£11,250 Compensation Payout For A Minor Injury In A Car Accident – Case Study & Claims Guide To Calculating Minor Injury In A Car Accident Compensation

Minor injury in a car accident compensation

Minor injury in a car accident compensation

If you were to suffer a minor injury in a car accident, it could have numerous consequences, both physically and psychologically. These might make the process of being able to handle the situation tougher. If you are injured in a road accident through no fault of your own you could still have the option to consider filing legal action for a minor injury payout. That’s what this guide is all about, which includes a sample case study of a victim receiving £11,250 in compensation.

Ahead of reading through the various sections, though, keep in mind that Public Interest Lawyers are always here to help. Our panel of personal injury solicitors regularly cover cases for minor injuries that are the result of car accidents. So, we could certainly manage your case too. Find out more by telephoning 0800 408 7825, using our Live Chat or leaving a message via our contact form.

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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For A Minor Injury Payout In A Car Accident

Amongst the subjects we’re covering in this guide on minor injury payouts include accident scenarios, examples of minor injuries and financial difficulties. We also explain why we prefer not to rely on the guesswork of compensation calculators when providing payout estimates. And we discuss the benefits of working with a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit For Minor Injury Payout

By the English law, there is a 3-year window during which you could viably claim for minor injury payout. This applies from the date you were hurt, or alternatively from the date of knowledge. After all, you may not experience symptoms, or even be aware of the injury, until some time later. But once you do so, you could still take legal action if it was still within the 3-year period. There are exceptions especially when it comes to those under 18 and those who lack mental capacity, Ring up our friendly team to ask any questions.

What Classifies As A Minor Injury?

A minor injury is one a claimant will make a recovery from and minimal long-term repercussions. This isn’t just from a physical standpoint, but also in terms of impacting a persons mental well being,  career options, lifestyle choices etc. So, some potential minor injuries include bites, strains, sprains, minor burns, broken burns and other basic problems. These could apply to any part of the body, from the eye to the arm to the leg. Some psychological injuries could be classed as minor and the claimant will make a full recovery. Note that while they’re minor in terms of description, they could still cause major disruption and discomfort for the victim.

Because there are so many types of minor injuries, the recovery windows and the symptoms would all vary. In most cases, we’re talking months maximum to return to 100% health. But visual scars may remain, and there could be mental consequences felt long after the situation depending on its nature. However, if you can prove the negligence of a third party, this may allow you to claim for a minor injury payout. We’ll cover how to do this shortly. Before then, why not chat with us by using the 24/7 Live Chat tool below.

Financial Issues From Minor Injuries

A minor injury could keep the victim away from work for varying amounts of time. And if they weren’t in receipt of sick pay, this would mean a short-term dip in household income. Add to that potential medical costs, and perhaps a reliance on public transport due to the injury preventing them from driving. At that stage, some noticeable financial issues would affect them during their recovery. And if physiotherapy treatment is also a necessity, that would only make things even worse. Personal injury lawyers could advise on how to handle financial difficulties. They could also explain how these losses/expenses may influence your potential minor injury payout claim. Message us today for further details.

Frequent Car Accidents

We referenced negligence from a third party earlier on in this guide. We show here how negligence is a key entity when it comes to validating a claim for compensation.

  • Firstly, a third party would have owed you some kind of a duty of care;
  • However, somehow this duty of care was breached,
  • And the result would have seen you being injured, such as you suffering a minor injury.

When it comes to a minor injury, one potential area would be a road traffic accident or an RTA.  The Highway Code applies a duty of care for all road users. A crash on the road could leave the victim nursing broken bones, cuts and bruises. And if they happen to suffer multiple injuries in the process, then they may wish to file a multiple injury claim.

Employer’s liability (EL) covers the duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. If you are injured or become ill by something your employer did or did not do then you may have a case to be compensated for your suffering. Not all accidents at work will result in you receiving compensation but if the accident which caused your injury was avoidable this may form the basis for a claim.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, was established and brought in to law to provide certain protections for the public on the property of business owners as well as using services. If you become injured in a public setting due to the fact that it had not been managed or maintained correctly the business owner may be liable for your suffering.

Get further information about car accidents resulting in minor injuries by chatting with our helpful team.

