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Suffering an injury in an accident caused by those responsible for your health and safety can lead you to think, if, you might have grounds for a personal injury claim. As this guide will explain, No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers covering Aylesbury can help you; whether your injuries are minor or life-altering.

On this page, you will find important information regarding:

  • Accidents in a public place.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Personal injury claims time limits.
  • Compensation for car collisions.
  • Various types of public accident claims.

If at any point you require additional advice about the topics on this page, you can speak with a member of our team by calling 0800 408 7825. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  5. Claim Compensation For An Accident In A Public Place
  6. Claim Compensation After Slipping Or Tripping Over
  7. Claim Compensation From Buckinghamshire Council
  8. Claim Compensation As The Victim Of A Violent Crime
  9. A Personal Injury Lawyer Could Help You
  10. How To Choose The Right Lawyer By Checking Reviews
  11. Calculating Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts
  12. No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Aylesbury
  13. Consulting A Lawyer
  14. Supporting References And Resources

A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Aylesbury

Throughout this online guide, you will find impartial advice about public injury claims. We will cover as many common topics as possible. From criminal injuries to traffic & travel collisions. But if your case isn’t present, this doesn’t mean to say you cannot claim.

For your benefit, we will also answer key questions about personal injury claims. For example:

  • What is public liability insurance?
  • Can I claim for a criminal injury?
  • Where can RTAs take place?
  • Who is responsible for an accident in Aylesbury Vale?

As all circumstances are entirely unique, it would be seemingly impossible to cover every type. However, an expert adviser can help. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation using the number above.

Limitation Periods

Before your solicitor can begin work, they must determine whether your claim falls within the valid personal injury claims time limit. However, as each case is entirely unique, this limitation period can differ slightly between claims.

For adults, the time limit is 3-years from the accident date or the date of knowledge that your injuries were at least partially the defendant’s fault.

Whereas for cases involving children, the process is slightly different. Minors cannot take legal action on their own accord. Therefore, a parent/guardian must represent their case. If no claim is made, the child can pursue a claim themselves within 3-years of their 18th birthday.

Furthermore, if the claimant loses their mental capacity, the limitation period begins upon recovery. However, if this isn’t possible, a ‘litigation friend’ can represent their case. This extension falls under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

In some extenuating circumstances, it may be possible to claim outside the above restrictions. Please contact our team for more information.

Claim Compensation For A Workplace Accident

From offices to theme parks, all businesses should keep staff safe from preventable harm. Whether your workplace is a conventional environment or somewhere a little more different all must be reasonably done to prevent risks which cause accidents to happen.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 states the following measures can help minimise hazards:

  • Staff training.
  • Supervision of dangerous tasks.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Routine inspections.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report states, 591,000 workplace injuries were recorded in 2018/19.

If your employer is at fault for your injuries, get in touch with our team. An adviser will help guide you towards the next steps in the process.

Claim Compensation For Road Traffic Accidents

A road traffic accident (or RTA) is a collision between one or more vehicles on roads in public circulation. Whether you suffer brain damage from an A41 crash or whiplash from a rear-end bump in an A413 accident, if another road user was at fault you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Any severity of physical or psychological trauma can result from these incidents. In worst-case scenarios, fatalities can also occur. It’s important you seek legal advice following an accident.

Any of the following factors can contribute to an RTA:

  • Failure to read signs properly.
  • Alcohol/drugs.
  • Tailgating.
  • Distractions.
  • Speeding.
  • Violation of rules.
  • Rash, careless or reckless driving.
  • Fatigue.
  • Panic stops.
  • Weather hazards (e.g. rain, ice, floods).
  • Road conditions (e.g. uneven surfaces, potholes, debris).

If another road user was at fault for your injuries, contact our team today. A specialist will provide you with free, impartial advice about how to conduct a personal injury claim.

Accidents And Injuries On Public Transport

A case of this nature encompasses a wide range of public transportation methods, including:

  • Buses.
  • Trains.
  • Coaches.
  • Private hire taxis

Although public transport is seen as significantly less hazardous than cars or motorcycles, they’re not entirely risk-free. In 2019, a Government report found 3,090 cases of bus and coach accident casualties on Great British roads.

A wide range of accidents can occur in these transport methods. For example, a bus suddenly stops, causing you to hit your head. Even an obstruction on a train platform could cause a fall.

For impartial advice following an Aylesbury bus crash call our team today.

Accidents And Injuries In Car Parks

Alongside other public spaces, car parks must be kept safe as reasonably possible.

