How Do I Make A Claim For Accidents At Liverpool Central Train Station?

This guide will look at when potential accidents at Liverpool Central train station could form the basis of a successful claim. Train stations can be busy places. As spaces that are accessible to the public, anyone who uses a train station is owed a duty of care. If the party in control of a railway station were to act negligently and causes an accident, the injured person may be eligible to claim compensation.

accidents at Liverpool Central train station

Accidents at Liverpool Central train station guide

There are various different kinds of accidents that you could be involved in in a station because of negligence. Because of this, there is also a range of injuries you could sustain as a result. We will look at some examples further on in this guide.

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What Are Accidents At Liverpool Central Train Station?

An accident at Liverpool Central Station is an incident that could cause someone to be injured. A train station accident could injure a passenger, worker, or someone else who uses the station.

Under the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957, the party in control of the train station has a duty of care towards those who use the space. Moreover, third parties that may operate shops and other businesses within the station also have a duty of care. The party in control of the space could include Merseyrail, who manages the station, or the party in control of any of the shops in the space.

In addition, those who work in the train station are owed a duty of care by their employer. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 outlines the duty of care that you’re owed.

You could potentially claim compensation if another party acts negligently and causes a train station accident in which you are injured. If your compensation claim is successful, you could receive general damages, which compensate you for the pain and suffering your injuries caused you. In addition, you could receive special damages, which is compensation for the financial losses your injuries caused, such as a loss of income or the cost of medical treatment.

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Liverpool Central Station Facts And Figures

Liverpool Central Station is one of the most used stations in Great Britain. It is amongst the top 10 busiest train stations in Britain outside of London. There were 3,605,780 station entries and exits during the year 2020-21.

Typical Train Station Accident And Injury Claims

We will now look at some examples of potential accidents at Liverpool Central train station and explain how an incident could happen as the result of negligence.

Slips And Falls

A slip, trip or fall could occur if a platform was cleaned with the wrong cleaning solution, leaving it unreasonably slippery with no sign indicating that this was the case. A fall on this surface could result in broken bones, a head injury and a laceration leading to scars.

Accidents On Merseyrail Services

You could be injured while boarding or disembarking a train. For example, the responsible person could close the door too early, resulting in it crushing your arm. If this happened because of negligence, you may be able to claim.

Liverpool Central Station Shop And Restaurant Accidents

There are many shops, restaurants and other businesses that operate within the grounds of Liverpool Central Station. These businesses have their own duty of care towards those who use the space. If, for example, you were injured in a shop within the station because there was no hot glass warning on a food counter, then your potential claim would be against the shop and not the station as a whole.

How To Tell Who Is Liable For Your Accident And Injuries

You may be wondering “who is liable for accidents at Liverpool Central train station?”. As we have already mentioned, there are a number of different potential occupiers of a public space that a claim might be made against if you’re injured in a train station:

  • The party managing the station
  • A business operating in the station
  • The local council (in some cases, for example, a council might maintain a small community garden within a train station)

You cannot claim just because an accident in which you were injured occurred in a train station. You need to show that it was caused by the negligence of the party that owed the duty of care to you.

For example, if you fell in a train station because you were not looking where you were going and tripped over someone’s luggage, then this would be unlikely to have been caused by negligence and as a result, you may not be able to claim.

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Can You Make An Accident At Work Claim?

Station operators and business proprietors owe their workers a duty of care. So if employer negligence led to you becoming injured at work, your employer might owe you compensation.

Your employer’s duty of care means that they need to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your safety while you’re at work. If they fail to take these steps, and you’re injured as a result, this could be an example of negligence.

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What Should You Do If An Accident At Liverpool Central Train Station Injured You?

If you sustain a train station injury, please take the following steps:

  • Seek medical treatment from a doctor or nurse. This will ensure that you get the treatment you need for your injuries and will also generate evidence that you can use to support your claim.
  • Report your accident to the relevant party, and make sure that the company records it in the accident report book if appropriate.
  • You can gather supporting evidence for your claim such as receipts to show costs you have incurred and photographs of your injuries.
  • Contact Public Interest Lawyers today to see if you can claim compensation. We can assess the value of your claim.

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What Could Victims Of Accidents At Liverpool Central Train Station Claim In Compensation?

You may be wondering how much compensation you could claim for a train station accident. You can use the table below to give you an idea of how much your train accident claim could be worth in general damages. The table does not include special damages.

Category And Bracket Of Injury Damages About The Injury
Neck Injury – Severe (a) (i) In the region of £148,330 Despite this person wearing a collar for 24 hours a day (over several years) there is still little to no neck movement.
Neck Injury – Moderate (b) (i) £24,990 to
Injuries to the neck such as dislocations, a bone fracture or other injury with immediate symptoms that might mean a spinal fusion is needed.
Back Injury – Severe (ii) £74,160 to £88,430 Back injuries which have special features which mean they do not fit into the lower orthopaedic injury brackets. Such features could include nerve root injuries and associated loss of sensation.
Back Injury – Moderate (i) £27,760 to £38,780 Many different types of back injury fit into this bracket, such as crush and compression fractures. There is a substantial risk of developing conditions such as osteoarthritis in the future.
Foot Injury – Severe £41,970 to £70,030 Injuries that cause substantially restricted mobility and pain that is permanent and of a considerable severity.
Foot Injury – Moderate £13,740 to £24,990 A displaced metatarsal fracture which results in the affected foot having a permanent deformity and some continuing symptoms.
Ankle Injury – Very Severe £50,060 to £69,700 Injuries in this bracket could be considered unusual and limited. They could include a transmalleolar ankle fracture with accompanying soft tissue injuries.
Ankle Injury – Moderate £13,740 to £26,590 Torn ligaments, bone fractures and similar injuries causing disabilities, such as walking over uneven ground.
Knee Injury – Moderate (i) £14,840 to £26,190 Moderate knee injuries such as the dislocation of the knee joint or cartilage and meniscus tears which lead to some instability in the knee joint. This leads to weakness and wasting.
Knee Injury – Moderate (ii) Up to £13,740 The injuries in this bracket may be similar or the same as those above. However, they will be less serious and may involve shorter periods of exacerbation and acceleration.

We used the 16th edition Judicial College guidelines to create the compensation amounts. Legal professionals use these guidelines to help them value compensation claims. You might also be asked to attend an independent medical assessment, the results of which can be used to support your claim.

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