burglary 529
Public order offences 983

How Do Accident Claims Work?

Having covered some of the different circumstances in which you could have grounds to make a personal injury claim, we will now go over some of the things you should know about making and preparing to make, a personal injury claim with a personal injury solicitor.

Places You Could Find A Lawyer In This Area

Braintrees’ law firms can be found on High Street and Rayne Road or in the region of Great Square as well.

Will A Doctor Check My Injury?

If you begin a personal injury claim through one of the solicitors on our panel then we will help you to make arrangements to receive an examination by a doctor. The purpose of this exam will be to provide a medical report as evidence of your injury for your case, and also to assess the nature of the injury so as to allow your lawyer to calculate roughly how much compensation you will be entitled to claim.

Will I Need A Local Lawyer?

You won’t need to use a Braintree personal injury lawyer if you do not want to. Any solicitor in the country could feasibly take on your case, this is because they could communicate with you about setting up the case through phone calls, emails and video calls. This opens much wider options for you when it comes to picking a solicitor. This will likely be the method that you would likely use to make a claim with a personal injury solicitor on our panel that covers Braintree.

How To Select The Right Lawyer

Selecting the right lawyer means looking out for lawyers with certain qualities. You may want to know which lawyers have a proven track record of being successful at taking on claims like yours. You will also want to find out which solicitors are the best and easiest to work with as individuals, which ones make the most effort to keep their clients informed and are most willing to answer questions and so on. One of the best ways to find this type of information is to read online reviews of solicitors left by their previous clients.

How You May Be Compensated

We don’t know at this point how much compensation you could be able to receive in your settlement. What we do know is that your compensation will be calculated based on the severity of your illness or injury, with more severe injuries being reflected in larger amounts of compensation. As well as compensation for the injury itself, there can also be special damages awarded, this is compensation that reflects financial losses you may have received because of the injury, such as lost wages from having to take time off work for example.

Below is a compensation table which displays rough estimates of the amount of compensation that can be awarded for different types of injuries according to the Judicial College. These numbers do not include potential special damages compensation.

Notes Award Award
Neck (minor) Full recovery, typically within 1-2 years £4,080 to £7,410
Shoulder (moderate) Frozen shoulder with limited movement for around 2 years £7,410 to £11,980
Severe tinnitus and NIHL Resulting from exposure to noise at work over a prolonged period £27,890 to £42,730
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (severe) Permanent effects preventing normal function or employment £56,180 to £94,470
Back (severe) Damage to spinal cord and nerve roots resulting in severe pain, disability and incomplete paralysis £85,470 to £151,070

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Braintree

If you claim with a personal injury solicitor from our panel you will always have the option of making a No Win No Fee agreement. This is an arrangement between you and your solicitor whereby you will exchange a sum from your settlement to your solicitor as payment in return for not being obliged to make a payment upfront or to pay if the claim is unsuccessful.

Help & Contact

If you would like help understanding something in this article or some other aspect of making compensation claims that you are feeling confused about, you can call 0800 408 7825 to reach one of our advisors and receive a free consultation.

An alternative way of contacting us would be to send a message to our chat box at the bottom of the screen.

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