£80,000 Compensation Payout For Severe Foot Injury (Burn) – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Severe Foot Injury (Burn) Compensation

If you suffered a severe burn injury to your foot because of an accident in your workplace, a public area or during a road traffic accident, that was not your fault, we could help. Speak to us today about making a severe foot burn claim. Our panel of personal injury solicitors could handle your case no matter where you are in the country and have helped people like you receive the compensation they deserve. 

In this article, we provide an illustrative case study that is merely an example but explains the process of launching a claim using a No Win No Fee solicitor against a negligent party from beginning to end. We look at how to establish who had a duty of care to you, how they breached that duty, and how you suffered as a result. We also look at how to correctly value your severe foot burn claim rather than rely on online personal injury calculators. These online tools may not be as accurate as you would like. 

Throughout this article, we will be providing links to government statistics and legal acts. These could help you in your decision to claim. Lastly, we show you where and how to find the right personal injury lawyers to handle your case.

severe foot burn claim

Severe foot injury (burn) compensation

If you were injured in a public place, were the victim of a road traffic accident, or suffered an injury due to negligence at work, please feel free to contact us today. You can call on 0800 408 7825 or drop us a line. We would be happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with a personal injury solicitor.


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A Guide To Calculate Severe Foot Injury Compensation

We hope that by reading this article, the process of starting a personal injury claim becomes easier to understand. We use an example case study based on past claims to illustrate the many aspects of a successful No Win No Fee severe foot burn claim. And, we discuss a range of topics, such as:

  • Properly recording what happened to you.
  • Correctly identifying who was to blame.
  • How exactly the duty of care was breached.
  • Supporting your claim with a medical assessment.
  • How to keep bills and receipts as part of your claim.
  • Advice on seeking care claims.

We conclude with a section about how to find the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case and how client reviews can help with your choice. 

No Win No Fee agreements can be used as a way to access legal representation to make a personal injury claim against anyone who breached their duty to protect your safety and subsequently caused your injuries. 

If at any point you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the number above. We’re available 24/7 and happy to talk over any issues you may have.

What Is Severe Foot Burn Injury?

A severe foot burn injury would normally, according to the NHS, be caused by heat. Dry heat causes burns and wet heat and steam cause scalds. Some burns are more serious than others. For example, a person may suffer a first-degree burn but recover fully with little treatment. Second-degree burns could lead to blistering. Third-degree burns, however, affect the full thickness of the skin. It can lead to nerve damage and permanent, noticeable scarring. 

Our case study will focus on Mr Brown. He suffered an accident in the workplace that badly burned his left foot.

Who Has A Duty Of Care For Me?

We concentrate on injuries that happened because of negligence in the workplace, roads, or public places. At the outset of your severe foot burn claim, it’s essential to ask yourself questions. The answers could give you an idea as to whether you could claim.

  • Who had the duty of care in the environment where my injury happened? My employer? The council? A private operator or another road user?
  • How was that duty breached? Did they forget or ignore something essential for protecting my safety? Was it carelessness on their part that caused the accident to happen?
  • Did I suffer injury as a result? How has it impacted my life?

Fortunately, the law can help us answer these questions as well. There are significant pieces of legislation and rules intended to protect your safety as much as possible.

At work, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 places strict obligations on employers to provide as safe and fit-for-purpose an environment as reasonably possible. In public, the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 asks the same of local authorities and any private operator in charge of open and accessible space to the public.

Finally, The Highway Code asks all road users to display a duty of care to each other, regardless of age and experience. It also requires us to use the roads with the expectation that other road users may not show this standard of care and diligence.

Financial Issues Could Occur

A serious injury can be more than enough to deal with. But, an added burden that can intensify your distress would be money worries. For a severe foot injury, it’s highly likely that your ability to work could be halted. This may be why you want to launch a compensation claim. So how could the process work for you?

A good No Win No Fee lawyer could discuss your case’s details to calculate something called special damages. Special damages aim to restore any financial loss you’ve suffered because of your injury. They try to prevent further suffering monetarily because of an injury that wasn’t your fault.

