£135,000 Compensation Payout For Multiple Fractures And Depression

£135,000 Compensation For Multiple Fractures And Depression

Suffering multiple fractures after an accident that happened due to someone else’s irresponsibility can be challenging enough. But having to also deal with depression in its aftermath might only heighten the struggle. Should you find yourself considering making a claim, our panel of personal injury lawyers could manage your case for multiple fractures compensation. 

In this guide, we explain the personal injury claims process by outlining a case study that includes a claim for compensation worth £135,000. But we also have much more information to offer in this guide, including what duty of care is and how it may have been breached, how you could make a claim and how you can calculate potential compensation. 

Multiple fractures and depression compensation

Multiple fractures and depression compensation

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A Guide To Calculate Multiple Fractures And Depression Compensation

This guide will explain what a fracture is and how depression could arise after sustaining an injury. We also note the potential drawback of a personal injury compensation calculator. And we define No Win No Fee agreements, along with their benefits for anyone claiming for multiple fractures compensation.

We aim to simplify pertinent legal jargon such as breach of duty of care and damages. As well as this, we explain the laws that are in place to protect your health and safety in the workplace, on the roads and on public or private premises. We’ll give you background information to help you understand whether you could claim.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

Anyone making a claim has three years to do so from the date they were first injured or the date they obtained knowledge that negligence at least contributed to the injury or illness. In many cases, that would be three years from suffering the original fracture. However, there are exceptions to this time limit. Learn more by getting in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Can Depression Result From Multiple Fractures?

A fracture is a break to a bone in the body. Where the fracture occurs and the severity of the break has an impact on how you would treat it. For instance, a minor fracture could simply require rest and recovery, but a serious fracture may necessitate surgery and several months of rehabilitation. A severe break could have life-changing consequences. 

That is where mental anguish could set in. A loss of freedom and mobility might prove challenging, with the upset slowly evolving into depression. And once depression hits, it could prove very difficult to reverse, so much so that you may suffer long after your injuries heal.

As well as claiming for multiple fractures compensation, you could claim for psychiatric damage. This is providing that your injuries were the result of an incident that wasn’t your fault. Ask any questions about claiming for multiple fractures and depression by using our 24/7 live chat.

What Are Financial Issues?

The financial problems arising from multiple fractures and depression could be numerous. You may have taken unpaid time off work while you try to handle what has happened. You may also have paid for and attended counselling sessions. And then we also have to consider any home modifications which could be required for more severe, life-changing fractures. Any financial loss could be factored into the multiple fractures compensation that you may receive after making a claim. 

It is essential, however, that you are able to prove your financial loss in order to recover it. You can do this by keeping receipts or invoices, for example. Contact our helpful team for more information.

Common Causes Of Fractures And Depression

According to the NHS, two main causes of broken bones are falls and being hit by an object. These are accidents that could happen almost anywhere. In the workplace, slips and trips were the most common cause of non-fatal injury in 2019/20, accounting for 29% of all non-fatal workplace accidents. Being struck by a moving object was the third most common cause of workplace accidents.

There is no single cause for depression, but the shock of the accident itself or the impact the injuries have on your quality of life could lead to it. What’s important to know is that you could recover, or learn to cope, with the right care.  

To claim compensation, the original cause has to be someone else’s negligence. Liability could be determined by meeting three criteria: 

  1. A third party owed you a duty of care. 
  2. There would be a breach of this duty. 
  3. This breach would lead to you suffering an injury, such as one or multiple fractures.

Negligence and Multiple Fractures Compensation

The three areas we’ll look at where you should be protected from fracture injuries are:

  • Employer’s liability: If a workplace accident causes a fracture, it may be that your employer was negligent. That could breach the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, which requires employers to take reasonable measures to prevent an accident at work. For example, if you fall off a ladder because you weren’t adequately trained in how to use it, you might fracture a bone in your back or neck. Your employer could be liable because they didn’t protect your safety as reasonably as possible by giving you the correct training.
  • Public liability (PL): If you suffer an accident in a public place, it may be that the controller of the premises, property or land was negligent in their duty to protect the health and safety of visitors. Though the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 aims to prevent accidents in public places, they still happen. Whether it be at a beach, a pub, a nightclub or a shop, you could be injured in a public place. For instance, perhaps you trip over an obstacle in a restaurant and fracture your arm. If the obstacle was unattended or unaccompanied by a hazard sign and it was in an area that customers were likely to walk through, the restaurant may be liable. 
  • Road traffic accidents (RTAs): An incident on the road may be caused by negligence resulting in injury. You could endure a fracture during a crash or a collision with another road user, potentially causing serious broken bones. If your injuries were caused by the road user’s negligence, this would breach The Highway Code’s duty of care that all road users should adhere to. Road users should have a standard of skill, whilst being aware that others may not possess that same standard.

If you’ve suffered injuries and mental anguish as a result of an accident, you could make a multiple injury claim. Call us by using the telephone number above to chat about this today.

