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If you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford personal injury claims, it may be that you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault. Whether you’ve been injured at work due to your employer’s negligence in looking after your health and safety, or sustained an injury in a park accident, or an accident on Bedford High Street, this guide offers a wealth of information on making personal injury claims with the help of accident lawyers covering Bedford.

In the sections below, we reveal what types of situation could lead to a claim, such as a Bedford road accident caused by another driver, or an accident caused by disrepair in council social housing, for example. We also offer insight into compensation amounts for public injury claims, along with how to find personal injury law firms covering Bedford that could help you claim compensation for your injuries. If you have questions after reading this guide, or would like our assistance with finding the right personal injury lawyer covering Bedford for your claim, simply call 0800 408 7825 and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Bedford

When it comes to making a personal injury claim, the main factors that have to be considered when assessing if someone could be held liable for an accident that caused you to suffer injury are:

  1. Did someone have a responsibility as to your safety?
  2. Did they breach that responsibility?
  3. Did that breach cause you to suffer some kind of harm?

If you could prove that the answer to those questions was ‘yes’ then you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injury or illness from the responsible party. However, claiming without the assistance of a lawyer could be stressful. There are criteria that must be met for you to be able to claim. Any legal action would have to be taken before the personal injury claims time limit is up, for example, and you’d also have to be able to have the right evidence to prove your claim. This is why, if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault in Bedford, you might be wise to consider using the services of a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford to help you with your claim.

There are many different types of claims that personal injury lawyers in Bedford, or those outside of the area that handle Bedford claims could help you with. Examples could include:

  • Claims for accidents in public places
  • A Bedford train accident
  • An accident on Bedford Road involving another vehicle
  • An accident in a Bedford workplace due to negligent health and safety practices
  • A fall from the bridge over the river Ouse that was caused by someone else

Below, you can read more about the types of accident claim you could make with the assistance of No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers in Bedford, or with lawyers based outside of Bedford that cover the area. We also give you some guidance on choosing the best personal injury lawyers covering Bedford for your claim and offer some insight into how much compensation might be appropriate for certain injuries you could suffer in a Bedford accident.

Workplace Injuries And Accidents In Bedford

According to the Health and Safety At Work etc Act 1974, your employer has a legal duty to take steps to protect your health and safety while you are at work. Depending on the type of work you do and the workplace you are in, steps your employer might take to protect you could include:

  • Ensuring you are provided with PPE
  • Ensuring you are trained in safety protocols
  • Making sure the equipment you use is regularly checked and kept in a good state of repair
  • Risk assessing the workplace and your job and acting on the findings of risk assessments to lower risks as much as is reasonably possible

If your employer is negligent in looking after your safety and health at work, and you fall ill or are injured due to their negligence, a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford could help you make a claim against your employer for compensation. We understand that claiming against a current employer might be worrying for you, but we should reassure you that the government has put in place legislation that should protect you from being treated differently by your employer because of your injury claim. Also, your employer should have insurance to cover the cost of your claim.

Road Traffic Accident And Injury Claims

According to the DfT, there were 0.88 billion vehicle miles covered in Bedford in 2018, with cars and taxis accounting for 693 million of these miles. Unfortunately, government statistics reveal that in 2017, there were 70 reported incidents of people being killed or seriously injured in Bedford road accidents. If you’ve been injured in a Bedford car accident because someone has acted negligently or irresponsibly on the roads, then you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer covering Bedford could help you even if you were partially at fault for the accident, as long as someone else also had liability. However, we should point out that your compensation could be reduced in order to reflect your involvement. If someone caused an accident that you sustained an injury in and they were not insured, or they could not be traced, for example, then Bedford covering personal injury lawyers could help you with a claim through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, if all other routes to compensation were blocked.

Accidents And Injuries When Using Public Transport

A personal injury lawyer in Bedford or covering Bedford could also help if you’ve been injured in a Bedford bus accident. Operators could be held liable for injuries to passengers if an accident has been caused by their staff acting irresponsibly on the road. Whether you’ve been injured in a Bedford bus station accident where a driver failed to see you crossing and didn’t stop, or you were injured while on the bus due to a driver failing to stop at a red light, you could make a claim for compensation for your injuries, as well as any expenses caused by them. It isn’t just bus accident claims you could make, however. If you were injured at Bedford station while waiting for a train and the accident wasn’t your fault or you were injured in a no-fault accident in a Bedford taxi, we could help you work out who could be held liable for your injuries and could connect you with a lawyer who could help you make your claim.