Financial losses that you could recover include loss of earnings, travel costs to hospital, as well as carer costs, also paid domestic help, and last but not least any medical modifications to your home or lifestyle. 

Your personal injury lawyer should advise you about keeping receipts and bills for all these expenses. You could present them as part of your damages. With evidence, it’s much easier to prove your losses. However, without proof, you may not be able to recover the costs during your severe foot burn claim.

Common Severe Foot Injury Accidents

Each year, the government produces statistics on road and workplace accidents. Between 2019 and 2020, 693,000 people suffered injuries at work. Some injuries need to be reported to the HSE.

Not all accidents and injuries will qualify for compensation. In order to hold a valid claim you must be able to prove that the duty of care that was owed to you was breached. This negligent behaviour must have caused your injuries. Accidents that can cause foot injuries that could lead to a claim may include:

  • Slipping on an unmarked spillage and landing badly.
  • Tripping on exposed cables or obstacles.
  • Heavy impact with something moving or falling.
  • The result of a collision or road accident that was not your fault.
  • The result of an assault or being the victim of a crime.

Should you choose to claim, your No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer should be able to advise about pathways to compensation. If you were the victim of a road traffic accident, that caused an injury and the driver was uninsured, it can still be possible to access compensation through the MIB (Motorists Insurers’ Bureau).

If you were a victim of a crime and injured during that incident, it can be possible to seek damages through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) if there is no other option. 

More Advice For Care Claims

Just as your injury could affect your finances, it could also drastically change your daily routine. A leg or foot injury could make mobility very difficult. Adapting to crutches or the use of a wheelchair could be a sudden impediment to your ability to perform basic tasks.

You may need to ask family or friends to assist. This is called ‘gracious care’. Family and friends could receive payment for their time through compensation. 

Not everyone is in a position to ask a family member to look after them. If the injury was severe, you might require a paid carer to come to your home. Carers can help with domestic tasks such as washing, cooking, cleaning, and food shopping.

Like the injury discussed in our case study, a burn requires a great deal of daily attention with possible on-going procedures like reconstructive surgery or physiotherapy. You might need help during all of this. 

A No Win No Fee lawyer can be helpful when it comes to claiming these costs back. With the right legal advice about keeping proof of these costs, it can be possible to have them included in your settlement amount. Evidence could guide your severe foot burn claim to the best possible outcome.

Estimates For Severe Foot Injury Settlements

A medical assessment during your claim is very beneficial. Some people may find this a daunting prospect but there is nothing to worry about. The independent medical expert is there to prove the extent of your suffering and prognosis.

A medical examination is crucial in establishing that your injuries were sustained due to the accident. Once this has been established, your solicitor could seek the two heads of compensation potentially available to you.

What Are General and Special Damages? 

  • General damages: These could be paid according to the parameters set by the Judicial College Guidelines. These are guidelines that solicitors may use to value your claim. They estimate an award of as much as, or in some cases more than, £98,380 if 40% of the body is affected by burns and scars. This reflects the life-changing impact such an injury could have and the extreme nature of the pain and suffering burns can cause.
  • Special damages: These seek to protect you from suffering the financial effects of your injuries. Financial losses can include lost earnings, missed work opportunities, forfeited bonuses, reconstructive surgery costs not covered on the NHS and professional help while you recuperate. These, and more, could be recovered as part of your claim for special damages.

Using a skilled personal injury lawyer could help you claim your settlement amount. Speak to our advisors for more information. They have the expertise to recognise and incorporate the many out-of-pocket expenses that have befallen you. 

If your injury was due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, speak to us today. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to proceed with our services. 

Case Study: £80,000 Severe Foot Injury Burn Compensation

Mr Brown worked in a chemical plant and was used to handling containers of highly corrosive materials as part of his job. The safety regulations were robust, and strict procedures were designed to prevent accidents. But a budget cut changed that, and Mr Brown paid for it.

The company had begun to re-use certain corrosion-resistant metal containers to transport the chemicals. However, they hadn’t tested whether they could be used more than once. The liquids had started to corrode the sealant cap at the top. One morning as Mr Brown went to pick one up, the lid came loose spilling a highly corrosive acid on to his foot. 