Settlement Calculations From Experts

General and special damages could comprise your settlement calculation for possible multiple fractures compensation. While general damages compensate you for pain and suffering, special damages compensate you for financial losses such as medical bills and counselling for depression

In order to correctly value your general damages, you would undergo a medical assessment as part of your claim to determine the extent of your fractures and to confirm whether or not they were caused (or worsened) by the accident. You would also have an assessment to establish the same in regards to psychological harm. 

If the specialists find that your mental and physical suffering was caused (or exacerbated) by the accident, you could have grounds to claim. Please talk to our advisors to receive more guidance.

Extra Care Claims

A care claim would focus on recovering the costs of any aftercare you receive due to your injury, and it could count towards your multiple fractures compensation award. This would potentially include:

  • The cost of gracious care that you receive from friends and family members.
  • Paying for a nurse or a counsellor to assist you.
  • Hiring a professional to look after home chores such as gardening and dog-walking.

You would need to prove your financial loss through, for example, invoices. For gracious care provided by family or friends, you would reclaim their time through compensation so the evidence would be slightly different. To discover more about care claims and proof, please talk with our helpful team anytime.

Case Study: £135,000 Compensation For Multiple Fractures And Depression

Mrs Hill, 31, worked in a supermarket as a checkout operator. She had been working at the store for years, and she hoped to one day achieve a promotion to managerial level. But one night, Mrs Hill was caught up in a serious road traffic accident. And the consequences would be life-changing.

As Mrs Hill was driving home from work, she heard a police car behind her in a busy lane. She pulled over to allow the police car to drive past safely. However, as Mrs Hill indicated to pull back out, another car was speeding past and didn’t notice her car. The second vehicle had just come out of a side road, hence the motorist not taking due care on the road.

In confusion, the passing vehicle slammed into the right side of Mrs Hill’s car. The impact saw her car roll and land on its side. She remained fully conscious. An eyewitness noticed what happened and approached Mrs Hill to help her. Another eyewitness managed to get the second car’s registration number and call for an ambulance.

Mrs Hill was transported to her local hospital, with her car now being a complete write-off. Worse was to come when she received her diagnosis. Mrs Hill was told that she had a severe vertebral fracture which would require emergency surgery. She also suffered a right knee fracture.

Seeking Multiple Fractures Compensation

Mrs Hill spent just under one week in the hospital before returning home. The medical advice was that she would make an eventual recovery, though there would be lasting effects. Mrs Hill would have reduced mobility and potentially impaired sexual function, the latter being particularly worrying given her plans to start a family. As for her knee, her doctor told her she would potentially endure impaired mobility in the years to come.

The injuries meant that Mrs Hill had to have extra care from her husband, who took some unpaid leave as he also worked in her store. After around two months, she had become deeply unhappy, and this was not improving. A psychotherapist diagnosed Mrs Hill with moderately severe depression. This was because the accident had shaken her up severely by placing her life in jeopardy, as well as limiting her movement and sexual function. Therefore, Mrs Hill began undergoing counselling sessions every week. All of this meant that it would be close to a year before she finally returned to work in her usual capacity.

Once Mrs Hill had sought legal advice, she decided to file a claim against the other driver. She had sufficient evidence to prove that he had breached The Highway Code’s guidance for all road users. Initially, the other driver denied responsibility, but the mounting proof and eyewitness testimonials led him to accept liability. Mrs Hill received £135,000 in multiple fractures and depression compensation. This would comprise £114,360 for general damages and £20,640 for special damages.

Negligence Victims Can Receive Estimates

We could offer a multiple fractures compensation estimate free as a courtesy to you. You could benefit from knowing what you’re potentially able to claim before taking legal action. You could rely on the findings of an online personal injury claims calculator, but such a tool often provides general estimates. We consider your circumstances and evidence to ensure your settlement calculation accuracy. To get a free estimation, call our advisors today on the number at the top of the page. 

Our panel of personal injury lawyers could also handle your case to get you what you deserve. Call us at any time of any day for more information.

No Win No Fee Agreements

By working with Public Interest Lawyers, you could reap the rewards of a No Win No Fee agreement. Through such an agreement, your personal injury solicitor only receives fee payment if your case wins. And even then, the law limits their success fee. You also don’t have to pay upfront or while the case is ongoing.

You don’t pay your solicitor fees if your case loses, reducing financial risk. 

To find out more about working with a No Win No Fee solicitor, get in touch via our online form or by calling or using our live chat.

Where Are Quality Personal Injury Lawyers?

Public Interest Lawyers can help you get in touch with quality, professional lawyers. Our panel of personal injury lawyers have a combined experience spanning decades and valued expertise in the industry. What’s more, we could help you make a strong multiple fractures compensation case. Find out everything you need to know about what we can provide for you by contacting us today.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all about multiple fractures compensation.

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