Accidents In Bedford Council Or Private Car Parks

Accidents don’t just happen on Bedford roads or rail stations. They could also happen in private or Bedford council car parks too. If you’ve been injured in a car park in Bedford city, you could make a claim if the accident you were injured in wasn’t your fault. Car park accidents you could claim for could include:

  • Pothole injury claims
  • Pedestrian injury claims
  • Barrier accident claims
  • Car park crash claims

In some cases, it might be appropriate for you to take action against the local council for accidents on some car parks, particularly if this is due to poor upkeep and maintenance of the car park to make it safe for use. In other cases, you might hold another car park user, or a private owner/operator of a car park responsible, depending on the accident you’ve been injured in. Working out who could be held responsible for your injuries could be complex. However, here at Public Interest Lawyers, we could assess your case for free and provide case-specific guidance and support on the next steps you could take.

Bike Accidents And Cycling Injuries

Have you been injured in an accident while cycling or on a motorbike? Was it someone else’s fault? If so, a personal injury lawyer handling Bedford claims could help you claim the compensation you deserve. While it is true, according to Rospa, that bike and motorcycle users are amongst the most vulnerable groups of road user, this does not mean that other road users should not take care when on the roads to avoid causing an accident to motorcyclists and those using pushbikes. If someone acts irresponsibly or dangerously on the road and you suffer a cycling or motorbike accident in Bedford, you could be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Accidents Which Happen In Public Places

Accidents in a public place could lead to public injury claims if someone had a duty of care towards the public and they were negligent in their duty, leading to a member of the public suffering injuries. You could be injured in a public place in a number of ways, and depending on the type of accident that occurred and its whereabouts, you could hold a variety of parties responsible for your injuries.

County And Public Park Accidents

A personal injury lawyer covering Bedford could help you with a variety of public accident claims involving accidents in public parks. If your Bedford Park accident has been caused by poor upkeep and maintenance of park equipment, including play equipment and safety railings, for example, the party responsible, which in many cases could be Bedford council, may pay you compensation for your injuries, as they should have made sure the park was safe for you to use.

Supermarket, Retail Park And Shopping Centre Accidents

You could also make a claim for an accident that is not your fault that happens in a retail park, supermarket or shopping centre. Whether your accident has occurred in a Shopping Centre, or in Bedford Town Centre itself, if someone had responsibility for public safety in the area, they could be held liable for accidents that happen there, if they are caused by the responsible party’s negligence towards ensuring the place is safe to use. Liable parties in such claims could include:

  • Private businesses, such as shops or restaurants
  • The Council
  • Shopping centre owner/operators

Trips And Slipping Accidents

Slipping and tripping injuries could vary widely, and could range from minor bruising to severe life-changing injuries.  While you would not be able to make a compensation claim for some trips and slips, if you tripped over your shoelaces, for example, if you slip or trip due to a hazard that should have been moved, or due to poor maintenance or repair of flooring, for example, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Slip, trip and fall claims could be made against:

  • Employers, if negligent health and safety practices led to your slip trip or fall
  • Businesses who have failed to ensure their premises are safe to use
  • The local council ( for accidents caused by their negligence)

These are just a few examples. If you believe your slip, trip or fall accident was someone else’s fault, then why not call our team for a free, no-obligation assessment of your case. If we believe you could claim, we could connect you with a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Damages Claims Against Bedford Borough Council

Making a claim against the council might be something you’re considering doing if the council’s negligence led to you suffering an injury. Claims of this type could include:

  • Council house accident claims
  • Pavement accident claims
  • Car park accident claims
  • Park accident claims
  • Accidents on Bedford Council’s roads caused by poor upkeep
  • Accidents in council buildings, such as jobcentres, offices and libraries, for example

If you’re wondering whether the council could be held responsible for injuries you’ve sustained while using any of their facilities, we could help. One call to us could be all that you need to get the information you’re looking for.

Criminal Assaults And Victim Based Crimes

Crime in Bedford does happen, and some of it involves violence against other people. If you’ve been injured due to criminal activity in Bedford as an innocent victim, a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford could help you claim compensation. You could make a claim for injuries sustained through:

  • A physical assault
  • A disturbed burglary
  • Sexual assault
  • Historic abuse
  • Battery
  • ABH
  • GBH
  • Trying to stop crime
  • Witnessing a crime (psychological injuries)

While in some cases, you may be able to seek damages from the perpetrator themselves, many criminal injury claims are handled through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Your lawyer could help you fight for the maximum compensation possible for your case for both types of claim.

