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In this article, we will define and explain different types of personal injury claims you can make. When an accident takes place, many of us suffer from shock and you can be overwhelmed by the amount of information that is on the internet. If you have been injured at work, have been assaulted or had an accident in a public place, there are specific sections within this article that will be able to guide you on how to proceed with a claim for these types of incidents if they are caused due to a breach in the duty of care. In addition to this, we will cover other types of claims such as a road traffic accident or if you have had an accident whilst cycling.

Personal injury lawyers covering Bournemouth can assist you with all of these types of claims. If you’d rather find out some more details before enquiring about a claim, you can select a section below to take you to your chosen section. If you’d rather speak to somebody to get your claim underway today, you can call us on 0800 408 7825 and one of our advisors will begin your claim for you.

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  1. A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Bournemouth
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  6. Slip And Fall Accident Compensation Claims
  7. Claims Against Your Local Or County Council
  8. Criminal Injury Compensation Claims
  9. How To Claim For Accidents And Injuries Which Happened In Bournemouth
  10. How Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews Help You Find A Lawyer
  11. Typical Amounts Of Damages Paid For Personal Injury Claims
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Bournemouth
  13. Starting A Public Injury Claim
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Bournemouth

Personal injury law is a vast field, there are a lot of intricacies when it comes to this area. Much like anything in life, you want to make sure the person who is advising you on any topic knows what they’re talking about. This can be the difference between a smooth claim where you maximise how much compensation you receive or a drawn-out claim which can go on for longer than is necessary.

The time limit you have to claim is not indefinite. Most personal injury claims will expire within a 3 year period, but not all, for example, if a child is involved in an accident they are eligible to claim within 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday. A claim can also be made on their behalf before their 18th birthday by a litigation friend.

A litigation friend can also represent somebody who has lost the mental capacity to claim as a result of the injuries sustained. This is usually in severe cases that involve serious head injuries. If you’re looking to claim in these types of cases, the 3 year time period won’t begin until that person has recovered. It is important to make sure that if you’re looking to make a personal injury claim, you do so as soon as you can.

Workplace Accident And Injury Claims

Workplace injuries are amongst the most common types of personal injury claims. One example of an accident at work is a burn or laceration caused by chemicals. Other examples include:

  • Slipping on a wet floor that was not signposted.
  • Faulty machinery that wasn’t repaired or replaced, causing an injury.
  • A road traffic accident whilst in a work vehicle.

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure the premises are safe and that anything that has the potential to cause you injury is regulated and/or minimised. Injuries suffered at work cover the spectrum of severity. They can range from a small bump or bruise to an injury that causes severe impairment. The severity of the injury runs in correlation with the amount of compensation you will receive.

Personal injury lawyers covering Bournemouth can support this type of claim, it is something they have vast amounts of experience in dealing with. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 408 7825 to begin your case.

Lawyers Covering Bournemouth Traffic Accident Cases

If you’re injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own it is natural to feel aggrieved by the circumstances. A lot of us do not have the first-hand experience of dealing with a personal injury claim, so it can be difficult to know how to go about instructing a personal injury lawyer.

If another road user’s negligence has caused you to suffer, we will investigate this matter on a No Win No Fee basis. We go into more detail about this type of agreement in this article, but essentially this means we will investigate your claim and charge you nothing unless the claim is a success.

There are many types of car accidents where injury can occur, they range from small low impact collisions to accidents that involve a high-velocity impact. We can help with all types of road traffic accidents, this is what we do, we will be more than happy to extend our expertise to you.

Public Transport Injury Claims

If you live in a city, travelling via public transport can be the most effective method of travel. The provider of public transport has a duty of care to you and the fellow passengers. They need to ensure not only is the vehicle safe but that the driver adheres to the rules of the road and does not cause injury through driving carelessly. If you have been injured in an accident whilst on public transport, our guide here delves further into exactly the type of thing you can claim for.

In most cases, you can claim against the insurer of the driver or operator. Our phone number is signposted at the top of this page if you’d like to speak to somebody about this type of claim.

Car Park Injuries And Accidents

Accidents in car parks are not as common as road traffic accidents, cars usually travel a lot slower and the speed limit is more restricted. However, this can cause a separate set of problems which are different from a standard road traffic accident. Examples of a car park injury can include things such as a broken barrier or an unmarked wet/icy pavement.

It can be difficult to find out who is responsible for a car park accident and what you’re meant to do if you’re a victim of one. The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 states that the operator of a public car park has to ensure the site is safe for public use. If they have not kept on top of health and safety regulations and it causes you injury, this could be grounds for a claim.

