£44,250 Compensation Payout For A Car Accident Back Injury – Case Study & Claims Guide To Calculating Car Accident Back Injury Compensation

Car accident back injury compensation

Car accident back injury compensation

A back injury suffered in a car accident has the potential to be life-changing. In the blink of an eye, you could go from being completely healthy to requiring major surgery and potentially have permanent mobility restrictions. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, it would be wise to consider filing a compensation claim. That way, you could potentially receive a payout such as a ‘ back injury claim price ‘ that could go a long way towards helping you to come to terms with the injury. This guide explains what factors would influence the back injury claim payout that you could go for. We have included an example £44,250 case study scenario to explain how personal injury claims work.

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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For A Car Accident Back Injury

The key topics in this guide include:

  • Defining a back injury;
  • Financial implications of a back injury;
  • Car accident scenarios;
  • Care claims, general and special damages;
  • The downside of a compensation calculator;
  • The upside of No Win No Fee agreements;
  • Identifying the best personal injury lawyers possible.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

You may have a maximum window of 3 years in which to make a claim. This dates from when you were first injured or from the date of knowledge. Note that the claims process would take some time from start to finish. As long as you filed your case within the 3-year window, things could progress at their own pace within the legal system. There are exceptions to this rule especially concerning claimants under the age of 18 and those who lack mental capacity. Call our helpful team for more information.

What Is A Back Injury?

A back injury is particularly serious due to the importance of the spinal column for the body’s general mobility. The spinal cord extends from the neck right down to the pelvis. And it includes lots of bones which, if broken, could hinder your movement for a period of time. If the spinal cord is compromised it could result is devastating consequences. Spinal damage may cover the likes of herniated discs and vertebrae fractures. And such breaks are amongst the numerous potential back injuries which could warrant a back injury claim price case. Other examples include a general back strain or sprain, pulled or damaged muscles and tendons.

Symptoms of a back injury include a dull pain in both the back itself and the legs, which could prevent you from standing up straight; bruising; swelling; stiffness; and tenderness. Now, the recovery time from a back injury would ultimately depend on the severity of the situation. You may find that you feel better within a few days, or a few weeks at most, for a minor injury. For a moderate injury, this extends to months. Though for a serious back injury requiring surgery, it’s more like a year if not longer. And for severe spinal fractures, the problem may never truly disappear, which represents the most damaging physical consequences. The nature of the injury and its severity would influence what compensation you may claim for. Use the Live Chat any time to discuss this with us further.

Financial Issues From Back Injuries

There could be several major financial issues which could shape the back injury claim price that you could seek. Amongst these could be requirements for home and car modifications if the injury is severe to permanently change your mobility. On that note, a serious back injury could necessitate you hiring a nurse or a carer, which may not be cheap if their contributions are frequent. Then also consider time off work during recuperation, which would see your income drop even for a minor back injury. And also note that driving with a back injury may not be possible, hence a need to use public transport more commonly. Each of these could be a significant financial issue that comes with the fallout of suffering a back injury. Message us on our online form to ask any questions regarding this matter.

Car Accidents

In order to make a claim for compensation, it first must be proven that negligence exists. Regardless of the circumstances (which we’ll come to shortly), you must be able to demonstrate that a third party owed you a duty of care which was breached, causing your accident and, as a result, your injury. Having clear evidence to prove beyond any doubt that this turn of events occurred, with you suffering the consequences, is vital. Only then could you viably claim for compensation after your back injury.

As for accident scenarios themselves, three main areas come to mind. The key example for the purpose of this specific guide is road traffic accidents (RTA). The duty of care that the Highway Code applies aims to keep all road users safe. Nevertheless, crashes and collisions on the road remain worryingly common, and they could bring about serious injuries. In fact, your back injury may be only one of multiple injuries that you suffer in the incident. As a result, you may decide to file a multiple injury claim.

We also have employer’s liability (EL). The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies this duty of care, though an accident at work could still occur. A back injury may occur after falling off an unsteady ladder which is company property. If you suffer an accident at work due to a failure to adhere to health and safety legislation then if you are injured you could have the basis to file a compensation claim.

Last but not least comes public liability (PL), and potential accidents in public places. The duty of care to circumvent an accident in a public place comes under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. Accidents happen all the time in public settings that is not to say that each person who is injured has the right to claim compensation. It must be proven that those who have a responsibility for our safety caused the injury through negligence.

Want to know more about potential back injury situations? You can get in touch with our friendly team today.

Lawyers Can Value Compensation Settlements

Once you decide that you wish to take legal action, you may need to undergo a medical evaluation. Even if you’ve been diagnosed previously, a further assessment may be a requirement so that your injury or illness can be properly evaluated. That’s because your present-day condition would need to be confirmed, which is important if it’s been a while since your injury happened. Crucially, though, it would also consider your health situation prior to the accident. This helps to establish a clear connection between the incident and your back injury, bringing the two together via medical confirmation. And this projects the recovery period, or alternatively the lack of one in severe cases, following the damage to your back.

