What Accidents At Brighton Train Station Can You Claim Compensation For?

In this guide, we will explore the steps you could take should accidents at Brighton train station occur. A train station accident could include those that occur on the platform or elsewhere. This guide will explore the types of accidents that could happen and what injuries they may result in. 

brighton train station accidents

A guide to Brighton train station accidents

You might be eligible for compensation if you were injured at a train station. In order to claim, however, you must be able to prove you were harmed by negligence. This means you were owed a duty of care and it was breached resulting in you sustaining harm.

We will explore the legislation that sets out the duty of care you’re owed in further detail throughout this guide. 

If you’re eligible to claim compensation, you may find it beneficial to hire a solicitor to help guide you through the process. If so, this guide could help by providing information on the option of No Win No Fee agreements and why one might be beneficial for you.

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Could I Claim If Accidents At Brighton Train Station Were To Occur?

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, the person in control of a public space must ensure the risk of any hazards are reduced or removed. This is part of their duty of care. If this duty of care is breached and you are injured as a result, you might be entitled to compensation. 

For example, there may have been a spill on the floor that wasn’t cleaned up or properly signposted. As a result, you may have slipped and hurt yourself.

To find out whether you’re eligible to claim, get in touch. Alternatively our team can discuss the steps you could take should an accident at Brighton train station occur. 

Brighton Train Station Passenger Statistics

Passenger entries, exits and interchange numbers in Great Britain are collected by the Office of Rail and Road. According to their 2020-21 report, 4,149,082 passengers passed through Brighton station. 

Station Worker And Passenger Accident Statistics

Passengers and other members of the public experienced a total of 2,042 injuries at train stations or on trains during 2020-21. This is according to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) Rail Safety Statistics. 

Of these:

  • 414 severe injuries that required hospitalisation were recorded. 
  • 1,628 reports of non-severe injuries did not require hospitalisation. 

Additionally, the statistics showed that the workforce experienced 3,290 injuries. 

What Train Station Accidents Could You Claim For?

Are you wondering what train station accidents in Brighton could occur? If so, we have explored examples of accidents that could occur as a result of negligence in a train station.

Slippery, Wet And Broken Platform Accident Claims

Train platforms are often exposed to the elements with fast moving trains occasionally passing through. This could create problems such as slippery platforms.

As a result, a slip or trip accident could occur on platforms. For example, a passenger may slip when getting off the train and sustain a broken arm. 

Claims Against A Negligent Train Company

In some cases, you could make a claim against a train company who has been negligent. For example, you could also be injured while boarding or disembarking a train as a result of a trip hazard on board. This could include passengers not being informed of a high step or large gap before they get on or off the train. 

The train operator owes passengers a duty of care. To reduce hazards, the train may have an announcement telling passengers to mind the gap when stepping off the train.

Another injury that could occur includes limbs becoming stuck in train doors. This could result in bruising or even loss of a limb. This hazard could be reduced with an announcement warning passengers before the doors shut. 

Other Ways You Could Be Injured In A Station

A train station accident causing injury could occur in places beyond the platforms. A fall from a height, for example, could occur on stairs or escalators. 

However, in order to claim, you must be able to prove that someone else’s negligence caused you to sustain harm.

Contact our advisors to learn more the steps you could take should a Brighton train station accident occur. 

Was Brighton Station Liable For Your Workplace Accident And Injuries?

Are you wondering if you can claim compensation as an employee if a Brighton train station accident were to occur? If so, this section could help. We will look at the options train station staff have following a workplace accident

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employers owe their employees a duty of care. This means that employees should expect their employer to take reasonably practical steps to reduce workplace risks. 

The steps taken by your employer will vary depending on where in the station you are employed. However, generally, they should carry out risk assessments and address any hazards that they become aware of.

For instance, if you are stationed in the train station cafe, you may require necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle hot dishes, such as heat proof gloves. Whereas, if your a ticket inspector, you may require adequate training on dealing with members of the public. 

