Accidents At West Ham Train Station – Could I Make A Compensation Claim?

Should accidents at West Ham train station occur, you might wonder who could make a personal injury claim. In this guide, we explore what train station accidents could lead to a compensation claim. 

accidents at West Ham train station

Accidents At West Ham Train Station – Could I Make A Compensation Claim?

Learn about the duty of care members of the public are owed under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. When a breach in the duty of care occurs you could be injured. It is this negligence and subsequent injury that forms the basis of a personal injury claim. 

Inside a train station, there are businesses, such as newsagents and cafes, with staff members. In addition, the station operator employs staff. Employers owe their employees a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. We look at what this means for injured staff wishing to make a personal injury claim. 

You could have questions such as ‘what type of accidents at West Ham train station could occur’? Shops, cafes and other businesses operate out of train stations, so in addition to the station itself, there are other places where accidents could potentially happen. We explore examples of the types of accidents that could possibly happen and what injuries could arise from them. 

Lots of people who decide to make a personal injury claim do so with the help of a legal professional. We explore how a No Win No Fee arrangement could fund the services of a personal injury solicitor. 

Our advisors can answer your questions about injuries at a train station. 

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Examples Of Potential Accidents At West Ham Train Station?

An accident is an unexpected occurrence that has the potential to cause harm or illness. So what could possibly be accidents at West Ham train station? 

Within a train station, there may be businesses, in addition to other facilities. A train station injury could happen within the space of the station itself, such as on one of the platforms. Injuries may also occur in the shops or cafes at a station. Any number of these businesses or the station itself could owe you a duty of care. If you are owed a duty of care by an operator or occupier this means they have a responsibility to take adequate steps in keeping you safe. 

West Ham Station Statistics

Passenger number statistics are collected by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR). This includes passenger entries and exits by stations in Great Britain. 4,011,880 passengers entered or exited West Ham station during 2020/2021. 

Station And Rail Accident Statistics

The ORR also records passenger and workforce injuries

In the graph, we have included statistics for London Underground. During 2020/21 there were 1,248 severe and non-severe injuries to passengers. This was a 76.8 per cent reduction from the year before. There were 530 injuries (specified, over 7-day and non-severe) to employees during the same period.

Common Accidents At A Station You Could Claim For

Stations may be home to stairs, escalators and lifts. This is as well as toilet facilities, cafes, public houses and general shops. Below we explore examples of how accidents could occur and what may be the cause. 

Trips And Falls 

It isn’t just slippery surfaces that could lead to slips, trips and falls. Broken handrails on stairs and uneven surfaces can also result in tripping accidents. Dropped litter also presents a tripping hazard. 

Slip, trip and fall injuries could also occur on the escalators, and in lifts, while boarding or disembarking from the train. Injuries could occur during overcrowded peak times, particularly if passengers are loaded with luggage. 

Types of Injuries

If there are severe accidents they have the potential to cause multiple fractures or head injuries, as well as loss of limbs. That said the majority of injuries in accidents are minor or moderate such as bruising and soft tissue injuries. 

What is important to remember is that not all accidents will mean a person will be eligible to make a personal injury compensation claim. In order to make a successful injury compensation claim, you must first prove that you were owed a duty of care. This duty of care will need to have been breached with this negligence causing harm.  

What Evidence Do I Need To Prove A Station Is Liable?

To make a personal injury claim, you must be able to prove that negligence resulted in your injuries. The occupier of a space that members of the public can enter without permission owes a duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act. This means that an occupier must take reasonable steps to reduce risks for people using their premises. 

When making any personal injury claim is it crucial to have evidence to show that:

1. You were owed a duty of care – if you are in a publically accessible place or your place of work you will generally be owed a duty of care either by the occupier or your employer.

2. You will need evidence to show how this responsibility towards your health and welfare was not adhered to.

3. And, how this negligence caused your injury or illness and what type of harm you suffered.

If you are unsure as to whether you have a valid claim call our advisors today and through a free no-obligation chat you can have any case assessed.

What To Do Should Accidents At West Ham Train Station Occur

As mentioned previously, it is absolutely vital you have supporting evidence of your injuries and the accident that caused them. 

After an accident, you can:

  • Seek medical attention. 
  • Photograph the scene and/or your injuries. 
  • Note witness contact details. 
  • Request CCTV. 
  • Seek legal advice. 

If you have suffered accidents at West Ham train station contact our advisors. 

Calculating Settlements For Accidents In Train Stations

Your potential compensation could come with two heads. These are general damages and special damages. We explore each and what they could cover below. 

You could be invited to attend an independent medical exam as part of your personal injury claim. This is to help gain a fuller understanding of your injuries and what impact they could have on your life. 

General Damages

Compensation for your injuries, including any psychological damage is called general damages. To help assign value to your injuries, legal professionals refer to a document titled the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). Within the document, injuries are listed alongside their potential compensation bracket.

Examples from the 16th edition, which was published in April 2022 are included in the table below. 

Injury Potential Compensation Notes
Severe arm injuries £96,160 to £130,930 Extremely serious arm injuries, such as a serious brachial plexus injury.
Hand injuries (c) £96,160 to £109,650 Loss of one hand either through amputation or the injury results in it being rendered useless.
Severe neck injuries (ii) £65,740 to £130,930 Considerably severe disabilities from serious fractures or disc damage.
Very serious severe leg injuries (ii) £54,830 to £87,890 Permanent mobility issues from leg injuries.
Severe back injuries (iii) £38,780 to £69,730 Chronic conditions even post-treatment from disc lesions, fractures or soft tissue injuries.
Moderate injuries to the pelvis and hips (i) £26,590 to £39,170 No major risk of permanent disability from a significant injury.
Moderately severe post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) £23,150 to £59,860 Significant disability for the foreseeable future from symptoms. However, some recovery with professional help.
Less severe brain damage £15,320 to £43,060 Persisting issues, such as with concentration that interfere with life, however, a good recovery overall.
Cheekbone fractures (i) £10,200 to £15,780 Lasting impact such as paraesthesia from serious fractures.
Significant facial scarring £9,110 to £30,090 A diminished psychological reaction to face scars with some cosmetic impact but they’ve been reduced with surgery.

Special Damages

Recovering costs associated with your injuries could be done under special damages. In order to do so, however, you will need to provide evidence. This could be receipts or invoices for medical expenses not covered by the NHS, for example. If you are recovering lost wages or future earnings, your payslips could serve as evidence. 

Our advisors can provide an estimate of your general damages. You can also discuss what you could recover, along with what evidence to supply.

Find Out If You Can Claim If You Had An Accident In West Ham Train Station 

Claiming could be easier with a personal injury lawyer. Under a No Win No Fee arrangement, such as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) you won’t have to pay an upfront solicitors fee. 

This works by taking a solicitors fee from the awards of successful claims. If your claim is not successful, however, you will not pay for your solicitor’s services. The success fee, as it is known, is legally capped.

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