There are numerous ways an accident can take place in a car park. For example:

  • Another driver fails to look properly or give way
  • A barrier strikes your car.
  • Pedestrians hit by other vehicles.
  • Slipping or tripping on a defective surface.

Most importantly, you will need to determine the correct operator. Without this knowledge, proceedings can become increasingly difficult. However, with help from a personal injury solicitor, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Call us today for more information about how a specialist personal injury solicitor could represent you in a claim for compensation.

You can also click here for more information in our guide.

Claim Compensation For Cycling Accidents

On our roads, the majority of larger vehicles will benefit from an outer layer of protection. These vehicles are also significantly more visible—particularly in the evenings. Whereas pedal cyclists/motorcyclists lack such protection.

We can see from a recent Cycling UK report that these road users are more susceptible to harm on the roads because of this. The report states in 2018 there were 3,707 serious injuries and 99 pedal cyclists fatalities on Great British roads.

The most common causes of such accidents cited as:

  • Reckless, careless or rushed driving.
  • Poor manoeuvres/turnings.
  • Neglect while looking for oncoming road users.
  • Failure to judge another person’s speed/path.

Call us today for your free no-obligation consultation in which you can ask as many questions as you need to.

Claim Compensation For An Accident In A Public Place

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, a legal obligation must be met. All occupiers must ensure spaces that are open to the public are free from preventable harm. It is essential that you understand what areas in Aylesbury fall under the term “public place”:

  • Aylesbury station.
  • Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue.
  • Aylesbury shopping park.
  • Hospitals.
  • National parks.
  • Car parks.

Using reasonable safety measures, operators can help prevent public place accidents. At the very minimum, these precautions can reduce several risks. As you will learn over the following sections, there are numerous accident types which can result in injury.

Please continue reading to find out more.

Accidents And Injuries In Parks

As a popular place for enjoyment, our local parks must be kept safe.

If left unkempt, these spaces could harbour:

  • Faulty equipment,
  • Potholes.
  • Defective apparatus (e.g. swings, monkey bars, benches).
  • Overgrown roots.

You can hold responsible parties liable, whether the responsibility falls onto a local authority, business owner or private landlord. Please contact our team for free, impartial advice about accidents in a public place.

Accidents And Injuries In Shopping Areas

Business owners/operators must implement safety precautions. Visitors of spaces can include;

  • Employees.
  • Customers.
  • Others on-site (e.g. contractors).

Any of the following hazards could arise in a shop, supermarket or retail park:

  • Wet floors (i.e. from spillages).
  • Poor maintenance (e.g. defective stairs, loose shelves).
  • Obstructions (packaging, trailing cables, stock)
  • Allergic reactions

If an accident at Aylesbury shopping park causes suffering, please contact our team today to see if a personal injury lawyer covering Aylesbury can offer support and guidance.

Claim Compensation After Slipping Or Tripping Over

A slip or trip could happen at any given moment, regardless of where you are. As the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines, any number of factors can contribute to these accidents. For example, a slip, trip or fall could result from:

  • Unsuitable floor coverings.
  • Uneven/defective surfaces.
  • Slippery floors (i.e. from liquid, grease)
  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Obstructions.
  • Slippery surfaces.
  • Trailing cables.

According to the HSE, 95% of major slips result in broken bones. But these incidents are easily avoidable should the correct procedures be implemented. Therefore, in failing to acknowledge the above hazards could create issues for those on-site but incidents of this nature can be the initial cause of further accidents, such as falls from height.

If you were injured in a public place as a result of a slip, trip or fall which could have been prevented, our team can help. Call our advisers today for more information about public injury claims.

Claim Compensation From Buckinghamshire Council

By implementing crucial safety measures —including risk assessments, maintenance repairs and routine inspections- the local authorities can help prevent accidents in public places. However, if Aylesbury Vale Council were to neglect their duty of care, the result could be any of the following hazards:

  • Broken equipment.
  • Raised/defective kerbstones.
  • Faulty structures.
  • Potholes.

If you feel that your local authorities were at least partially at fault for an accident in Buckinghamshire that caused you an avoidable injury, contact our team of advisers today for more information.

Claim Compensation As The Victim Of A Violent Crime

If you were a victim of violent crime, you could be left with life-altering physical and/or psychological damages. When there is no other avenue for compensation, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) could offer financial support for those in need.

The CICA is an executive agency of the UK Government which provides monetary values for criminal injuries. If you or someone you know has been hurt from the following crimes, you could be eligible for compensation:

  • Robbery, attempted robbery or mugging.
  • Assault.
  • Sex crimes.
  • Rape/sexual assault.