If you would like to learn more about making a train accident claim as an employee, please get in touch with our team.

What Steps Could I Take If Brighton Train Station Accidents Occurred?

To claim compensation, you must be able to prove you were owed a duty of care and a breach of this duty resulted in your injuries.

However, there are certain steps you could take following the accident in which you sustained harm that may help to strengthen your claim. 

For instance, you could:

  • Seek medical attention. 
  • Take photographs of the scene and/or your injuries. 
  • Note witness contact details. 
  • Request CCTV footage. 
  • Seek legal advice. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer could help guide you through the claims process. For example, if you took witness contact details at the scene, a lawyer could request witness statements at a later stage. They could also advise you on what other evidence may strengthen your claim. 

For more information on the steps you could take should accidents at Brighton train station occur, call our team.

How To Calculate Compensations For Accidents At Brighton Train Station

Following successful personal injury claims, your settlement could comprise two heads of claim. These are known as general and special damages. We will look at each one in more detail below. 

General Damages

Compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your physical injuries and any psychological damage is awarded under the general damages head of your claim.

To help assign value to your injuries, legal professionals often refer to the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them. This document contains injuries listed alongside their potential compensation brackets. 

In the table below we’ve included examples from the 16th edition, published in April 2022. 

Injury Potential Compensation Notes
Moderate brain damage (c) (i) £150,110 to £219,070 This bracket includes cases of moderate to severe intellectual deficit, personality changes, effects on senses and significant epilepsy risk.
Loss of one arm (b) (ii) £109,650 to £130,930 Amputation above the elbow.
Amputation of index and middle and/or ring fingers (d) £61,910 to £90,750 The person will have very little use of their hand and grip will remain weak.
Severe psychiatric damage (a) £54,830 to £115,730 The person will experience an inability to cope with life and relationships as well as other areas of their life with a poor prognosis.
Severe knee injury (a) (ii) £52,120 to £69,730 Constant, permanent pain and movement limitations from a leg fracture extending into the knee joint.
Severe back injury (a) (iii) £38,780 to £69,730 This bracket includes disc lesions or disc fractures that lead to chronic conditions.
Less severe facial scarring (b) £17,960 to £48,420 Substantial disfigurement from facial scars with a significant psychological reaction.
Multiple fractures of facial bones (b) £14,900 to £23,950 Fractures causing permanent facial disfigurement.
Moderate neck injury (b) (ii) £13,740 to £24,990 Severe disc lesion and soft tissue damage resulting in limited movement and permanent or recurring pain, stiffness and discomfort.
Damage to the digestive system resulting from a traumatic injury (a) (iii) £6,610 to £12,590 Stabbing or laceration wounds may be included in this bracket.

In addition, you could be invited to attend an independent medical assessment as part of your claim. This provides a fuller understanding of your injuries, along with details of the impact they may have had and continue to have on your life. 

Special Damages

Costs incurred due to your injuries could be reimbursed under special damages. Examples of the costs you could recover include:

  • Lost wages and future earnings.
  • Medical expenses. 
  • Cosmetic expenses. 
  • Home adaptations. 
  • Adapted vehicle expenses. 

To claim under this head, however, you will need to supply evidence of costs. 

For a more accurate estimation of what your claim could be worth, please get in touch with our team. 

Start Your Train Station Accident Claim

The claims process might seem complex, however, you could choose to hire a personal injury solicitor to help. Solicitors fees, traditionally, have meant people are often apprehensive about hiring legal representation. 

However, under a No Win No Fee arrangement, such as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), you could hire a solicitor with a reduced financial risk. This is because they don’t charge an upfront fee for their services.

A success fee will be taken from your award if your claim is successful. However, this is legally capped. If your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay a success fee. 

For more information on these types of arrangements, our team could help. They could connect you with a solicitor from our panel to represent your claim under a CFA, provided it’s valid and has a chance of success.

Alternatively, they could provide more information on the steps you could take should accidents at Brighton train station occur.

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