The chemical caused third-degree burns. He required an emergency skin-graft at the hospital. Medical professionals placed his foot in dressings. After the dressings were removed, the full extent of the damage could be assessed. 

Severe Foot Burn Claim Settlement

Knowing the injury was not his fault, Mr Brown contacted a personal injury solicitor. Re-using containers without checking them was a gross oversight on his employer’s part, and his case for a severe foot burn claim was quickly settled in his favour. With the combined damages, his total payout came to £80,000. This reflected how the chemical had destroyed the skin on his foot with serious degloving and permanent deformity.

He used the money to restore his savings and afford him time to heal from the trauma and pain of his injury.

The breakdown of his special and general damages are as follows:


General damages Special damages
The award for serious burns that leave
long-lasting deformity or pain. Continuing physical and psychological injury. £50,000
Mr. Brown was away from work £20,000
He required the services of a
professional carer: £2,500
Mr. Brown’s foot required extensive plastic and reconstructive surgery: £5,000 not offered on the NHS
Cancelled sports and travel commitments£1,500
Travel costs to and from the hospital: £500
Cleaner, Cook, Gardener, Child minder etc. £500


This is purely an example case study not based on a real case, but it does illustrate what could be possible if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you decide to use a skilled No Win No Fee lawyer acting on your behalf, they may identify a much broader scope of potential compensation. 

Your Free Payout Estimate

As you can see in the case study above, the two heads of claim worked to generate a payout that when combined gave maximum results. Whilst compensation amounts are never guaranteed, a good personal injury lawyer should have the experience to extract details from your case and circumstances that could have a bearing. They could help you win substantial compensation. 

Our team can offer you a free estimation of your potential compensation. Each case is unique, so they’d need to hear your story and circumstances before calculating. For this, or for free legal advice, call today. Find out how our panel of personal injury solicitors might be able to help you.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

You may be familiar with the term No Win No Fee solicitor, but what does it mean and what are the benefits? No Win No Fee agreements can be a great way for many people to access legal representation with reduced financial risk.  You could claim against your employer, the council or a road user for negligence. You may believe that using a solicitor is expensive and you may lack the necessary funds to hire one. No Win No Fee can be a perfect solution.

With no upfront fees to pay your solicitor, or anything to pay whilst the case is on-going, No Win No Fee may be the right option for you. If your case does not win, you don’t need to pay your solicitor’s fees. If your case does win, you will pay a small success fee which is capped by law. This ensures that you receive the bulk of the compensation. Added to this, the potential for high-quality legal representation and advice throughout your case can make it a good choice for your severe foot burn claim.

Our readers can take advantage of free, no-obligation legal advice about personal injury claims by getting in touch today. Our friendly team is happy to chat over your case and answer your questions.  

Top Quality Personal Injury Lawyers Could Help With Your Severe Foot Burn Claim

The choice of No Win No Fee lawyers may seem bewildering. An internet search could throw up thousands of results, and you may feel confused about which one to choose. It’s no longer necessary for you to use a firm that’s local to you thanks to the internet. You can access high-quality advice from all across the country.

Reviews can be a helpful way of gaining an insight into how a firm of lawyers might work. You can also ask some pertinent questions such as:

  • How quickly does this firm settle cases?
  • Would they properly value my severe foot injury settlement?
  • How is their communication with clients?

Alternatively, you could simply call us. With access to quality personal injury solicitors, all it takes is one phone call to get your claim underway. Our advisors are available now to provide you with a no-obligation chat where you can receive free legal advice. 

Speak To Us About Your Severe Foot Burn Claim

We hope you’ve found this article on a severe foot burn claim useful. If you’re ready to launch a claim or would just like more information about any of the things we’ve discussed, please get in touch with us in any of the following ways:

  • You can call us on 0800 408 7825. Our team is on-hand 24/7.
  • Drop us a line
  • Speak to our live support. option, bottom right of this page.

Extra Advice On A Severe Foot Burn Claim

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We also have a guide about claims against the council

And, we provide information on accidents in public.

The HSE has further reading on the containment procedures for chemical accidents

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