Our guide on this subject provides a more detailed description of what constitutes a car park accident claim.

Cycling Accident Claims Advice

Cycling can tick a lot of boxes for us in this day and age, as it’s a healthy and environmentally friendly way of travelling. However, cycling on UK roads can also be quite a scary venture. Unfortunately, in the UK we trail quite far behind our European counterparts when it comes to cycling safety, and cycle-friendly roads.

Not only is this a major factor when it comes to cycling accidents, but there is also the added problem of cars, vans and buses being much more powerful vehicles and having the potential to cause serious harm.

We specifically detail this topic in a stand-alone article which you can find here, but to give you a general idea, cycling accidents include things like:

  • Potholes in the road causing damage to your bike or your person.
  • Drivers not paying due care and attention on the roads.
  • Drivers carrying out incompetent and dangerous manoeuvres.

The last thing we should expect whilst out on our bike is that we are injured or knocked off it by a driver that is not paying attention. However, if you do find yourself in this unfortunate position, we are here to help you.

Public Place Accident Claims

Public spaces by definition include things such as public car parks, public parks, schools and hospitals. The person or company who operates the property has a duty of care to ensure the premises are kept in fit and proper working order, such as adhering to health and safety regulations.

Accidents At A Playground And Injuries In A Park

Potential causes of injuries in a public park or playground include things like potholes or hazards that are not cleaned properly, like broken glass. Usually, it is the local council that oversees the maintenance of the park and they have a duty of care to ensure the park is maintained properly and that all hazards are identified and minimised. A full breakdown of how to go about claiming for this type of incident can be found here.

Supermarket And Accident In A Shop Claims

If you have suffered an injury in a local shop or supermarket, just like an accident in a public place, the claim would also be made under public liability. Operators have a duty of care and need to ensure their premises are safe and free of the risk of harm. Businesses should take out a public liability insurance policy to ensure they have the coverage to pay out if somebody suffers an accident whilst on their property.

A common type of supermarket accident is slipping on a liquid that hasn’t been signposted or cleaned up. We expand on exactly what is considered a supermarket or shop injury in this article. Other things that fall into this category are things such as:

  • A supermarket employee rolling over your foot with a full cage of stock.
  • Items becoming dislodged on shelves and causing injury.
  • Faulty machinery, such as lifts and escalators.

If you feel you are in a position where you have suffered an injury through the negligence of a supermarket or shop, personal injury lawyers covering Bournemouth will delve into the matter further for you.

Slip And Fall Accident Compensation Claims

You might be eligible to seek compensation if you’re injured in a fall which has been caused by:

  • Broken handrails on stairs.
  • Wet floors with no warning signs.
  • Damaged/cracked pavement or pathways.

Slip, trip and fall claims can result in serious injuries. Over 95% of major slips and falls result in broken bones. Whoever oversees the maintenance of the area where the accident happened has a duty of care to ensure it is safe for use and if they don’t they may very well be responsible for the injuries you have sustained. For more information about this type of claim, read our article on the topic here.

Claims Against Your Local Or County Council 

The local authority in Bournemouth is responsible for a large number of footpaths and roads that flow through the town. It is their responsibility to ensure that these passages are regularly maintained in line with proper health and safety regulations so that any risk to the public is minimised. Proving they are at fault can be tricky, but this is our speciality.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

Feeling like you have nobody to turn to if you are a victim of a violent crime is a completely understandable response. When it comes to claiming compensation for this type of claim, it is natural to presume there aren’t any available avenues to claim the compensation from. However, this isn’t the case, the government operates the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority abbreviated to CICA. This allows victims of violent crime to receive compensation for their physical, mental and emotional trauma when there are no other ways to do so.

Even if the criminal who was responsible wasn’t prosecuted, you can still claim through this scheme. Examples of violent crime include:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Being stabbed or shot.
  • A mugging/attempted mugging.
  • Assault (e.g. GBH and acid attacks)

The expiration date for a claim via the CICA is shorter than any other types of personal injury claim. The police must have been notified about the incident. A Crime Reference Number is essential and you are no longer able to claim if it is 2 years from the date of the crime. There are certain incidents where this time window may be extended. To find out more about how we can help you with a CICA claim, please get in touch.