Let Lawyers Value Your Compensation Settlement

It’s important for your minor injury to be evaluated by a doctor. Even if you received a check-up at the time of the accident, the claims process requires a further, second assessment. That’s because your personal injury lawyer needs concrete evidence of your initial suffering and any future implications. They need to prove that, only for the accident, you wouldn’t be hurt whatsoever. Once they have this information from a trusted medical professional, your minor injury payout claim becomes stronger as a result.

From there, you would receive a compensation settlement valuation in two parts. The pain and suffering you’ve endured, plus the resultant impact on your life, would comprise general damages. Meanwhile, other costs like medication and public transport, plus the loss of income while off work, make up special damages. In the latter case especially, receipts and invoices are invaluable to justify the amounts that you’re claiming for. There’s one further element of special damages which we’ll touch upon momentarily. But before then, remember to call our knowledgeable team if you want to enquire further about this.

Care Claims Are Yours

The other possibility for special damages would be a care claim. This relates specifically to the aftercare you receive following your minor injury. Gracious care from family and friends, hiring a nurse or hiring somebody to handle house chores, could all be included. And each aspect of aftercare could work towards increasing the valuation of your potential minor injury payout. Want to know more information? Telephone us today by using the number on top of this very page.

Case Study: £11,250 Compensation For A Minor Injury In A Car Accident

Miss Jevons, 24, worked as a nurse in the A&E department at her local hospital. She prided herself on her work ethic and her timeliness. She did not expect to fall victim of a car accident on her way home from work one Friday night.

Miss Jevons had just finished her last afternoon shift when she was driving home from work. Miss Jevons was almost to her house, she was slowing down as there were some traffic lights ahead. This is when a taxis came out of a side road. The taxis hit her car in the side of the driver’s door.

Miss Jevons was shaken-up but remained conscious. She felt no pain as such but soon she realised that she must be in shock. Passersbyers or other drivers must have called for an ambulance. Both cars were damaged but not too severely as both had been travelling at a low speed. Miss Jevons was taken to the hospital. On the way there Miss Jevons’ neck began to feel sore and the top part of her back. After several diagnostics tests, it was confirmed no broken bones were found however she was diagnosed with whiplash. After the accident, Miss Jevons was shaken.

Shortly thereafter, Miss Jevons met with a personal injury lawyer. She was told that the other driver had breached the Highway Code’s duty of care towards her. Consequently, Miss Jevons filed a claim against the driver, and she would receive a minor injury payout of £11,250. This would be made up of general damages and special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Costs of being unable to work £4,000
Other Costs Other costs pertaining to her injury £60

Note: Miss Jevons’ situation is purely an example, serving only to provide a basic template for this guide.

Minor Injury Compensation Calculation Estimates

The biggest issue with an online personal injury claims calculator is that it applies set figures to particular injuries. Yet no two injuries can be completely identical, even if the symptoms initially appear similar. From the impact upon life to the extent of the damage, there are enough differences to make template payouts inaccurate. That’s why we instead base your minor injury payout estimate around you and the personal nature of your own situation. And we provide this compensation estimate at no charge, a courtesy we provide to everybody. So, get in touch today to find out what your minor injury compensation calculation could be.

No Win No Fee

So, what is a No Win No Fee agreement? Well, this is where you only pay your personal injury solicitor’s legal costs if you receive a minor injury payout. Their payment would be taken in the form of a success fee, which has a cap under law. But if the case fails, then you wouldn’t be required to cover your personal injury solicitors costs. And regardless of the outcome, no payments are required at the start of or midway through a case either. So, as you can see, No Win No Fee agreements could prove to be very beneficial as you seek compensation. Learn more by using our 24/7 Live Chat feature.

Find Suitable Personal Injury Solicitors

If you want to find the best personal injury solicitor, make sure to look for those with real credibility. Top-level industry qualifications should support what they’re saying, along with a clear history of claim victories. Positive client reviews in a great number would also help, as would specialities relating to your exact injury. Above all else, make sure they have your best interest at heart.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors are able to handle your minor injury payout claim. Please contact us at any time for more information about what we could do for you and your case.

Contact Types

There are three ways for you to get in touch with Public Interest Lawyers about a minor injury payout claim. They are the following:

  • Telephone (by calling 0800 408 7825);
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  • Live Chat (this is accessible 24/7).

Keep in mind that, even if you establish communication with us, you’re under no obligation whatsoever to pursue a claim.

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