Murder Victim Family Compensation Claims

Murder victim family compensation claims guide

Murder victim family compensation claims guide

This guide will explain how to claim murder victim family compensation. If you have lost a loved one as the result of a crime of violence, you might be eligible to receive compensation.

You can make your claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which compensates victims of violent crimes. This can include those who have lost a loved one due to a crime of violence.

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Do Families Of Murder Victims Receive Compensation?

The CICA is a UK government agency set up to compensate victims of violent crimes. This includes murder.

A crime of violence is defined by the CICA as:

  • A physical attack
  • An act or omission of a violent nature that causes someone to be physically injured
  • A threat made against someone where they’re in a reasonable fairness to fear harm
  • Sexual assault
  • Arson or fire-raising

To begin your claim for murder victim family compensation, please contact Public Interest Lawyers today. Our team have experience in pursuing criminal injury victim compensation.

What Is The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

The CICA is a government agency that is part of the Ministry of Justice. The purpose of the CICA is to compensate victims of a violent crime for any injuries suffered, including psychological injuries.

Their Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme sets the amounts of compensation that the CICA can pay. The scheme also sets the criteria for making a compensation claim. In order for a claim to be made through the CICA, it’s essential that it was reported to the police.

The CICA place time limits on starting a claim for compensation. Generally, you need to start your claim within two years of it being reported to the police, and you’re expected to report the incident right away. If there’s a delay between the incident happening and you reporting it, but there are exceptional circumstances that apply, then the claim might still be considered.

Similarly, if the incident is reported right away but you’re not able to start your claim within this time limit because extenuating circumstances stop you from doing so, then the CICA might consider a claim begun outside of this period.

For more information on the process of claiming through the CICA, speak with an advisor today.

Who Counts As A Qualifying Relative?

The government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme allows qualifying relatives to claim compensation if their loved one has died as the result of criminal injuries. A qualifying relative can be:

  • A spouse/civil partner of the person who died where they lived in the same household
  • A partner of the deceased where they are not married but where they were living together and had been continuously for at least 2 years before the death
  • Anyone who meets either of the two requirements but didn’t live with the deceased because of ill-health or infirmary on either part
  • A spouse or civil partner (former or current) who was financially dependent on the deceased
  • A parent of the deceased
  • A child of the deceased, including adult children

For more information on who could be eligible to make a murder victim family compensation claim, speak with an advisor.

Could Dependants Claim For The Murder Of A Family Member?

A qualifying relative who was dependant on the deceased at the time of their death might be eligible to receive a dependency payment. This dependency can be physical or financial. Physical dependency means that the deceased was their main carer.

The qualifying relative will receive a dependency payment until whichever of the following dates is earliest:

  • The day before their 18th birthday, if the child was under 18
  • The day that the deceased would have reached state pension age
  • The date on which the deceased’s life would have been expected to end
  • The expected end of the life of the qualifying relative
  • The 50th anniversary of the date of the deceased’s death

Proving Your Connection To The Victim And Eligibility To Claim

Your criminal injury lawyer can handle your murder victim compensation claim promptly and professionally. You can help your lawyer by providing them with evidence to support your compensation claim.

Your lawyer may require the following evidence:

  • A police report to show evidence of the crime
  • CCTV footage of the crime
  • Photographs of the deceased’s injuries
  • Medical reports or coroners reports
  • Proof you have the correct residency requirements to claim
  • Proof of any financial losses incurred because of the claim

Murder Victim Family Compensation Calculator

You may wish to know how much murder victim family compensation you can claim. You can use the table below to calculate your payout award. The compensation amounts in this table are based on figures from the government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Reason For Damages Payout About The Award
Bereavement (several family members are claiming) £5,500 per applicant Cases where several family members are making the claim. Payouts could be awarded at this level per appllicant. Claimants may be family members such as parents or children of the victim.
Bereavement (one family member is claiming) £11,000 Cases where an individual is making the claim. They may recieve a payout of around this amount and may be the spouse or partner of the victim.
Mental injury £1,000 Disabling, confirmed by diagnosis and lasting 6 to 28 weeks
Mental injury £2,400 Disabling, confirmed by diagnosis and lasting 28 weeks to 2 years.
Mental injury £6,200 Disabling, confirmed by diagnosis and lasting 2 to 5 years
Mental injury £13,500 Disabling, confirmed by diagnosis and lasting 5 years or more but where recovery is made
Mental injury £19,000 Moderately disabling, confirmed by prognosis and disabling.
Mental injury £27,000 Seriously disabling, confirmed by prognosis and disabling.

As well as the amount that you receive for the mental injury caused by the passing of the deceased, you could also receive a bereavement payment. This can be paid to any qualifying relative who isn’t a former spouse or civil partner or estranged from the deceased. This is a payment of £11,000, or £5,500 if more than one person is eligible.

If a qualifying relative is a child who was dependent on the deceased for parental services, they can receive a child’s payment. They will receive £2,000 each year and additional amounts that are considered reasonable that relate to any expenses.

Of course, the outcome of every compensation claim is different. So please get in touch with Public Interest Lawyers today, and we can estimate how much compensation you could claim.

Start Your No Win No Fee Murder Victim Family Compensation Claim Now

Public Interest Lawyers can handle your claim for murder victim family compensation. Moreover, we can handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, which means less financial risk is involved.

A No Win No Fee agreement is an umbrella term that encompasses Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA). This means you will not have to pay an upfront legal fee to cover their costs. Instead, you will pay a success fee if your lawyer wins your claim. If the claim isn’t a success, then you don’t pay your lawyer this fee.

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