Bournemouth Crime Statistics

Information provided by the government in the table below provides a breakdown of criminal offences in Bournemouth.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 3,821
Other types of theft offences 3,436
Vehicle offences 3,235
Shoplifting offences 2,497
Residential burglary 1,409
Sexual offences 1,225

How To Claim For Accidents And Injuries Which Happened In Bournemouth

An essential part of a successful claim is the evidence that is gathered to strengthen it. We understand that gathering evidence isn’t the initial thing that springs to mind when you have sustained an injury. The reason we require this evidence is to maximise the likelihood of a compensation payout. The more evidence available, the stronger the case.

Examples of evidence include things like a photograph of an injury as well as photos of the accident location. This will strengthen the likelihood of your claim being successful. Another key piece of evidence is witness statements. Anyone who witnessed the accident may be called to give evidence as part of the strategy to ensure your claim is a success and to bolster your version of events, ensuring that the strongest possible case is put forward.

Will My Injury Need To Be Medically Assessed?

An appointment with a local medical expert will be arranged as part of the claims process.

You’ll be asked several questions about the impact of the injuries on your life. A report is then put together detailing your mental and physical injuries, including any ongoing trauma. This is then used as evidence by your solicitor to ensure your compensation payout is sufficient for the level of injuries that you suffered.

Do I Need To Use A Lawyer Near Me For An Accident Claim?

The legal industry has evolved into a very different industry to that of the one at the turn of the century. Much like the world around us, society and businesses have adapted to use the internet. The internet has revolutionised the world around us, and the personal injury claims market is no different. You can now seek out a specialist anywhere in the UK without getting off the couch. This puts you at an advantage because you can take your time to come to a select your representative without feeling pressured into selecting a solicitor because they are local.

How Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews Help You Find A Lawyer

As we touched on in the previous section, the internet is a great tool to find out how law firms compare with each other and how effective they are compared to their counterparts. We would always advise that you take time to read reviews of other solicitors to ensure you are making an informed decision. You want to make sure that the solicitor dealing is operating from a position where they know exactly what they’re doing.

Within the field of personal injury law, you want to make sure your solicitor has a track record of delivering proven results when it comes to winning cases.

Typical Amounts Of Damages Paid For Personal Injury Claims

Whilst each case has its flaws and merits, we can’t always give an accurate representation of how much it could be worth at this point. To give you a rough indication of what you can expect, you can see our personal injury claims calculator below.

Bodily Injury Amount of compensation Definition
Very Severe Ankle Injury Between £46,980 to £65,420 Complete fracture or break of the ankle, an ankle requiring amputation due to the injury or extensive soft tissue damage resulting in permanent disability.
Severe Ankle Injury Between £29,380 to £46,980 Serious fracture with significant soft tissue damage.
Moderate Neck Injury Between £7,410 and £12,900 Injuries such as fractures or dislocations which cause severe immediate symptoms and which may necessitate spinal fusion.
Severe Neck Injury Between £61,710 to £122,860 Injuries causing fractures or dislocations or severe damage to soft tissues and/or ruptured tendons that lead to chronic conditions and significant disability of a permanent nature.
Moderate Foot Injury Between £12,900 to £24,950 Fractures, ligamentous tears and the like which give rise to less serious disabilities such as difficulty in walking on uneven ground, difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time.
Severe Foot Injury Between £39,390 and £65,710 Fractures to both feet with restricted mobility and considerable pain. In particular if the damage is permanent or lasts for a number of years.
Moderate Back Injury Between £23,680 and £33,080 Constant pain and discomfort caused by a compression/crush fracture constant pain and discomfort in the back area. Including injuries such as a slipped disk or nerve damage to the spine.
Moderate Knee Injury Between £12,650 to £22,340 Injuries involving dislocation, torn cartilage which results in weakness or mild future disability. This bracket also includes injuries which accelerate symptoms from a pre-existing condition over a prolonged period of years.

For a more specific valuation, please get in touch with our team and explain your circumstances.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Bournemouth

We don’t believe you shouldn’t have access to justice just because you can’t afford it.

The way we do this is through a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is a type of No Win No Fee agreement that a solicitor would ask you to enter into if you’re pursuing a claim for personal injury. By signing this agreement, you won’t have to pay any of your solicitor’s fees for an unsuccessful claim. Your solicitor will deduct a small percentage of your compensation (known as a success fee) but this is capped by law when the claim is successful.

Starting A Public Injury Claim

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read our article. There are several ways you can get in touch:


Thank you for reading our guide on how personal injury lawyers covering Bournemouth can help you. Below, we’ve included some more guides and further information that may be suitable for you.

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