Accidents At Stratford Train Station – How Do I Make A Claim?

Accidents At Stratford Train Station - How Do I Make A Claim?

Personal Injury Claims For Accidents At Stratford Train Station Guide

This guide will cover the process of making a personal injury claim should you be involved in accidents at Stratford train station. Train stations are often very busy with commuters, travellers and others customers. Often people are rushing to meet their trains or exiting the station. Therefore it is important that those who operate the station or any of the services inside the station always do so with the safety of passengers at the forefront.

Please note that we cannot answer every single question in one brief guide. Your claim will be based on your unique circumstances. You get additional answers by speaking to an expert claim advisor by calling 0800 408 7825. Or request a callback by using our contact form.

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What Are Accidents At Stratford Train Station?

Accidents can happen anywhere. Some accidents will happen and are not foreseeable however in this guide we are looking specifically at accidents that could have been avoided had better health and safety been implemented. As we have said train stations are very busy places. In the general space of the station, the occupier is responsible for the safety of passengers, This means ensuring that all hazards are either reduced or removed so that preventable accidents are not caused.

In order to make a personal injury claim for an accident at a train station, the onus will be on you to prove the liability of a third party. This can be done by showing who owed you a duty of care and how this was subsequently breached. If the accident happened and no one is responsible for or could not have prevented it then there will be no claim to make.

You must also be able to show how the accident caused you an injury that could have been avoided. You can often do this with medical records or a doctor’s report.

Laws That Protect You

There are several sets of rules and regulations that relate to safety on public transport or in their vicinities. We have listed some of the main ones below.

There is an organisation known as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is responsible for overseeing adherence to many health and safety laws.

How Many People Use Stratford Station?

The most recent statistics from the Office of Rail and Road show us that Stratford station (London) was the most used in Great Britain. It was estimated that there were 14 million entries and exits but this demonstrated a 67% decrease in the year before traffic. The station ranked 8th during 2019/20 whereas for 2020/21 is ranked 1st.

If you have been injured in a Stratford station accident and are wondering whether you can make a personal injury claim why not call our expert advisors to see if your case is valid. Our advisors will provide you will free legal advice.

Common Types Of Train Station Accidents

There are many ways that accidents at a train station can happen. From minor incidents resulting in cuts and bruises to accidental deaths. Below are a few example accident scenarios.

What are the eligibility criteria for making a personal injury claim if harmed in a Stratford train station accident? To have your case assessed for free why not give our claims service advisors a quick, free call. There is no obligation and you may just receive the advice you need. 

How To Prove The Stations Operator Was Negligent

It may not always be obvious who the personal injury claim will be against. Within a train station, there may be lots of different businesses that operate under the same roof. In the general space of a station, such as the communal areas, then the occupier of the train station would usually be responsible for the safety of passengers.

If your accident happened in one of the eateries or perhaps while waiting for a connecting bus then it may be that the liable party is a completely separate company. To find out who may be liable in your accident at a train station call our advisors for free legal advice.

How To Prove Liability In A Train Station Accident

When making a personal injury claim regardless of if it is for accidents at Strafford station you need to back up your claims for compensation. This means gathering evidence that shows:

  1. Who, if anyone, owed you a duty of care at the time of your accident.
  2. Why you think they are liable for the accident
  3. And, medical evidence that shows how you were injured

Should Accidents At Stratford Train Station Occur What Should I Do?

If you intend to make a personal injury claim following an accident then there are some steps you can take that might help with the claim. We have outlined a few of them below.

  • Seek professional medical treatment for even the most minor injuries.
  • Ask any witnesses to provide their contact details.
  • Photograph the cause and scene of the accident and also your injuries.
  • Keep financial records of any losses you incur.
  • If you were injured at work, ensure you fill in the company accident book.
  • Reach out to one of our claim advisors to learn how to begin a claim.

How Much Could You Claim For Accidents At Stratford Train Station?

Because each claim is different, we cannot come up with an average figure for compensation for personal injury claims. But we can give you this example table of general damages (for pain and suffering) below. We used updated 2022 guidelines that the Judicial College produced to make this table. These same guidelines are used by the legal system to value injuries.

You could also try and claim back any monetary losses as special damages. If you call and explain these losses to our team, they will let you know what damages might be appropriate. These can be losses you already faced, or those you are predicted to encounter some time in the future.

Injury Severity Compensation Notes
Ankle Severe £31,310 to £50,060 For example, injuries that will take long-term treatment, and may need surgical pins, etc.
Pelvis & Hips Severe (ii) £61,910 to £78,400 For example, a severe fracture dislocation of the hips and/or pelvis.
Brain Damage Moderate (iii) £43,060 to £90,720 Ablity to work may be lowered, with memory and concentration moderately impacted.
Shoulder Minor (Healed Within 3 Months) Up to £2,450 For example, a painful soft tissue injury to the shoulder.
Severe Leg Injuries The Most Serious Injuries Short of Amputation £96,250 to £135,920 These injuries are the most serious that fall short of actual amputation of the leg.
Neck Severe (iii) £45,470 to £55,990 For example, dislocation or fracture of the neck, or tendon damage.
Loss of Thumb Moderate £9,670 to £12,590 For example, thumb injuries that need arthrodesis of the interphalangeal joint.
Finger Loss of the Terminal Phalanx of the Ring or Middle Fingers £3,950 to £7,870 Loss of the top part of the ring or middle finger.
Hand Minor Up to £4,750 For example, a minor fracture that will heal within 6 months.

Contact Us To Begin Your Claim

Have you been injured in accidents at Stratford train station? We can help provide a specialist personal injury lawyer, working under a No Win No Fee agreement, to process a claim for a train station accident for you.

How Do No Win No Fee Solicitors Work?

  1. No upfront solicitor fee is needed.
  2. No fee while the case progresses
  3. If the claim wins you pay a success fee, which is a percentage of the settlement to the solicitor.
  4. If the claim fails no success fee is needed.

Our team can provide you with the answers to any other questions that you have at this stage. Or even if you just want some free legal advice about how to claim should you be injured in accidents at Stratford train station, contact us using the information you see below. Our team is waiting to provide you with any further assistance you may need after reading this short guide.

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