For claims to be valid, two basic requirements must be met:

  1. You must report the incident to the police.
  2. A claim should be brought forward within 2-years.

However, it may be possible to extend this limitation period in certain circumstances. For example, in historical sex cases. Please call our advisers today for more information.

Rates Of Crimes Affecting Person In Aylesbury

In the table below, you will find crime and disorder statistics for Aylesbury.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 1,155
Theft 1,097
Vehicle offences 1.045
Shoplifting 656
Burglary 419
Sexual offences 405

Source: Gov

A Personal Injury Lawyer Could Help You

After a personal injury in Buckinghamshire, you may want the best support for your case. Therefore, it’s important you set aside enough time to choose a suitable representative.

However, before you connect with a solicitor, you could gather the following evidence on your own accord:

  • Photographs:
    After an accident takes place, it’s important you photograph the cause, damage and anything else of importance before it is removed. Additionally, you should also document the progress of your injuries during your recovery period.
  • Seek Medical Attention:
    You should seek treatment from a GP or A&E department for any injury severity. As the facility will record your attendance, it will form a useful piece of evidence.
  • Witness Contact Details:
     A solicitor may contact them for an account of the incident. 
  • Report The Incident.
    It’s important you report accidents in public places or working environments to the appropriate person. In most cases, the responsible party will have a report book for these incidents.

Why Are Medical Assessments Carried Out?

When you begin the claims process, a solicitor will emphasise the importance of your medical appointment. An independent specialist will conduct an examination of your injuries. You’ll be asked a series of questions relating to your injuries.

After that, the professional will compile a report from your examination —which ensures you receive the correct amount of compensation.

Do I Need A Lawyer Based Near Me?

Although solicitors on Bourbon Street in Aylesbury are close, you are not legally limited to local law firms? You can use services from top personal injury lawyers outside of Aylesbury without meeting in-person. Instead, you can opt for regular updates via:

  • Email.
  • Telephone.
  • Post.
  • Or in-person (if you would prefer).

Call our team today to find out how personal injury law firms covering Aylesbury can manage your claim outside of Buckinghamshire.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer By Checking Reviews

While searching the internet for personal injury law firms covering Aylesbury, the wealth of results can be overwhelming. After all, numerous high street law firms have swapped their branches for online platforms over recent years.

Instead of wasting your time sifting through pages-upon-pages of results, there’s a simpler method.  By reading reviews left by previous clients, you will gain crucial information about your potential solicitor. Then, you can compare these against each other for a more accurate representation of each specialist.

In addition to this, we advise you to call your potential solicitor. A short telephone consultation will help your personal injury solicitor understand your unique circumstances.

Calculating Typical Personal Injury Claim Payouts

When you bring a case forward, your settlement amount will include two heads of loss: general damages and special damages. Any expenses you incur as a result of your injuries are special damages. You could recover costs for:

  • Medication.
  • Travel fares.
  • Loss of earnings (linked to the injury).

However, it’s seemingly impossible to place the same amount on a similar group of claims. As every case is entirely unique, we advise you abstain from online personal injury claims calculators.

The examples in the table below are taken from the Judicial College’s guidelines— the organisation responsible for training judges in County, Crown and higher courts in England and Wales.

Injury: Notes: Amounts:
Brain Damage Less Severe to Very Severe £14,380 to £379,100
Neck Injuries Moderate to Severe £7,410 to (the region of) £139,210
Back Injuries Moderate to Severe £26,050 to £151,070
Shoulder Injuries Moderate to Severe £7,410 to £45,070
Pelvis and Hip Injuries Moderate to Severe £11,820 to £122,860
Foot Injuries Serious to Very Severe £23,460 to £102,890
Leg Injuries Below-Knee Amputation of One Leg to Loss of Both Legs £91,950 to £264,650

Our team can provide you with a more accurate figure. Call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Aylesbury

A specialist personal injury solicitor covering Aylesbury can bring forward your case on a No Win No Fee basis. It’s worth noting that unless your solicitor is successful, you won’t be liable for their costs under this agreement.

Additionally, you will also benefit from:

  • No start-up fees.
  • Zero hidden charges.

Only a small “success fee” will be taken from the final amount to cover your solicitor’s costs.

Please contact our advisers for more information about No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors covering Aylesbury.

Consulting A Lawyer

We have a team of legal advisers on hand 24/7 to answer your questions. Please use one of the following contact methods to discuss your public accident claim:

  • Call Us: Dial 0800 408 7825 to speak with a specialist.
  • Contact Form: You can receive a call back by clicking here.
  • Online Chat: Connect with an adviser using our live chat function..

Supporting References And Resources

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