The results of this would provide the basis for your back injury claim price. That comes in the form of both general damages and special damages. Starting with general damages, these handle the pain and suffering you’re going through, along with how the injury has changed your life, a particularly salient point for a back injury that has lasting effects. As for special damages, this is where you could mention the loss of income due to being unable to work. Additionally, you may refer to the medical expenses, home and car modifications where applicable, and any usage of public transport. Having relevant invoices and receipts to hand would be useful to back up each element of special damages. Telephone us on the number above to enquire about this.

Add A Care Claim

There is one more aspect of special damages, and that is a care claim. This is a specific strand that covers the aftercare you receive following your back injury. The likes of gracious care from friends and family, a nurse or carer visiting you and professionals to handle chores are examples. Each could be valued based on time and money, particularly for an extended period of recovery. And the care claim amount could significantly increase your eventual back injury claim price. Talk to our knowledgeable team to have a discussion with us about care claims.

Case Study: £44,250 Compensation For A Car Accident Back Injury

Mr Jones, 45, worked as a nuclear plant inspector. He was well-respected in his job, and he was looking to spend the rest of his career at his firm. But all that would change in an instant.

One night, Mr Jones was driving home from work. As he pulled up to a red light, though, he heard a huge screech. Out of nowhere, a bus driving behind him collided into the back of his vehicle.

The crash had a major impact, sending Mr Jones face-first into his steering wheel and knocking him unconscious. Eyewitnesses rushed to his aid and called for an ambulance. Mr Jones received emergency treatment on-site to revive him, but they soon realised he was unable to move. They transported him to the local hospital.

Fortunately, Mr Jones regained the use of his legs and arms after he was taken to the hospital. Nevertheless, he was still in a tremendous amount of pain from the road accident. Mr Jones was diagnosed with a serious back injury, which included a spinal compression and other soft tissue damage. There was a great chance that he would suffer from osteoarthritis in the future and possible spinal fusion.

All in all, things could have been far worse for Mr Jones. Even so, he was very upset about what had happened. Not only was his safety compromised, but he would have to deal with the physical consequences moving forward. The time off work from a significant job also didn’t help matters and certainly not his financial situation. But he never really got a clear answer as to how the bus driver lost control, which upset him even more.

Mr Jones spoke with a personal injury lawyer, who revealed that he had a viable case for a back injury claim price. That was because the bus driver had neglected their duty of care towards him via the Highway Code. So, Mr Jones filed a claim against the bus operating firm, and he received £44,250 as a settlement out of court. This would include general damages combined with special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Costs of being unable to work £10,000
Medical Costs Costs of medical treatment during his recovery £800
Nursing Costs Costs of hiring a nurse to look after him during his recovery £600
Other Costs Other costs pertaining to his injury £100

We must mention that Mr Jones’ situation is purely an example and merely represents the potential outcome of a back injury claim.

Back Injury Compensation Calculation Estimates

An online personal injury claims calculator has its uses, no question. But crucially, they only offer general estimates, essentially guesswork, for injuries such as yours. On the other hand, our advisors recognise that no two injuries are exactly the same. Even if the symptoms are common, the actual impact on your life may vary from another victim. That’s why we build your calculation estimate around the specific nature of your back injury. Everything of significance would be taken into account to ensure the most accurate calculation possible for you. And we provide the back injury claim price estimation for absolutely free, which is a courtesy that we offer everybody. So why not speak to us today about your potential claim settlement valuation.

No Win No Fee

We noted at the beginning that we would cover the benefits of No Win No Fee agreements. And that’s what we’re now going to do. So, the advantages of working with a No Win No Fee solicitor would include:

  • Not having to pay a personal injury solicitor’s legal costs if your case is unsuccessful;
  • Only paying your personal injury solicitor if your case wins, where they take a success fee that has a cap;
  • And, regardless of the outcome, not having to pay their legal costs at the start of or during the case.

To chat about No Win No Fee agreements in further depth, please contact our expert team today.

Find Useful Personal Injury Lawyers

Now, to locate the highest quality personal injury solicitor possible, you need to consider some significant elements. One is a speciality towards handling cases involving back injury claim cases, which theoretically increases your chance of victory. Similarly, there should be clear examples of previous back injury claim wins, along with positive client reviews relating to such successes. Quick communication always helps, even if it’s via online chats or video-calling software. And don’t forget to look for their qualifications to see that their credentials support the promises they initially make to clients. All of this should be considered when you decide which personal injury solicitor to work with.

Make sure to get in touch if you want to find out more about Public Interest Lawyers to see if you could receive a back injury claim price.

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