Bedford Borough Victim Based Crime Rates

Figures from LG Inform show what crimes are most frequently reported in Bedford. Here, you can see the numbers for the twelve-month period ending April 2020.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Vehicle offences 1,586
Theft 1,341
Violence against the person 1,281
Shoplifting 1,090
Burglary 772
Sexual offences 433

How An Injury Claim Lawyer Could Help You

A personal injury lawyer covering Bedford could help you in a number of ways when it comes to making a compensation claim. They could help put together the evidence to build a strong case, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery while they concentrate on fighting for compensation on your behalf. While it may not be necessary for you to go to court for your claim, as many of the top personal injury lawyers covering Bedford could negotiate compensation without the need to go to court. If your case does go to court you could have the support of a lawyer throughout the process, which could make it much less stressful.

Streets And Areas Known For Having Solicitors

If you’re wondering what personal injury lawyers in Bedford operate under No Win No Fee terms, you might want to take a look around Harpur Street or Ford End Road, or you could conduct an online search for them. However, we would advise you to look into every option you have when it comes to getting a lawyer to help you so that you get the most appropriate lawyer for your needs.

Why Does My Case Need Medical Evidence?

You will have to have medical evidence if you are making a personal injury claim, and the medical evidence that needs to be submitted as part of your claim does need to come from an independent party. You would be expected to see an independent doctor as part of your claim who would then complete a report containing details of your medical condition, injuries and prognosis. This evidence could be used to give a value to your claim.

Does My Case Need A Local Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer based outside of Bedford could handle your claim as well as a personal injury solicitor on Lurke Street. You do not have to restrict yourself to local solicitors when you have the whole of the UK to choose from. Some of the top personal injury lawyers covering Bedford claims may be based miles away. We could help you connect with a lawyer that has the capability to fight for the maximum payout possible for your case.

How Checking Reviews Could Help Find The Right Lawyer

Of course, anyone could claim to provide the best personal injury lawyers for Bedford claims. Therefore, it could be wise to check the reviews of solicitors you’re considering to see what other people have had to say about the lawyer’s

  • Communication
  • Success rate
  • Experience
  • Level of service

This could give you more of an idea of whether you’d be likely to experience a good service too.

Typical Compensation Settlements In Personal Injury Claims

While we have not included a personal injury claims calculator on this page, we know that some people might wish to get an idea of how much compensation their claim could be worth. This table offers some insight into how much compensation the Judicial College Guidelines could deem appropriate for certain injuries. If you’d like more detailed information on this, please do give us a call.

Injury type Compensation Bracket Severity of the injury
Brain injury £14,380 to £40,410 Less severe
Arm injury £18,020 to £36,770 Less severe
Neck injury £12,900 to £36,120 Moderate
Back injury £11,730 to £36,390 Moderate
Shoulder injury £11,980 to £18,020 Serious

We should also point out that not only could you get compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered, but damages could also be payable for expenses incurred because of your injuries, such as medical or travel expenses, and loss of earnings.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Cases In Bedford

If you’ve decided that you’d like to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford to help you with your claim, you might be glad to know that you could do so without paying any legal fees until your claim is successfully concluded.

No Win No Fee claims don’t require any upfront payment. Instead, you’d sign a Conditional Fee Agreement that promises to pay your legal fees at the end of your claim if it is successful. The small success fee that you had agreed to pay would be deducted from the compensation, so if no compensation was agreed, you wouldn’t be required to pay it. You would not be asked to pay the solicitor’s expenses incurred as a result of pursuing your case, either.

For more information on No Win No Fee claims, or to get our help with finding a solicitor that works on this basis, please don’t hesitate to call us.

How Do I Consult A Lawyer?

You may want to have your case assessed to see whether you could benefit from the assistance of a personal injury lawyer covering Bedford, or you may already be aware that you could make a personal injury claim, and may be looking for a personal injury solicitor to help you. Either way, we could assist. Simply contact our team and we will offer to assess your case for free. If we feel your claim could bring you compensation, we could connect you with a personal injury lawyer who could begin your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. All you need to do to get started is:

  • Call our helpline on 0800 408 7825
  • Contact us through our contact form
  • Or, use the Live Chat service to directly message our team


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